30 Best Beginner Ukulele Reviews 2022 – Best Starter Ukuleles

Best Ukulele for Beginners, Best Starter Ukulele & Best Student Ukulele

Best Ukulele for Beginners, Best Starter Ukulele & Best Student Ukulele

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If you are reading this page, chances are that you are interested in ukuleles, either as a player or as one that’s simply looking for a reliable beginner version to surprise his/her lad. Of course, you couldn’t be more right. Ukuleles are some of the most exciting and entertaining string instruments in the musical world. They are unique and you can learn to play them within a very short time.

What are beginners’ ukuleles?

Nice question to ask, isn’t it? Well, as the name implies, beginners’ ukuleles are the models that are primarily designed to suit the capacity of those players who are just starting out to play the ukulele. They are also referred to as ‘entry level’ ukuleles since they are designed to become simple, easy to handle, convenient to play while being quite affordable.

Most entry-level ukuleles come in concert size, soprano size and tenor size design. Each of the mentioned key design is unique in their own respect, regarding features, style and playability.

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What are the Best Ukuleles for Beginners & Best Starter Ukulele?

2) Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele
  • Premium Quality
  • Warm Tone
  • Price-Friendly
  • Ideal for School Learners

1) Lohanu Ukulele Concert Size Bundle

  • Exquisite Sapele Wood
  • Full & Deep Sound
  • Firm Grip
  • Chrome Tuning Gears
  • Step-by-Step Video Teaching

3) Bondi Mahogany Ukulele Starter Kit

  • Sturdy Mahogany Finish
  • Bright & Rich Sound
  • Free Skype Lessons
  • Ideal for All Levels of Players

What should I look for when shopping for a beginners’ ukulele?

A good beginner ukulele will not cause you to break the bank because you’re not ready to spend that much just when you are starting out learning how to play the ukulele. On the other hand, your ideal ukulele shouldn’t be overly cheap either. Yes, cheap prices are tempting, but the problem with such instruments lies in the fact that most aren’t built to standard, may appear defective and in most cases, doesn’t last at all.

Therefore, as a beginner, the type of ukulele that you need should be the one that’s ‘sitting on the fence’—not too expensive (because most expensive and advanced models may appear too complex for the beginner to handle) and not overly cheap. What you should be looking out for is standard quality, good handling, excellent sound for the price, and of course, one that comes as a complete starter kit.

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30 Best Beginner Ukulele Reviews and the Best Starter Ukuleles

That is why we are bringing to you these reviews—a complete assessment of the 30 best beginners’ ukuleles. Just go through and buy your way to musical glory!

1) Lohanu Ukulele Concert Size Bundle

Lohanu brings you one of most affordable but high-quality ukulele on the market. The concert size of this ukulele gives the beginner a comfortable handling. The concert size, which is just 3 inches bigger, is better than a soprano, producing better sound. The frets on this model have more space which are ideal for children ranging 9 and above, and also for adults.

The sound derived from this Lohanu Concert Ukulele is quiet amazing for a beginner level instrument. It produces better sound far more than any soprano ukulele could render in the same level of play. The sound that resonates from this ukulele is somewhere near what is attainable in higher-end models. Lohanu features an arched back design that gives a fuller sound and longer sustain during play.

You don’t easily come across an entry-level ukulele that boasts a lifetime warranty. Yes, you heard that right—Lifetime warranty. That’s what this model is offering. On the forgoing, it shows that the Canadian company is confident of its instrument, and that’s reassuring for the buyer.

Two straps button is also installed—meaning you don’t have to spend an extra cash for straps. Aquila strings, pick holders are some notable extras that are included in this 24 inches long, mahogany top, neck, back and side ukulele, with rosewood fingerboard design.

2) Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

It would be extremely difficult for any other beginner ukulele model to beat the Kala KA-15S ukulele. The look and feel of this soprano ukulele are just as great as the advanced model would in the hand. It comes with a satin finish which easily stands out from the crowd. The body and the neck are made of the bet mahogany wood design, which is a traditional design for most beginner ukuleles.

And like most other ukuleles on this list, the Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano features a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, which allows it to generate excellent sound. The fret position is marked with 12 brass frets with marking s on the 5th, 7th, and 10th frets atop the fingerboard and on the neck. The Kala KA-15S features the traditional looks, and the tone it produces is great for an instrument of its class.

Kala includes an Aquila super Nylgut string that has always been a feature in most high-end quality ukuleles. It is reassuring that this starter kit addresses some of the problems relating to tuning and chords. Notwithstanding, you can also download the Kala App and get along with your ukulele using the online lessons which are always straightforward.

3) Bondi Mahogany Ukulele Starter Kit

If you are looking for a complete package of a reliable Ukulele instrument for a beginner, this starter kit is should be your best choice. Bondi, the manufacturer comes out with this complete package that has lots of unique features. For instance, this model brings you good tuners that work even in the dark, and if you don’t want to leave your fingerprint or dirt on the ukulele, don’t worry; Bondi included a microfiber cleaning cloth you can use to wipe off dirt and more from the instrument.

The model also features chord stamp that allows you to create your own music and style of play, while the leather strap with its etched design means you can easily carry it on the back to anywhere of choice. You are guaranteed a rich and comfortable sound using the Aquila strings, which happen to be the top standard in the market. Felt picks allow the young player to pick desired strings without scratching the surface of the instrument.

Overall, this Starter Kit is an awesome bundle. The fact that you can even personalize your own note by using the chord stamp means this is truly something the beginner can cherish. You even have the opportunity to have a free Skype lesson classes with a professional ukulele player. With a reinforced bag, you can easily carry this bag to anywhere of your choice.

4) AKLOT – Beginner Ukulele (Concert) - AKC23

AKLOT beginner ukulele is made with top tier materials like solid mahogany. It is known for being one of the most resistant wood materials in the world, and it will ensure your ukulele lasts many years down the road. Compared to laminated ukuleles, whose sound is compromised because of the poor-quality materials used.

With mahogany wood you will get a warm, rich and clean sound overall with a semi-matte finish. Expert craftsmen assure that sound will only get better as time passes by and the wood ages, so it's a great option for a person to start a musical journey with. Crafted with a rounded edge to make it unique and more comfortable to hold during practices and performances, it also has a strong rib attached to reinforce the neck area even more and make it stable.

You can find this model in three different sizes depending on your needs, they are soprano ukulele 21 inches, concert beginner ukulele 23 inches and tenor ukulele 26 inches. You will also find a starter kit that includes a deluxe ukulele tuner, extra strings for the future, two picks, and an adjustable strap. AKLOT also offers the option of receiving several online lessons from the comfort of your home that you can coordinate with the booklet inside.

5) Everjoys Beginner Soprano Ukulele 21"

If you don't have enough time to take lessons at a music school, this soprano beginner ukulele by Everjoys might be the best choice for you. Measuring 21 inches long, recommended for young adults and older, includes a "How to play" songbook so you can learn step by step at your own pace from the commodity of your home.

Crafted with the finest materials, like basswood for the body area, blackwood for the bridge and fingerboard, and pure solid wood for the neck. It's designed carefully in an eco-friendly way and design to be considered with the environment. With 12 different separated frets made of nickel and silver as well as position dots on specific frets to serve as guidance. It features nylon strings that are easier to play than regular metal ones, so it doesn't harm the finger's skin.

In the starter kit, you will also receive two extra picks, one tuner, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a canvas bag. You can choose from different vivid colors, depending on which one is your favorite, such as mahogany red, black, bright blue, dark mahogany, natural light mahogany, honey, brown, rose pink, and natural wood color with rainbow-colored strings.

6) Donner Concert Ukulele (DUC -1)

The Donner Concert Ukulele is a powerful traditional piece that features durable body construction. While the body of this model is made of strong mahogany wood design, the four strings are made from high-quality and advanced carbon nylon for a greater playing and sound experience.

The material used in designing the Donner’s neck is also mahogany, which enables the instrument to render brighter and richer sound. Adding to the playing feel, the manufacturer decided to use rosewood design for the bridge and fingerboard to enhance the comfort during play.

Donner Concert Ukulele isn’t just like most beginners’ level playing instruments. This model features guitar-style tuners with patented chrome design that render smooth and accurate playing experience. The tuners ensure you are always in perfect tune.

Adding to the remarkable features, the Donner Concert Ukulele comes with 18 brass frets with excellent position marks at 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th, lying on the top and neck and of the fingerboard. Another good thing about this model is that it comes with complete set of accessories such as ukulele strap, carbon nylon strings, bag and digital clip-on tuners.

7) Kmise - Beginner Ukuelele MI2169

Kmise's craftsmen compromise on individually check each ukulele they manufacture to ensure quality and the best possible sound and check any potential flaws before being shipped to their new owners.

This model has an 18:1 ratio tuner attached made of quality copper to avoid rusting and carbon strings from the famous D'Addario brand. Such making it easy to tune whenever it's needed ensuring it will stay like that as long as possible regardless of how much you play it. You can acquire this model in 3 different sizes, concert, soprano, and tenor size, all of them available in two different colors: light brown and dark brown.

The frets are crafted with walnut material carefully sanded so you can be completely scratch-free, and you will barely feel them when you are playing your new beginner ukulele. Also, as a gift by Kmise, you will receive access to some amazing online lessons and tutorials on YouTube, Facebook, and the official website. These lessons will help you to get familiar with your new instrument, and in no time, you will become an expert. You will also get free accessories like a gig bag, a tuner, extra strings, and a resistant strap.

8) ADM Beginner Soprano Ukulele for Kids - JU110N-BL

If you are just getting started into learning the beautiful ukulele or are looking for a nice present for a young one, this ADM ukulele is ideal. Whether the person is looking for a new hobby or simply loves music, it is a win-win situation, especially because of its value. It feels almost customized thanks to all the different colors the company offers like wine red, light blue, black, brown, teal, pink, light brown, natural, and wood color with top quality paint and solid wood, as well as a matte finish.

This model is considered a soprano size, which is meant for kids and adults with smaller hands, making it easy to carry around and travel with it. This instrument has a total of 12 different frets to play a variety of notes that measure between 3 to 3.5 millimeters, the fret's size makes it more comfortable for the musicians to switch between them.

It is available as a starter kit bundle for your convenience, which includes a gift packing if you plan to give it as a present, a black canvas bag, and a strong ukulele strap.

9) POMAIKAI Hawaii Soprano Ukulele for Beginners

Crafter with imported premium basswood with a glossy finish that feels smooth on touch. The basswood helps with the sound it creates, making it pure and crisp. You will find 12 different frets that will separate each note, but it won't feel rough on your skin, making it easy to slide and switch between the notes.

It's four strings are made of resistant nylon that are soft when you press them making it easier to hold notes for a long time without the fingers getting tired while also helping whenever you play traditional songs. This model feels stable and durable when you hold it, providing a consistent sound. You can choose from different vibrant colors like black, auburn brown, light pink, purple, teal, light blue, light brown, rose pink and bright brown, so there are a lot of options for you.

Measuring 21 inches, it is suitable for kids and young adults, or simply people who prefer smaller instruments. The tuning area is made of 15 small geared machines making it fast and easy. Every metal part is promised to be anti-oxidized, like the frets, making it last a long time with proper care.

10) Luna Guitars UKETCMAN Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele

Have you ever come across a ukulele featuring a Hawaiian style design? Well, the Luna Tattoo Concert Ukulele carries such designs. This model has a flat top made of mahogany wood, including the neck of the instrument. The fretboard features a rosewood design, which helps in producing top quality tones. But what really makes this ukulele appealing is the laser Hawaiian tattoo style design—a design that will surely hook anyone looking to buy a fancy piece.

The Luna Tattoo Mahogany Concert Ukulele has a scale length of 15 inches, which is ideal for the entry level player who will need everything to be comfortable and play with ease. The neck of this ukulele carries a C shape design, and the radius flat fretboard comes with 18 frets. The inlays have a MOP shark teeth design, while the bridge of the instrument features a rosewood construction which is good generating a great tone.

Overall, this is just another famous design from Luna, a brand that is remarkable for producing amazing string instruments that reflects the nature of animals. The Luna Mahogany Concert Ukulele designed with the nature of a turtle in mind—something that has to do with the rich cultural heritage of the Hawaiian people. The pearload hardware and satin natural finish make it one of the most appealing entry levels ukuleles in the market.

11) Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba returns with yet another powerful and reliable beginner ukulele—a strong tenor design that turns head around when playing. The 15TM is rated by many as one, if not the best, tenor ukulele in the same category. The finish is clear and everything about the body, top, neck, back and side are made of mahogany wood material.

When you talk about tone, the 15TM is remarkable. Despite being bright, it has rich performance in low end, a feature that’s always expected from good tenors. The material used in the constructing this model is of the best quality, and the craftsmanship is simply incredible. From the design and look, it is clear that the 15TM was modelled after Cordoba’s most successful beginner ukulele—the 15CM. The new model is to encourage players who may not be too comfortable playing the previous model.

Silver tuners with elegant pearl buttons ensure you are on point with your desired tune. Premium quality Aquila strings brings you the best in resonance and tone melody. The good look and ease of laying is something that beginners and even professionals will appreciate. Cordoba also has a soprano variant of the 15TM, and with a weight of just 1.5 pounds, this is the most elegant and comfortable beginner ukulele in the market.

12) Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

Here is one famous name among the many brands of manufacturers of instruments. The Cordoba 15 CM Concert Ukulele has excellent wood construction for the body, which make it durable and reliable for any beginner player.

The Cordoba 15 CM features an elegant design that makes it love-at-first-sight for many ukuleles lovers, especially for beginners. The body consists of mahogany wood construction while the fingerboard features a faux-ivory binding with excellent side position markers. These markers come handy when you have to identify which fret your fingers are lying on.

The Cordoba 15 CM body and neck join at the 14th fret, which enables the entry-level player to finger high notes much better than when the body and neck join at the 12th fret. There is a new version—the 15CM-E—which has more improved features compared to this version.

Overall, the Cordoba 15 CM Concert Ukulele boasts better fit and finish than a host of other beginner models. The fingering is much better, and the satin finish leaves no doubt on the face of shoppers looking for a reliable entry level ukulele to toy with. Even an advanced player might consider this model.

13) Honsing Whale Design Soprano Ukulele

Honsing offers a variety of colors and patterns like no other brand in the market. You will definitely own a unique ukulele, thanks to their amazing options which include, purple, light pink, teal, and brown for solid colors. Also, for patterns, there are many like a beach, palm tree, circles, color camouflage, multicolored petal, folkloric design, gradient rainbow, colored stripes, gradient peach tones, gradient pink and blue tones, colored stardome, whale design, and wavy pattern.

Each ukulele is built with top quality basswood for the top, back, and side areas of the instrument. The strings are made of resistant but soft on touch nylon, which is much more flexible, giving it a warm and rich sound to every note, helping with the resonance as well.

Each instrument is carefully tuned before being sent to their new owners. Nonetheless, the gears are similar to guitar ones, which are great and easy to manage when you need to tune it. Along with your beginner ukulele, you will also receive a gig bag that is completely padded on the inside to keep it safe from damage. The entire package weighs 1.75 pounds and measures 22 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 3.2 inches thick.

14) Mahalo Ukulele MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele

Mahalo has presented an emotional beginner level ukulele. The traditional form of the Hula dance common with the Hawaiian people inspired the design of this ukulele. If you have never played the ukulele before and looking forward to start practicing, this is the right model for you.

The Mahalo MK1TBR features a basic and simple model. The series comes from this brand are among the best sopranos in the market. Taking sound, play and general craftsmanship into consideration, you will agree the built quality is good, and the one is right on track with what you will normally expect from a beginner model. Forget the fact that it lacks aesthetic, it makes up for that in playability.

Overall, we found that the Mahalo MK1TBR is quite an affordable instrument, decent and does what it is supposed to do. Although you might need to change the strings for more durable and high-quality ones, nothing bad with the entire craftsmanship, and considering the price; this isn’t a bad entry level ukulele.

15) Cordoba 20CM Concert Ukelele

Much has been said about the Cordoba 20 CM Ukuleles, and we decide to give it a shot in this review. Like most of its counterparts in the same brand and from competitors, there is not much difference in appearance and body construction. So what really is there to know about the Cordoba 20CM Ukulele, other than it’s a concert ukulele?

There is no disputing the fact that Cordoba has a remarkable history of producing good string instruments. Just check out their classical guitar series and you will discover how their professional and beginners models rank very high. So there is every reason to trust this new model.

The 20CM features a classic and solid mahogany top, which also goes around to the back and sides of the instruments. The fingerboard and bridge are made of rosewood, giving it the ability to render good tone. That said, these features are not different from its predecessors. Again, popular Aquila nylgut strings are included in this model and the body has a natural satin finish, a similar design with the 15CMand 15TM series. It also has a carrying case.

Now that we have known what the 20CM is made of, we discover that the main difference in the model, when compared to the rest in the same brand line, is that it has a more solid mahogany design, and the sound is much rich and warm, compared to the 15TM.

16) Kala MK-SD/PW Makala Dolphin Bridge Soprano Ukulele

It seems there is something unique about soprano ukuleles, and this model from Kala MK Makala Dolphin provides us with added features that are worth talking about. The Dolphin is remarkable for its bright colors and appealing looks—an option that always comes to mind for kids who are purchasing an entry-level ukulele.

The Dolphin Kala MK-SD features a composite back and sides, with a neck made of mahogany wooden construction. Regarding scale length, the Dolphin measures 13.25. The mahogany neck also comprises of the rosewood fingerboard. The bridge of the Ukulele features the normal Dolphin shaped design, and it includes plastic nuts and saddles. The included are strings are made of Aquilla super nygult, which is very durable.

Overall, this ukulele is ideal for a beginner playing level, and it comes with a carrying bag—an added bonus for the young player. The Dolphin MK-SD Makala is a cute instrument with a great sound. The fact that it carry the Aquila good quality strings, shows how great the sound and feel is going to be. We also love the fact that you can get more high-quality Aquila AQ-4 strings for this ukulele, and your child would be thrilled with the effect.

17) ADM Mahogany Concert 21 Inch Ukulele (JU114-21)

ADM as a brand may not be as famous as Cordoba, Kala, but they are among the best that manufactures unbeatable beginner levels Ukuleles. The major theme that determines the efficiency of ADM’s models, the key focus is on functionality. The 23 Inch Professional Ukulele features an all-inclusive mahogany construction, and the body has a nice white round binding across it.

The ADM has a brighter tone, a process that is due to the mahogany body and neck design. The fingerboard and bridge are made of rosewood which provides a comfortable feel. Accurate tuning is attainable using the die-cast tuners which happens to be dustproof. As usual, this model also features 4 popular Italian Aquila strings that give you clear sound while protecting your fingers from being sore all over. This is truly perfect for lovers of jazz and classical music styles.

The ADM is a complete package for the beginner to thrive on. A strap enables you to sling and hold your ukulele in perfect shape, picks allows you to find your strings without scratching or damaging your hands. A solid gig bag allows you to safely keep and protect your ukulele in the best portable manner. A one year warranty against manufacturer defects caps up an excellent instrument for the beginner.

18) Kangaroo 22.5 Inches Ukulele (10333)

Here is one ukulele whose functionality is similar to that of a real musical instrument. We found that the quality is far from being a toy, especially when you consider it features premium spring and a geared tuner which gives you excellent tone while ensuring you stay on point with your desired tone. A beginner couldn’t have asked for something less or more—just the right instrument for practical lessons.

Coming from the manufacturing base of Kangaroo, this ukulele measures 22.5 inches, a comfortable size for the beginner player to handle and feel comfortable. It features an electronic tuner, which makes it much easy to tune. Batteries are included for the electronic tuners, and the body features a combination of special plastic and faux wood design—a perfect kit for the kids.

The Kangaroo ukulele features a fretboard and bridge that gives a very bright sound. A carrying case is included for comfortable transport of the instrument, and the strap makes it even easier to wear across your shoulder down to your body for convenient play. Two picks are also included in the package to ensure you are able to make good contact with frets without scratching or damaging the surface of the instrument. And with 46 page songbook, adults and kids can learn and practice at will.

19) CASCHA Soprano Ukulele (HH 3956 GB)

The ukulele is known for being a fun instrument that people can take on just as a simple hobby without taking it too seriously. This model by CASCHA is a great option for casual musicians and can serve as a present for a birthday or any other celebration. Beautifully crafted with rosewood for the bridge and fingerboard parts and tinted lime wood for the body and neck.

It has the global basic standard tuning G-C-E-A, so it's easy to learn new songs without having to change the tune of the comfortable nylon strings. It's also a great option, thanks to the bundle that comes with and the accessories included in it. Like three high-quality picks, a padded bag to take the ukulele everywhere with you, as well as a booklet based on the best learning method for this instrument.

The book is called "Ukulele - Learn to play quick and easy", it comes with a copy of a CD, a DVD, and an electronic tuner to make sure it's always on the right note. It weighs 1.98 pounds and measures 22.4 inches long, 9.4 inches wide, and 3.9 inches thick.

20) NOT HOME Beginner Soprano Ukulele Pack 21"

In this beginner ukulele, you can spot the passion and craftsmanship of its makers. As well as its quality with their choices of materials, like fine basswood for the area of the main body, Blackwood for the bridge and fingerboard, and basswood for the body. This combination of materials will provide a rich and steady pitch that will perfectly match with the classic Hawaiian songs.

The strings are another important part, they are made of nylon, making it really easy to press on while you play, and they provide a stable and continuous warm sound. These elements are essential for good intonation, helping it remain in tune for a long period, unlike other brands.

The frets, on the other hand, are soft on touch and durable, so you don't have to worry about them feeling rough to your skin. Luckily for you, NOT HOME set up a beginner pack that includes a resistant bag for ukulele and accessories storage, an extra set of picks and strings, one cleaning cloth, and an electronic tuner. It is available in color black, sky blue, light pink, lavender, red, white, light brown, and teal.

21) Kala Ukulele for Beginners (KALA-LTP-SCC)

This model, referred to as The Waterman, was crafted as a tribute to the classic ukuleles back in the 1950s that was the famous Maccaferri ukulele. It was built and meant to be a companion to all the outdoor adventures. For this reason, they offer this model in a sea foam green color, perfect for beach trips, and if you like stuff a little bit more discreet, they also offer it in black, both with a matte finish.

It is available in different sizes so each person regardless of their age, can enjoy this fantastic ukulele, you can choose from a Soprano or concert model. It is meant to be so versatile that kids as young as 3 years old have enjoyed it and experiment with it as their first instrument in the music world.

It's meant to be resistant and durable thanks to the top-notch materials it's built with like solid wood, nickel-plated gears for tuning, and composite plastic for the abs. Kala is proud to be the company a lot of famous musicians and bands choose when they need a ukulele. It's tuned in classic G-C-E-A, and it includes a practical canvas bag to store it.

22) FUYXAN Hawaiian Beginner Ukulele for Kids, Students

FUYXAN beginner ukulele is built-in Soprano size, measuring 21 inches long, 7.1 inches wide, and 2.2 inches thick. This beginner ukulele offers the best quality in craftsmanship, with stainless metal tuning gears that won't rust with time and 18 different frets made of silver nickel, making them really smooth during practices or performances. Hence, it's perfecto for new musicians that are just starting.

On the other hand, the ABS is built with durable plastic that will not break. Attached, you will find traditional nylon strings to help the new students easily hit their notes without any struggle. All the materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic for the safety of its users, especially children, who will completely love this small but fun ukulele. You can find it in rose pink, white, yellow, mint, black, and blue color depending on which one is your favorite.

Along with your instrument, you will receive a gig bag to protect it from possible dangers and to carry it around with you no matter where you go and a resistant strap that will help you hold it without using your hands all the time. The package weighs a total of 1.41 pounds.

23) EastRock Soprano and Concert Beginner Ukulele - Soprano, Sapele

Considered a great beginner ukulele all together for kids, beginners, and adults, there is no doubt this model has a lot to offer for everyone who opts to acquire it. The reason behind this is that this fantastic ukulele is available in both Concert and Soprano size in mahogany and Sapele.

Solid wood is used to build the back, sides, and body of it as well as bone nut and bone saddle for other components, the wood is naturally dried and uses different natural methods mostly. This selection of wood offers a different sound than the typical ukulele everyone else owns, being warmer and richer thanks to the wood used and the nylon strings.

EastRock promises the rich sound will transport you all the way to Hawaii; that's how amazing it sounds. The brand is also compromised in using only the best materials that feel connected with nature when playing it. Included in your starter kit, you will find one microfiber cloth to keep it dust-free, five ukulele picks, a bag with thick padded layers, one strap, and one tuner, all of it weighs a total of 2.91 pounds.

24) All Days Music Beginner Ukulele for Kids (AB-UKUJ01-BR)

This instrument is crafted only with premium imported materials, like top quality and carefully selected AAA basswood for the sides and back, ebony wood for the bridge and fingerboard, and solid wood for the rest of the parts. These 100% natural wood materials offer a crisp, consistent sound that is melodic throughout each note and creating a nice resonance.

The paint has a really glossy finish, and it's available in navy blue and burgundy brown. Installed, you will find the famous Italian Aquila strings, known for their beautiful sound and for being resistant, highly recommended by experienced musicians and music teachers.

Measuring 21 inches long, it is ideal for kids and young adults who are just getting started as well as intermediate or advanced players. It is very versatile. This bundle kit is great for beginners because it includes a lot of basic elements to get started on your ukulele journey. Some of them are a gig canvas bag to carry the instrument in your shoulders, three black picks, an extra set of the Italian strings, a sticker dot sheet so you can place them in the frets you want to remember easily.

25) Strong Wind Concert Beginner Ukulele 23"

Measuring 23 inches long, bigger than Soprano models, for people with bigger hands and grasp. Crafted professionally with 100% AAA Mahogany wood for the body and neck parts as well for the bridge and fingerboard. Mahogany has a history of being one of the most used and durable materials used, offering both a beautiful color that changes over time and a lot of resistance, and it also has a professional polishing finish.

On the other hand, the tuning pegs are not the typical ivory tone, but black to create a unique contrast between colors, making them a great component to the tuning gears that won't rust because they are stainless. Steel strings tend to be rougher and more difficult to play compared to nylon strings, so the company Strong Wind decided to add them, making it easier to play, offering a soft feeling when you press them.

The company consists of highly skilled craftsmen that carefully revise each ukulele, making sure it's damage free and properly tuned and also a traditional crafting method using natural techniques. You will receive a nice padded gig bag as well to carry your new beginner ukulele around without having it exposed to environmental dangers.

26) Mitchell MU40 Natural Soprano Ukulele

Although not quite a popular brand in the market, the Mitchell MU40 is a decent soprano ukulele primarily designed for the playing comfort of the beginner player. The ukulele features a Lindenwood design on the top, back and side of the instrument. The top and back side of this remarkable ukulele also features a white ABS binding design to enhance balance and feel when playing.

The bound fingerboard is made of rosewood just as the bridge also features a rosewood design. The purpose of using rosewood is to provide a warm and rich sound, although this will largely depend on the quality of strings. Of course, this model also comes with good quality tuners with open-gear vintage style design.

Overall, the bound fingerboard and its rosewood design enhance comfortable playability. The open-tuning machines are classic, and the rosewood bridge ensures you have top-quality and authentic tone. This model comes with an instruction manual with enabling the entry level player to play and master the art quickly. The natural finish of the Mitchell MU40 makes it an excellent instrument.

27) MUSICUBE Soprano Beginner Ukulele 182116-1

Another perfect option for new students and ukulele lovers all around. This soprano ukulele measures 21 inches long, easy to hold for young ones, and even small children who love music. MUSICUBE includes a bundle kit that includes an exclusive ukulele tuner. Hence, your songs always sound in tune.

These extra sets of upgraded imported nylon strings won't break easily. It will hold a tight tuning in color black, cleaning, and polishing cloth to keep the wood dust free and preserve it as much as possible and a concert bag to store all your new accessories and ukulele inside.

This model is crafted with certified solid wood 100% natural for the body, bridge, neck, and fingerboard parts. The gears are guitar-style gears, so they are easy to manage, and the frets are made of durable white stainless steel.

The engineers in charge of designing these beautiful instruments have perfected the intonation and timbre of the sound it creates, making it rich and vibrant. You can find this ukulele in blue and light pink with musical notes patterns, in black or white for a cleaner aesthetic look, or brown and beige for a classic style.

28) Martin Smith Soprano Ukulele UK-222-A

This brand makes sure that every ukulele lover gets a model that best suits their needs, whether its beginner or intermediate, you are able to choose from one of those options. You also have the option to pick a color that suits your personality the most, like navy, pink, black, natural beige, or red.

Each model is made of solid wood with top quality paint and a high-gloss finish that creates a smooth and soft surface that you can feel when you touch it, making it more comfortable to hold when you play. All four strings are made of nylon; the reason why Martin Smith opted for nylon over steel is to make it easier to play without hurting the skin, especially because steel strings tend to be more difficult for beginner musicians.

You will not only receive a ukulele but a professional gig bag where you can store your instrument and all extra accessories like picks, tuners, and music sheets. It is very important to have a good quality bag, so you can keep it safe from any possible dangers and damage the surface with scratches or by hitting it accidentally, plus you don't want to carry it around by itself.

29) Lanikai LU—21 Soprano Ukulele

Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele

If you are just starting out playing the Ukulele, and you’re looking for an affordable model, you’ve just found it. From our review, we saw that the LU 21 has all the required features of a beginner level instrument.

It features an all-nato body which makes the instrument to give an awesome sound. The fingerboard is made of rosewood and the overall sound it produces is warm and sweet—something a beginner will cherish.

Designed as a soprano ukulele, the LU 21 is an ideal choice for upcoming musicians or enthusiasts who don’t want to have anything to do with a plastic instrument. Although the wooden construction features a laminate wood design, it however possesses the look of a real instrument. One thing that makes a lot of beginners to chose this model is the all-nato body design, something that isn’t common with most ukulele instruments.

Great tone from such a cheap model—that is, in price. The interesting choice of material compliment an excellent craftsmanship and great build quality. Apart from the awesome tone it carries, it also comes with a set of strings that will help in replacement when anyone get broken.

30) eMedia Ukulele Beginner Pack (EU08154)

The eMedia Ukulele is another good beginner instrument, well crafted for the comfort and practical lessons of an entry-level player. What makes the eMedia stand out as a beginner player instrument is the fact that it comes with a DVD plate that contains every bit information regarding how to play and master the instrument in short time. Why is the DVD so reliable? Because, it was created by Ralph Shaw, the legendary ukulele player.

The eMedia Ukulele features a top, neck, back, and sides made of rosewood design. The bridge also features a sturdy rosewood construction—a material that enhances comfortable playing and rich sound. Your kid will be able to learn how to play an ukulele using the DVD set of lessons that covers strumming, tuning and basic chords. You will also get to learn how to make use of ornament notes as well as learn how to play chords high up to the neck, and more.

eMedia also comes with some nice bonus items that will go a long way to ensure the beginner player has backup accessories when the need arises. Bonus items are extra set of good quality strings, printed ukulele chord chart, a carrying nylon bag and instructional booklets. All of these will help the beginner student to achieve excellence in performance.

Choosing the Best Beginner Ukulele / Best Student Ukulele from the Best Beginner Ukulele Brands

It is absolutely true that ukuleles are very easy to learn, and perhaps one of the easiest instruments to learn out of all of them. You can learn to play simple tunes and pull strings in a very short time; however, as is with any other instrument, it will take some time and practice before you can fully master the ukulele. If you’re trying to learn how to play the ukulele, given below are some tips that can be useful for beginners.

2) Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele
  • Premium Quality
  • Warm Tone
  • Price-Friendly
  • Ideal for School Learners

1) Lohanu Ukulele Concert Size Bundle

  • Exquisite Sapele Wood
  • Full & Deep Sound
  • Firm Grip
  • Chrome Tuning Gears
  • Step-by-Step Video Teaching

3) Bondi Mahogany Ukulele Starter Kit

  • Sturdy Mahogany Finish
  • Bright & Rich Sound
  • Free Skype Lessons
  • Ideal for All Levels of Players

What to Consider When Buying a Ukulele

First things first, you need to buy a ukulele, that is if you don’t already have one. There are indeed some ukuleles that would be better suited to beginners. Here is a list of some of the important things you need to look for when buying a ukulele:

  • Get a ukulele built with solid wood. Although it may be slightly more expensive than the average ukulele, a ukulele made from solid wood is better for you as compared to those made from plastic or any other light material, like laminate wood. Believe it or not, solid wood causes the tone of the strings to sound better, and ukuleles made of solid wood also have better tuners
  • Don’t let price tags fool you. Although you might believe that the more expensive ukuleles are better than the cheaper ones, this isn’t the case half of the time. The most important thing you need to do while buying a ukulele is to trust your instincts. Sample every ukulele and get the one you feel do you justice
  • Size plays a role in the way a ukulele plays. A bigger ukulele translates to you getting a bigger tone. With more body size also comes better bass and more volume. However, it comes down to if the larger sizes are comfortable for you are not. Get a size most suited to you; however, a larger size would help with playing most songs.

Popular Ukulele Brands

Ukuleles have been around for well over a century, and with time they have become a popular instrument, not only for casual playing but also for professional use. As time went on, a lot of brands shifted their attention towards ukuleles. This led to the competition between many brands, causing all to improve as they tried to surpass each other. Nowadays, many popular and great brands construct ukuleles. Some of the best ones are listed below:

  • Cordoba

Founded back in 1997, Cordoba manufacture guitars and ukuleles of the highest quality. Cordoba is renowned for its manufacturing of phenomenal guitars. However, they also make excellent ukuleles. Cordoba’s ukuleles are easy to tune and work with, making them a very good option for beginners. The sounds and tone of Cordoba ukuleles are also very good.

  • Lohanu

Lohanu is a very popular Canadian brand that produces great ukuleles. Although Canadian, the ukuleles that Lohanu makes feel as Hawaiian as the rest of them. Lohanu is all about providing the best ukulele experiences, and that has been their goal from the start. However, the brand is not that old and doesn’t have much background to it, Lohanu produces some of the best ukuleles out there, and these ukuleles are a very viable option for you when buying your first one. The best part about all Lohanu’s instruments is that they come with a lifetime warranty, meaning you will get your money back even if something goes wrong with your ukulele.

  • Hricane

Hricane is a brand with a much smaller scope as compared to the other ukulele brands. Regardless, Hricane manufactures some of the best ukuleles for beginners. Hricane is one of the only brands that also make ukuleles with Koa, the Hawaiian wood originally used to make ukuleles at the beginning. This provides you with the sweet and traditional sound of some classic ukuleles.

Helpful Tips for Ukulele Beginners

As mentioned above, although easy to play, the ukulele is difficult to master. There are many things you need to be good at before you can become a great ukulele player. Some great tips for new ukulele players are given below.

  • As is with any other thing you do, it is important that you enjoy playing the ukulele. Do not let failure stress you out. Obviously, when learning to play, you will pull a few wrong strings. However, the main thing is that you never let your frustration get the better of you
  • When playing the ukulele, try to relax in a stance most comfortable for you completely. Take some time to decide what the perfect position for you is, whether sitting, standing, leaning, or anything else that makes you feel better while playing. Even though it sounds dumb, it will help you very much when you start playing
  • Play as smoothly and slowly as you can. When playing, do not rush anything, or you will start to play worse. Take your time with every string and get the perfect sound. Listen along as you play and enjoy your own music, which brings us to our next trip
  • Record your music and listen to other people’s music as well. When playing, record your tunes so you can perfect any mistake you made while playing. Listening to other people play while watching how they do, it is also a good way to improve the way you play yourself.


Buying the best beginner ukulele entails you should know your personal preference relating to your playing style and your budget. We have provided you with a vital review detailing the best 15 beginners’ ukuleles in the market. Making a decision on these reviews will give you something you will never regret in your playing career.

Whatever your decision is, remember that some beginners’ ukuleles are only suitable for practical lesson. That is, they are not always the top-class instrument you would want to get if you want to play in an advanced level. However, our top 3 beginner ukuleles listed above are great for all level. The fact remains that ukuleles are generally difficult to sort out, not just because of the overcrowded market, but because some models are not what they claim to be.

But with our reviews, you can go places by investing in one of our 15 beginners ukuleles listed above. However, you just might decide to carry out additional search so you can become better informed and prepared for your decision-making. Whatever you decide to do at the end, always bear in mind that this guide is here to serve you and you can never be wrong in making your decision right here, and now!