20 Best Ukulele Book Reviews 2021 (Best Books to Learn Ukulele)

Best Ukulele Book

Best Ukulele Book

Ukulele books offer tremendous assistance to beginner players looking to develop their ukulele playing skills. These music books come with different subjects, lessons, audio, and video guide to enhance learning. Apart from that, intermediate players that want to improve on their ukulele skill can also find the book useful.

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What are the Best Ukulele Books to Buy?

2) Ben Parker: How to Play Ukulele

  • Strumming & Music Notation Section
  • Exclusive Instruction & Prime Quality Audio 
  • Audio Featuring Playback Tools

1) The Daily Ukulele Songbook

  • Uke Arrangements with Melody, Lyrics & Uke Chord Grids
  • Tips & Techniques Section
  • Chord Chart for Ease to Use

3) The Daily Ukulele-Leap Year Edition

  • Simple & Comprehensive Guide
  • Easy-to-understand Music notes & Symbols
  • Ideal for Beginners

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There are several ukulele books on the market with different methods and styles. Based on our findings, we have come up with 20 practical ukulele books that you can buy. These books are meant for players of different ages. Whether you are looking for songbooks that are dedicated to children as well as those that are perfect for adults, you will find your ideal choice among our best picks.

Before we walk you through the reviews of the best ukulele books, you must understand some of the factors or features that should influence your choice of the book. These are features that you must consider before purchasing any ukulele book.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Ukulele book

Buying a music book might be overwhelming if you don’t know the features to look for because there are myriads of ukulele books with a wide range of topics. Therefore, it is advisable to go through the summary before you make your buying decision. Whether you are in the market looking for the right ukulele book to buy or shopping online, some key considerations must not be overlooked. Here are some factors that you should consider before you pay for any ukulele book:

  • Price

Ukulele comes with different price tags, which varies according to the volume of the book and the content it contains. Also, a book may come at a comparatively higher price because it is up to date. When buying a ukulele book, look for a newer version because they are likely to contain updated information, which you will learn from. Going for an older version may not be advisable as it might provide outdated information.

  • Target Audience

This is another essential consideration that must not be overlooked when buying a ukulele book. The book comes with a label that indicates the skill level that it is meant for. We have some books designed exclusively for kids, while others are for advanced players. Some books are perfect for all levels of players, so you should consider the target audience when looking for the right book to buy. An advice for you, check the songs that are included in the songbook, buy the book if only the song interest you.

  • Content

The content of the book is of great importance when looking for an excellent ukulele book to buy. Some ukulele books are mainly songbook, while some teach you the basics of the musical instrument and how you can effectively play it. If you are a beginner player without any ukulele experience, it is advisable to look for a detailed and explanatory music book that will teach you how to play the musical instrument.

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20 Best Ukulele Book Reviews

1. The Daily Ukulele Songbook

Are you looking for a ukulele songbook that is easy to understand? If that is the case, then you should give this fantastic book a try. It comprises of 365 songs so that you can learn a song each day. The book comes with different helpful features like ukulele chords, the arrangement of Ukulele with melody, as well as lyrics. Hal Leonard Corporation published it in the year 2010.

The book also features ukulele-friendly keys, chord charts, tips and techniques section, ukulele-themed photos, among others. The Daily Ukulele songbook contains 336 pages, and it features kid’s song, Christmas carol, pop songs, folk songs, and the likes. If you need a standard songbook that comes with all your favorite songs, you should consider The Daily Ukulele Songbook.

2. Play Ukulele Today! A Complete Guide to the Basics

Are you in search of an ultimate self-taught music book that is aimed at helping you achieve your dream of becoming a great ukulele player? Do not search further as the book Play Ukulele Today! comes with everything you need. The book is well organized, and it is easy to follow.

The book designed to provide exclusive instruction, prime-quality audio, and 60 great songs. This book is suitable for teacher to teach students or group-teaching, also can used by individual for self-learning. Ukulele’s strumming, playing tips and techniques, and music notation are all offers for the book’s users.

Further, the playback tools are featured in the online-accessible audio. The book was published on June 1, 2006 by Hal Leonard; Pap/Com edition. It is written in English languages. It consists of 48 pages.

3. Ben Parker: How to Play Ukulele

If you are willing to learn the Ukulele on your own, then this is a perfect music book to buy. The book is designed to explain the playing techniques of the musical instrument efficiently. Furthermore, the book is ideal for beginner players as well as intermediate playing will to hone their skills. It comes with instructions that are easy to follow and simple exercise to sharpen your skills. Not only that, the book teaches how to read and understand symbols and music notes, and comes with numerous playing tips.

Kyle Craig published the book on August 13th, 2012, and it contains 48 pages. How to Play Ukulele was authored by Ben Parker, a songwriter, producer, and professional musician. Even if you have no musical knowledge, this book is comprehensive enough to help you achieve your dream of becoming an excellent ukulele player.

4. The Daily Ukulele-Leap Year Edition

The leap year edition of the Daily Ukulele songbook comes with 366 songs, making provision for the additional day of the leap year. You will be interested to learn these great songs were put together and arranged by Liz and Jim Beloff. These songs are familiar songs composed by artists such as Bee Gees, Stevie Wonder, Carole King, Elton John, among others. Apart from that, the songs were also adapted from movies, Motown, Broadway, and lots more.

The book is similar to The Daily Ukulele songbook in many ways. It features lyrics, ukulele chord grid, melody, among others. Some of the songs in this book are California Girls, Dancing in the Street, Blue Velvet, Atlantis, Every Breath you Take, Nowhere Man, Garden Song, Don’t Worry Baby, In My life, and many others. The book was published in 2018 by Hal Leonard Incorporation.

5. 21 Songs in 6 Days: Learn Ukulele the Easy Way

Are you to read to learn the Ukulele within the shortest possible time? If yes, then you should choose this unique music book. The book is perfect for every category of player. Even if you have never touched the musical instrument, you will become an excellent player in no time. Furthermore, the book is one of the easiest, simplest, and most efficient music guide that centers on how to play the Ukulele. So, if you desire to learn the musical instrument using one of the most informative books you can find on the market, then consider this music book.

It contains familiar songs that are easy to learn. Also, the book comes with explicit instructions and videos. You will get them free when you buy this book. Some of what you will come across are chord diagram, strum pattern, and sheet music. Some of the songs that you will learn from this music boo are Chatter with the Angels, Are you sleeping? Three Blind Mice, Clementine, Down in the Valley, Have You Seen the Ghost John? Banana Boat Song and many others.

6. Ukulele Aerobic by Chad Johnson

The Ukulele Aerobic is an excellent book authored by Chad John. It is perfect for all levels of players. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional player, the Ukulele Aerobic is a useful music guide that will take you to the next level. Hall Leonard published it on January 1st, 2014. The book is written in English, and it contains 90 pages.

If you are looking for a guide book that will help you develop your ukulele skills through a 40-week program, then do not overlook the Ukulele Aerobic. It comes with practice material for each day of the week. Furthermore, it has an online access code for all exercises in the book. It is worth mentioning that the book is designed to enhance your coordination, improve your accuracy, and dexterity. The musical styles included in this book are jazz, reggae, jazz, folk, pop, and many others.

7. Ukulele Exercises for Dummies

With the Ukulele Exercise for Dummies, you are set to take your playing skill to the next level. It is packaged with numerous exercises, practice tune, and drills. If you desire to become an excellent ukulele player, then the Ukulele Exercise for Dummies is a book that you must not joke with. It comes with everything that will transform you into a better player. Furthermore, it is a practice-based book that focuses on the techniques and the skills that are difficult for beginner players. It is worth knowing that the book comes with myriads of exercise that enable you to become a musician in no time.

The book was authored by Brett McQueen, who is a songwriter, a musician, and also the founder of one of the famous ukulele sites in the globe, ukuleletricks.com. Some of what you will find in this book are scales and scale sequences, lots of exercises and different keys, styles, and tempos, tricks to play real songs, and many others.

8. Ukulele Primer Book for Beginners

This is a remarkable book by Bert Casey, intended to help beginner master the playing techniques of the Ukulele. If you need an easy-to-follow book that will practically teach you how to play the musical instrument, then you should go for this book. You can effectively use this music book to learn Tenor, Soprano, as well as Concert Ukulele.

The book begins with the basics, hand positioning, parts of the musical instrument, and tuning. When you have mastered the rudiments, you will move further by learning how to play simple chords, different strum patterns using 15 famous songs, among others.

The book was published by watch and Learn Incorporation, and it has about 55 pages. It features chord charts, music notation, helpful tips, and many more. Apart from that, you will also have access to an online video that provides instruction on the songs and techniques covered in the book.

9. Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book 1

This book is described as one of the best ukulele tutorials that you can find around. It is perfect for beginners, especially those that do not have any knowledge of music. If you are an intermediate playing looking to hone your skill, this is the right book to consult regularly. Furthermore, the book is helpful and easy to follow; it comes with basic nursery rhymes that you can learn quickly. With this book in your hand, you will start plucking songs in no distant time.

Hal Leonard published it on December 1st, 2005, and it was written in English. The Ukulele Method Book 1 has 48 pages. The book features methods that are easy to follow by anyone who desires to learn the musical instrument. If you need a comprehensive guidebook on Ukulele, then give this Ukulele Method Book 1 a try.

10. 21 Easy Songs for Christmas

Are you keen on learning twenty-one ukulele Christmas songs without stress? If that is your desire, then you should make the 21 Easy Songs for Christmas, your companion. Some of the songs include Up on the Housetop, Silent Night, Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, among others. The book comes with a bonus video instruction for all the songs. The songs are arranged in such a way that you learn the easy ones first before moving the difficult ones. Furthermore, it comes with photos and diagrams for finger placement.

The book is designed to teach you how to perform simple and complex strumming patterns for different songs. You will also learn how you can effectively play a duet, as well as how to fingerpick. You will also get to know a brief history of the Christmas songs. It was published by CreateSpace Independent publishing platform, and it has 79 pages.

11. Ben Parker: Ukulele for Kids

This is another superb book from Ben Parker. It is specially designed to introduce children to music. And, it is perfect for kids of all ages. It comes with a simple and clear diagram that children can follow easily. It also features a photo to aid learning. The Ukulele for kids is intended to help children learn their first chord, gain confidence while playing the musical instrument, and play different tunes. Some of the features of this great music book are simple exercises that are easy to follow, fun, and easy songs, among others.

Kyle Craig Publishing published the book on November 8th, 2012, and it is written in English. If you are looking for an effective way to develop your kid's playing skills, then Ukulele for kids is an excellent option for you.

12. The Beatles for Fingerstyle Ukulele

This unique book comes with 25 great songs; each of them is presented in two different ways. It is presented as lyric and chord lead sheets for singing, and simple strumming. The songs are also presented as solo fingerstyle arrangements. This method enables learners to play chord melody instrumentals with a chord diagram and tab. To aid learning, the songs are introduced based on their level of difficulty. Meaning that the easier ones come before those that are difficult. Other things included in the book are fascinating facts about the Beatles' history and recordings, songs, and others.

Hal Leonard published the Beatles for Fingerstyle Ukulele on February 1st, 2015. It contains 136 pages, and it is written in English. You will come across songs like Eight Days a Week, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, And I Love Her, You Have Got To Hide Your Love, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and others.

13. Ukulele for the Complete Ignoramus

With Ukulele for the Complete Ignoramus, learning the musical instrument has never been easier. The book is authored by Ted and Wayne, and Native Ground Books and Music published it. If you need a music book that breaks down the techniques of playing the Ukulele, then you have to purchase this exciting book. It is designed to give you everything you need to start playing the musical instrument.

It contains 104 pages and comes with myriads of helpful features for all categories of players. The book will teach you how to choose the right Ukulele, ways by which you can tune your musical instrument, different types of strum, as well as how to play songs. Some of its notable features are instructional CD, simple chord diagrams, and tab that are easy to read.

14. The Ukulele 3 Chord Songbook

Do you seek an easy-to-follow Ukulele songbook? If yes, The Ukulele 3 Chord Songbook is a perfect choice for you. The book teaches the three chords that you need to know to play 50 great songs. These songs are included in the book. Some of them are a time for me to Fly, Shelter from the Storm, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Mustang Sally, Bad Moon Rising, Free Falling, among others.

If you need a simple songbook designed with beginners in mind, then you should get this unique songbook. It is perfect for teaching and learning. The Ukulele 3 Chord songbook is a highly recommended book for players willing to learn how to play their favorite songs on the Ukulele without any hassle.

15. Fingerstyle Ukulele by Fred Sokolow

Hal Leonard published the Fingerstyle Ukulele on January 1st, 2013, and it is written in English. The book is well explanatory and concise. If you desire to improve your ukulele playing skills, you should not neglect this instructional. It comes with online video and sample songs that are designed to make you start playing in no time. The book will teach you how to play great solos using your fingers on the musical instrument, enabling you to mix single notes and chords professionally.

The book comes with song collection, which includes Amazing Grace, After You have Gone, among others. Furthermore, you will also learn different patterns of fingerpicking accompaniment for a wide range of rhythmic grove and textures.

16. Essential Elements for Ukulele by Marty Gross

If you need a music book that is enjoyable and easy to learn, try the Essential Elements for Ukulele by Marty Gross. The book enables you to get involved in music inexpensively. Hal Leonard published it on June 1st, 2014, and it contains 48 pages. This book stands out because it gives you a concept that applies to any musical instrument. Apart from that, it helps in making you fulfill your desire to make music. With this book in hand, you have what it takes to become an excellent ukulele player. The Essential Elements for Ukulele is designed to give you a substantial music background and provide you with the necessary skill that will get you going.

It adopts methods that la emphasis on chord strumming skills. The guidebook comes with about 30 familiar songs. Some of the songs include The Rainbow Connection, The Lion Sleep Tonight, Home on the Range, among others. The book is exceptional because it uses a step-by-step approach, and it starts by giving a detailed explanation of playing of single note as well playing of chords. If you are a beginner-focused Ukulele book, then the Essential Elements for Ukulele is your best bet.

17. Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book 2

Are you on the lookout for a music book from which you can learn more than chords? It that is true, then you should not hesitate to go for the Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book 2. This book provides a good follow up from the first book. Note that you need to understand what is in book one before starting with this book. Hal Leonard also published Book 2, and it contains 48 pages.

It consists of a comprehensive beginners guide designed to make you a better player. Furthermore, it is easy to use, and it comes with numerous fu songs of various styles for learning purposes. If you are a music teacher that needs a better song selection to teach your students, you should consider the Ukulele Method Book 2.

18. Alfred’s Kid’s Ukulele Course Complete

If you need an excellent ukulele book for your kids, then you should purchase the Alfred's Kid's Ukulele Course complete. It is the most effective way of getting your child to learn the musical instrument. It comes with enough information and a guide that will make them become an excellent ukulele player. Alfred Music published the book on January 1st, 2013. And, it contains 120 pages.

The book is designed to teach your kids how to play songs in a fun way. Your child will enjoy every bit of the steps involved in learning the musical instrument. This complete edition is a combination of levels 1 and 2. Each lesson is explained in a simple-to-understand language. Furthermore, your son will have the opportunity to learn from three amazing Ukulele experts.

19. Jazz Ukulele by Abe Jr. Lagrimas

Berklee published the Jazz Ukulele on April 1st, 2015. The book is written in English, and it has 98 pages. If you are eager to learn a jazz ukulele, this is a perfect music book for you. It teaches the rudiments, concept as well as the techniques that pertain to a Jazz Ukulele. The Jazz Ukulele by Abe Jr. Lagrima comprises tablature, traditional notation, and also explains the additional types of notation that is peculiar to jazz ukulele.

The book is designed to enable you to play Jazz Ukulele in solo settings as well as in an ensemble. It is also worth noting that the music book features online audio that allows you to practice effectively. If you need a thorough book on jazz Ukulele, consider this excellent book from Abe Jr. Lagrimas.

20. Ukulele 101 by Fredrick Johnson

The Ukulele 101 was published independently on March 1st, 2019. The book contains 105 pages, and it is written in English. Are you finding it challenging to get started with the Ukulele? If that true, then you should give the Ukulele 101 a try. It comes with methods and guides that are easy to follow. The book contains extensive tutorials and lessons that are designed to improve your ukulele playing skills. It is a beginner-focused book, so the book is meant to help you become an excellent ukulele player, whether you have experience or not. Furthermore, all the lessons and exercises in this book are straightforward and are presented in a simple step-by-step format.

The book comprises a chord diagram, full tablature, and an in-depth explanation of the ukulele concept. Apart from that, it contains different melodies and practice songs to get you started. The Ukulele 101 is an excellent book that is also perfect for intermediate players who want to improve on their playing skills. The features of this book include chord diagram, full tablature, a wide range of practice songs, and many more.

Choosing the Best Ukulele Books

Getting a perfect ukulele book that matches your skill level will be challenging if you don’t know how to go about it. Therefore, take note of the factors that we have enumerated and let them guide you into picking the right ukulele book.

2) Ben Parker: How to Play Ukulele

  • Strumming & Music Notation Section
  • Exclusive Instruction & Prime Quality Audio 
  • Audio Featuring Playback Tools

1) The Daily Ukulele Songbook

  • Uke Arrangements with Melody, Lyrics & Uke Chord Grids
  • Tips & Techniques Section
  • Chord Chart for Ease to Use

3) The Daily Ukulele-Leap Year Edition

  • Simple & Comprehensive Guide
  • Easy-to-understand Music notes & Symbols
  • Ideal for Beginners