3 Approaches To Resolve Roland Street Cube Problems

roland street cube problems
roland street cube problems

Roland is the brand that you get to choose if you are looking to enjoy the perfection on all the sound-related equipment and you don’t want to miss out on a simple thing. Their amps and speakers are certainly the best in terms of efficiency, power, performance, and all that you can need in the right manner.

Yet, you will certainly need to ensure that you are getting the right model that will be suiting your needs in the right manner so you don’t have to compromise on any feature that you might be needing. Roland Street cube is one such great amp that you get to enjoy with the perfection of portability and with that you will be enjoying the perfection of using it for any applications or on-street performances without having to look for a power outlet.

It has a pretty great battery, yet there are certain problems that you might also have to face on the Roland Street cube. These are a few common problems that don’t matter much, but you should be knowing about all of them if you are looking to make a buying decision. A few such common problems are:

Dealing With Roland Street Cube Problems

1. Not Regularized Battery Control Module

While many people might not even notice it, the regularized battery control module matters a lot while you are dealing with any of the portable equipment that requires batteries to be operational. With that in the perspective, you will certainly need to know how it will affect the performance of your Roland Street Cube amp.

Since the batteries are not regularized, as the batteries start to deplete, you will be facing a lack of power on the amp output as well. So, that means you will only be getting the best possible output and maximum power on your Roland Street Cube amp if you have it figured outright and you are regularly using fresh batteries in the amp. If the battery level depletes below a certain point, you will start feeling power loss on the amp such as having issues with the volume levels, having static, or similar other issues with the connectivity.

2. No Battery Pack

The Roland Street cube runs on 6 AA Alkaline batteries and can work for 15 hours on the fully charged batteries. Yet, there is no battery pack or charging capability and you will need to replace the batteries and charge them with an external charger separately for the amp.

That means, you will need to use the batteries separately and if you don’t have a spare set handy, you will not be able to make it work for the duration the batteries are being charged.

That could be a problem for some, but it can be avoided by ensuring that you are getting the spare set of batteries handy and you can use them every time you need to charge the batteries that were in use previously.

3. Not Enough Power

While the Roland Street Cube gets is being branded as a street amp that you can use on the outdoors for multiple performances, at times you might feel like the power is not enough for the volume to be loud enough for the audience if you are looking to cover performance.

You can get just enough volume and power out of the amp to ensure that you can perform for a small group audience of up to 10-15 people and that is all about this amp. Yet, you can use multiple amps to amplify the sound and make the output even louder but that just kills the whole portability part and that is not something you would like to have.

4. Control Issues

There are not many controls on the amp either and you only get a handful of stereo control modules that will be getting you limited control over the music preferences and for those who like to have a more customized operation and control over their musical equipment, might want to avoid this amp.

That’s because it is sort of a portable speaker with a built-in amp that will choose the preferences on its own and you have lesser room to customize that as compared to some other portable amps.

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