10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the French Horn

Reasons Learn to Play the French Horn
Reasons Learn to Play the French Horn

Looking for the reasons why you should learn to play the French Forn?

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If you are just now thinking about playing a musical instrument, you should seriously consider learning how to play the French horn. Orchestral instruments do not come any louder than the French horn. So, if you have always wanted an instrument that will make you stand out easily, the French horn is probably more your speed.

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Horn players usually have a great time because they do not play the same boring music like say, the bassline. Instead, the French horn is designed to fill out the sound so that the music being produced feels fuller and more complete.

Additionally, the French horn, like most wind instruments out there has a host of health and physical benefits associated with it, which gives you even more reason to sign up. More benefits of learning how to play the French horn include:

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the French Horn

  1. The French horn will strengthen your breathing abilities

Playing the French horn for a few hours a day can have a considerable impact on your breathing abilities. When you play often, it trains you to be conscious of just about all aspects of breathing. From relaxed inhalation to controlled breathing, the French horn and many other brass instruments can give your lungs a healthy workout that ultimately will improve your lung function for the better.

  1. Enhance your coordination

As a French horn player, sometimes you will be required to play something complex such as Korsokov’s Flight of the Bumblebee. When playing a wind instrument like the French horn, you will not only need lots of air but you will also need finger dexterity and be able to coordinate your tongue, eyes, and breathe to be able to measure up.

  1. The French horn is a stress reliever

When it is all said and done, making music can be a fun endeavor. Regardless of whether you are just getting started or you have been at it for years, you can still have fun when playing no matter what level, you are at. Spending a few hours just practicing can be a great escape from the constant pressures that come with contemporary life.

  1. It will allow you to develop confidence

As your French horn skills improve, at one point or another, you will be required to perform a solo, which can be a dreadful thought for beginners. As a result, you have to learn how to be calm and how to function well under pressure. Being able to handle yourself well when nervous is a useful skill that can help you deal with a range of other stressful and professional scenarios that may arise in your life.

  1. Strengthen your core muscles

When playing the French horn, you will be forced to inhale and exhale often, which will no doubt give your lungs and diaphragm a workout. Additionally, in the process, you will also be forced to use your abdominal muscles and engage them properly in order to be able to support your sound.

  1. It has an instrumental role in classical music

As mentioned earlier, no other instrument in classical music is as notable as the French horn. Thanks to its dark tone and full, rich sound, the French horn is a common fixture in classical music and there are plenty of classical songs that are written specifically for the French horn which means that there will be plenty for you to do.

  1. Lots of professional opportunities out there

Should you want to pursue the French horn professionally, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of professional opportunities out there for French horn players. While learning any instrument does have its challenges, the French horn is a complex instrument to learn, which means that it is not as popular as the trumpet or flute. Because of fewer students, there will be less competition for you, therefore allowing you to prosper if you are good.

  1. Feel part of a community

As a French horn player, you will find yourself naturally connected to other French horn players. As you continue growing and learning, you will also experience how the French horn can be a gateway to help you feel connected to a part of a larger community and help you feel connected to something bigger than yourself.

  1. To express your feelings better

The French horn is a perfect vehicle for expressing and letting go of your feelings. We all experience those moments where it can be hard to express yourself verbally. A lot of musicians, including French horn players, find it easier to express their emotions and process them by playing the French horn.

  1. So that you can set and accomplish your goals

As a musician, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut especially if there is a mindless routine to be followed day after day. Picking up the French horn forces you to focus on all the small details such as finger technique and lip position as well as the larger, more important ones like breath control. In the process of learning the French horn, it really is all about setting goals and reaching them, which is easy to apply in your day to day life.


Now, before you sign up for any French horn lessons near you, you should be fully aware that to succeed, you will need to be fully committed to the learning process. This means always showing up to your classes on time and setting time aside for practice so that you can continue to grow. In any case, whether you are interested in taking up the French horn as a hobby or so that you can pursue it professionally, one thing is clear- that there are endless benefits for you to discover and appreciate once you do. So, go ahead, sign up for French horn lessons now!

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