4 Best French Horn Lessons for Beginners Review 2022

French Horn Lessons for Beginners

French Horn Lessons for Beginners

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When it was first invented, the French horn was referred to as simply the ‘Horn.’ Over time, it’s unique tuning to the F key resulted in the name F Horn, and eventually, the French horn because the public assumed F was an abbreviation for the word French.

The French horn is played in a unique way. In contrast with other woodwind instruments, the French horn is played by placing the mouthpiece at the center of the lips. The musical instrument produces different pitches which are determined by how the horn player has positioned their fingers over the French horn’s bell.

There is a lot to learn about the French horn. Many people have found this musical instrument thrilling to play. The attention given to the French horn is also mainly due to its versatile use to play different genres of music. You can find the French horn being played in an orchestra, bands, or during a solo performance.

Everyone who needs to learn how to play the French horn can acquire this admirable skill by taking French horn lessons for beginners online.

These courses have been created to cover the essential aspects of learning how to play the French Horn. The format used in creating the curriculum for the online French horn courses for beginners is in line with presenting lessons as engaging and simple sessions which will help beginners understand the different procedures needed to play the French horn.

There are countless options offered during the French Horn Lessons for beginners. For example, students are given an opportunity to learn, and exchange practice videos in some courses. The music teachers who have created these learning programs understand the need for practice. However, it will be difficult for the students to realize their mistakes and identify the right corrective measures, which makes the video exchange feature between students and teachers helpful.

There are many reasons to learn how to play the French horn. It has been known to help the players relax and overcome stress. Also, playing the French horn can help you develop the ability to concentrate on details and improve your memory.

The French horn lessons for beginners online can also be organized as group learning sessions. This is a great way to meet new friends who share a passion for playing the French horn. These courses also give you the confidence to take the intermediate and advanced French horn lessons after completing the French horn lessons for beginners.

Below, you will find some reputable French horn lessons for beginners.

4 Best French Horn Lessons for Beginners Review

1) Artistworks: French horn lessons for beginners with William Caballero

artistworks French Horn Lessons for Beginners

This course will be a good match for students who are searching for an online French horn course that mainly uses video files during the learning program. The course features a vast video library. This gives students access to hundreds of video lessons and other engaging learning materials to master the process of playing the French horn.

The first lessons help students understand how to hold the French horn, the right placement of the mouthpiece and learning about the etudes. The music teacher’s focus for this French horn course for beginners is on teaching the students how to play the classical French horn.

After the introductory lessons for beginners, students are made to practice the essential breathing pattern needed to maintain a longer practice session while training with the musical instrument. Next, there are lessons targeted at teaching students the proper hand positions while playing the French horn. Learning the hand positions helps students get the right etudes to match the songs they want to play.

Students taking this course are also introduced to the concept of buzzing lips and mouthpiece. They are taught how to apply these tricks while playing the French horn. There are also special lessons that can teach new learners how to achieve tonal centering while playing songs with the French horn.

The lessons in this course are essentially about playing the classical French horn, so students who wish to play this musical instrument in the orchestra will find the tips and hints provided by the music teacher helpful.

Other students who are interested in developing their solo repertoire will also find the right instructions to achieve this purpose. Overall, there are hundreds of lessons organized in this course by William Caballero. He is a music teacher with over twenty years of experience playing in Pittsburgh symphony orchestra. Caballero is well known for his master classes for classical French horn and music theory, which have been presented at highly recognized music institutions. This French horn course for beginners offers students from all over the world to learn from a respected classical French horn player and master the skills that have earned this music teacher a good name.


2) Udemy: Learn to play French horn

udemy French Horn Lessons for Beginners

Everyone looking for a French horn course for a beginner that lays a foundation to proceed to advanced courses will find this learning program a great way to start. The course offers students a chance to learn the basics about the French horn. Even as beginners, the lessons included in this course have been simplified. It is easy to gain essential knowledge about playing the French horn in a few hours. Students are also given an opportunity to learn all about the French horn at their own pace.

The lessons featured in this course start from scratch. Students participating in this course are taught about the musical instrument, its parts, and how the French horn can be assembled and cleaned. There are lessons that cover the essential learning aspects regarding music theory. Here students are taught about the octaves, notes, using sheet music and how to interpret notations.

After music theory lessons, students are introduced to more practical aspects of this course for beginners. The lessons in this part focus on teaching students about the scales and how this knowledge can be applied while playing the French horn. There are also helpful tips and instructions to help students understand how they can form a strong embouchure.

Every participant in this course has a chance to learn and play any of the songs which have been added to the learning program. These songs are simple enough for beginners, and they help students remain engaged all through the learning program.

At the end of this French horn beginner’s course, all students who complete the learning program are expected to understand all about the French horn, the different notes, finger positions, and how to create the right tunes by correctly positioning the mouthpiece between lips.

The course has been arranged by a freelance French horn expert named Heather Test. She has vast experience performing in the orchestra and doubles as a lecturer at the Texas Christian University. Heather has created this course for people who have never played the French horn before but want to learn; her lessons are suitable for young and older students.

3) Onlinehornlessons.com: French horn lessons for beginners

onlinehornlessons French Horn Lessons for Beginners

The lessons featured in this French horn course for beginners have been organized by Erika Wilsen, a professional French horn teacher. Erika has a Master’s degree in horn performance; she has also maintained a lengthy career as a music teacher for over twenty years. Erika’s teaching experience covers areas such as classical French horn for orchestras, formal music education in schools and universities, and private tutoring.

Students who are searching for a beginners French horn course to learn from a professional music teacher will be interested in this course. The lessons have been created for both the young and older students.

The curriculum used for this learning program for beginners has been designed to help students start along a path that will help them develop from beginners to professional French horn players.

The first lessons are basically about music theory, here students learn about the music notations, the different octaves, and how to use sheet music. There are also tips on how to develop embouchure, and ear training lessons, stopping and muting techniques, how to apply slides, and important tips on tonguing for beginners. Students also get a chance to practice by performing daily exercises during the program.

The lessons last for about thirty minutes every day. This duration depends on the area being covered. Each lesson is presented as instructional videos. Students have an opportunity to study the videos for each part of the course at their convenience. After the lessons, students can participate in the exercises which test the knowledge gained after studying the music teachers’ videos.

The lessons for this French horn beginner’s course are also presented as group lessons. This means they have been generalized to make it easy for easy comprehension by all the participants in the course. To join the online lessons, students are expected to have a working French horn and a computer with internet access.

4) Cosmo Learning: French horn lessons for beginners

cosmolearning French Horn Lessons for Beginners

The learning structure used to develop this beginners French horn course will help the students adopt a simple routine to help them complete the course and master the appropriate French horn skills. The entire course features twenty-three video lessons which are of high quality and have clear audio to enable students easily hear the music teacher’s instructions.

The lessons start from scratch. Students are taught the right posture to assume while playing the French horn. Absolute beginners can also learn how to hold the French horn the first time. Students are also taught about the process of developing embouchure, how to modulate the pitch while playing the horn, and how to manipulate the bell to create the right sounds. Students also have a chance to learn about the rotary valves and how the influence the pitch produced by the French horn.

At the beginning of this French horn course, the lessons proceed with students playing the musical instrument from a seated position. However, the final lessons introduce students to tips and methods of playing the French horn while standing. Learning these tricks will help students cope better during the intermediate and advanced French horn lessons after completing this beginners program.

In addition, there are special lessons for beginners that introduce common concepts regarding playing the French horn. For example, students are taught how to apply the correct fingering methods while playing the musical instrument. Also, there are lessons that teach students how to play different notes with the French horn. For example, the participants in this course will learn how to play the staccato notes, Glissando notes, and the Accenting notes.

Some maintenance tips students can learn during this beginner’s course include assembling the French horn, cleaning the mouthpiece, and the spit valve, keeping the valves and slides oiled.

The lead music teacher for this French horn beginner’s course is Katherine Liesener. She is a performer and teacher whose experience with the French horn makes it easy to teach all categories of beginners how to master the different aspects of playing the French horn. Katherine has divided the course into different segments. With this approach, it is easy for all students to proceed from one lesson to the other without losing focus. The practical exercises are also presented in a way to encourage all students taking this course to adopt a sustainable practice routine to help them master the techniques of playing the French horn.

Choosing the Best French Horn Lessons for Beginners

Just like many other musical instruments, learning how to play the French horn requires students to cover different aspects, concepts, and techniques. It is therefore important to sign up for a music course which has engaging features to make the experience interesting. If you are interested in learning how to play the classical French horn, you can save time and money by finding online courses for beginners that have been targeted at teaching students the classical techniques. However, the course you choose should start with the basics which include care and maintenance tips for your French horn.

You can make an effort to confirm the medium through which the lessons for a course are presented to students. There are many options in this regard. For example, some music teachers present their lessons as instructional videos. Others combine videos, audio, or PDF files. Your goal should be to confirm the quality of these files to ensure you get value for your fees. The best video lessons are produced in an environment that is free from visual distractions and echo.

Some music teachers also allow students to download learning materials from the course. The advantage of this offer is that you can access these files for reference purposes after completing the beginners’ course. This will be helpful during your private practice sessions or if you decide to take the intermediate or advanced French horn courses.