Peavy Incentive MH vs PRS MT15- Which Should You Buy?

peavey invective mh vs prs mt15
peavey invective mh vs prs mt15

While speaking of guitars, the amps and other equipment is equally important since it ensures the perfect edge of tunes and makes the nodes better. The music mostly relies on the sound, and when you are trying to play for a wider audience, you certainly need some amps to help you make the tunes louder without losing the clarity on them.

That is why you will need to be certain about the amp that you are choosing for your studio or some outdoor performance. There is a lot more to it, and there are various types of amps available in the market. Yet, those who like to keep the music authentic and crave authenticity would always be going for tube amps since there is no other amp that can beat the sound clarity and fine-tunes that you can get on the tube amps.

Peavy Incentive MH and PRS MT15 are two such tube amps that one can get out there and they are both great to get the job done. However, if you are looking to choose an amp for yourself among these both, here are a few options that you will need to be careful about and they will be helping you out perfectly to make the right choice that will be perfectly great for you and will allow you to enjoy the right experience.

Differences Between the Peavy Incentive MH vs PRS MT15

Peavey Incentive MH

Peavey Incentive MH is known as the smart tube amp that is small in size and a convenient leather handle on the top makes it easier for you to carry it around. Not only the amp is great for utility and portability, but it is certainly the best thing one can get for efficiency as well and that would make it the perfect choice for anyone to ensure that you are getting the right performance from your tube amp as well.

The amp is lightweight and only weighs 20.5 KG that making it one of the most portable tube amps out there. With all that being said, you will also be getting all the control knobs conveniently located at the front of the amp making it just the perfect choice for you to enjoy better controls over the amp that make it the best possible choice for you.

The amp is certainly great in terms of the features as well and there are tons of different features on the amp that you will certainly enjoy. It has 20 watts output into 8 or 16 Ohms and you can connect multiple speakers with it without having to worry about a thing. There are two tubes on the amp that will help you with louder and clear output on all the instruments that you might want to connect on the tube amp.


PRS MT 15 is another great tube amp that looks futuristic and has certainly amazing features as well that one might want to have on their amp. It is also portable, but instead of soft leather touch on the Peavey Incentive MH, you will get to enjoy a solid body painted in matte black that is best to be enjoyed on all occasions and would make your amp certainly look great.

There are multiple holes in the body as well that serve as the ventilation duct and will keep your tubes at the optimal temperature so you don’t have to worry about the tubes getting overheated or causing any malfunction due to that.

Moving forward, the matte finish on the tube amp makes it resistant to any scratches as well and that is certainly the best thing one might be able to get on their amps since the amps have to be carried to performances as well at times.

Since this is also a mini amp, the output is limited to 15 watts but can also be switched to 7 watts if you would like to keep the amp for your studio only. However, it has 2 power tubes from PRS standards that are the best things one can get to enjoy an overall soothing experience with their amps without having to worry about anything at all when it comes to clarity, loudness, and of course the performance.

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