10 Approaches For Resolving JBL Eon One Pro Problems

JBL Eon One Pro Problems
JBL Eon One Pro Problems

EON One Pro by JBL is a rechargeable and battery-powered PA system and is designed with a linear speaker system, promising clear and clean audio.

It’s integrated with an eight-inch subwoofer to produce strong bass while the seven-channel mixer and EQ help customize the sound according to the performance and size of the venue.

In addition, it comes with Bluetooth support for easier connectivity but there are various problems with this speaker system that need to be addressed if you want to invest in it!

How to Fix JBL Eon One Pro Problems

1. Not Connecting/Responding

This speaker system is a great unit that’s designed with all the essential speakers and amps. This means that you don’t need to purchase extra accessories to use the speaker unit.

However, even if users want to connect a new device, such as an equalizer, the system gets stuck. If your PA system stops responding when you try to connect other devices, you must conduct a reset.

To execute the factory reset process, you have to press and hold the phantom and ducking buttons for five seconds. After five seconds, the LED indicators will flash, which means the system has been reset.

reset JBL Eon One Pro

The reset will fix the system glitches and bugs, so you don’t need to be worried about the connectivity errors.

Secondly, if you are trying to connect a third-party device with the cable, there are high chances that the cable is loose or damaged. The loose cable can be easily tightened up, but if the cable is bent or damaged, it’s important to get it replaced to ensure a seamless connection.

2. App Not Working

The app is an easy way of controlling and adjusting the PA system’s features. However, if you are unable to use the app, it’s recommended that you reboot the smartphone.

This is because extensive background apps can hinder the app’s functionality and a reboot will ensure zero background activities.

Reboot smartphone

In addition to rebooting, you can try clearing the app’s cache as well as the data. This is because the cache and data buildup can slow down the app, resulting in poor performance.

Secondly, you must look for an update because outdated apps tend to have bugs, which impact the functionality. So, open the installed apps section on the app store, scroll down to find the JBL app, and install the update if it’s available.

Once the app is updated, it will work normally. On the other hand, if the app is still not working, you should delete the app and install it again after some time.

3. Unable To Charge

Charging issues can be really frustrating as this PA system is integrated with a battery to make sure you don’t have to connect the power cables all the time.

However, if the speakers have stopped charging, it’s because the battery is damaged. The average lifespan of the battery is two to three years, depending on the usage.

So, hire an electrician to get the battery checked, and if it’s damaged, you have to purchase a new battery to fix the charging issues.

Keep in mind that the battery is prone to explosion, which is why you should stay away from it and an expert should handle the connections. Moreover, the electrician should install a new battery to make sure all the related connections are done correctly.

4. Overheating

Overheating is a common issue with this PA system and it’s caused by the dust buildup in the jacks.

You should opt for a dry cloth (don’t use a damp cloth) for cleaning the points and jacks because moisture in the openings can cause a short circuit, which means the electrical components will stop working. Before you start the cleaning process, unplug the speaker from the AC outlet.

AC Outlet

Keep in mind that this system has high voltages, which is why you should not remove the AC input covers, mixer module, and chassis.

Last but not least, you shouldn’t install it near the heat sources, such as heat registers, radiators, apparatus, and stoves to make sure it’s not exposed to high temperature. Moreover, you could try using this PA system in a room with proper ventilation.

6. Tweeter Arrays Cuts Off

The tweeter speakers are perfect for people who want to produce loud and high-pitched music. However, they are controlled by a tweeter array to improve the sensitivity and reduce the chances of distortion for a specific SPL level

On the other hand, some users have complained about the cutting of tweeter arrays. With this issue, the volume reduces and reverts to the original level after a few minutes.

When your tweeter arrays start cutting off, it’s better to re-seat the array and only connect the active array (yes, it’s important to remove the spacers).

In addition, it’s better to shift to a different channel and reboot the system. This issue usually arises when the black glue starts melting; the glue is used to tighten and secure the connectors. You have to remove the black glue and use new glue to secure the connectors.

Secondly, overheating can also cause this problem. For instance, when the PA system gets overheated, the protection circuit is automatically enabled, which reduces the overall performance.

Once the temperature is optimized, the volume reverts back. So, it’s recommended that you prevent overheating of the system as well.

7. Power Button Not Working

The power button is essential for turning on and turning off this PA system, and when the power button stops working, it will be challenging to use the EON One Pro.

The power button is designed with a two-second hold design (you have to press the power button for two seconds to turn on the system) and the LED light will flash.

Power on flash

This design has been chosen to prevent accidental powering of the system to make sure the battery isn’t drained. So, try pressing the power button for two seconds and it will turn on the PA system.

On the contrary, if the system is still not switching on, you must call the JBL customer support because the power button is covered in the warranty, so you can get free repair and/or replacement.

8. Extremely Low Gain

Gain is defined as the level of loudness that’s transmitted to the amplifiers and plugins. It is referred to as the clips’ input levels. So, if the channels and main faders are muted, the gain/volume will be zero.

The solution is to check the faders and channels to make sure they are turned on and are set up properly. In addition, the power amplifiers should be switched on.

It is important to fix the low gain because it restricts the amp from reaching full power and the sound quality will be distorted. So, fix the channels and power amplifiers and make sure you haven’t turned on the lower gain setting.

9. Distorted Sound

If the PA system is making distorted sounds, it’s actually easy to fix. First of all, you must ensure if the speakers are working fine or not.

For this purpose, connect the speakers to another device, and if they aren’t working with the other device either, there is some internal hardware error that needs attention – these internal errors should be checked and fixed by professionals.

Electronic technician

The second thing that you have to check is the cables. This is because the old cables tend to twist, which can hinder signal transmission.

For this reason, you must replace the old cables and make sure the new cables are organized to prevent stripping and breaking. Last but not least, the loose plugs and cables must be tightened up.

10. Lack Of Treble & Bass

If you like to play loud music, proper bass and treble are necessary. So, if you are unable to hit the top bass and treble, it’s important to check the placement of the speakers, particularly if you are using the speakers indoors.

The speakers must have sufficient space on all sides because if the speakers are pressed to the wall, the woofers won’t have the space to produce the sound, hence the lack of treble and bass.

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  1. I am having a problem my power button is messed up and the sound that is coming out of my system is static is all. The system connects to my phone through Bluetooth but when I play it it is still all static and no music at all. I need tech support please and thank you

  2. Hi, I had the same problem with my JBL Eon One Pro, when plug to AC all indicator lights blink red, and no output even power is on, needs technical advise, thank you..

  3. Hello I am an electronics tech. My JBL eon one pro has a problem .there is no output in speaker while connect input and battery indicator all leds are blinking .I need technical suport for it.

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