MasterClass Usher’s the Art of Performance Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Usher The Art of Performance Lesson Review

MasterClass Usher The Art of Performance Lesson Review

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Legendary musician, Usher, is an expert performer and an entertainer extraordinaire. He has won numerous awards that recognize the crucial contribution he makes in showbiz. Through this class, the American crooner teaches his audience how to captivate their fans.

On-stage performance has to be as dramatic and captivating as possible. Over the years, Usher has excelled in this area. All his performances are amazing works of art. They are all memorable too. They explain why Usher’s shows are must-attend too.

MasterClass Usher Instructor

The musician has taught tons of students interested in pursuing a career in music or choreography. His learners have benefited from attending these classes. The wisdom he shares with them has had a massive impact on their careers too.

How should you get ready for a live performance? What must you do to create an exceptional personal brand? Usher is an effective communicator. He is able to communicate to the audience well using examples from his life as an award-winning musician.

Thanks to MasterClass, Usher now has a platform for sharing all his experiences. He takes advantage of this class to impart superb knowledge to his learners too. Usher the Art of Performance Lesson on MasterClass is worth a visit!

Why Usher the Art of Performance Lesson on MasterClass

Usher Raymond IV is an American entertainer, musician, singer, and songwriter. He has enjoyed incredible success as a dancer too. He has been singing at the top level since the age of 12. The late 1990s ushered him into the world of success, fame, and riches.



Today, Usher is one of the world’s best-selling musicians of all time. He has sold over 23 million albums in the United States. The 38.2 million digital songs sold in the U.S. also make him a successful music artist.

Usher is a decorated musician. The list of awards he has won all prove that he is the real deal. He has won several MTV and Grammy awards. BET has also rewarded and recognized his artistry as well as superb singing and dancing abilities.

Usher has been singing, dancing, writing songs, and entertaining his audience since the 1980s. He has remained relevant in an industry that always seems more willing to embrace new artists while shunning the old, has-beens.

His MasterClass is worth paying for to glean impressive wisdom and life experiences from a talented performer. On Billboard charts, he has 9 number 1 hits. He boasts of 18 top 10 hits on Billboard too.

MasterClass The Art of Performance Lesson Online with Usher Review

What the class entails

Usher the Art of Performance Lesson on MasterClass is exemplary for many reasons. One, it entails 16 video lessons. All the lessons are in the form of videos, which last 12 minutes each. Usher does not need eternity to educate you on the art of performance.

MasterClass Usher Class Sections

A single MasterClass costs you $90. As you will see, that is money well spent. The fact that Usher is the instructor means you will be getting golden nuggets. Through it, you will get a glimpse into the techniques that ensure Usher’s performances stand out from the rest.

A class workbook is available. Use it to recap some of the lessons that Usher taught you. The 25-page workbook is downloadable too. It is full of supplementary lessons that you will find helpful in your career as you attempt to be a successful on-stage performer.

MasterClass Usher Workbook

Are you good at reading a room full of people who want to watch your performance? If not, Usher will show you how to do that. Many performers struggle to win their audiences over. That might no longer be the case once you graduate from Usher’s MasterClass.


Usher the Art of Performance Lesson on MasterClass is available online. You can access the content anytime, anywhere. It allows you to study at your convenience too. The artist has divided the entire class into a curriculum featuring 16 lessons that touch on the following:

  • Getting started by learning to find performance opportunities and using social media to increase your audience
  • Where does Usher find his inspiration?
  • How to apply inspiration to your performances
  • Why mental toughness is a requirement for navigating the challenges in your career
MasterClass Usher Succeeding as an Entertainer
  • Why your voice is the most potent instrument
  • You must discover your own style to be a great dancer
  • Performers are actors who must learn and apply the right techniques
MasterClass Usher Triple Threat Singer Dancer Actor
  • Prepare for live performances by being ready at all times
  • Tips for capturing the audience’s hearts and minds
  • Importance of perseverance to performers
  • Review your performances
MasterClass Usher Owning the Stage
  • Usher’s approach to collaboration
  • Usher’s secrets to creating a successful brand
MasterClass Usher Business of Self-Promotion
  • Usher’s life story that nobody knows about
  • Put Usher’s teachings to work
MasterClass Usher Becoming Usher


Usher is a gifted performer. He has wowed countless audiences around the world. He knows how to keep different audiences eating from his hands. This MasterClass offers you a glimpse of the approach he relies on to succeed in a demanding industry.

All lessons are in 12-minute videos that you can watch at your convenience. Usher teaches in a compelling way. He relies on experiences gained from a career that spans almost 30 years. A class workbook comes with the lessons to help you recap what you learned.

The lessons are not too lengthy, as stated above. You can watch and learn from them in a single sitting. You may also opt to watch a video a day until you go through the entire roster. The lessons are enjoyable. Usher delivers them in an easy-going style too.


Usher the Art of Performance Lesson on MasterClass is golden. It lacks the depth that is impossible to deliver in 12-minute videos, though. The class is a bit of a disappointment if you were expecting Usher to perform some of his biggest hits.


Although Usher doesn’t perform some of the songs that catapulted him to fame, the MasterClass lessons are awesome. They are rich in content. Usher also fills them with relevant examples from his career. He is a great performer on stage and in-camera.

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