How Much Do Ukulele Lessons Cost (Average & Private Ukulele Lessons Cost)

How Much Costs To Learn Ukulele
How Much Costs To Learn Ukulele

Musical instruments are a passion for some people while some people play for recreational purposes. It doesn’t matter which type of musician you are, we are pretty sure that you would like the ukulele for the classic melodies and tunes. In case you are a bit passionate about playing the ukulele, we are pretty sure that you’ve been researching the lessons.

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While looking for the lessons, the aspirants need to focus on the costs because it’s essential, obviously. So, if you want to know the right costs and consider how much costs to learn the ukulele, we have added each bit of information you need!

How Much Do Ukulele Lessons Cost

1. Online Ukulele Lessons

With the tight schedules, some people are unable to find time for the coaching centers which is why people look for online ukulele lessons. When it concerns the online ukulele lessons, the costs will usually differ from the lessons and courses you choose.



Ukulele with Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel

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In case you want to learn the ukulele techniques online, this course by Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel is the right choice. Both these instructors have years of experience and they are sharing it with the students (aka you) through these video lessons. With this course, the students can access the backing tracks that are beneficial for practicing.

Besides, it offers access to the tablature that helps understand the tunes and play the techniques correctly. There are scale shape exercises in the course that helps strum the strings. The course provides access to the strumming and picking techniques, along with the low-G lessons for in-depth learning. The availability of sheet music helps students read the tunes.

As for the instructors, let’s see how much experience and expertise both these instructors have. To begin with, Craig Chee is known as a top-notch performer and instructor. He has also performed at various music events and he is best at curating the fun factor to the lessons. Coming forward to Sarah Maisel, she has been playing the ukulele since she was in college.

She has harnessed jazz music with the ukulele and has created multiple song arrangements. She has been inspired by Byron Yasui, Lyle Ritz, and more. The course will offer access to the hardware vocabulary and you will learn the right posture. Also, there are warm-up exercises available in the course, so you can play correctly.

As far as the costs are concerned, the course can be accessed when you choose the plan. There are three-month, six-month, and one-year plans available, costing $105, $179, and $279, respectively. The best part is that this course comes with a certificate and comes with quizzes, so you can test your learned techniques.

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2. Private Instructors (Start From $25 – $45/hour)

When it comes down to learning the ukulele techniques, one needs to choose the right instructor. The private instructors will actually cost more but is a fine choice for beginners who need in-depth learning. To begin with, the private instructors will cost anything from $25 to $45, depending on the expertise and duration of the lessons.

For instance, the half-an-house costs will cost pretty less while the one-hour lessons will have higher costs. The private lessons and instructors’ costs will also differ from the country. For instance, in the United Kingdom, the per lesson costs will range from £17 to £30. As far as the average costs are concerned, £25 will be the average cost for ukulele lessons.

3. Individual Lessons (Start From $30 – $50/hour)

When it comes down to mastering the art of the ukulele, you need to acknowledge the fact that individual costs will differ. On average, the individual lessons will cost ranging from $30 to $50. The costs are varied with the instructors you choose, their expertise, and the location you choose for the lessons. In this case, when you have to travel to the instructor, we suggest that you add $10 to $25 for the commute.

Even more, the instructor will charge more as well if he/she has to travel to your home for teaching the ukulele skills. Even more, the expertise of the instructor will directly influence the costs of lessons. That’s to say because if the instructor is experienced, they will charge more as compared to the less-experienced instructors.

4. Group Lessons (Start From $18 – $30/hour)

As compared to the private instructors and individual lessons, the group lessons will be way more economical. This is because the group lessons are conducted among multiple students which means the instructor can teach ukulele skills and techniques to multiple people at one time (as compared to the private lessons where the instructor teaches only one person at a time).

As far as the cost of group lessons are concerned, the costs will range from $18 to $30 for one hour. These costs will vary with the group you choose because some people are really top-notch. Also, the location of where the lessons will be conducted impacts the costs as well.

Things To Keep In Mind

While you are learning the music techniques, you need to understand that it’s like having magic in your hands. So, if you want to master the skills of the ukulele, you will need to consider multiple factors as they can impact the overall costs of the lessons. To begin with, different music genres can be played on the ukulele with which the lesson costs will differ.

Besides, the skill and experience level of the student will impact the lesson costs as well. This is because if you already know the basics and can read music, you will have to pay way less. With this being said, we suggest that you share this information with the instructor and it will help them create the course outline (while keeping the costs in mind, of course).

Last but not the least, the locality of the instructor’s home or the coaching center will impact the costs as well. Well, it’s pretty evident that if the area is posh, the costs will increase, and vice versa.

The Bottom Line

Ukulele is one of the most popular musical instruments out there and everyone loves to train their fingers to play the ukulele strings. So, if you’ve always wanted to learn the art of the ukulele, we are pretty sure that we explained every cost involved!

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