15 Websites to Learn Music Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Music Lessons Online

Learn Music Lessons Online

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Music is one of the top things that connect us. Although every other person most likely has different tastes in music, there is one thing that almost everyone has in common.

This being the fact that they like music, and find listening to it as an enlightening and calm experience. Some people feel the same way about playing music as they feel about listening to it, while some actually prefer playing over listening.

This could be because of the fact that playing allows you to create your own music, music that you find peaceful, music that you use as a way to express your feelings and who you may be as a person, or simply because you can play for your own fun and entertainment, without having to impress anyone.

There are literally hundreds of instruments for you to choose from, each and every single one being unique in their own way. However as easy as it may sound, choosing an instrument to keep playing is a very difficult choice, and learning one is even harder.

This is where music lessons come in. Music lessons are available by digital and conventional means.

15 Websites to Learn Music Lessons Online Reviews

1) Masterclass

MasterClass Learn Music Lessons Online

Masterclass is one of the most renowned websites when it comes to lessons online. This is mainly due to one thing, which is the fact that they have some of the best professionals from specific professions to provide you with classes that will help you, in the same way that they helped them.

When it comes to music, Masterclass have some of the best, for example world famous composer, Hanz Zimmer who has won multiple awards for his great work on the soundtracks of many a few films.

They also have more than few other big names, such as famous singer Usher and violist Itzhak Perlman, along with others.

These famous artists will take you on a journey of your own while also familiarising you with the things that got them to where they are now.

Along with this, there are also conveniences such as the ability to view the lessons no matter where you are through your phone, desktop or TV. There is also a workbook associated with each lesson.

2) ArtistWorks

Artistworks Learn Music Lessons Online

ArtistWorks is a website that features musical classes from musicians that are experts at what they do.

They have some very recognizable names on their list of lessons, for example they have well known American guitarist Paul Gilbert, as well as many other famous musicians, for example Noam Pikelny, the popular banjo player and the co-founder of Punch Brothers.

There are a variety of different lessons for a variety of different instruments, and what makes things better is the fact that they have different classes for each instrument to suit players of different levels.

Their beginner courses allow you to learn the instrument that you want at your own place, as long as they have a lesson available for said instrument, which is rarely ever a problem.

You will be familiarized with the instrument that you are trying to learn and you will be able to get a better understanding of how to play it, improving your skills for the long term. Advanced players will also be able to learn at any pace they like.

3) Udemy

Udemy Learn Music Lessons Online

Featuring a large quantity of lessons from people all over the world that have been qualified as experts when it comes to playing their respective instruments, Udemy has more than enough courses for you to choose from and fulfil your learning needs.

For example, one of their lessons allows you to get familiar with the methods and tools used to by top guitarists all over the world, something that can drastically help you if you are a beginner guitar player.

The mentioned lesson allows you to develop your own method of playing with the guitar, allowing you to create your own unique voices as you play.

Some guitar classes will also let you identify different chord functions, along with how to fully utilize them. Some will teach you about music theory.

This allows you to read music using techniques that have been proven to be effective while letting you work on the tempo of your playing, along with how to play rhythms in an accurate manner. Similar to these, there are lessons made for most instruments.

4) Coursera

Coursera Learn Music Lessons Online

A website that features a variety of lessons for a variety of different things, including music, Coursera has lessons that are provided to you by top teachers from the biggest universities and colleges all over the world.

As mentioned, they have a variety of different lessons for everything, this includes multiple ones on different instruments, while also including classes that take on different viewpoints from one another entirely.

There are courses that can help you launch your own career as a musician, without needed anyone to produce or record your music.

These lessons focus on helping you to develop yourself as an artist to spread your popularity, identifying you with tools used by professionals across the world, and making you a better player overall.

There are also simple courses that help you becoming a good enough player at your instrument. These can be found for classical music, as well as the more modern genres.

There are seminars that will be able to identify chords, their progression and intervals, something that can come in quite handy.

5) Lynda

Lynda Learn Music Lessons Online

Lynda is the name of a project started by LinkedIn, the popular social media platform many use for their career progression. Lynda features courses that help you progress in your field and let you learn in the comfort of your own home by taking them online.

From the Ukulele to playing the drums, there are over 10,000 music related lessons on the website, meaning that there are at least a few that can help you out.

Almost all of the courses are taught by different teachers who take their own approach regarding the matter at hand.

While there are simple tutors that teach you how to play an instrument, like Grammy award winning ukulele player, Daniel Ho, who teaches you how to play the ukulele using tips and tricks that he himself uses, while also going at a pace that even beginners will be more than comfortable working with.

There are also lessons for different instruments like guitars, while there are also some that discuss and define music for what it is. This leaves you with loads to choose from.

6) edX

edX Learn Music Lessons Online

If you’ve been searching up lessons online before this, you may have heard about edX.

They are basically a platform for students to learn about a variety of different things that has been founded by both Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT for short.

Being a platform made to gain knowledge, edX contains studies made in Harvard and MIT as well as other institutions. These studies, as mentioned, can be regarding multiple things.

Music is also widely featured on the platform, having over 50 different lessons for you to try out depending on the type of thing that you are looking for.

They have both the traditional classes, those that introduce you to your instrument if you’re a beginner, while also having ones teach you about music as a business and how you can thrive in the industry as a creator or a producer.

Other studies also discuss and teach you about things such as music theory, along with how music can be a positive part of our lives.

7) FutureLearn

FutureLearn Learn Music Lessons Online

FutureLearn provides people of all ages with courses regarding almost any subject or topic. Naturally, these topics include music as well.

There are a total of 25 studies on FutureLearn that are related to music. All of these studies have been taken from cultural institutions and universities around the world.

Although most lessons that you’d see online would cover simple things such as getting better at an instrument or tuning instruments, which are all obviously helpful in their own ways, some of the ones on FutureLearn take a more advanced look into the subject.

Meaning that they focus on teaching you things such as working in groups to create music. In the group music making course, you will be taught how to communicate with each other in a way that you can implement even when you are playing casually or performing.

There are also classes for music teachers or people that want to become music teachers.

These kinds of classes will take a look into things like effectively communicating with your students and developing teaching strategies that suit you most.

8) Skill Share

SkillShare Learn Music Lessons Online

You’ll find a variety of different music classes available on skill share that are held by music teachers.

On the website, you will be able to find lessons for classical instruments such as pianos and acoustic guitars, while also being able to find courses for newer genres of music, such as beat making for trap and dub-step songs.

These beat making courses are held by experts who will teach you essentials through easy to programs that have been made to be easy to follow and learn from.

As long as you know some of the basics about beat making, you will be able to learn from these classes and be able to improve yourself using methods such as parallel compression.

There are also lessons that will discuss music theory and cover subjects such as intervals, clefs, pitches etc. while helping you grow your skill as a musician.

Others also cover the topic of making money using music, if you want to choose music as a career path.

9) TakeLessons

TakeLessons Learn Music Lessons Online

As you can pretty much guess from the name of the company and its website, TakeLessons focuses on providing students with, well as you can probably guess, lessons. These can be taken regarding most matters whether anything science or history related or painting and of course, even music.

They have teachers from the different parts of the world that are qualified to teach you and help you with your problem.

What is convenient about their website is that they offer teachers that can teach you from the comfort of your home through online classes or by sending a tutor to your home, or you can also visit the tutor’s studio if that is what you prefer.

Their music theory experts help you through several different classes, helping you understanding of the music that you play, and helping you in memorizing it for ease of play.

Their instructors have many years’ worth of experience which comes in handy when they help you through you your problems, while also helping you improve upon them.

10) LessonFace

LessonFace Learn Music Lessons Online

Lessonface is a company that has been made for the purpose of connecting different students from all around the world to the most qualified of teachers for lessons of their choice.

There are lessons for most languages, while there also some for entertainment based things such as singing, song writing, acting and last but not least, music.

There are more than a few teachers on Lessonface that can teach you about what music theory is and how learning it can help us improve upon how we play, and how others hear our music.

The courses covered by these tutors cover things like the composition and production of music, the technique of playing and of course the main thing out of all of these, music theory itself.

You can book any tutor that you like as long as they are available and they will be more than willing to teach you in a manner most comfortable for you, regardless of your level of playing and how good you are.

11) Study

Study Learn Music Lessons Online

As you can probably guess from their name, study.com are a platform for you and other people to learn how to do certain things through the different lessons that they provide. 

They have a very wide variety of classes when it comes to musical classes, as some cover the simple things like playing instruments and getting close with it.

Some other classes that they provide talk about different yet related things, for example there are a few that talk about what music itself is, the effects that it has on us, along with its genesis and history.

These types of courses mainly cover the rise of music during the medieval times, and how the church influenced classical music and shaped it differently to what it could have been.

On top of this, there are also lesson plans and complete courses for the people that wish to be music teachers.

These lesson plans include assignments that you can give your students along with other things that you can use to entice their interest in music.

12) Reed

Reed Learn Music Lessons Online

Started all the way back in 1995. Reed.co is the oldest United Kingdom based recruitment websites, and to this day is one of the most famous, if not the most famous.

You can apply to be a teacher or a student for any available programs. Their programs feature lessons for both people that want to grow as musicians in the music industry as well as those that want to grow as businessmen or businesswomen in the same industry.

These can be done in a limited amount of time, or at your own pace, based on which one you choose.

While most of these cover the essentials of playing music or utilizing music as a business opportunity, some teach you about music’s history and how it has changed over the years.

A few of these courses also feature therapy using music and how it can be a peaceful and calm experience for anyone that gives it a go. You can choose any of these provided courses or go into specifics learn a certain instrument from experienced players.

13) Music To Your Home

MusicToYourHome Learn Music Lessons Online

Music To Your Home is a website that provides you with highly qualified teachers that will teach you on a daily basis by talking to you and teaching you via video call.

The website was started in 2003, as an effort to provide people that are enthusiastic about playing instruments a convenient means to learn their favourite instruments.

They have qualified teachers for every instrument that will provide students with attention and guidance on a daily basis, meaning that any mistakes you’ll make will be pointed out and they will work with you in a pace that you feel is suitable for yourself so that you can clear said mistakes and learn from them.

Another convenient thing about these lessons is that people from all over the world can take them, allowing them to learn instruments even if there aren’t any studios nearby to help them with the matter.

They have multiple experts for a variety of instruments, including piano, violin, guitars, etc. that will provide you or your children with helpful guidance.

14) Musika

Musika Learn Music Lessons Online

Musika is an online platform that focuses on providing people of all ages and skill levels with music related lessons that can help them grow as musicians. It covers most things music related.

From nearly all the main instruments and more, to singing and vocalizing. In the singing and vocalizing department, they provide you with lessons that can help you improve the way you sing by giving you some daily one on one time with qualified singers from all over the world.

These instructors cannot only guide you and make you sound better when you sing, they can help you control the tone of your voice and teach you when to shift tones during singing.

There are tutors like these for every instrument as well, who will work with you through video chat on a daily basis to improve the way you play and to improve upon any mistakes that you may be making when playing.

From classical violin to Bass guitars, there are more than enough tutors for all of these instruments that will help you grow as a casual or professional musician.

15) Class Central

ClassCentral Learn Music Lessons Online

Class central is a website that is a combination of many other lesson related websites as compared to being a website of its own. Meaning that it is basically a search engine that covers lessons related to anything.

It features courses that are featured on a large amount of different websites and makes them easier for you to access.

All you have to do is search for a specific thing and you’ll see different teachers that will provide you with guides on how to get better at said things.

For example, there is a very large collection of music based lessons that can help you grow as a musician, producer, recorder or editor.

These classes cover a variety of things based on what they are about, and there are even some that will talk to you about what music as a practice is, and how it plays a role in life, along with its history. Any specific thing that you’d like to learn, you can do so using this websites search engine.

Choosing the Best Music Lesson Online

There are more than a thousand different websites that will provide you with classes that you can take to learn about music, or playing music.

However the websites mentioned above provide you with more than enough variety to choose for yourself, so you can learn in the most comfortable manner possible.

There are other websites that are great for this kind of thing too. What’s most important is that you find a good course or tutor that can get you interested in playing or learning about music.

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