10 Websites To Learn Guitar Strumming Techniques Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn guitar strumming techniques lessons online

learn guitar strumming techniques lessons online

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Strumming is one of the most famous techniques of playing string instruments, and the guitar is one of them. Strum is actually the sweeping action where guitarists brush the finger over various strings for generating sound.

Usually, the guitarists tend to use the strumming hand (aka the dominant hand) for strumming. In contrast, the other hand helps support the dominant hand through alterations in pitches and tones.

To be honest, strumming is a popular technique associated with guitars, but it is not convenient to master. For instance, learning how to strum might feel awkward when you first learn this technique.

Some guitarists might even feel unnatural, but it’s common. However, all you need are correct learning techniques and better practicing. With the combination of the right practice sessions and techniques, strumming will become convenient and smoother.

With this being said, if you are an amateur guitarist who wants to learn the strumming techniques, we have added websites to learn guitar strumming techniques online (free and paid).

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there will be a learning podium for every guitarist out there. Even more, there are free as well as paid platforms available. So, are you ready to learn the strumming techniques?

10 Websites To Learn Guitar Strumming Techniques Lessons Online Review

1) GuitarTricks

guitartricks learn guitar strumming techniques lessons online

When it concerns mastering the art of strumming on a guitar, GuitarTricks.com is the right platform. This website has an extensive range of courses available that aligns with the various learning needs of the guitarists.

For instance, there are more than hundreds strumming courses available. Some of these courses are suitable for any guitar style, while some are specialized for acoustic, rock, and classical guitar. Also, special strumming lessons are available for blues guitar.

With each course on GuitarTricks.com, you can access the description that helps access what the course has to offer. Once you have watched the video lessons and completed the course, you can earn the gift certificate as well.

So, while learning the guitar strumming techniques, the chord sheet on GuitarTricks.com will come in handy. The special feedback page on GuitarTricks.com will help guitarists check the authenticity of the courses.

The best part of GuitarTricks.com is that the core learning system will result in a promising learning outcome. For instance, modules and chapters will help everyone focus on one technique at a time. As a result, the guitarists will be empowered to learn the strumming techniques in the fastest way possible.

2) Udemy

udemy learn guitar strumming techniques lessons online

Whenever you have to learn the new strumming techniques with the guitar online, you will need to choose a reliable online learning platform. Similarly, Udemy.com is one of the well-designed and effective learning websites. For this purpose, they have whooping ten-thousand guitar strumming courses available. Each course on Udemy.com has a star rating that helps check if the course is worthy of your time and money or not.

All in all, the strumming courses are available for beginners, experts, and intermediate guitarists. The best thing about these courses on Udemy.com is the multiple language options.

Even more, the quizzes will help test the learning progress (the practice tests are available as well for correct practice sessions). Some courses might have subtitles if you cannot keep up with the video sound. Also, the guitarists can choose the guitar strumming courses based on the desired video duration.

Udemy.com has designed the smartphone app for people who want to access the video lessons on their mobile phone. Above all, the 30-days money-back guarantee promises that your money is safe until you feel satisfied with the course.

3) SkillShare

skillshare learn guitar strumming techniques lessons online

In case you are a guitarist who wants to learn strumming skills, Skillshare.com is the optimal website to learn from. To date, they have added thirty guitar strumming courses available that strikes with the learning needs of different guitarists.

Skillshare.com has courses for beginner guitarists, along with advanced and intermediate guitarists. Even more, the guitarists can choose the courses according to the desired video length.

The best part of Skillhare.com is that guitarists can opt for the premium plan. With the premium plan, you can access various paid courses at one time (and with one-time payment). The availability of a teacher handbook is suitable for amateur guitarists who need to develop the skills and foundational concepts.

Also, don’t forget about the free lessons as they are apt to learn the beginner level skills. On the contrary, there are scholarships available if you are eligible and stand on merit.

In case you don’t have a laptop, the Skillshare.com app will be available for every smartphone user. That’s to say because every video lesson and handbook is accessible through the smartphone app.

4) ActiveMelody

activemelody learn guitar strumming techniques lessons online

In case you are attracted to guitar, start off by learning the strumming techniques because it helps create easy sounds and melodies. For this purpose, you can opt for ActiveMelody.com since they have a wide range of instructional videos available.

The majority of these videos are available for free. For instance, the videos are designed in different parts, so guitarists can focus on one technique at a time. Also, there is a well-curated description of developing background information.

ActiveMelody.com has the video tablature breakdowns available, but they are only available for the premium members. In case you are a premium member, you can also access the jamming tracks for guitarists to learn practical and real-time skills.

On the other hand, one can sign up with the email address on ActiveMelody.com and receive the free lessons (weekly). In case you have some questions, the comment section will come at your disposal.

Above all, they have a YouTube channel with hundreds of free videos. These free videos are actually beneficial for learning basic concepts. However, the one-on-one lessons are available for guitarists who need private lessons.

5) GuitarMasterClass

guitarmasterclass learn guitar strumming techniques lessons online

Mastering the guitar strumming techniques can be hard, but GuitarMasterClass.net will make the learning process easier. To begin with, there are around nine in-depth and well-designed courses available. These courses are apt for beginners and intermediate guitarists only.

When you click on the course, you can access the description. In addition, the transcript is available as well for the guitarist to learn what’s actually added to the lesson.

GuitarMasterClass.net empowers the guitarists to choose strumming courses that match the needs. For instance, the difficulty level has a one to ten scales, so everyone can choose the video lessons based on the difficulty level.

Even more, the courses are available based on lesson type as well as the music category. On the contrary, if you are too busy to sit in front of the laptop for an hour, the spoken video feature will help you learn while on the go.

In case you have doubts and confusions, GuitarMasterClass.net has an interactive forum. The learners can post the questions and get answers from the instructors or fellows. Last but not least, the YouTube channel has a full range of free videos available for amateurs!

6) GuitarCompass

guitarcompass learn guitar strumming techniques lessons online

Guitar might seem like a simple musical instrument with strings, but you will need to invest efforts in learning the skills. Similarly, strumming techniques are great to start with, and you can choose GuitarCompass.com for learning these skills.

To begin with, there are more than twenty-five lessons available. Every lesson is designed to meet the specific needs of guitarists. Also, every video has a description for guitarists to assess if a video fits the bill or not.

GuitarCompass.com also divides lessons into various sections for the in-depth learning experience. In addition, the YouTube channel is pretty much curated, and finding the right video will be easier.

For guitarists who want a robust learning experience, they can sign up with the email address and get new lesson updates. The best thing about GuitarCompass.com is the availability of free lessons. Even more, the premium lessons are available for blues, electric, acoustic, and country guitar.

There is a special quick tips section on GuitarCompass.com that’s extremely beneficial for learning guitar-related techniques. All in all, the practice sessions on GuitarCompass.com are suitable for beginner guitarists to improve the skills!

7) CyberFret

cyberfret learn guitar strumming techniques lessons online

For every guitarist interested in the online guitar learning experience, CyberFret.com will be an apt choice with well-designed and elaborated video lessons. All the video lessons and courses on this website are designed by professional and qualified guitarists.

As a result, strumming the chords will become easier than ever before. There are full-fledged courses as well as separate video lessons. CyberFret.com is a suitable platform for learning strumming techniques with different guitar forms.

All the courses on CyberFret.com are designed by Shawn Bradshaw that promises intricate learning. There are strum patterns available that are helpful for learning various strumming forms.

Even more, the strum pattern cheat sheets on CyberFret.com are readily available for the guitarists. This cheat sheet can be downloaded on your device for remote accessibility.

On top of everything, CyberFret.com is a well-integrated platform since they have added the guitar tools. There are chord finder and interval ear trainers for every guitarist who must master the advanced techniques associated with strumming.

Last but not least, the premium login is a fine choice for beginners since it offers accessibility to various learning needs.

8) GuitarCast

guitarcast learn guitar strumming techniques lessons online

Every technique associated with the guitar must be learned properly to ensure you have high-end musicianship skills. So, if you want to learn guitar strumming techniques, GuitarCast.tv is the optimal learning platform.

For instance, the guitarists can access the strumming techniques for different guitar categories, such as folk, classical, rock, and blues. In addition, the guitarists have the power to access strumming techniques, based on the author.

GuitarCast.tv has designed the catalog where every course is readily available. Truth be told, this catalog promises easier access to the instructional videos. The special fundamentals section on GuitarCast.tv empowers the guitarists to build their concepts. The song collection will allow the guitarists to learn real-time implementation of strumming techniques on songs.

As for the video lessons on GuitarCast.tv, they have easy to follow instructions, promising effective learning. In addition, the courses are designed guitar tablatures, texts, and music notations that help build supplementary techniques.

Also, the courses and videos are regularly updated for accessing the latest learning material. Lastly, the 30-days guarantee is optimal for testing the courses!

9) TheGuitarLesson

theguitarlesson learn guitar strumming techniques lessons online

Accessing the correct guitar lessons are essential for every guitarist since it helps learn suitable guitar-related techniques. So, if you want to master the guitar strumming technique, TheGuitarLesson.com is one of the most efficient platforms. With the well-designed filter, the guitarists will have the power to choose the most suitable course.

For instance, the lessons and courses can be accessed based on the guitar type, difficulty level, and genre. On the other hand, if the guitarist opt for the premium membership, they can access as many lessons as they want.

In addition, the availability of the tablature helps guitarists learn the implementation of chords. Each course on TheGuitarLesson.com portrays the difficulty level for easier accessibility.

TheGuitarLesson.com adds special beginner lessons to meet the first-scale learning needs of the guitarists. They have designed a satisfaction guarantee that allows the learners to gets their money back if they aren’t satisfied with the course or learning content. The bottom line is that all the instructional videos are available in the highest quality.

10) Wyzant

wyzant learn guitar strumming techniques lessons online

One must have access to thousands of strumming technique courses. Still, if the instructor is not qualified enough, the learning outcome will be zero. So, if you want to learn guitar strumming techniques, Wyzant.com will connect the learners to the most suitable instructors. Especially for the strumming technique, there are approximately three-thousand instructors available.

Wyzant.com adds the star rating and per-hour rates for every instructor that empowers the guitarists to choose the right instructor. The instructors can offer online as well as in-person lectures.

However, the students need to discuss the in-person session’s location and rates with the instructors. Even more, the instructors can be chosen based on the day available, be it Sunday or Monday, whatever day you prefer.

On top of everything, the guitarists will have a secure learning experience since every instructor is approved after extensive background checks. In contrast, if you cannot find a suitable instructor, get in touch with customer support, and they will connect you to a suitable instructor.

Choosing The Best Guitar Strumming Techniques Lesson Online

When it comes down to guitars, there are various musical techniques and methods to learn. Likewise, the strumming technique is one of them and helps produce different notes, tunes, and melodies.

So, if you want to learn the guitar strumming technique online, we added various websites to learn from. The bottom line is that there is something for everyone!

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