Fishman Triple Play vs Roland GR 55: Which One To Choose?

fishman triple play vs roland gr 55
fishman triple play vs roland gr 55

With the guitar or any other instrument, you need to connect it to the PC or other devices at times to ensure that you can keep a track of your tones for accuracy, clear them up, use them for editing, voice overlays, remixing, and to produce some of the best EDM out there. Yet, you need to make sure that you are picking the best MDI connector along with the right software to achieve the goals that you might have on your mind.

A few such factors that you need to know about to make it possible are certainly to ensure that you are choosing the right brand and model. Fishman Triple Play and Roland GR 55 are two such highly sought-after MDI connectors that you can get your hands on.

They allow you to enjoy the right experience along with having the perfect durability and compatibility at the same time along with the right list of features that one can need to make it work for their guitars. A few such key features that you will need to know about to make it possible for you to make the right choice are:

Fishman Triple Play vs Roland GR 55 Comparison

Fishman Triple Play

Fishman Triple Play is something truly impeccable as it gets you the perfect edge of connecting any guitar or other musical instrument to your PC through an MDI cable and it comes with proprietary software of its own that allows you to have the perfect optimization across all the platforms.

The software is certainly pre-loaded with tons of effects and you can also add a lot more on it to make sure that you are not getting any sort of problems at all on the Fishman Triple play while using it for enhancing the tunes, editing your playback, or remixing it with some EDM effects.

The best thing is that Fishman Triple play supports connectivity with MDI cable so you don’t have to worry about anything and you can connect it with any platform if you don’t want to use their software and have the experience that you love already. In addition to that, it is certainly small in size and that makes it the perfect choice for you to be enjoying the Fishman Triple play for all the instruments.

You can easily install it on any instrument without having to worry about a single thing. With all such great features, the Fishman Triple play is rightly priced and worth all the bucks for sure. That is another great thing and you can be assured that you will not regret spending on the Fishman Triple Play for certain since it is loaded with all the enhanced features and is particularly durable as well.

Roland GR 55

Roland GR 55 on the other hand is a guitar synthesizer in itself and it doesn’t need to be connected to a PC for you to be adding some effects or enhancing the tones that you might want to. It has the software and hardware combined in a single place and you can control it with your feet while on the stage or if you are recording any guitar performance in your studio to have full liberty of use.

The metal finish makes it certainly durable and it is resistant to all sorts of scratches and wear and tear for certain. The design is certainly one of the sleekest guitar synthesizers out there and that would make it the perfect choice. From cable management at the back to easy-to-customize footswitches on the top, everything is designed to be perfect for your playing experience.

In addition to all that, you also get a digital display on it to show you the tunes and effects so you can effectively keep track of all that. Moving forward, you will also be enjoying individual controls on the synthesizer to have the right feeling and full control of all the preferences. The only drawback is PC connectivity and you will need to record the loops or tunes to a USB to have them on the PC since it is not directly connectable to the PC or Mac.

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