EVH Wolfgang Standard vs Special – Which Should You Get?

evh wolfgang standard vs special
evh wolfgang standard vs special

Electric guitars are not only about the utility, functionality, and a wide range of features that you get on them, but they are exceptionally great with all the different sorts of aesthetics that you get on them. There is a lot to consider if you are looking to get your hands on some of these electric guitars and you will need to keep in perspective a wide number of things that are going to help you make an effective decision.

EVH is the Eddie Van Halen gear that is manufacturing some of the latest guitars and other latest musical instruments such as the amplifiers, and accessories like tuners that would go perfectly with your electric guitars and are going to enhance the overall playing experience for you no matter what genre or type of performance that you might want to play the guitar for.

There are quite many guitars that you get from them, but some of them have managed to gain a lot more popularity than the others. Wolfgang is one such edition of the electric guitars that you get from EVH and there are two different models of Wolfgang as well. A few key differences that you will need to know about them both if you want to compare them and choose one of them are:

EVH Wolfgang Standard vs Special Comparison

EVH Wolfgang Standard

Wolfgang Standard has the right signature of EVH on the overall design aesthetics and by giving it a single glance you can be certain that it carries the design philosophy of EVH and you are going to enjoy the best experience in terms of looks, aesthetics, and overall vibes that you are going to get from this guitar.

This would be the perfect thing for you to carry around on any of the occasions, and you can easily play it around for any of the concerts, jamming sessions and that would be simply the best thing for you to enjoy. Overall, Wolfgang standard is simply the best thing for you to enjoy minimalistic design, better performance, and the right durability to get you through the day.

The design is about the practicality and utility in addition to having the best aesthetics and that would make EVH Wolfgang Standard a perfect choice for you to enjoy the hours-long playback without having to worry about a thing and you will certainly be playing it without getting tired.

Coming to the features, this guitar gets 22 Frets and a Jumbo Fret size makes it easier for you to play all the tones on this guitar that you might want to without having to worry about a thing. There are also volume controls with treble bleed, circuit, and tone that will allow you to enjoy the perfect control over the guitar.

EVH Wolfgang Special

EVH Wolfgang Special is one of the best things, and with certain enhancements on the Wolfgang Special then the Standard makes it a worthy investment if you are looking to enjoy the right experience and you have an extensive playing style with your guitar. It might not be a worthy upgrade if you are looking to upgrade from the Wolfgang standard.

But, if you are looking to move forward to the EVH Wolfgang series from some other guitar type that you are currently playing, this would be certainly an upgrade that is worth your bucks and you will be able to enjoy the perfect experience from this guitar.

In addition to all that, there are tons of additional features that you get on them that would be certainly great. There are some additional controls that you get on the Wolfgang special that allow you extensive controls over your guitar. It comes with Volume control that got Treble Bleed Circuit and tone control with high friction pot.

There are also some pickups switching on the guitar like a 3-position toggle with a bridge pickup position, Bridge and neck pickup position, and a neck pickup. This way, you can choose the playing and pickup style on your guitar and that is going to allow you to have just the right playing experience on your guitar that you might be seeking and play the guitar for any tunes that you might have planned for it.


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