Gotoh vs Floyd Rose – Which Pickup Head Should You Get?

gotoh vs floyd rose
gotoh vs floyd rose

Not only choosing the right guitar is important for you, but there are certainly a lot more components that you will need to take care of to ensure that you are getting the perfect guitar-playing experience that you might be seeking. Yet, you will need to take into consideration the manufacturing, materials used, how they are compatible with your guitar and a lot more to ensure that you are getting the right playing experience with your guitar.

While you are considering the important components of any guitar, tremolo units are one of the most major factors that you will need to know about since they play an important role in ensuring that you can pick the right tunes from your guitar. These are the pickup heads that keep your strings in place.

They play the most important role in the intonation of your guitar. While tremolo heads are not commonly available, Gotoh and Floyd Rose are two of the most popular manufacturers for these Tremolo heads, and a few things that you will need to know about them both to pick the better option that will suit your needs perfectly are:

The Main Differences Between Gotoh vs Floyd Rose


Gotoh manufactures some of the best Tremolo head units that are suitable for all the different sorts of guitars. They are based out of Japan, and yet have managed to gain popularity all across the world with their high-quality tremolo pickups and not only that, but they are certainly the perfect thing one is going to need to enjoy the right tuning and playing experience on your guitar.

Gotoh is manufacturing these tremolo pickups in different materials and you can certainly get your hands on Brass pickups, Steel pickups, and more. The best thing about choosing Gotoh is that you will be able to choose between multiple finish options including golden and silver on these metal types.

That will certainly be the best thing for you to enjoy the perfect utility along with the right design aesthetics and they will look good on any sort of guitar that you might have. Moving forward, they are perfect for any 7-string guitar that you might intend on using and that will be the best thing since there are only a few tremolo heads that can get it right.

You will certainly need to make sure that you are picking the perfect tremolo head that will serve your needs good and you are not likely to face any such problems with intonation, getting the guitars out of tune, or finding it hard to install or tune the guitar.

Floyd Rose

Floyd Rose is the brand that has been in business since 1980 and with all that experience on their hands, they have managed to master manufacturing tons of essential guitar accessories that will allow you to enjoy just the perfect experience you can seek. While their instruments are mostly compatible with all the major guitar brands out there, their Tremolo Heads are certainly to be appreciated.

All these Floyd rose tremolo heads are designed to perfection and you will be able to use them with any shape or model of guitar you might have most of the time. These tremolo heads are built to endure, and that will make sure that you can play the guitar for any aggressive genres as well that you might have on your mind without having to worry about a single thing.

Their key selling factors that allow you to enjoy the best possible experience with any tremolo heads that you might be seeking include easier installation so you will not have to worry about a single thing if you plan on installing them for any of the needs that you might have on your mind.

Moving forward, these are also easy to get your hands on since the tremolo setups from Floyd rose are being designed and manufactured within US and you will not have anything to worry about for sourcing or maintaining them in the longer run. Floyd Rose might be the perfect choice for you if you are not looking for a tremolo head on a budget.

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