15 Best Fender Stratocaster Reviews 2022

Best Fender Stratocasters

Best Fender Stratocasters

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The Fender Stratocaster prides itself as one of the most iconic guitars in the market today. Also, it has been well recognized for its remarkable influence on the sounds of modern music. The Fender Stratocaster has featured in a lot of recordings since 1954 when the musical instrument was introduced.

Not only that, this excellent musical instrument has been played by blues, R&B, punk, rock, jazz as well as country artist all over the world. It will interest you to learn that the Fender Stratocaster is one of the guitars that have enjoyed consistent production since its introduction six decades ago.

What are the Best Fender Stratocasters to Buy?

2) Squier by Fender Short Scale Stratocaster

  • ​Affordable
  • Play Comfortably
  • Easy To Use
  • Bundle Set

1) Fender American Elite Stratocaster

  • Hum-free clear bell tone
  • Wide range of tonal versatility
  • Play in comfort
  • Tuning stability and proper string angle
  • High quality

3) Fender Jimi Hendix Stratocaster

  • Beautiful Design
  • High Quality Material
  • Maple Fingerboard
  • Great Value for the Money
  • Play in comfort

Basic Fender Stratocaster Features

There are many versions of Fender Stratocaster but they have some features in common. In this section, we will give you some features that are common to all Fender Stratocasters. Some of these features are given below:

  • A dual cutaway contoured alder or ash body. This feature offers perfect resonance, playability and convenience.
  • Three single-coil pickups having a 5-way blade switch. This gives accessibility to five different pickup configurations. The configurations are neck, neck/bridge, middle, middle/bridge and bridge.
  • Two tone knobs control as well as the master volume that controls the output signal together with the treble frequencies of the middle pickups and the neck.
  • A bolt-on maple neck makes the guitar strong and stable. It is also very easy to remove for repair and replacement.
  • Rosewood or maple fingerboard for tonal durability
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer finish, urethane or polyester finish
  • Synchronized tremolo bar
  • Unique C-shape or V-shape neck

Top Reasons To Choose Fender Stratocaster

Why should you go for the Fender Stratocaster among the numerous electric guitars available in the market? There are some compelling reasons the Fender Stratocaster has proven to be the perfect guitar for numerous players.

First, the guitar offers player a wide range of option to produce sounds via its 3-pickup array and 5-way selector switch. Players have the freedom to choose from the range of twangy and bright to mellow and moody. Also, the Fender Stratocaster provides a smooth and a comfortable feel. The instrument is very easy to play, thanks to its contoured body and neck joint. A player has unrestricted access to the entire fretboard due to its deep cutaway.

To enable you get familiarized with the type of Fender Stratocaster available and to have the basic knowledge of their features and peculiarities, we have done an extensive review of the best Fender Stratocasters available in the market. This will serve as a very helpful buying guide whenever you decide to purchase your personal Fender Stratocaster for music practice.

15 Best Fender Stratocaster Reviews

1) Fender American Elite Stratocaster – Aged Cherry Sunburst

This is a classic Stratocaster to consider buying. The American Elite Stratocaster comes with the timeless design that is typical of Fender. It is an amazing musical instrument built for modern-age players who are used to pushing the envelope.

This guitar comes with lots of improvements that enable it to perform maximally with an attention-grabbing style. The American Elite Stratocaster offers player a great sound, unequal feel and unparalleled performance as soon as you set it up to play.

The American Elite Stratocaster comes with lots of amazing functionalities some of which will be mentioned here. The soundless single coil Stratocaster pickup allows player to enjoy a hum-free clear bell tone while the compound neck allows you to play comfortably anywhere on the neck.

The s-1 switch that is found on the volume control gives player a wide range of tonal versatility. The locking short-post tuning machines give you proper string angle as well as improved tuning stability. This musical instrument comes with a redesigned ABS elite molded case along with TSA locks.

The American elite Stratocaster is a great musical instrument to consider buying for excellent musical experience and effective learning of the Stratocaster.

2) Squier by Fender Short Scale Stratocaster – Transparent Blue Bundle

Are you looking for a Stratocaster that comes with all you need to start learning your instrument without delay? This Stratocaster is what you need to buy. It is a guitar that is specially designed for beginners to learn fast and become a professional player.

The Fender short scale Stratocaster is ideal for player with littler hands. In addition to this, the instrument gives them a comfortable playing feel. This excellent musical instrument comes with aux input that allows players to play along with their favorite tunes.

The product comes with a Squier Frontman 10G amplifier that is an indispensable companion for jamming. Some of the functionalities of this great product are worthy of mention here. Apart from the 24-inch short-scale length, it features a hardtail six-saddle bridge for perfect intonation as well as rock-solid tuning stability.

When you buy this product, it comes with an excellent guitar strap, a pack of picks and a ten foot instrument cable.

3) Fender Jimi Hendix Stratocaster – Olympic White

The Jimi Hendix Stratocaster gives a perfect tone and an excellent playing feel. It is packed full of extraordinary vintage tone and classic style. This unique flip-over guitar features unique appointments as well as excellent signature touches to give a perfect performance.

The Jimi Hendix Stratocaster comes with a reverse head stock for a tighter playing feel, longer length of bass string as well as easier bending on treble strings. This Stratocaster is endowed with features like reverse-slant bridge pickup that produces an unmatchable tone along with a warm sound as well as an improved upper harmonics and definition.

The Jimi Hendix Stratocaster is equipped with a good number of features for unequalled performance. The instrument is endowed with a dynamic 9.5inch radius C shaped maple neck with a jumbo fret of medium size.

This feature provides you a flat surface that is perfect for chording and at the same time allows you to bend notes to the stratosphere eliminating the possibility of feeling uneasy during the scorching solo. This product is available in high-grade Olympic white or black. It comes with chrome hardware as well as a gig bag.

This excellent Stratocaster features a six saddle synchronized tremolo bridge that produces an expressive pitch control that is typical of what Jimi used to create his signature sound.

4) Squier by Fender short Scale Stratocaster – Transparent Red Bundle

The Squier Short Scale Stratocaster is a perfect choice for anyone who is keen on learning the instrument. The product comes with all accessories you need to start playing this excellent instrument right away. This Stratocaster fits perfectly into lesser hands and gives player with a comfortable feel.

The Squier Short scale Stratometer comes with features that make it a perfect companion for jamming. The aux input allows players to use play along with their loved song. Also, the availability of headphone jack makes private listening possible.

The Squier Short Scale Stratocaster comes with numerous unparalleled features that make the musical instrument worth its price. The musical instrument features a 24” Short-scale neck which makes it perfect for players who desire perfect feel of the instrument.

Also, this model has a hardtail, 6 saddle bridge that enable excellent tuning of the instrument. Other notable features of this instrument are lightweight body, a complete Squier starter Stratocaster Pack that consist of strap, cable and picks.

5) Fender American Special Stratocaster 6-String Electric Guitar

Are you in search of a Stratocaster that is ideal for players at any level of expertise? The American Special Stratocaster is what you should consider. This guitar gives a perfect combination of modern features and timeless Fender style.

The American Special Stratocaster gives a traditional Stratocaster design with some additional features for classic tones and performance. These additional elements include modern neck profile, special circuitry, Texas special Pickup and lots more.

This excellent instrument comes with numerous intriguing features that are worthy of mention. The guitar is endowed with maple neck with C profile as well as large headstock, five way pickup switch, vintage-type synchronized Tremolo Bridge, grease bucket tone circuit and many more.

The vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge gives the Stratocaster an excellent style and tone. It is also endowed with a saddle that is narrow for a comfortable spacing of string. The American Special Stratocaster is adorned with a gloss urethane finish with vivid colors that makes the instrument attractive.

6) Squier By Fender Short-Scale Stratocaster – Brown Sunburst Package

Do you seek a Stratocaster that is ready to play right out of the box? This Stratocaster is what you should consider. It is a product that gives you a great value for your purchase. Also, it is very affordable and comes with numerous eye-catching functionalities.

The Stratocaster comes with an easy to use clip-on tuner which allows you to maintain the tune of your musical instrument. It will interest you to learn that this amazing product comes with a strap that allows you practice in order to perfect you playing skill.

Not only does the strap allow player to practice, it also give the opportunity to play their instrument while standing up. The instrument comes with picks to enable start playing immediately. The Austin Bazaar tutorial DVD comes as a reference guide to enable players the new instrument.

This unique Stratocaster is perfect for beginners and comes with everything they need to start learning and playing. The Stratocaster is designed to provide a smooth feel and its short scale features makes it perfect for player with smaller hands.

Other notable features of this great Stratocaster are worthy of mention here. Some of its features are hard tail bridge for reliable tuning, lightweight body and 3 single-coil pick-ups for a dynamic Stratocaster tone.

This musical instrument comes with a Squier Frontman 10G amp which gives a perfect match for jamming. This is made possible by the aux input which enables you to play simultaneously with your favored songs. The Stratocaster also comes with a headphone jack which enables you to practice without disturbing anyone.

7) Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster, Pau Ferro Fretboard

This is an awesome guitar that is essential for music lover. The Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster is one of the best guitars around. With this guitar, you can start creating the SRV sounds. The guitar comes with a bigger neck that is perfect for all categories of players.

This is a quality guitar that features an early 60’s profile neck, an alder body, hardware coated with gold, reversed left-hand vintage tremolo unit, three Fenders Texas Special single coil pickups and a classic pau ferro fingerboard with jumbo fret.

This Stratocaster comes with features that make the product worth buying. You will have unrestricted access to the full range of Stevie legendary tones via the three Fender special pickups.

Also, the instrument gives player fast bending and an unequaled comfortable feel thanks to its thicker oval shaped neck, Dunlop 6105 narrow jumbo neck and the flatter 12-inch radius freeboard.

The product comes with a strap, cable and a vintage tweed hard-shell case. This is a unique musical instrument to consider buying to enjoy its outstanding features and have a feel of its classic style.

8) Fender American Elite Stratocaster HSS Shawbucker – Olympic Pearl

This Stratocaster is an excellent guitar that will give you a satisfactory value for your money. It is an instrument that combines professional sound with myriads of advanced qualities with excellent classic visual style. The Stratocaster will not only change the game, it totally gets rid of it.

This excellent musical instrument is designed for modern players to want a supple playing feel, unmatchable performance as well as those who want tonal variety on tap. The American Elite Stratocaster is always ready to give optimal performance anytime you plug the instrument in and play.

This classic Stratocaster comes with some intriguing features. Some of its notable features will be mentioned here. The S-1 switch helps player to achieve tonal purity. This is done by activating the passing lane mode on the S-1 switch. The neck profile allows player to play comfortably anywhere on the neck of the instrument.

The curvy neck heel has been redesigned to give you maximum comfort ability. The tuning machine as well as fast easy-to-use knobs help in maintaining the correct string angle and also improve the tuning ability of the instrument. The American Elite Stratocaster comes with a revamped case with TSA-compatible security locks.

9) Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster- White

The Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster is one of the best selling guitars and it is modeled after the favorite Fender of Malmsteen. This amazing Stratocaster is worth buying because it comes with some eye-catching functionalities.

Some of its features include machine screw neck mounting, brass nut, alder body, bullet truss rod nut, original synchronized tremolo, scalloped finger board with deeper scalloping, Diarize YJM neck and middle pickups, whit/.black/white pickguard and a stack bridge pick up.

The Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster is built for extreme shredding thanks to its super jumbo frets and scallop freeboard. Also, this great musical instrument is famous for its wide range of high-gain tones that is occasioned by the Diarize YJM neck, middle pickups as well as the diarize HS-3 Stack bridge pick up.

The product comes with a cable, Yngwie Malmsteen strap and a vintage tweed case. This is an excellent musical instrument to buy for the enjoyment of its numerous features.

10) Fender Jim Root Signature Stratocaster Electric Guitar Ebony Fingerboard, Black

Are you looking for a unique Stratocaster that will give unparalleled music experience? Then, go for the Fender Jim root signature Stratocaster. It is a guitar with an unmatchable playing style.

This guitar is the product of the collaboration of Jim root and fender, they work together to produce a high sounding signature Stratocaster guitar that is a perfect match for Jim Root’s heavy playing style.

The Fender Jim Root signature Stratocaster is a guitar of repute, it comes with lots of amazing features. Some of the features of this musical instrument are jumbo frets, satin lacquer finish, compound radius neck without freeboard dot marker and an active EMG pickups spew.

The active EMG pickups screw is responsible for the huge and heavy tones which Fender Jim root signature Stratocaster is well known for while its compound neck is modified to high-speed riffing and shedding. You will get a molded rectangular SKB case when you purchase this excellent musical instrument today.

11) Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster

The first Stratocaster to consider is the Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster. This unique Stratocaster has been certified by most of rock’s greatest guitarists that have inspired and influence numerous fans all over the world.

The guitar comes with a five way selector switch and the three single coil-sized hum bucking Seymour Duncan pick-ups which enable players to dial in wide range of superior hum free tones.

The Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster will enable players to express themselves in a great way with assurance of constant tuning through the effective dual-locking Floyd Rose tremolo scheme.

This excellent musical instrument is endowed with a compound fingerboard which enables clean bending as well as comfortable chording. In addition to the compound fingerboard, the product comes with a reliable Floyd rose bridge and nut for a reliable and satisfactory performance. When purchase this product today, you will get a Deluxe Gig bag with it.

12) Fender Buddy Guy Standard Stratocaster, Maple Fretboard – Polka Dot Finish

The Fender Buddy Guy Standard Stratocaster is a reputable guitar to consider buying. It is an excellent musical instrument that is very easy to learn and play. The Fender Buddy Guy Standard Stratocaster features an unparalleled polka dot finish, three high-quality single coil pickups and a soft V-shaped neck.

This amazing musical instrument is endowed with myriads of fantastic features. The three vintage style singl-coil pickups give the Stratocaster a wide range of classic tones.

Also, the outstanding features of Fender Buddy Guy Standard Stratocaster like 9.5 inch freeboard radius, satin-finish, soft V-shaped neck and jumbo frets of medium size work together to give an excellent combination of vintage feel as well as modern playability. The deluxe gig bag comes with this instrument.

Fender Buddy Guy Standard Stratocaster is a nice guitar to buy for an intriguing musical experience.

13) Fender Player Stratocaster, Pau Ferro – 3-color Sunburst Bundle

This is an amazing Stratocaster that features classic sounds such as punchy mids, bell-like high end as well as robust low ends. In addition to these classic sounds, it is characterized with an articulation that is very clear. The Fender player Stratocaster gives player the genuine feel of the Fender.

One great feature of this instrument is that it is very versatile and capable of handling any style of music. In fact, the Fender player Stratocaster is ever ready to satisfy your music passion.

The genuine Fender tone gives this instrument an edge over others. It is an instrument that will help you create your own sound. This musical instrument comes with a good number of features that gives player unique musical experience. The instrument comes with a smooth finish as well as a modern c shape neck contour that are ideal for any type of playing style.

The player Stratocaster is an amazing instrument that enables you to express yourself musically thanks to the contemporary 9.5” radius fingerboard and the 22nd medium jumbo fret. The up-to-date 2-point tremolo design has a smoother travelling feature for excellent tuning stability as well as a perfect playing feel.

14) Fender Player Stratocaster, Maple – Tidepool Bundle with Gig Bag

The player Stratocaster comes with authentic Fender style and feel. This Stratocaster is characterized with qualities such as classic sound, smooth articulation and many more. This great musical instrument is perfect for creating your own sound and versatile enough to play any kind of music.

The player Stratocaster is built to give the genuine Fender tone and comes with a player series pickups that are not only articulate and crisp, it is also a nice tweak of great and quality sound. It will also interest you to know that this great guitar is endowed with a 2-point tremolo bridge for great, smooth and perfect tremolo action.

The player Stratocaster is endowed with other features that make it outstanding among others in the same category. Some of these features include tone control and master volume, five-way pickup switch, synthetic bone nut, dual-wing string tree, three ply pickguard, four bolf F-stamped neck plate, and a sealed tuning machine.

The player Stratocaster comes with an updated two-point tremolo design for rock-solid tuning stability as well as better playing feel due to the fact that there is significant reduction in friction against the post.

The player Stratocaster is a guitar to buy to enjoy unequaled qualities such as great looks, quality sounds and a comfortable feel.

15) Squier By Fender Affinity Stratocaster HSS

This is an excellent Stratocaster that comes with everything required start playing. It comes with all necessary accessories for easy learning and practice. Also, it also allows you to save money because it is very affordable. To enable you learn on the go, the musical instrument comes with an instructional DVD.

Also, this musical instrument features a clip-type tuner that is very easy to use; it enables you to keep your Stratocaster in the right tune. You can practice with this guitar while upright; this is made possible by the inclusion of strap.

This excellent product comes with some intriguing characteristics like an excellent sounding humbuck bridge pickup as well as dual single-coil Stratocaster pickups for dynamic tones.

This unique Stratocaster comes with a Fender Frontman 15G amplifier that features a clean as well as overdrive channel. This Stratocaster is also ideal for practicing and jamming.

Choosing the Best Fender Stratocasters

It has been clearly seen from the reviews that the Fender Stratocaster comes in a wide range variation of features to satisfy the yearning of music enthusiast. Having gone through the reviews of various kinds of Stratocaster available, you have been well informed about the features of each Fender Stratocaster and you can conveniently choose the one that is perfect for you.

2) Squier by Fender Short Scale Stratocaster

  • ​Affordable
  • Play Comfortably
  • Easy To Use
  • Bundle Set

1) Fender American Elite Stratocaster

  • Hum-free clear bell tone
  • Wide range of tonal versatility
  • Play in comfort
  • Tuning stability and proper string angle
  • High quality

3) Fender Jimi Hendix Stratocaster

  • Beautiful Design
  • High Quality Material
  • Maple Fingerboard
  • Great Value for the Money
  • Play in comfort