ENGL Ironball vs Mini Rectifier: Which One To Choose?

engl ironball vs mini rectifier
engl ironball vs mini rectifier

The amp you are using with your guitar or any other electric musical instrument holds key importance in your overall playing experience. You will need to make sure that you are picking the amp right that will suit your requirements perfectly to get the right experience out of it and to enjoy the best possible edge of perfection on it.

There are some amps available from tons of manufacturers out there and that can certainly get you confused at times since you would like to know which one of these amps would be the right choice for you to have. So, you will need to make sure that you are picking the best possible amp to enjoy it thoroughly. ENGL is one such manufacturer for these amps that might not be a familiar name to you.

They are making some high-end amps that are used by the pros. Their Iron ball is one such model that is pretty great and is considered a competitor to Mini Rectifier from Messa Boogie. A few such things that you might need to know if you are looking to choose between these to have just the perfect experience out of your amp and of course you will need to know if they are the right fit for you.

ENGL Ironball vs Mini Rectifier Comparison

ENGL Ironball

ENGL Ironball is one such amp that doesn’t look much on the outside since the design is a bit old, but it holds immense power under the hood that would make your whole guitar playing experience remarkable and you will not be able to help yourself but fall in love with this great amp. Moving forward, there are certainly great features that you will be able to enjoy on this amp that would make it the perfect choice for you.

The amp is capable of giving an output of up to 20W that can also be tapered to 5W and 1W speakers. Moreover, you get universal 3-bad EQ fine-tunes for better tuning of the nodes and perfect output with the right clarity that will be enhancing your overall experience on the guitar or any other instrument that you hook up with this amp.

The controls are also pretty extensive and all the knobs are conveniently located at the front that will allow you to enjoy the best possible experience overall and you are not likely to face any more troubles with locating a knob or controlling certain features on the music that you are intending to play.

The best thing about ENGL Ironball is that you also get headphone input with level control so you can practice in silence without having to worry about anything and that will be the best thing for you to enjoy a better jamming session in your studio.

Mini Rectifier

Min Rectifier from messa Boogie is another mini amp that can be used for several options and is certainly great for a small-size studio. The design dynamics are certainly better than the Ironball and it gets a vintage plate on the front that makes it look more aggressive and of course, for the right reason.

It has more power output capability and Mini Rectifier can easily go up to 25 Watts on the speakers that will allow you an extra edge. The power settings are also customizable if you don’t need that much power and you will be able to get the best of your mini rectifier in your studio while you are practicing.

There are also multiple knobs at the front that are easy to use and conveniently located so that you can easily use the amp for any needs that you might have on your mind and will not have to worry about a single thing.

Simply put, the Mini rectifier has everything that NEGL Ironball gets and more, so if you are comparing them both to pick the right one for you, the Mini rectifier is the best amp to go for since the features, output power, compatibility, and efficiency on the Mini Rectifier from Messa Boogie is truly unmatched in all terms and you will certainly be getting the worth for the bucks that you have spent for it.


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