3 Blackstar Amp Problems And Their Best Solutions

blackstar amp problems
blackstar amp problems

Like guitar brands out there that you can get your hands on, there are also a ton of different brands for other equipment such as amps and speakers, in addition to having the right preamps, equalizers, and more for you to be enjoying the right experience by customizing all the features and aesthetics on your setup according to your choice.

Amps are considered to be one of the most important parts for any studio or even on-stage performances for musicians since the output quality relies greatly on these amps. That is why you need to consider the decision thoroughly before you can choose an amp for any of the needs that you might be having. With all that in the perspective, there is certainly not much that you will have to miss on by getting the right brand for your amp.

Blackstar is one such highly popular manufacturer for guitar amps that is not only great in terms of durability and performance, but you also get to enjoy a wide range of inventory in their stock at the same time. Yet, there are some common problems with these amps as well, and if you are looking to buy a Blackstar amp, here are some things that you must keep in mind.

Most Common Blackstar Amp Problems

1. Body Scratches

The overall finish and materials used for the bodies of Blackstar amps are pretty durable and they are not likely to be breaking down either-even if you put them through extreme pressure at times. Yet, the most common problem found on these Blackstar amps is that they are likely to get more scratches than the other amp models out there.

That is quite obvious if you have used the matte black amps in the past, and you can understand that. Also, the dust and dirt are pretty visible on these amps as well and you will need to be quite careful about that if you need to use the amp regularly.

So, to avoid the scratches, you will have to make sure that you are not cleaning it with a dry cloth, but you always need to have a slightly wet wipe on the body of these amps to make sure that you are not getting to face any such problems that you might be having with the scratches on this amp.

2. Noise and Distortion

Noise and distortion on this amp are also pretty noticeable since there is not a good enough noise control module on the amp. That is why you might be getting the distortion such as buzzing sounds or hums on the amps that you will certainly have to be careful about.

Even if there are some of the smallest problems like the connector might not be connected properly, or the distortion might be caused due to the knobs or some other problem.

That is why you will have to make sure that you are getting everything right. Even if the slightest of connectors might be corroded or not connected properly, you should be making sure that you are making it right to ensure that there is no such problem with the distortion.

3. Not Turning On

Another common problem that you might have to face with the amp is that it might refuse to turn on and that is a major concern for you to be checking on. At times, the problem is caused due to a faulty or bent power cord and you need to make it certain that you are checking on all such power cord problems.

It would be better if you are inspecting the cable thoroughly. If the cable might appear damaged, you will need to make sure that you are replacing the power cord and that should be solving the problem for you.

If that doesn’t get the job done, you will need to get it checked to make sure that the power supply is in order. That’s because voltage fluctuations can cause you to have such problems. Blackstar service centers should be able to make it work out for you in the right manner certainly to ensure that you can have a safe and working experience with Blackstar amp without having to void your warranty.


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