Casio PX860 Digital Piano Review 2022

Casio PX860 Digital Piano Review

Casio PX860 Digital Piano Review

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Casio PX860 Digital Piano Review

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Among widely used digital instruments, pianos are a prominent one. These are gaining much popularity day by day and those who cannot afford the real grand pianos love the digital versions that deliver the same feel at very fair rates. Owing to the increased demand, there is an increase in the number of brands that are offering such pianos.

Some new names have also emerged but if you want to get a one that gives a more realistic experience, you should choose a reliable name. Casio is one of the top names that has been known for years. Among other range of products, its vast variety of digital pianos is also very famous.

This well-reputed brand has got the privilege of serving the industry for years and its rich experience is exhibited will in its instruments. Particularly, in the past few years, significant progress has been made and it has elevated the level of digital pianos.

Each of its digital piano versions is carefully engineered with extensive attention to detail in order to provide the closest possible experience. All its piano ranges are great and particularly the Privia line is truly amazing in terms of design, quality, and performance.

The Privia pianos are known to be the best sellers and the top choice of the majority of the players because of their structural style, class, and incredibly good playability. Casio offers numerous pianos under this line and a very popular one is the Casio PX860 digital piano.

Casio PX860 Digital Piano Review

Today, we have come up with a detailed review of this stunning instrument, featuring its significant characteristics, product specifications, advanced features and its pros and cons. Have a read and make a well-informed decision whether this one is appropriate for you or not, as each digital instrument is not suitable for every individual.


The PX860 digital piano resembles much in design and feel to the previous version PX650 that had a very attractive outlook and delivered amazing performance. The PX860 is beautifully designed and based on the previous model’s structure with some adjustments and changes that have enhanced its performance level. Playing it would take you to another level of pleasure and contentment as it has set a standard for all the upcoming digital pianos ahead.

It is aesthetically pleasing, has commendable sound, impressive structural quality, diverse range of options, multiple easy to use features and a lot more. The true players know that this level of instrument worth spending some money. The price is not cheap, neither is its quality.

Physical Traits

This high-quality piano is very heavy in weight. It comes complete with built-in pedals and a full stand that delivers a more natural feel. This huge digital piano weighs about 79 pounds and you will definitely need some help to move it around. The size measurements include 54 x 12 x 33 inches and this digital giant is going to occupy a considerable space in your living room.

The PX860 comes in three beautiful colors. One is the most demanding, very preferable and stunning black color that adds class and more attraction to the instrument and makes it more desirable. Black has its own class and usually, players tend to go for it.

The second option is available in a very graceful white color that looks very decent and adds to the beauty of your room as well. The third color option is brown and this woody color looks very catchy and adorable. All the three options are great and what makes them classier is the glossy finish.

Touch and Feel

This is a very smart choice for those who want to experience a true grand piano feel. Just like the traditional grand pianos, this one also has a lid cover that covers the piano keys. It keeps the keys clean by preventing the dirt and dust.

It has the classic 88-key hammer action keyboard that generates such a melodious sound that makes you fall for it. The stylish and elegant touch combine to deliver the best ever experience that one can have with any digital piano.

With the availability of more adjustable features, it allows more freedom of expression to the players and offers a very detailed response.

The ivory keys and ebony adds a pleasant feel and makes your piano performance more natural. The thing that makes it different from the grand piano in physical appearance is the presence of control panel that is located in the center above the keyboard.

The central position of the control panel is very appealing to the players. Most of the digital pianos have it in one corner that makes its use inconvenient during the performance. As the PX860 has it in the center, you can be a lot more creative and try out different variations in sound during your performance.

The touch response includes three sensitivity levels and adds more emotional touch to what you are playing. The slight texture and scaled hammer action add more comfort to your playing experience take the performance to the next level.

The graded hammer action makes the low notes feel heavier and the high-end notes feel lighter. Furthermore, the tri-sensor technology adds more to the fine response.

An important feature that makes this instrument more interesting is the ability to make adjustments to the sensitivity of the keys. You can simply alter that in order to make them properly match your speed and playing style. It offers some more customizable features using which you can improve your performance and have a much better and satisfying experience.

This digital version also features a duet mode which allows two players to play at the same time. It divides the keyboard into two identical ranges. This particular feature is very significant for training sessions and you can learn in a more effective and better way by taking assistance from the mentor and playing with him/her.

Sound Quality

It is the most important factor that pianist look for. Obviously, the major concern for any instrument is its output quality and the level of performance that it delivers. In this regard, the PX860 is matchless and offers top-notch quality and mesmerizing sound.

This masterpiece is built to give immense pleasure and authentic feel of the acoustic piano and its sound quality will leave you stunned. Sit down with this miraculous instrument and touch the ivory keys and you will have an unmatched experience with the closest possible feel of the old grand piano.

One of the most promising sound features that it includes is the Hall simulation. As the name indicates, it adds a perfect hall effect that feels wonderful. This feature assists the players to mimic closely the sound that is usually obtained by playing in the concert hall or some stadium. This is what makes it better than the other digital pianos that offer a slight echo effect. Usually, this effect is found in more costly piano models.

The multi-dimensional AIR sound source makes this piano even better. It has enhanced memory with space three times more than the previous models which add to the beauty and feel of the performance.It reproduces the authentic sound of the grand piano.

The air technology includes an open lid that increases the sound projection to manifolds. The sound engine uses 4 distinctive dynamics for sound stimulation and makes the output more expressive.

The complexity and increased richness in the tones generated by this instrument are more real and they don’t feel like being produced electrically. Additionally, the rich strings strengthen the layering feature of piano and make the playability easier.

The sound quality is further enhanced by damper and string resonance with hammer response simulators that greatly mimic the rich sound that is generated by the hammer by striking the string.

Furthermore, the Casio PX860 digital piano has 256 notes of polyphony. Such a wide range ensures the flawless playability of every piece.

The great part is, you won’t have to buy and attach external sound system or speakers with the Casio PX860 digital piano as the sound produced by this instrument is already very loud and clear.

It includes 4 very powerful and top class built-in speakers that deliver an amplified and clear output. Even when you are playing at really volumes, it doesn’t disturb the feel and gives a very please experience.

Main Features

This full-size digital instrument features a cabinet design and includes several useful features that make it the first choice of most of the players.

The 88-key keyboard is strongly built and has a robust structure. The key action features the triple sensor technology for the dynamic grip of your performance with out-class accuracy and speed. The scaled hammer action is designed to match the resistance and weight of the grand acoustic piano.

In addition to its beautifully built design, there are several adjustable features using which you can custom your performance as per your personal style. The chorus, reverb, and brilliance along with some other options aid to add perfection to the sound and gives you more control over the sound generated.

The three pedal system makes the expression of difficult and complex passages a lot easier and you can execute them well.

Total 18 preset sounds are included with layer and split function using which you can bring more variation in your performance. The added tones include electric pianos, basses, stereo strings and many more.You can conveniently layer two tunes on the top of each other and can also play two entirely different tunes simultaneously. You can experiment in a variety of ways and enjoy laying various tones.

It also includes several built-in effects that allow the players to enjoy the more diverse range and play as per their choice.The tuning and metronome additions further enhance the performance and make the play easier. The availability of transpose function makes you play the 2 octaves lower or higher.

This digital piano includes 10 recorder songs and total 60 built-in songs. For the sake of easy learning and better performance, you can slow down or speed up the songs.

It offers several connectivity options and you can easily link it to other devices such as a tablet, computer or your smartphone. Using these available pots, you can get something extra out of your phenomenal playing experience.

You can use the USB port or link your piano to recording and notation software. This remarkable USB MIDI connectivity helps to build instant link and you can simply connect your piano to computer or iPad. It saves you time as well as you don’t have to download the drivers.

What makes this digital piano more impressive is the availability of Wav file audio recording. The integrated two-track recorder allows you to record your own performance and make improvements by listening to your own tracks through the playback. One can also keep track of all his commendable performances and share them later on with others.

The Casio PX860 digital piano does not have any onboard drum rhythms, several music styles, and automatic chords. It assists you to be more focused on enjoying a pleasing piano playing experience.

Videos About Casio PX860 Digital Piano

These were some of the main structural and functional characteristics of the Casio PX860 digital piano. Play it once and you will have a better idea of how wonderful it is. Choosing it would be beneficial for you in numerous ways. On the other hand, it has some drawbacks as well. Have a look at the major plus points and negative aspects of this instrument, so that you can make a better decision.

Pros of the Casio PX860 Digital Piano

  • Appearance: With its sleek and clean look, glossy finish, cabinet design and sliding cover, it appears to be way more expensive than it actually is. Everyone would praise your choice if you decide to buy this one.
  • Touch: The ivory and ebony finish on the black and white keys makes it more attractive and adds richness to the feel. The touch is just fantastic and offers a well-connected and smooth response.
  • Sound: The flawless sound quality that it generates is truly incomparable and such standard and authenticity of sound is hard to be found within this price range. Amazingly, the multiple features and effects allow you to make your performance seamless and you can enjoy playing on a vast variety of tones.

Cons of the Casio PX860 Digital Piano

  • Recorder: The recorder included is capable of recording only 5000 notes. For the players who love to play longer creations, it can be considered as a negative point. Otherwise, it offers a lot to make your performance interesting.
  • No LCD Screen: The players who are habitual of viewing the display screen would find it a considerable drawback as it does not include any LCD screen for display. Despite the absence of a screen, this piano is easier to play because of the presence of numerous usable features.
  • Heavy: This big piano is very heavy in weight and you will find it hard to carry it from one place to the other. For some, it can be a negative aspect and as far as the playability is concerned, it is excellent. You won’t find a flaw in the performance because of the efficient structural design and availability of helpful features.
  • Expensive: It costs $$$. This is huge, right? Some people consider it way to expensive but when you consider its smooth performance, easy play, and countless advanced features, it justifies the price. The comfort and pleasure that it provides usually comes with more costly models.

Is Casio PX860 Digital Piano Good?

Considering the basic structure, characteristics, specifications and additional features, it can be stated that this is worth trying. There are no major drawbacks and one can enjoy a rich and pleasurable experience with it. With it, you can deliver an expressive and very powerful performance.

The best part is, it is equally suitable for all levels of musicians. Whether you are an expert or an intermediate player, you will enjoy trying hands on it. Similarly, the ones totally new to it will find it very user convenient to play because of the presence of many user-friendly features and easy playability.

It is similar to its predecessor in outlook, but as far as the playing experience is concerned, it is more enhanced and allows greater control. Thus it is the best choice in all regards.

Casio PX860 Digital Piano Review