6 Best Ways To Learn Mandolin

Best Ways To Learn Mandolin
Best Ways To Learn Mandolin

The music industry is one of the most diverse niches out there since there are so many interesting musical instruments to choose from. With this being said, the mandolin is the most famous instrument of the lute family and makes sound and tunes when you pluck the strings. The mandolin usually has metal strings that create a deep and rich sound.

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There are different styles of mandolin available but the majority of them have the round or flat back. However, each mandolin style is responsible for creating a different type of sound. But hey, if you are enthusiastic about the mandolin, you can always learn. So, in this article, we are sharing the 6 best ways to learn mandolin that streamlines the learning journey!

Best Ways To Learn Mandolin

1. Online Mandolin Lessons

This is a fast-paced world where everything is available on the internet. With this being said, the online mandolin lessons can help you learn the right techniques without going to the coaching center or hiring an instructor. The online lessons are designed for mandolin enthusiasts who usually have a hard time sticking to the routine.

This is because, with online mandolin lessons, you don’t have to stick to the schedules and it promises higher flexibility. With this being said, you can choose your free slots during the day and watch the online mandolin lessons. To be honest, the online mandolin lessons are usually more effective because you can learn when you feel like it, rather than learning because you “have” to.

On the other hand, the online mandolin lessons are available with schedules as well with which you need to login to the session at a specific time. But again, you are free to choose the online lessons that offer a flexible learning experience. The best thing about online lessons is that you can learn anywhere you want rather than sitting in the classroom.

The online lessons are usually free that is easy to access and have ample information to teach basic mandolin skills and techniques. In addition, there are some paid courses for mandolin enthusiasts who want to learn professional mandolin skills. However, even with the paid online courses, the fees will be pretty less and affordable.

The best thing about online mandolin lessons is that you have a variety of lessons to choose from. With this being said, you can choose the course that meets your musicianship skill needs and affordability.

Mandolin with Mike Marshall

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For everyone who wants to learn the mandolin techniques through online lessons, ArtistWorks has got you covered. This is because they have designed with mandolin lesson course by Mike Marshall. With this course on ArtistWorks, you will learn how to play the mandolin with different musical styles. The course is designed with a wide range of instructional videos.

As far as the videos are concerned, the course offers access to the extensive video library, so you can learn the mandolin techniques on a real-time basis. When you sign up for this course, the students will offer unlimited access to the instructional videos, along with the play-along tracks. The play-along tracks will help you learn how to play songs on a mandolin.

In addition, the course offers access to the tablature, so you will learn how to read music and make better tunes. By the end of the course, you will become an acoustic expert since you will have in-depth information about the mandolin. When it comes down to the mandolin styles, you can learn everything, ranging from Brazilian to bluegrass through this course by Mike Marshall.

This course has been integrated with the chordal exercises, so you can learn major as well as minor chords for a better music learning experience. There is an extensive range of mandolin tabs for music enthusiasts who want to understand music. The course is curated with interviews of famous mandolin players, so you can have in-depth information.

This mandolin course is designed to offer access to the video exchange library through which students can access videos submitted by the students. These videos provide a realistic musicianship experience. Above all, you can share the videos yourself and have Mike review these videos. After reviewing, he will provide feedback, so you can improve the mandolin skills.

With this course, the students will be able to learn a variety of styles without sticking to the routine. In addition, the slow-motion feature of the videos helps students focus on the small details and have an in-depth and effective learning experience.

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Mandolin with Caterina Lichtenberg

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In addition to the Mike Marshall course, we are absolutely in love with this classic mandolin course by Caterina Lichtenberg. With the course, the students can access the special picking lessons for in-depth learning, along with a variety of play-along tracks. The best thing about this course is that the course has been loaded with coordination and speed exercises, so beginners can learn the right music techniques. Also, there is a sheet music section that allows users to understand and read the music.

With this course, the students will gain unlimited access to lessons and instructional videos. The students can make the practice videos and submit them to Caterina for gaining feedback. With this being said, you can learn how to play the mandolin at your own pace and the slow-motion feature on the videos help beginners focus on each step. To be honest, this course is suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced mandolin players, so you can become a mandolin expert with this course.

The course is designed by Caterina Lichtenberg and she has dedicated her entire life to learn about the techniques and virtuosos of the mandolin. She has harnessed the techniques of classical and baroque mandolin, along with the Romantic masters. Caterina has been teaching and recording mandolin for over two decades now. She has also taught at Music Conservatory in Germany. All in all, you will know how to hold the mandolin along with the tone color, and dynamics. Lastly, you will learn how to play songs on one and two strings, simultaneously.

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2. eBooks

In case you don’t want to opt for the mandolin videos or stick to the online courses, you can always opt for the eBooks. These eBooks are usually written by expert mandolin players and they share in-depth details and intricacies. Such content of eBooks allows the students to learn the essential techniques and hacks that can streamline the learning experience.

When it comes down to the mandolin eBooks, you can find a variety of options (even hundreds of them) on the internet. In simpler words, these eBooks are actually online books. These mandolin eBooks can be easily accessed through Amazon and you can order the one you like. Lastly, the eBooks have some digital features for illustrations for a seamless mandolin learning experience.

3. Books

Okay, so you don’t want to use the eBooks because you want to have the real experience with physical books. In this case, you can always buy the mandolin books from the music shops and learn the techniques. To be honest, nothing can provide thorough information as of these books. This is because these books are designed with diagrams and illustrations.

The diagrams and illustrations in the books help understand the mandolin details. These books are readily available at the public library’s music section, so you can learn the skills you want to have. In addition to mandolin techniques, the books teach the hardware so that you can learn about maintenance and tuning techniques.

Lastly, these books are curated with the history of mandolin because strong information about the basics will improve the overall mandolin learning. We suggest using the mandolin books during practice, so you can learn better techniques because theoretical knowledge from the book will positively influence the learning outcome.

4. Instructors To Go

You might be a rebel but nothing promises effective learning as good as the instructor. So, if you want to learn how to play the mandolin, you can always opt for the instructors. These instructors are available online as well as for in-person teaching sessions. In the case of online instructors, the sessions are held online through Skype video sessions.

These video sessions usually have a specific duration and time which can be set according to your budget. Through online instructors, you can play in front of them, they can listen to you, and provide real-time feedback. This feedback actually helps learn the in-depth learning techniques and improve the weak spots.

Choosing the instructors is a better choice because they can better assess your needs and design the course guideline accordingly. With this being said, you will have a personalized and dedicated learning environment to learn. In addition to online instructors, you can search for in-person instructors that provide physical mandolin lectures.

You can simply find the mandolin expert on Google and find the instructor around your locality. The best thing about in-person instructors is that they can correct the mistake whenever you make one, so you know what you need to focus on. However, always choose the instructor that can teach different mandolin styles, so you can learn what you like.

5. Apps

When it comes down to learning how to play the mandolin, you can always choose the smartphone apps. The mandolin learning apps are readily available on app stores, so you can learn while having fun. In addition, such apps are designed with a gaming configuration that makes the learning experience interesting without boring you. Also, keep in mind that there will be free and paid apps, so choose the one that meets your needs.

6. YouTube

In case you cannot find anything suitable to learn the mandolin playing techniques through, YouTube videos are always there, right? The best thing about YouTube videos is that there are hundreds of videos out there without costing a single penny. With this being said, you can scroll through the videos and learn the techniques that meet your musicianship needs, simply by hitting the play button.

The Bottom Line

Mandolins are one of the classical musical instruments out there. These instruments are designed to improve your musicianship experience. So, if you want to learn how to play the mandolin, we have added the six best ways to learn the mandolin in this article. All the methods to learn mandolin in this article are added to meet the diverse needs of music enthusiasts, so which one is your preferred method?

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