16 Websites to Learn Mandolin Lesson Online (Free and Paid Mandolin Courses)

Learn Mandolin Lesson Online, Free and Paid Mandolin Courses

Learn Mandolin Lesson Online, Free and Paid Mandolin Courses

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The mandolin is a beautiful instrument with a history dating back to ancient times. It can be used for a variety of musical purposes and blends well with many different styles. Many people today still play the mandolin and have experienced much success through practice and taking valuable lessons.

Fortunately, if you are looking to learn the mandolin today, you have many options, including learning how to play on the internet. There are a wide variety of sites that can help you become the mandolin player that you’ve always wanted to be. See below for some of the best sites to learn.

16 Websites to Learn Mandolin Lesson Online Reviews

1) ArtistWorks - Mandolin Lesson Online with Mike Marshall

Artistworks Learn Mandolin Online

ArtistWorks is a website that is dedicated to teaching the instruments that are often used in the bluegrass format of music. The mandolin is one of these, and ArtistWorks does an excellent job of providing comprehensive lessons to students across the world.

The lessons are taught by Mike Marshall, who is an expert bluegrass mandolin player and is passionate about the craft and teaching others to play. He offers hundreds of online videos across a wide range of subjects, helping beginners and experts alike to hone their mandolin skills.

You can also learn a more classical style from instructor Caterina Lichtenberg. She has been a teacher at the Music Conservatory in Germany, so she has the credentials to teach many students. No matter who you choose, you will be treated to a quality learning experience that will have you playing your favorite tunes on the mandolin in no time.

There are different packages ranging from 3 months to one year of lessons, and they come at different prices. You can learn the mandolin for a very reasonable price, and it is worth it to learn from such talented experts.


2) Udemy

udemy Learn Mandolin Online

Udemy is an online teaching site that specializes in multiple instruments according to your preference. They have a very affordable bluegrass package that can help you learn the folk style of mandolin and become an expert in a very short amount of time.

For just $21.99, you get a comprehensive course that will help you learn everything from the basics to the most advanced music theory involved with the mandolin. It is a true learning experience that will encourage you to practice and to become the best mandolin player that you could ever imagine.

With Udemy, you get straightforward, clear, and concise videos that outline exactly what you need to do to improve your mandolin skills. You won’t be wasting any time with filler, as all of the videos are focused on teaching you the most important parts of playing the mandolin and helping you to understand where you may be faltering.

You can easily go back to re-watch a lesson or parts of a lesson, making it highly convenient and excellent for those busy folks who also want to learn something new. It is a great site for those who are strapped for time but passionate about music.

3) Lynda

lynda Learn Mandolin Online

Lynda is an online database of different courses brought to you by LinkedIn. It isn’t restricted to just music, but there are plenty of lessons available that people have raved about. The mandolin portion of the site has a wide range of courses available for everybody from the first-time player to the grizzled veteran.

Even if you’ve been playing for years and have had multiple successful performances, there is still something to be learned about the mandolin, and Lynda has the course and the teacher to help you learn it. The possibilities are truly endless.

You can take lessons about the basics, more advanced lessons about soloing, and even lessons that will teach you entire complex songs with the mandolin. Lynda is a subscription service, and you can choose a monthly or yearly subscription based on your needs.

You can even start with a free trial, so you can determine whether or not you like the service. This means that you can start learning the mandolin free of charge and decide if you want to pay later on! It is a great way to decide if the mandolin is right for you and how you might handle the lessons.

4) Fiverr

fiverr Learn Mandolin Online

Fiverr is a freelancing website that tackles a variety of subjects and tasks. Fortunately, the mandolin is one of the lessons that you can learn through Fiverr, and you can get a lesson for as little as five bucks! This is an extremely low price to pay for something that could end up being so valuable.

As you continue to take lessons, you can opt for longer, more expensive packages that go more in depth into different topics and styles of playing. It is up to what pace you want to learn at and how much you want to spend on lessons.

What’s great about Fiverr is that there is no commitment. You can take one lesson from one instructor, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay for the gig again. You can choose from a variety of different teachers and pick who you like and when you want to purchase a gig.

This allows you to find exactly the style of the lesson you are looking for without breaking the bank. It is a true free marketplace of instructors and you get to choose the one that fits you best.

5) Mandolessons

mandolessons Learn Mandolin Online

Mandolessons is a website dedicated to teaching students about the mandolin and it is entirely free. There are hundreds of free videos that provide quality content that can help you learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to play the mandolin.

Some even go over theory and help you to understand the different styles and techniques involved with playing the mandolin. No matter what level of player you are, there are lessons available that will help you take that next step towards becoming the best that you can.

From beginning notes and chords to full-fledged ballads, you’ll be able to learn from these informative videos without paying anything at all. It is a great way to get started with the mandolin and save a few bucks before taking the next step.

The website even hosts live question and answer sessions that you can join in on, and that is also completely free. It is really a great site for anybody that is committed to learning how to play the mandolin. Recorded videos are easy to stream and provide you with plenty of quality content and lessons to get you started or keep you moving along in your practice.

6) Online Academy of Irish Music

oaim Learn Mandolin Online

The Online Academy of Irish Music is committed to teaching all the forms of Irish music. There are many different instruments available, but the mandolin is a big part of Irish songs and has a large section within the site. If you enjoy Gaelic and Irish tunes, this is a great way to learn to play some of your favorite folk songs.

It will go over techniques and styles that are exclusive to Irish musicianship and will help you get in touch with this rich, musical heritage. The lessons are carried out by consummate professionals who are passionate about playing the mandolin.

At the Online Academy of Irish Music, you can start with simple, free lessons and work your way up to more advanced paid lessons. It is a great resource to get started with learning Irish mandolin techniques, and you can go at your own pace, which is a great way to learn for the busy individual.

The lessons are geared towards all ages, so adults and children alike can get a quality jump on their mandolin skills. There are courses and tutors for every level and even retreats that you can go on to get the ultimate mandolin experience.

7) Mandolin Compass

mandolincompass Learn Mandolin Online

With Mandolin Compass, you can start with some free lessons to get a hang of the material, and then work your way towards paid lessons that go further in depth.

Whether you are simply looking to learn the basic notes and chords or if you want to become a true mandolin master, Mandolin Compass has the lessons that you need to get you to where you want to be. You get to choose whether you want to keep going or if you’ve had enough, and there’s no commitment from the start.

You can learn everything from bluegrass to ancient European folk songs with Mandolin Compass. With a wide variety of teachers and a lengthy video collection, there are many different ways to learn and songs to listen to. The videos are easy to follow and can be sorted by different categories, allowing you to pick and choose which lessons work best for you.

The premium courses will help you become a verified mandolin expert and allow you to move at your own speed. You can even order DVDs and books if you prefer to learn offline or want to bring them with you wherever you go.

8) Bradley Laird Free Mandolin Lessons

bradleylaird Learn Mandolin Online

Bradley Laird is a professional music teacher who has a natural talent for the mandolin. He is committed to helping new and experienced mandolin players harness their potential and continue to improve through constant practice.

Bradley has years of experience in performing and teaching mandolin, and he can provide you with beginning lessons for free with his website and library of comprehensive learning videos. He has a great method for teaching that works well with new and old players alike, so there is definitely something for you in his course.

Bradley’s site also includes plenty of free mandolin tabs and even a link to a podcast where you can listen and learn about the history and future of the mandolin. This site takes learning one step further and allows you to really connect with the music that you are attempting to play.

When you can understand where the music comes from and why it works so well, you will become a better player with a deeper appreciation for the art. For a site that charges nothing, you really get the entire package that will help you reach your goals as a musician.

9) Banjo Ben Clark

banjobenclark Learn Mandolin Online

Banjo Ben Clark is a website full of free music lessons with a special focus on the Mandolin. The videos range from beginner to expert and cover a variety of subjects, some which you probably never even knew existed!

They are short but informative and easy to follow, helping you to become a better player without spending too much time in any one sitting. Because they are customizable, you can pick which lessons you want to learn and decide what pace you want to go at.

Banjo Ben Clark offers high-quality sound and video so that you can feel like you are sitting in a room with a live teacher. Because you can follow the videos so easily, you are sure to become a better mandolin player in a very short amount of time. This is great for a busy person because the videos are short and allow you to pause them and come back to them without losing any substance.

If you are looking for a free, comprehensive mandolin experience, this is the site for you. No matter what style or level you are at, there are videos that will help you improve greatly.

10) Peghead Nation

pegheadnation Learn Mandolin Online

Peghead Nation is another site that teaches multiple instruments and has a special section for mandolin players. It is really good for players that have learned other instruments in the past and want to apply their knowledge of these towards playing the mandolin.

The site is run by Sharon Gilchrist who is a multi-talented musician who has plenty of experience in teaching the mandolin among other instruments. She has performed in many prestigious groups throughout the United States and has spent plenty of time with students who have learned many things under her watch.

There are different courses for different levels of player, and you can choose which ones you want to subscribe to. Everything from the basic notes and chords to full-length songs are covered across the many videos, so you should have no problem finding something that suits your needs.

Sharon is a passionate, talented, and professional teacher who cares about her students and wants to teach everyone to become a better mandolin player. With her well-organized and high-quality courses, you can become a better player and overall musician, as you will learn things that apply not only to mandolin but also to music in general.

11) Mandozine

mandozine Learn Mandolin Online

Mandozine is one of the best online resources for all things mandolin! Not only does it offer high-quality lessons, it also has a mandolin radio which allows you to listen to some of the newest hits and hear discussion about mandolins!

There are lessons for beginners and advanced players alike, and they are all completely free, meaning that you can save some money and learn the instrument on your own time! There is no commitment here and you will be learning all of your favorite songs as well as new techniques.

Mandozine is highly respected in the mandolin world, and it should be one of your favorite resources once you read through the comprehensive library of tablatures, lessons, and history. There are lessons for every style of play and across a variety of genres, meaning that you will get exactly what you are looking for when you sign up.

With audio, video, and text, you can choose your favorite medium and become the best mandolin player in town! There is no limit to what you can learn when you take advantage of this wonderful site and put your efforts into practicing on a daily basis.

12) Mando Montreal

mandomontreal Learn Mandolin Online

Mando Montreal offers private and closed online lessons that allow you to ask questions and get the full attention of the teacher. No matter what style of music you are trying to learn, there are teachers that are willing to help and guide you through advanced, comprehensive courses.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to take advantage of live lessons and truly grow to be the player that you’ve always wanted to be. Mando Montreal also has in-person lessons in the Montreal area if you happen to live there, but otherwise, you can just log in online and get going!

Whether you are looking to play folk, classical, jazz, or all three types of music, there is something for you. The teachers are passionate about the craft and are dedicated to helping you learn everything you need to know about the mandolin.

Adults and children alike have raved about the courses and the quality of the instructors at Mando Montreal. This is a personalized and customizable experience that is great for any hands-on learners who really want to hone their mandolin craft. It is truly a great way to become an advanced player.

13) Learn Songs Fast

learnsongsfast Learn Mandolin Online

If you want to rapidly learn some of your favorite songs on the mandolin, this is the place for you. In addition to teaching you the basics of the mandolin, you can pick out some of your favorite songs and receive free tutorials on how to play them.

You simply head to their website and search for the name of the song or band to see if they have it, and you’ll be linked to multiple free videos that show you all the chords and notes that you need to play, as well as some tips on how to play them!

This is a great site for those who want to learn the mandolin without paying for expensive lessons, and it can be catered to all of your needs. You can start out with some of the more basic videos and then work your way up to the complicated songs that you love so much!

It has a great interface and is easy to use, and since you don’t need to set appointments, you can learn your songs and chords at the time that works best for you.

14) Tutorful

tutorful Learn Mandolin Online

Tutorful hooks you up with a large number of mandolin teachers, whether you want to learn in person or online. If a physical lesson works best for you, you can filter out tutors that are within your traveling range.

You’ll be given a variety of options based on price and style, and you’ll even be able to read reviews about the tutor and learn more about their teaching techniques to find out if they will work for you. There is no obligation to keep taking lessons, so this is a great way to find the perfect teacher for your needs.

With Tutorful, you can also hook up with online tutors, setting appointments to learn over the internet. This is particularly useful for those who live in remote areas or who might find it difficult to travel to a lesson.

Much like the in-person lessons, you can pick from different teachers at different price ranges and learn more about them to see if they will work for you. All of the teachers are thoroughly vetted so that you know you are getting a high-quality lesson whether you are traveling in person or doing it through the internet.

15) Lessonface

lessonface Learn Mandolin Online

Lessonface is one of the premier online music lesson sites, and it’s easy to see why. With so many options for great teachers and quality lessons, you should have no trouble securing the lesson that works for your budget and style.

Whether you are looking to simply learn the basics or if you want to finally master that impossible song, there’s no doubt that there is a teacher available to help you in your quest. With a wide range of prices and styles, and you have plenty of choose from through the easy to use the platform.

Lessonface allows you to read reviews of different teachers available to you and even contact them to discuss potential lessons before you book anything. You’ll get whole biographies that outline the teacher’s background and experience, and even see videos that verify their skills and ability to teach.

If you are looking for a great online learning experience, Lessonface is an excellent website that vets and tests all of their teachers to ensure that they are getting only the best practitioners of the mandolin. You’ll be given full, comprehensive curriculum and an easy ability to interact with your teacher through fantastic live lessons.

16) Takelessons

takelessons Learn Mandolin Online

Takelessons is a complete website offering a wide variety of mandolin lessons based on your own personal needs. If you’d rather tune in online and interact with your teacher, that option is easily available. If you want to stay at home but still need an in-person lesson to really understand the course, there are teachers available in your area that can come by.

Finally, you can find a studio in your region that teaches full lessons and allows you to come in for them. The options are endless with Takelessons, and there are price points for anybody looking to learn.

You’ll be able to read reviews about each teacher to help you decide if you want to book them for a lesson. There are no contracts or obligations, so if you don’t like one lesson, you can always look for somebody else.

The interface is fun and easy to use, letting you search your area with a map or zip code to find the teachers that are closest to you. If you can’t commit to in-person lessons, you can easily set up online lessons that can be done through a webcam, so you benefit from the same live feedback and advice.

Choosing the Best Mandolin Lesson Online

The mandolin is a fun, unique, exotic instrument that takes much practice to learn to play. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to learn lessons online and find great deals no matter what your budget.

If you live in a remote area without many music options around, you can find a variety of different teachers that can help you become a master mandolin player through the internet. These aren’t just recorded videos, you can get live lessons that allow you to receive real-time feedback and continue to improve your technique and fix your errors, all thanks to the help of a real person.

Many of these online lesson sites also have options to book for in-person training, which can help if you learn better when someone else is actually in the room. However, you don’t have to schedule all of your lessons this way, making it an easy and convenient way to learn the mandolin, no matter where you are at.

You can learn from home, work, or on vacation, which is a great way to keep up a consistent practice habit and not have to worry about stringent scheduling or traveling long, tedious distances.

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