What Is The Average Cost Of A Violin Lesson

Average Cost Of A Violin Lesson
Average Cost Of A Violin Lesson

Are you interested in learning the violin and wondering how much a violin lesson costs?

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If so, you should first consider the value of a lesson. There are many options of schools nowadays, especially in the most populated areas of the world. But price alone does not say much about the service that is being offered.

We wrote this guide describing what aspects you should consider before starting your lessons or deciding what is the option that best fits your needs.

Average Cost Of A Violin Lesson

Music schools

When we think about violin lessons, music schools immediately cross our mind. There is a large number of them: some offer music theory lessons, opportunity to play in ensembles, possibility of recitals, etc.

The most complete the school is, the better the musical environment for the development of the student will be, and consequently the higher the prices tend to be.

Another important aspect you should consider is if the school can deliver what they promise or what you need concerning your long-term goals. If you want to become a professional violinist, you should check if the teachers available at school can also teach advanced students.

Always ask about the teacher’s education and level of experience. Then you can be sure you will get what you will paying for.

Private teacher

With a great number of graduates seeking for a job and orchestras hiring less, it is easy to find offers for private lessons with talented violinists.

It is a good opportunity to get lessons from amazing teachers for a cheaper price than it would be if you had to pay for lessons at a music school. In general, music schools charge extra fees for administrative services, room maintenance, profit, and just part of what you pay goes actually to the teacher.

By hiring a private teacher you can get extremely good prices and hopefully great value as well.


Some schools may be fully equipped with instruments – even for borrowing -, audio devices, musical games for children, rooms for music theory and aural training, library, etc., apart from the violin lessons.

These schools are naturally more expensive and will definitely be a great option for children and young students.

The price naturally reflects what is being offered. But, even for advancing students, an education that covers all aspects of learning (instrument, music theory, aural skills) are essential. In all cases the prices reflect what is being offered by the school.

It is important to note that not all of the teachers have some prior teaching experience or are able to handle a lesson with confidence. It does not mean they are not good in what they do, but they may not be able to manage a lesson in an efficient way.

In all cases, you should still consider some aspects like punctuality, availability, knowledge of music theory, length of lessons, etc.

Violin Teacher


The teacher must start and finish lessons in time, or at least use the time wisely and not waste precious minutes of lesson.


Some professional teachers have a parallel career along with their teaching positions. They might be traveling a lot and not be able to guide you throughout the year. You should find the right teacher that meets your needs.

There is a rule: the younger the student is, the more important it is for them to keep a very regular sequence of lessons.

Music theory knowledge

Some teachers are great artists but not able to teach music theory or help you develop good aural skills. In this case you should consider having a secondary teacher that will help you learn all the aspects of the musical development.

Pedagogical methods

Some teachers have a great teaching experience and can help students prepare for exams, envisioning a long-term plan to guide them step-by-step. If your goal is to get prepared for specific exams in the future, you should invest money in the right teacher that will guide you through the whole process.

Private teacher at home

Many teachers offer the option of teaching at the student’s home and they will charge more because they need to commute. This is a wonderful option for students who do not have much time to practice daily but still want to learn the violin at their own pace.


Not all teachers and schools have the same system of payment. You will find schools charging per hour/lesson, while others charge a flat monthly rate. There is also teachers who charge per a certain number of lessons.

Both options are good, but you may have higher chances of getting better rates or even discounts when you book a greater number of lessons ahead or when you pay a flat monthly fee.


It is very difficult to define an average price for lessons because even between neighboring cities prices may vary greatly. And the greater the experience and the more extensive the teacher education is, the highest his rates will be.

By doing a quick research online, you will be able to find tutors in the United States charging from US$15 up to US$80 an hour. In the UK it is not common to find tutors charging more than £60 per lesson. However, in South America prices do not go above US$30 per lesson.


There are some conservatories around the globe that offer free lessons based on talent. It is hard to get a position in one of those schools but it is a good option for students seeking a professional career and learning from the best tutors in the world.


Some music schools offer scholarships based on talent or financial needs in order to provide more students with similar opportunities regardless of their financial background. Although not common in smaller schools, a scholarship can cover part of the expenses of the student.


What we have seen so far is that it does not matter how cheap or expensive one lesson can be, the attached value is what matters the most. It is not worth paying a high amount of money in a school where the lessons are not productive and the student is not progressing well.

On the other hand, you can find highly qualified teachers that are not charginy much and can provide students with the best learning experiences.

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