ArtistWorks Richard Amoroso Violin Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks Richard Amoroso Violin Lessons Review

ArtistWorks Richard Amoroso Violin Lessons Review

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ArtistWorks Richard Amoroso Violin Lessons Rating

The violin is one of the most glorious instruments there is. Regarded as a vital instrument in musical history, the violin plays an influential role in any orchestra. The emotion that is typically transferred to the audience once the powerful sound of the violin is played is unprecedented.

Therefore, if you have made the decision to start taking online violin lessons, either as a way of improving the skills you might already have or as a start of a new hobby, then you can be sure that you are making the right decision.

Taking violin lessons online

ArtistWorks Violin Lessons

The violin is a beautiful instrument (designed to resemble a woman’s figure) but it is also one of the most challenging and demanding ones to master. If you want to go far with your online violin lessons, it is very important that you take it seriously and with the dedication that is deserved. Fortunately, there are several online violin lessons that you can take that can teach you everything that you need to know from the basics to advanced skills.

It is also possible to customize your lessons depending on your level of experience so that you are never lagging behind regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced violin player. If you are looking for an online violin teacher that can allow you to grow at your pace while still challenging you, you should consider taking lessons with Richard Amoroso.

ArtistWorks Violin lessons online with Richard Amoroso Review

artistworks richard amoroso

With almost 20 years as a long-time member of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Richard Amoroso is one of the most highly acclaimed violinists. When you invest in violin lessons online with Richard Amoroso, you can be sure that you are getting them from a well-respected professional that has years of experience. Richard’s success started very early on when he performed solo for the very first time in the Philadelphia Orchestra at just 14 years old.

In addition to his residency with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Richard has worked in numerous international concert halls such as the Suntory Hall, and the Wiener Musikvere, as well as performing solo at Carnegie Hall.

In his professional journey, Richard has performed alongside revered and famous violinists such as Yo-Yo Ma and Hilary Hahn. He has also performed for great musicians of our time such as Billy Joel and Sting. He has racked up a reputation for himself as one of the best classical violinists of his generation. He uses the 1765 Nicolò Gagliano violin.

What you can expect from violin lessons online with Richard Amoroso

With Richard, you will get to enjoy a detailed collection of videos in his video library that consists of hundreds and hundreds of violin lessons. When you sign up, you will enjoy unlimited access to the video library.

ArtistWorks Violin Lessons

Richard will impart his violin method and notation, as well as an array of other study materials.

ArtistWorks Study Material

You can also expect lessons to be added to the library regularly so that you can continue to advance from beginner violin songs to fundamental basics and then advanced.

ArtistWorks Beginners To Advanced

Benefits of violin lessons with Richard

  • Hundreds of video lessons that you can master slowly or at your preferred pace
  • The videos can be utilized by all students from beginner to advanced
  • The lessons cover basics, fundamental and advanced techniques and theories
  • For a better view, you can opt to view the videos in slow motion
  • The custom feedback given will allow students to get the very best from the online lessons with Richard. This unrestricted access will also mean that you will get better as the lessons progress
  • The community allows video exchanges so that other violin players that are on your level can also give you advice on how to improve your skills.
ArtistWorks Violin Video Exchange
  • Richard’s violin lessons will connect you to a community of learners just like you so that you can share ideas, tips and encouraging stories to motivate each other
ArtistWorks Violin Community
  • Students can submit their practice videos for Richard to go through and offer constructive criticism
Artistworks violin submit video

Why you should sign up for violin lessons online with Richard Amoroso

Available where you are

If you do not have access to good violin teachers or violin teachers that are as experienced as Richard is, signing up for the online lessons would be a great idea because you can take them regardless of your location. Since Richard’s video collection is extensive, you do not have to worry about stagnating or lack of progress.


For someone who is clearly respected in his field, Richard’s violin lessons are unbelievably affordable. Richard offers students 3 different packages to choose from based on your skill level. The three-month package is available at $105, the 6-month at $179, while the yearly package is available for $279. If you are planning on taking the classes for a long period, the yearly or longer courses will be worth your while.

Well reviewed

Richard Amoroso is definitely one of the top violin instructors online. His lessons are well received and have high ratings given by previous students.


Richard comes highly recommended as is evidenced by the remarkable ratings and reviews online. These lessons can be taken by violin players of all skill levels, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. Thanks to his comprehensive video library, there is a lot to look forward to. It is no doubt that his instructions have helped thousands of students all over the world who just like you, were once looking to advance their skills.

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