20 Great Violin Lessons In New York City (Music Schools & Private Violin Teachers)

Violin Lessons New York

The violin is such an amazing musical instrument that you can find it among different musical ensembles. Violins can be used in the orchestra, classical music performances and they are also blended with other musical instruments when playing songs such as gospel, rock, folk, and pop music to mention a few. The violin has attracted a huge audience who are thrilled with the fantastic sounds it produces.

More people are interested in learning how to play the violin, thankfully, in addition to learning how to play the violin in an actual music school, you can learn online with Cheaper price. There are so many online violin lessons organized by prolific music masters who have developed their excellence with the violin to an amazing level. Online violin lessons are convenient, and you can learn all you need to know to become an expert violinist.

MasterClass Itzhak Perlman Online Violin Lessons

  • Taught by world-renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman
  • 15 Grammy Award wins
  • Lessons designed for beginners

Artistworks - Richard Amoroso Violin Lessons

Artistworks Learn Violin Online

Some of the top options to learn how the violin is played include the online lessons offered by Richard Amoroso. He is an expert violinist whose online lessons are offered on artistworks.com. Richard has included lessons in his online violin program to help students learn how to play classical violin from a virtuoso. He also teaches about the fundamentals for beginners, bowing and cross-string exercises, etudes, and how to develop a repertoire.

Read full review here

Udemy Online Violin Courses

Udemy Learn Violin Online

Other fantastic options to learn how to play the violin can be found on Udemy- an online learning platform where a special section has been created to allow experienced violinists to teach others online.

In addition to online violin lessons above, we have compiled the top violin lessons in New York City, they are as follows:

20 Great Violin Lessons In New York City (Music Schools and Private Violin Teachers)

1) Sage Music

Sage Music Violin Lessons New York

Sage music is a learning center where students who are interested in learning how to play the violin can start. The program offered by the owners of Sage Music offers everyone a learning opportunity regardless of their skill level. The violin lessons are held in a music studio, which has been designed to help all students relax and understand the lessons.

At Sage Music, each student is helped to identify and reach their goals regarding learning how to play the violin. The instructors at Sage Music consider offering quality support as the best approach to help the student understand the violin fundamentals and progress in their chosen learning program. Students are encouraged to learn and practice as often as they can to improve their techniques.

Sage Music is located at 44-02 23rd St #204, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA, and contact can be made via this website - sagemusic.co.

2) Riverside Music Studios

Riverside Music Studios violin lessons new york

At the Riverside Music Studios, students are exposed to a group of multi-talented music teachers who are more than happy to share their knowledge and help everyone learn how to play the violin.

At the Music studio, the lead violin teacher, Deborah, ensures that all students follow the best approach to learn all about the violin, the lessons are properly structured to enable music students to understand the seemingly complex aspects of learning how to play the violin and participate in engaging performances such as solos and duets with the violin.

The violin lessons at this music school are structured for young children and older adults who wish to fulfill their dreams and become violinists.

The music studio is located at 1841 Broadway #706, New York, NY 10023, USA; the music instructors can also be found at the following website.

3) Brooklyn Music School

Brooklyn Music School violin lessons new york

The Brooklyn Music School is another strategically located learning center where students can enjoy professional violin lessons. They also have a website –brooklynmusicschool.org, where people can go to find more information and understand the value of the lessons.

The school offers lessons for children and adult music classes. Students can participate in the violin lessons during the spring break, summer and the violin lessons last for less than an hour. There are scholarship opportunities for music students who meet the requirements.

The Brooklyn Music School is located at 126 St Felix St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA.

4) Zhana G. – Professional Violinist/ Music Teacher

Zhana Violin Lessons New York

Zhana has had an interesting career as a music performer and teacher that has lasted for over thirty years. Zhana helps students improve their violin skills and playing techniques by helping them find a path to stay motivated and creative. This approach helps students develop a passion for the violin.

Zhana offers public and private violin lessons in New York. Her classes can be taken by young children and older adults. She infuses an element of discovery and plays to ensure all classes are interesting. Zhana has developed her violin lessons to feature theory, and active practice to help her students. Zhana’s studio is located on Fifth Avenue in New York.

5) Lucy Moses School at Kaufman Music Center

Kaufman Music Center Violin Lessons New York

At this well-planned music school, students can take advantage of the well-planned violin lessons to learn more about the musical instrument. The learning structure has been developed to help students spread their chosen violin learning program over an extensive period for convenience.

The professional music teachers at the Lucy Moses School have successfully created a learning environment for both the young and older students who are interested in learning how to play the violin.

The music school is located at 129 W 67th St, New York, NY 10023, USA; they also have a website- kaufmanmusiccenter.org. Private violin lessons are also available for everyone interested in a one on one learning structure.

6) Willan Academy of Music

Willan Academy of Music Violin Lessons New York

Located at 244 Madison Ave #171, New York, NY 10016, USA, Willan Academy of Music offers violin lessons for young children and older adults. The violin lessons added to the music program have been simplified to help young children learn the fundamentals of the violin. T

he lessons have been developed using a structure that allows students to focus on certain important aspect and mastering before proceeding to the next lessons. It is a good place for all students who want to develop their passion for the violin to start regardless of their skill level. The official website of the music academy is willanacademy.com.

7) Ran T. – Professional Violinist/Music Teacher

ran t Violin Lessons New York

Ran is a professionally trained Suzuki Violin teacher. She founded the Little Mozart School of Violin and has established a music studio on Greene Street, where everyone interested in mastering the violin can come and achieve their dreams. Ran teaches her students both theory and insightful, practical aspects of playing the violin.

She has adopted a music teaching method that is engaging and motivating to help all her students learn more about the violin. Ran’s music lessons are suitable for students at all skill levels who want a self-paced approach to mastering the violin.

8) Yakov D. – Professional Violinist/ Music Teacher

yakov Violin Lessons New York

You can find Yakov in Richmond Hill, where he has established a music studio to teach his students how to play the violin perfectly. Yakov has structured his violin lessons to meet the needs of beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

The violin lessons in this offered program include learning about articulation, bowing techniques, phrasing, reading notes and developing a standard repertoire. Yakov is also a performer and is more than happy to share his knowledge about the violin with all his students.

9) Brooklyn Violin Lessons

brooklyn Violin Lessons New York

The Brooklyn Violin Lessons have been compiled and arranged by an experienced and special violinist named Tomoko. She has found many ways to help students understand the fundamentals of the violin and seemingly complex aspects such as the hand positions and all about the vibrato.

The violin lessons are exciting, and students are presented with practical exercises that test and challenge their understanding at different stages of the learning program. The Brooklyn Violin Lessons also teach students how to use the best bowing techniques and the best methods to achieve excellent etudes.

10) The NYC Violin Studio

the nyc violin studio Violin Lessons New York

The NYC Violin Studio has met the expectation of many students who wish to learn and play the violin as experts. The lessons in this music learning program have been arranged by Antoinette, a careful and innovative music teacher who can understand the difficulties students experience and help them improve their skills.

There is no fixed duration for the program, and all students can learn at their own pace. The students are given access to hundreds of learning materials to help them practice and improve their techniques with the violin.

11) String School

stringschool Violin Lessons New York

The musical studio in this school offers students a spacious room to learn and practice their violin techniques. The music program is organized in a way that students can participate in group learning where they can get support from the music instructor and other students interested in learning how to play the violin.

At the String School, students are challenged with tasks to test their knowledge. However, lessons are carefully taught using a simplistic learning approach that ensures all students understand the lessons before progressing to more advanced topics.

The lead instructor, Ed, is an experienced music teacher and multi-talented violinist. The String School is located at 939 8th Ave #307, New York, NY 10019, USA. Their official website is stringschool.org

12) Antoinette A – Professional Violinist and Music Teacher in NYC

Antoinette Violin Lessons New York

Starting your journey to become an expert violinist with this music course is easy. The lessons have been created to cover the essential aspects of music theory and practical experiences to enhance the student’s experience.

Students can learn how to play the violin in a supportive environment under the supervision of an experienced and cheerful music teacher. Antoinette has set up her music studio at W. 43rd Street in NYC. The violin lessons are flexible and convenient for all students.

13) Catherine W. – Violinist/ Music Teacher

Catherine Violin Lessons New York

Catherine can be found in Brooklyn, NY; she has been responsible for helping dozens of students understand the fundamentals of the violin, and how it is tuned and played. Her lessons offer students a chance to learn through an intuitive program designed for adults and younger children.

Catherine also offers professional violin lessons specially created for people with special needs. Her thoughtful and simple approach to playing the violin makes it easy to comprehend the lessons and successfully apply the knowledge in practice.

14) Gregor K- Professional Violinist/ Music Teacher

gregor Violin Lessons New York

Learning how to play the violin under the supervision of such a cheerful person as Gregor makes the experience even better. The reviews for his violin course have been motivating, and more people will benefit. The violin lessons are taught in the music studio located at West 143 Street, NY.

Students are taught music theory and practical lessons, with the added advantage of recording private practice sessions which will be reviewed by the instructor for commendations or corrections. The practical approach students use to learn and master the best bowing techniques, helps them improve their violin skills when developing a repertoire, playing duets or solos.

15) Violin Lessons NYC

violinlessonsnyc Violin Lessons New York

Violin Lessons NYC is a dedicated learning program targeted at beginners, intermediate and advanced learners who are interested in becoming proficient with the violin. The lessons are designed to be convenient for all students regardless of their personal lives.

The self-paced approach helps students understand how to apply the knowledge learned in the music theory and have been practical violin sessions. There are four lead instructors for this course; they collaborate with students to achieve their dreams of becoming an expert violinist. The lessons are held in a well-designed music studio that offers students the best learning environment. They have a website; it is violinlessonsnyc.net.

16) Music to your home

musictoyourhome Violin Lessons New York

This is one of the music schools in New York that has been established to help everyone learn how to play the violin and many other musical instruments. The violin lessons offered at this music center are for young and older adults who wish to connect with their creative personalities as expert violinists.

The music studio is located at 235 E 95th St, New York, NY 10128, USA, and there is an official website- musictoyourhome.com, where students can register to enjoy the outstanding experience. The convenient service also allows students to schedule private violin lessons in their homes.

17) Zeynep A. – Professional Violinist and Music Teacher in New York

zeynep Violin Lessons New York

Zeynep offers everyone interested in learning how to play the violin learn from her extensive musical experience as a performer and teacher. She has performed with the Philharmonic Orchestra in New York, the Aspen Music Festival among other notable musical experiences.

Her lessons are simple and focused on helping students become efficient in playing favorite songs with the violin. Her practical approach helps students to understand the basics and fundamental techniques such as bowing, shifting and the proper hand positions while playing the violin.

18) School for Strings

schoolforstrings Violin Lessons New York

This music school is located at 419 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019, USA; it is one of the best options for students who wish to learn more about the classical violin and how to perform solos and duets. The lessons begin from the basics; students are taught how to tune the violin, bowing and playing vibrato.

The lessons are for young children who want to start learning how to play the violin early. Older adults are also welcome to participate in adult violin classes. Students have the opportunity to learn in group sessions where they can support each other and practice with the instructor.

19) Musipire Prestige Music School and Academy

musipire Violin Lessons New York

This is an excellent music academy for young children to start learning all about the violin. The lessons are organized by experienced music teachers and violinists who are happy to share their knowledge about playing the violin.

The lessons offered at this music school are developed with a focus on consistency in practice, discipline, and the proper guidance to help all students start learning how to play the violin using proper methods. Students are encouraged to learn and practice. They are tested at the end of each module to ensure they have properly understood all about playing the violin.

20) Music Beans

music beans Violin Lessons New York

This musical academy is most suitable for young children and older adults who are interested in having their first experience with the violin under the guidance of an expert music teacher. The lessons are organized in a group training session where the instructor gives practical guidance to help the participants improve their techniques with the violin.

The instructors offer multiple learning resources and facilities to help students become better at playing the violin. The lessons are engaging, and instructors create enough time for students to ask questions and practice, this helps them identify areas that should be improved.

Music Beans is located at 118-122 Baxter St, New York, NY 10013, USA. They also have an official website – musicbeans.com.