2 Turbosound IP2000 Problems And Their Solutions (Troubleshooting)

turbosound ip2000 problems
turbosound ip2000 problems

Turbosound is the brand that manufactures speakers, amps, and several other audio output devices and equipment that you can use for any of the needs you might be having. The best thing about Turbosound is that they manufacture a really wide range of audio-related products that make it the right choice for you to enjoy for many applications, including using them for all the different instrumental playback experiences.

All that is perfectly great, yet you will need to decide which of these products among their inventory will suit your needs in the right manner. Speaking of that, Turbosound IP2000 is one such output system that is referred to as the column loudspeaker generally, and it has the amp, equalizer, and speakers all in a single body, so you don’t have to deal with all of these separately.

Moreover, you can enjoy certain great features and powerful audio output while playing the guitar. That would help you enjoy the perfection of using the system for any genres you might be playing the guitar for. So, if you are looking to get your hands on this one but are not sure about the problems you might have to face on it, here are a few things you need to know.

How to Fix Turbosound IP2000 Problems

  1. Not Enough Power

Turbosound is designed to get you the right power for any individual performance. So it will do just fine for all such experiences as having the practice session or playing it for any in-studio performances. That is certainly something joyful for you to be having, and you get to enjoy the ample power and bass to help you play the guitar properly.

That will also be getting you the perfection of enjoying the tunes with the right clarity as you might have been seeking. However, if you use the Turbosound IP2000 for any other performances or the space is not enclosed, you will need to be careful.

The power might not be ample for you to make it work outdoors, or if the windows are open since the speakers are not that big, which might be a problem for you. However, if you want to use it for some small studio space, you can consider getting your hands on it.

  1. Distortion

Distortion on the output is something you can get at times while trying to crank the turbo sound IP2000 at some high volume, and the guitar volume control is not at the maximum level. To have this problem sorted out, you need to ensure that you are never cranking the volume to a maximum at the Turbosound IP2000, and if you want to increase the volume, you should be doing that on the guitar.

That will help you get the perfect output on the guitar and your Turbosound IP2000, and you will not have to face any such problems with the distortion that was there earlier on the output with distortion. Checking the preferences on the equalizer and configuring them right will also help you to get the job done.

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  1. if I connect to my ip2000 system from of my cell phone and I connect both speakers then the one will switch on and off as of it loose connectivity

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