10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Dobro

Reasons Learn to Play the Dobro
Reasons Learn to Play the Dobro

Looking for the reasons why you should learn to play the dobro?

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The dobro, also known as the resonator or resophonic guitar, is one of the most versatile instruments out there. The dobro is a mainstay in almost all genres of music including rock, blues, and bluegrass. So, if you have made the decision to master this instrument or are curious about taking up dobro lessons, then you could be making one of the best decisions.

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To put it plainly, the dobro is a fun instrument to learn. Besides, the dobro is one of those instruments that can serve as a gateway to discovering other instruments; if you like the electric guitar or prefer the clean sounds of acoustic guitars, then you will probably easily fall in love with the dobro. Here are some more reasons why you should learn how to play the dobro.

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Dobro

  1. The dobro is used in multiple genres

Originally, the dobro was used popularly in an era where Hawaiian music was the norm. But as time went by, it quickly became an integral part of a range of genres. For instance, the dobro is one of the most important instruments used in old-time country music, bluegrass, as well as western swing. The bright sound that is produced by the dobro is also incorporated as a soundtrack in many movies and soundtracks.

  1. It is fun

Besides having a host of physical benefits, the dobro is also quite a fun instrument to play. The dobro is not only an unusual and enthralling instrument to most audiences, but it is also a very fun instrument to learn and play. Once you get started with your lessons, you will soon discover that the dobro is a surprisingly easy instrument to learn. Beginners can get started without prior knowledge and best of all, individuals of all ages, young and old, can get started and have a wonderful time picking and grinning.

  1. It is an easy instrument to learn

One of the primary advantages of learning how to play the dobro is that it is an easy enough instrument to learn as long as you approach the process with determination and tenacity. Moreover, once you get started and master the basic techniques of the resonator guitar, then it will be much easier for you to transition to other stringed instruments, as well as experiment with many other genres of music.

  1. There are different types of dobros

Resonators are usually built with square and rounded necks. Depending on the type of music you want to play, you can experiment with either shape. Square neck resonators are designed to be played with a steel or a metal slide and are used commonly in country and bluegrass. Those with rounded necks, on the other hand, are used commonly in roots and blues.

  1. You can choose a plying technique

Both the square neck and rounded neck dobros also utilize different playing techniques. When learning how to play the dobro, you can choose the best playing technique for you, unlike most other instruments that require you to master a specific form. Square neck resonators are played in the “lap steel” position—which is when the fretboard faces up. The square neck dobro, alternatively, can be played in the conventional guitar position with the fretboard facing away from the player.

  1. Dobros are affordable

Vintage dobros that have been kept in an excellent condition typically command huge prices. However, if you are a beginner or experienced guitarist interested in expanding his or her sound, there is a range if affordable starter models that you can afford.

  1. It will boost your creativity

Whether you intend on writing your own original music or re-doing a song as a cover, the dobro can help you unleash your creativity and take it to new heights. This creativity can be transferred to other areas of your life such as writing or coming up with creative ideas in your career of choice.

  1. Playing the dobro can be therapeutic

The advantages of music therapy have long been documented over the years. The dobro’s therapeutic effects can help you deal with the challenges of day to day life. For instance, if you are having problems that are stressing you out, playing the dobro, or any other instrument for that matter, is likely to calm you down and place you in a centered positioned.

  1. To boost your cognitive abilities

Playing the dobro can help to boost your cognitive abilities. Early brain studies have shown that playing the dobro and other instruments can increase the volume of grey matter in various areas of the brain as well as strengthen the long-range links that exist between these sections. This, in turn, leads to sharper brain function and improved cognitive abilities.

  1. The dobro will boost your confidence

Learning how to play the dobro can have a considerable effect on how you perceive yourself. As you begin to master the techniques being taught, you will also continue to improve which will consequently give you the courage to perform in front of an audience, which is not always the easiest thing to do.


If you are interested in learning how to play the dobro, then you are making a great decision. Regardless of whether you want to take up the dobro as a hobby or so that you can pursue it professionally, the dobro will no doubt change your life for the better. The dobro comes with a host of benefits that include improved organization and coordination skills as well as boosted cognition skills.

Aside from that, the dobro is a very social instrument. So, when you play it, it will introduce you to a whole new community of performers and fans that will enrich your life for the better. Whether you choose to play the square neck or the round neck dobro, you stand to gain a lot if you choose to get started today.

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  1. Actually Squareneck and Roundneck Resonators should be thought of as two different instruments . The playing of one doesn’t translate to the other . A large % of Squareneck players have zero background with conventional guitar .

    A Squareneck can not be played conventonally , period . Not only will a hand not fit around the neck , but the strings are very high above the “fret” board , such that they cannot be pushed enough to contact .

    A nut converter can be used on a roundneck to aproximate a Squareneck . Sort of . The neck will lack the strength to tolerate the usual High G dobro tuning .

    A Squareneck is very easy to go from zero to playing all the basic chords in one lesson/ session with a mentor .

    Roundneck can be played just like a regular acoustic guitar , but is usually played with bottleneck ( finger) slide on one finger.

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