9 Websites to Learn Dobro Lesson Online (Free and Paid Resonator Guitar Courses)

Learn Dobro Lesson Online, Free and Paid Dobro Courses

Learn Dobro Lesson Online, Free and Paid Dobro Courses

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The Dobro is best described as an acoustic guitar without the traditional sound hole. Instead, it has a metal resonator that is mostly responsible for the melodious sounds. It is made of wood; the Dobro is regarded as one of the modern musical instruments that have become quite popular in recent times.

There are many websites online that offer free and paid Dobro lessons. These lessons are usually structured to introduce beginners to the instrument. Interested students can also proceed to learn the advanced lessons to become professional Dobro players. The online Dobro lessons are mostly easy to understand, they give students access to learn the techniques and tips that have made the teachers so good.

The following websites offer free and paid Dobro lessons.

9 Websites to Learn Dobro Lesson Online Reviews

1) ArtistWorks

ArtistWorks Learn Dobro Online

There are hundreds of online materials that can help visitors learn how to play the Dobro. These materials include instructional videos, audio materials, and live workshops to train students.

After registration, students gain access to the vast library prepared by the teacher. On the website, students are also permitted to participate in the video exchange program.

After uploading recorded videos of their practice sessions, the instructor responds with a recording explaining corrections and more tips to improve. The website is open to students from all over the world. There is a growing community where students can learn from practice videos uploaded by others.

Everyone interested in learning how to play the Dobro on this website can choose from three plans. They last for three months, six months and a year. All the plans include lessons on music theory while the one year plan includes special VIP bonus content every student will find useful.

The website also features a regularly updated blog. Students and visitors can find the latest information about playing the Dobro by reading these posts. The features of the website are easy to understand. The Dobro instructor is named Andy Hall; he is an experienced Dobro player who has a degree in music and many studio recordings.


2) TrueFire

truefire Learn Dobro Online

Everyone who desires to become a professional Dobro player can create a free account on this website. After signing in, you can view the free content which includes video samples of practice sessions.

The website features over seventy Dobro lessons which last for over three hundred and twenty minutes. On this website, the lessons have been prepared for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Learning how to play the Dobro is east because the online lessons are structured to follow a step by step process. This way the beginners are gradually introduced to the different aspects of playing the Dobro.

Students are also free to learn whatever style they choose such as country, blues or Americana. The lessons cover areas such as finger picking, how to tune the Dobro, learning the keys, arpeggios, the left or right-hand techniques and how to use the fretboard.

The teacher on this website is Jimmy Heffernan. He has created and packaged the high-quality video lessons to help every student who signs up on the website. For private lessons, students can sign up to participate in the live streaming sessions.

These are interactive sessions where students can also ask questions and closely study the techniques used by the instructor. Students can also benefit from the discounted learning materials on the website.

All the courses can be accessed by people using desktops, or mobile devices running on Android or iOS operating systems. The website is responsive and easy to navigate. Students can also learn at their own pace.

3) PegHead Nation

pegheadnation Learn Dobro Online

This website is a good choice for people who would like to learn how to play songs with the Dobro quickly. The online Dobro lessons are designed for beginners and intermediate learners. These lessons are mainly targeted at teaching members how to position and play the Dobro on their laps.

Every member of the website is given access to twenty-four introductory Dobro lessons. These lessons are mostly videos which teach students how to read the tablature, tune the Dobro, postural guidance while holding and playing the instrument, and how to jam with play-along songs. The lessons include music theory but are mostly aimed at encouraging students to study the videos and practice very often.

After the introductory lessons, students are introduced to more advanced levels. This includes learning how to use the fingerboard, playing in closed position, bluegrass soloing, and playing the first Dobro songs.

The lead teacher on this website is Mike Witcher. He has had over fifteen years of experience and acknowledged as one of the best Dobro players in the world. Mike has put together a series of online lessons that are easy to understand and follow. This encourages his students to practice and improve their techniques.

4) Learning With Pat – Online Dobro Lessons

learningwithpat Learn Dobro Online

The online Dobro lessons on this website begin with free introductory videos. These free lessons help students understand the basics of playing the musical instrument. Students who use this site have a chance to learn how to play songs.

The musically oriented learning course directly teaches students the basics of playing simple songs with the Dobro. After understanding the introductory lessons for beginners, students can proceed to the intermediate courses.

These courses include learning about the open D tuning and the Weissenborn. Students have access to discounts offered with the Dobro learning bundles.

On this website, Pat offers students a chance to easily develop their repertoire. The website has a simple design that is easy to use. Students are also offered more learning materials through the regularly updated content on the site. There is also a blog where students can read and learn about many tips and hints to help them perform better during practice sessions.

During the course, students can also get direct assistance via the support portal on the website. Pat has provided hundreds of songs on the site. These songs include simple tracks that can be used by beginners for practice. Also, intermediate level students can find songs that match their level of Dobro techniques.

5) Mike Witcher Online Dobro Lessons

Everyone who is interested in learning how to play the Dobro from the comfort of their homes will find the lessons on this website very useful. Students can download pre-made Dobro lessons or purchase the online lessons.

The live Dobro sessions are organized via Skype. They are interactive and flexible to allow students to plan for these classes at a convenient time. There are also workshops organized for students who wish to learn particular aspects of playing the Dobro.

These lessons can help experienced Dobro players who need to improve their repertoire. On this site, students can learn about the best fingerpicking methods, the hand techniques, improvisation, double stops, and arpeggios.

The lessons on this website last for thirty or sixty minutes depending on the students’ choice. There are also regular offers and discounts presented to students. These offers allow students to save more money while receiving the lessons they need.

Asides from the video lessons, students are also sent MP3 files which can be used to practice previous lessons before proceeding to the next level. Mike Witcher who is the lead teacher on this website is always available for consultation via the website.

6) North Main Music

ArtistWorks Learn Dobro Online

The Dobro lessons on this website have been presented as easy and friendly lessons to encourage students. These lessons are targeted at helping students to begin playing songs soon after learning the basics. The Dobro lessons are structured for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

After learning the basics such as how to hold the Dobro, fingerpicking methods, tuning, and improvisation students are introduced to playing songs. The intermediate lessons teach students about playing bluegrass music country music and other styles.

The lead teacher on this website is named Jason Latham. His fun and simple Dobro lessons have been prepared as instructional videos; students can also book live sessions. These live sessions are organized via streaming applications such as Skype or Facetime.

These lessons can also be organized weekly at a convenient time. Students are sent emails of the lessons to help them during further studies and while practicing privately. The lessons are available to students from all over the world who can participate in the live sessions or online group learning programs.

7) Jimmy Heffernan’s Online Dobro Lessons

jimmyheffernan Learn Dobro Online

This website can be described as an online Dobro boot camp for students at all levels. The lessons on the site are mostly instructional videos of high-quality captured in high-definition. These video lessons enable students to study the techniques used by the teacher while playing the Dobro.

The website also features a store where students can buy songs and a wide range of learning materials for practice sessions. These online lessons cover essential areas such as how to position the musical instrument, improvisation, developing repertoire, learning the notes and fingerpicking techniques. Students also have access to MP3 files for additional support during practice.

Jimmy Heffernan has created special and short online Dobro lessons for people who have a short attention span. These lessons last for about five minutes but include important instructions that are simple and easy to practice.

These short lessons are suitable for people who may not have much time to learn online. Students can also take advantage of the email support to get assistance while practicing in their homes. Jimmy has also uploaded his recordings on the site.

These videos and MP3 files can be downloaded or streamed online by students. The website has a vast library; it is also easy to find what you need to learn. The reviews from past students are also encouraging.

8) Dobro Joe Online Lessons

dobrojoe Learn Dobro Online

This is a free website where everyone who wishes to learn how to play the Dobro can become professional players. On the site, visitors can find instructional videos, practice guides, and tablature about playing the musical instrument.

The course has been divided into three levels. The first level includes lessons that teach students about blocking, learning the chords, chops, and chucks and plugging in. The second level covers areas such as daily warm-up exercises, learning how to pick block, changing chords, the rakes and playing the Dobro by ear. The third level is mainly about string pulls. The lessons have been presented in step by step format to help students progress from one level to the next.

On this website owned and managed by Joe Wilson, students also have access to different styles such as country music, bluegrass music, jazz with so many songs available in these genres.

The website is easy to use; the online lessons have all been uploaded. To begin a lesson, you can simply make a selection and click the content. To get more information, users are encouraged to join the mailing list.

9) Take Lessons

takelessons Learn Dobro Online

Take Lessons is one of the reliable websites to find Dobro teachers online. On this website, there are over twenty teachers who have packed video and audio Dobro lessons according to student levels. These levels include the beginners, intermediate and advanced lessons.

The online lessons on this website last for about thirty minutes each. The teachers’ profiles reveal the exact areas they cover and how to benefit from their lessons. From the online profiles, it is easy to determine lessons targeted at teaching students how to learn the notes, postural guidance, how to start playing songs and developing their repertoire. These lessons can also be taken by students who are preparing for exams or auditions.

The teachers on this website have been vetted by the administrators of the website. It is easy to find a suitable teacher on this website because they have been rated by past students based on a five-star scale.

Teachers also earn badges based on how long they have been offering their services and how well students rate their experience. The lessons have been divided to cover the entire course; however, students can make plans to learn how to play the Dobro at their own pace.

Choosing the Best Resonator Guitar Lesson Online

While searching for a website where Dobro lessons are offered online, it is important to consider the approach of the teachers. On some websites, the lessons are targeted at helping the students start playing songs as quickly as possible. These lessons will be suitable for those people who are only interested in learning how to play their favorite songs and jamming with friends.

On the other hand, some students need a more academic approach that includes music theory and the use of sheet music. These most suitable online lessons, in this case, are a blend of theory and practical training.

It is also important to view the feedback from past students on websites where the teachers offer online Dobro lessons via video streaming applications. The common applications used as Skype or Facetime. It is important to confirm that the video connection on these websites and the audio quality are of high-quality.

Many of these websites offer online Dobro courses that start from the basics for beginners. These lessons are mostly divided to enable members of the site to participate at all levels. On many websites, the instructors have stated specific instructions regarding their lessons (especially the private online lessons).

With this information, students can determine if the timing is appropriate regarding their schedule. International students who do not properly understand the English language should also ensure that lessons are available in their native languages before buying the lessons.

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