10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Banjo

Reasons Learn to Play the Banjo
Reasons Learn to Play the Banjo

Looking for the reasons why you should learn to play the banjo?

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If you are not yet mastering banjo, then there are plenty of reasons why you sign up for classes. Research suggests that playing the instrument like the banjo can have numerous benefits for your psychological and physical health.

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The art of learning how to play the banjo can expose you to an array of opportunities, both social and professional. Playing the banjo engages several aspects of your mind and body in incredible ways that other activities cannot match. So here is how learning to play the banjo can benefit your life:

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Banjo

  1. Playing the banjo is good for the human brain

The banjo offers players and listeners a great way to relax, even when only played for a few minutes. Science shows that playing instruments like the banjo can transform one’s brain structure for the better. Playing the banjo has been proven through continued research to have a positive impact on the human brain, and leads to continued brain development when taken up at an early age. People that play the banjo tend to be more mentally alert and it helps to stimulate the brain in a powerful way because of our personal connection with the music it produces.

  1. The banjo has some physical benefits too

Playing an instrument like the banjo unsurprisingly leads to increased physical activity. Whether you are standing or sitting, the use of your arms and back muscles to play and hold on to the banjo translates to physical activity. Not only can continued daily practice lead help you get into the habit of sitting up properly for proper alignment but it can also eliminate back, neck and hip problems for an improved posture.

  1. It improves your time management abilities

Learning the banjo and perfecting it takes practice. But more particularly, it takes consistency above all else. Figuring out and scheduling practices and performances in your busy routine can allow you to develop better time management and organization skills that you can apply in other areas of your life.

  1. To strengthen your listening and reading skills

When learning how to play the banjo, you will also be required to learn how to read music. This consequently strengthens your aptitude to process information through the links created by the synapses in your brain. As a result, the process of absorbing and reading information starts to become easier. Learning music does not just strengthen your reading ability but your listening too. Regardless of whether you choose to practice solo or in an ensemble, you have to master how to listen to your timing and tuning, which can make you a better listener in real life as well.

  1. For better concentration

If you struggle with concentration abilities, playing the banjo can improve your focus because it is a necessary part of learning the instrument properly. Improving your banjo skills forces you to utilize all the areas of the brain that deal with concentration. This is partly the reason why individuals with focus-oriented disorders are encouraged to take up instruments like the banjo.

  1. Learn how to play for self-expression

Whether you are performing another composer’s piece or creating your own, learning how to play the banjo will allow you to express yourself in a multitude of ways. When you get the chance to pick your preferred style or genre, you will also get the opportunity to explore your creative side while acting as an outlet for all your daily challenges.

  1. So that you can feel a sense of achievement

Though the beginning process of learning can be hard and strenuous, there is nothing like finally mastering one of your favorite tunes. The idea of setting a goal, putting in the hard work and consequently hitting your mark will give you a strong sense of achievement that will boost your confidence greatly.

  1. To improve your coordination

Using your fingers and body in a rhythmic manner for a prolonged period while still trying to be cognizant of the proper notes can be a challenge for anyone uncoordinated. When the banjo is played over time, it will refine your motor skills and eventually improve your overall coordination for the better.

  1. The banjo can be easily modified

The banjo is easily one of the most modifiable instruments. When taken apart, various parts such as the drum head and neck can be replaced until you find the sound that you prefer. As such, different banjos produce different sounds from a mellow tone to a loud ringing and anything that falls in between.

  1. You can develop a personal style

Because the banjo can be modified easily, it is then easier for a player to develop their own style. Whether you prefer to pick, frail or clawhammer, there is a banjo style out there for everyone.


The banjo is one of the most vital instruments for bluegrass, folk, jazz, country, and Dixieland jazz. Learning to play the banjo can have an unbelievable effect on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The banjo engages your mind and affects your personal and professional life positively.

Regardless of your skill level, the pace that you set as a banjo student will be entirely up to you. Furthermore, learning to play the banjo is fun and if you opt to master it professionally, it will reward you with a lifetime of satisfaction. In its present form, the banjo is among the few musical instruments that are a perfect balance of contemporary and traditional, which is why it is worth exploring.

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