21 Websites to Learn Banjo Lesson Online (Free and Paid Banjo Courses)

Learn Banjo Lesson Online, Free and Paid Banjo Courses

Learn Banjo Lesson Online, Free and Paid Banjo Courses

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The banjo is one of the multiple stringed instruments classified in the guitar musical instruments family. It produces soft melodious sounds that can be backed up by soft relaxing folk or Celtic music.

It has a peculiar rounded metal hoop and a long neck. The banjos usually have five strings, but you can find some variants with six or four strings. Banjos have become very popular in recent times because of the wonderful sounds they produce.

Similar to other musical instruments, it is an exciting experience learning how to play the banjo. You start by learning the basics and then with some practice, the sounds start streaming as your fingers move over the strings. There are many opportunities for learning how to play the banjo online. We will be discussing the websites that offer this training.

21 Websites to Learn Banjo Lesson Online Reviews

1) Artistworks - Tony Trischka’s five-string online banjo lessons

artistworks Learn Banjo Online

One of the fantastic opportunities to learn from an online banjo lesson is on artistworks.com. Tony Trischka is a musical director whose double banjo bluegrass album released in 2004 won multiple IBMA awards and a Grammy nomination.

On the site, students have access to videos and learning materials to guide as a guide to learning how the banjo is played. The interactive learning session is done in three learning categories which are the Level 1- beginner, Level 2 – intermediate, Level 3 – advanced, and additional specialty courses.

Students practice with the banjo following instructions while recording videos to document their progress. The video is sent to Tony who reviews and sends a video with instructions to improve and correct mistakes.

2) Artistworks - Noam Pikelny’s 3-finger/scruggs online banjo lessons


Noam Pikelny is a Grammy winner banjo artist who is teaching his singular as well as the Grammy-winning tones in the comprehensive video library of banjo lessons. In his commendable video, he has covered a wider range of styles varying from straight-ahead bluegrass to boundary-pushing songs.

Moreover, he blended the banjo-learning techniques too within his songs as a solo artist. He has broken down the 3-Finger/Scruggs, Melodic, and Single String styles with the help of several lessons, tabs, and play-along tracks. The lessons he has given for playing banjo almost cover all the levels.

Keep on reading the below description to get into Noam Pikenly’s banjo playing lessons for all levels. Here is the collection of all levels for banjo learning by Noam Pikenly:

1. Basic

The basic level for learning banjo starts with comprehending and overviewing the banjo itself along with its basic tuning skills. From teaching ways to tune banjo to handling first banjo tune, everything is covered in Basic Level.

2. Intermediate:

At the intermediate level, you get introduced to Diatonic Chord Study where Noam teaches you chord shapes and its qualities quite in-depth. You learn melodic and 3rd Finger Style at the intermediate level.

3. Advanced:

You reach the advanced level by surpassing the banjo’s tunings skills and chord shape and qualities. Noam has defined a Left-Hand Position along with giving deep insight on 4 Note Diatonic 7th Chord Voicings and various Modes.

3) Udemy online banjo courses for beginners

udemy Learn Banjo Online

Udemy has gained online popularity as a source of academic knowledge accessible by millions of people globally. The site covers a wide academic scope; it is therefore not surprising to find online banjo courses offered on the Udemy official site.

Following their slogan ‘the world is your campus,’ the online banjo lessons on Udemy are provided by seasoned tutors who have been vetted as instructors on the site. The banjo lessons are structured for beginners who may be handling the banjo for the first time.

The learning process involves the use of video clips, PDF files, and audio files that contain well-structured instructions to guide the students during practice on how to hold the banjo and playing tunes. At the end of some courses, the instructor states that students will be able to play as many as three tunes.

The pricing for different courses on Udemy varies, interestingly; you can find instructors who offer to teach students how to play the banjo for free. The lectures usually last from about thirty minutes to one hour.

During this time, the instructor will be available to review progress, answer questions and upload helpful materials to teach the students. However, Udemy offers everyone the opportunity to use the money back guarantee if they are not satisfied after trying the offered courses.

4) Lynda.com

lynda Learn Banjo Online

The banjo lessons offered on Lynda.com have been developed and scripted to be suitable for beginners and others who have a little idea about how the musical instrument is used. On this site, the users will learn the best positions to hold the banjo for good results. This lesson covers the fundamentals about positioning and the best stance for a banjo player.

Other areas covered in the lessons include the use of a banjo to play songs, creative use of the banjo to develop new tunes, mixing audio clips, and learning the rudiments of rhythm as applied to music and using the banjo. There are courses offered by instructors which indicate participants will learn how to play four tunes at the end of the course.

The instructors on this site have been vetted through a standard procedure to ensure they can provide the value needed by potential students who would like to learn how to play the banjo. Courses are offered as video clips, audio files, and PDF files with interactive features that make the learning process impactful and easier.

5) Banjo Compass

banjocompass Learn Banjo Online

Banjo compass is known to be one of the sites that offer unique courses on learning how to play the musical instrument. The courses on this site have been enhanced for everyone.

Beginners who need to start learning how to play the banjo from the first lessons will find the information they need on this site. The banjo playing lessons have also been enhanced for experienced banjo players who seek to learn more skills such as new rhythm mixes and audio integration while playing tunes on the musical instrument.

The learning programs on the site have been comprehensively divided into courses for beginners which cover areas such as switching cords, rhythm, banjo tone and position, the neck lick and basic clawhammer lick.

The site also shows the best-selling courses others are subscribing for; they include special packages that cover the essential learning areas for both beginners and amateurs such as playing different chords, with right-hand patterns, how to write licks by using scales, and an exclusive offer to record tunes using the exceptional string resonator banjo. All these packages include video instructions, audio files and vivid illustrations to help learners understand the lessons.

6) Banjo Teacher

banjoteacher Learn Banjo Online

On this site, everyone who desires to learn how to play the banjo can take advantage of the free online courses offered. The courses and instructions have been developed by the professional instructor Ross Nickerson who is also the author of the book – The Banjo Encyclopedia.

The site is focused on revealing the rudiments of how to play the bluegrass banjo to help all learners’ form the best habits during practice that will enable them to learn faster and in a professional way.

The banjo playing lessons on this site have been scripted to feature more practical aspects that can make the results of practicing evident within a short time of engaging in these courses.

Areas of coverage during these banjo lessons include positioning the hands, tuning, changing strings, how to use the fretting hand, and developing skills and flexibility while changing strings. The lessons also include demonstrating the different banjo styles, such as the melodic and single-string style of playing the banjo.

Participants are exposed to helpful tips and instructions to help them form a strong foundation that will promote the music they can produce while playing the bluegrass banjo.

7) Badley Laird’s Banjo Lessons

bradleylaird Learn Banjo Online

The banjo playing lessons on this site have been produced by experts who have been playing the banjo for many years. It offers aspiring pickers the opportunity to learn from the vast experience of these banjo players who have created an interactive and practical approach to learning how to play the banjo.

These lessons are available for free to every student who registers on this site. It includes banjo playing instructions which cover the clawhammer banjo techniques and the frailing style of playing the banjo.

On the site, students have access to tutorial videos which include basic instructions teaching how to play the banjo. The video clips show students how to change strings while playing their favorite tunes and the bonus lessons which provide free guidance on how to play the dueling banjo method using the C chord.

PDF files which contain particular instructions are also available on the site. These files cover specific areas that are of interest to meet the diverse needs of the students. During the courses, students will be able to practice and get feedback from the instructor to further understand the issues they are facing and possible solutions to help them play the banjo better.

These banjo lessons are designed for students who are homeschooled, self-taught learners and everyone who needs to learn from an experienced banjo teacher.

8) Ross Nickerson Best Banjo Lessons Online

rossnickerson Learn Banjo Online

The site is dedicated to creating learning materials and video clips to guide students who wish to learn how to play the banjo online remotely. The videos produced and posted on this site can be streamed in generic formats suitable for the public.

While browsing the site, students can view sample videos to have an experience of what the lessons will involve before purchasing the videos they need. In addition to the videos that can be streamed from the site, the learning packages include audio files that contain clear descriptions about the banjo playing methods for both beginners and others who wish to learn new styles.

Students will be provided access to the products they need after payment has been made. The lessons include the basics of playing the banjo for beginners’ which include the right methods of picking, left-hand techniques, learning how to slide, and the pull-off and hammer-on methods.

The lessons also cover the important licks that students must know and tips on how to improve while playing the banjo. Discounts are however available to the benefit of students who buy the special learning bundles on how to play the banjo.

9) Peghead Nation

pegheadnation Learn Banjo Online

The online banjo playing lessons on this site have been developed to help all students learn how to play the banjo, enjoy using the musical instrument to create the best tunes, and how to develop new tunes by tapping into their inner creativity.

On the site, students are given access to learn and interact with instructors, experience the sample banjo playing lessons and instruction guides, participate in the bundles created for beginners, and experience using the banjo with play-along tracks.

Making a decision about the particular bluegrass banjo lessons needed is easy because all the online lessons are introduced with short video clips showing the instructor demonstrating the skills that will be taught in that learning bundle.

Students also have access to experience the sample lessons after viewing the introductory videos. The lessons have been prepared by expert banjo players who have had an extensive experience using the musical instrument to create the best tunes over the years.

10) Lone Hand Western Online Banjo Lessons

lonehand Learn Banjo Online

The online banjo playing lessons on this site have been produced by the Itasca School of Folk Music. The lessons offer free instructions and tutorials which have been enhanced to be interactive in view of promoting the learning capacity of the students.

The classes have been structured to accommodate students from all age groups, and the aim is to improve the individual talents each student have displayed while playing their favorite stringed instrument. These banjo lessons can be learned remotely from home, in transit, or at the students’ most convenient location.

Students will be encouraged by the quick progress they experience while learning these lessons due to the fun and creative approach the instructors have applied while developing the online banjo lessons.

The site features video clips to help students view the practical use of the banjos. Individual lessons are also available on Skype for learners who want to receive direct instructions from the experts while learning how to play the banjo.

The lessons on the site include instructions to guide the public how to buy a banjo, the methods of tuning a banjo, how to read the tablature, the different types of banjo rolls, and learning the rudiments of chord inversion while playing the banjo.

11) Deering Online Banjo Lessons

deeringbanjos Learn Banjo Online

The Deering site offers an online space for a growing community of banjo players and others interested in learning how to play the unique musical instrument. The site features lessons and learning packages produced by notable banjo players and blogs where visitors can read exciting and informative posts about playing the banjo as posted by others who have had different types of experiences.

Some of the experts whose works are available on Deering include the popular banjo player Tony Trischka who is known for his immense contribution to the popularity of the banjo online through his well scripted and produced three-finger style banjo online learning courses.

The site also features videos from Pros who teach students how to play the banjo by ear and the clawhammer banjo technique. These are free videos that offer explanatory guides to all the users of the site.

Additional clips offer guidance to teach students the techniques of adjusting the coordinator rods found on the banjo, and how to tune the 5-string banjo. All students are welcome on the site regardless of owning a banjo or not, because the beginner packages come with the banjos and the user instructions as well as the materials that will help the student learn how to start producing nice tunes after practicing.

12) Banjo Ben Clark

banjobenclark Learn Banjo Online

Banjo Ben Clark is an online site where students from all over the world can register and purchase over 400 banjo lessons and instruction materials to acquire all the information needed to play the banjo.

The lessons start with the beginners’ guide which features the fundamentals of playing the banjo and easy to understand instructions to teach the students’ particular methods of stringing or tunes they wish to learn.

On the site, access is granted to the vast amount of learning resources after payment is made. Then the students can start practicing and tracking their progress while learning new aspects of banjo playing. While learning, different ‘perks’ have been added to make the lessons fun and encouraging for all students.

It is a comprehensive platform for learning how to play the banjo online which features remote learning from any location, interactive learning experience while receiving instructions from the expert banjo players, online support to encourage all students, tracking progress to focus on areas that need improvement, new content to improve users of the site at all times and provide value for their investment.

The instructors include Banjo Ben, famous for his works as a performer and composer, Paige Garwood, a veteran player with an immense wealth of experience. The packages include lifetime offers, 12-month packages, and monthly packages.

13) Joff Lowson Banjo Lessons

jofflowson Learn Banjo Online

On this site, the online banjo lessons offered have been carefully created to feature simple instructions and guides to help beginners understand the fundamentals of playing the banjo. The site features seven well-scripted videos that include instructions to help students learn how to play the dueling banjos.

Find out how Joff shows the use of basic techniques to develop easy to understand sections as a guide to creating wonderful tunes while using the banjo. Some of the videos on the site are free from visitors to help them understand the value and what is involved in learning how to play the banjo.

Students do not need prior music education before beginning these lessons. The new students are introduced to the five-string banjos which is the basic starting point for the online banjo lessons. The site also offers membership to those who wish to develop their skills in playing the banjo after learning the lessons taught in the free videos.

The membership area features banjo practice lessons on using the left and right-hand skills, to start producing songs and melodious tunes. Members also have access to a wide range of tips and techniques to help them become better banjo players.

14) Online banjo lessons

onlinebanjolessons Learn Banjo Online

Learning how to play the banjo online is now more attainable due to the hundreds of options available on sites such as this site. The banjo instruction lessons are structured to cover the basic beginner courses which include learning how to hold the banjo, changing chords, and practicing to understand the hand movements to manipulate the strings manually while producing nice music.

The lessons on this site are accessible once payment has been made; they include the information needed by online learners to understand the licks, and video clips that show learners a practical approach to playing the banjo.

The videos and audio files can be downloaded on computers in generalized formats for easy viewing. Other important information on the site is available on the DVDs and links provided to guide the students who need more information and guidance.

After payment students can download any of the links to view the videos or read the learning materials on how to play the banjo. These materials have been produced by veteran banjo payers known all over the world such as Ross Nickerson, who has structured the lessons to help students learn and pick up speed while playing the banjo.

15) AIM Online Academy of Irish Music

oaim Learn Banjo Online

The online banjo courses offered on this site are designed to help aspiring banjo players fulfill their dreams of understanding the techniques required to play the amazing instrument. Students who register for the courses will learn how to play the tenor banjo starting from understanding the basics and start practicing with a tenor banjo.

The lessons have been structured to be suitable for all students who are interested in learning how to play this instrument regardless of their busy schedules which make it difficult to attend the banjo training lessons physically.

The tenor banjo lessons give the students a good start while they study and practice the methods of tuning their banjos and tips which include teaching the triplets, licks, and hot to position the banjo while it is being played.

To get the best sounds, students are taught how to switch chords and achieve the right tonal and melodic variation to get the sounds right. There are online banjo lessons from experts such as Paddy Cummins, and Lisa Canny who guide the students carefully through the entire learning process.

16) Banjo Mountain

thebanjomountain Learn Banjo Online

Learning how to play the banjo on this site is done through a series of free lessons that have been made available to the entire online public. Students on this site have access to over 100 lessons that cover the basics and further learning techniques to help students become familiar with the banjo and how it can be used to produce melodious tunes.

After learning the methods and basics by viewing the free videos, students can proceed to make a paid subscription. This gives the student access to further materials that can guide them on how best to use the information learned from the previous free tutorial videos.

The knowledge taught on this site regarding playing banjos include knowing the rolls, fretting, switching chords and using the five-string banjos. The instructors have also included a manual to guide visitors to the site on how to buy the best bluegrass banjos in the markets.

17) Clawhammer Banjo for beginners

reddesertbanjo Learn Banjo Online

This site covers the basic aspects of learning how to play the banjo. It also includes further instructions to guide students who wish to learn how the clawhammer methods work.

The lessons are organized as high-quality videos to help the students go through the virtual learning process step by step while getting the basic ideas before proceeding to more complex parts of the lessons.

After these online banjo lessons, students are expected to have the skills that will enable them to play banjos according to their favorite tunes or songs at parties or other events without any problems.

On this site, the lessons cover areas such as teaching the students how to play the banjo by ear, combining different tunes while playing the banjo, learning the famous right-hand technique for playing banjos, dueling with banjos, and playing in groups.

On the site, students are encouraged by watching videos of others who have learned the techniques and now practice their tunes to attain perfection. The lessons are scheduled with flexible timing to enable the students to conveniently learn how to play the banjo even with their busy schedules.

The options include online banjo lessons for two weeks, one month and some lessons which last for two months (advanced courses). Banjo lessons are taught through a layered process which breaks down the different aspects of the course.

18) True Fire online banjo lessons

truefire Learn Banjo Online

This site offers multiple banjo learning methods for all students. It includes online learning options such as the private online lessons where the students are instructed by an expert through private conference, free sample videos on the site which give the students an idea of what is involved in learning how to play the banjo online and registering for the training modules which offer students exceptional advantages to learn the basics and advanced banjo playing techniques.

The clawhammer banjo beginner module includes an interactive course produced as a video file to instruct the students on how to begin, learn the picking methods such as the down-picking technique and the licks, as well as practice videos to view how the instructors play the banjo online.

The private course is organized by Cathy Fink, an experienced banjo player. She offers a unique learning experience which makes the banjo learning process easy to understand for even new learners.

She integrates the conventional Appalachian method of playing the banjo which is great for students who want to learn how to play banjo by ear and along with their favorite songs. The package includes real-time Skype lessons to help students understand and learn how to play the banjos faster.

19) Lesson Face Banjo Lessons

lessonface Learn Banjo Online

This site offers everyone who wishes to learn how to play the banjo access to professional and vetted online teachers for all categories. The online instructors are graded based on their skills, genres, and prices charged for their services.

Some instructors on the sites offer as many as 400 banjo lessons from which students can select their choices as desired. The instructors are also reviewed by the past students to enable new users to know who has been most helpful to others while teaching the best methods to play the banjo.

It is also competitive; the instructors charge different prices for their services which depend on the particular aspects of learning how to play the banjo students desire to practice.

However, there are so many options to get free materials and advice after subscribing to a particular instructors page on the site. The lessons are usually designed as online video lessons that aid the users in practical ways.

20) Take Lessons

takelessons Learn Banjo Online

It is now easy to find instructors online who can teach anyone how to play the banjo. This is one of such websites. It features hundreds of trained and experienced banjo players who are ready to instruct and guide others to learn the best methods that can be used to produce wonderful tunes from the banjo.

The instructors on this site have been carefully selected to ensure the users get value for their money. On the site, instructors can be chosen based on the reviews posted by previous users who have subscribed to their service to receive online banjo lessons.

The instructors are rated based on a star review system which is publicly displayed. Instructors with a high number of five-star ratings are most likely to get more engagement on the site.

This site offers a guarantee of learning from the best instructors, which helps users avoid waste of time. The lessons are offered through real-time video calls which are scheduled and done through laptops, desktops, or mobile devices.

Users are given assurance of access to the best online instructors from all over the country. The online banjo classes offer a convenient learning system that makes it possible for even the busiest people to have an opportunity to learn how the banjo is played.

21) Superprof Banjo teachers online

superprof Learn Banjo Online

This website offers people who aspire to learn how the banjo is played access to thousands of online instructors who have been selected to offer their services on the site after passing the standard tests.

The online instructors create profiles on the site which feature the exact offers and value they intend to provide to the people who pay for their services online. You can find instructors who have been playing the banjo for many years, and others who offer special value such as learning as many as four tunes at the end of their sessions.

Many instructors on the site have found ways to make the learning process more practical even though it is online. They combine the theoretical aspects of learning how the banjo is played with actual practice to help their students get more opportunities to apply the techniques and tricks they have learned through the course.

Students are taught the basics such as how to hold the banjo, the left-hand technique, and other tips such as switching chords, playing the banjo by ear and creating tunes in rhythm.

Some instructors, however, offer exclusive services to people who already know how to play the banjo but need extra tips from experienced banjo artists online. These online lessons are developed for people of all ages and gender.

Choosing the Best Banjo Lesson Online

One of the common questions asked by people who wish to learn how to play the banjo is how easy it is to learn the techniques. There are different types of banjos; some have three, four or five strings.

The five-string banjos are the commonly suggested musical instruments for beginners. Regarding the ease at which the banjo can be played, it all depends on the approach used to learn the techniques.

There are many online instructors who have developed simple methods through which anyone can learn how to play the banjo online. These methods follow a layered process which helps the student understand the fundamentals of learning and playing the banjo.

However, it is a good idea to find out reviews past students have given for particular instructors to know if they use an easy to understand approach when teaching people how to play the banjo online.

The online banjo lessons are commonly presented as video lessons which have been recorded as high-quality clips to ensure that the images are clear enough for the students to see how the instructor uses their fingers while playing tunes.

These videos are also supported by audio files where the instructors carefully describe the lessons and how the students can become perfect while practicing with their banjos. You can also find online banjo lessons which offer private sessions done through real-time video calls on platforms such as Skype.

These private online learning sessions help the students interact with the instructors directly providing opportunities to ask questions and receive more support while practicing with their banjos.

Common areas covered in the popular online banjo lessons include the left-hand techniques, picking techniques, how to switch chords, using the dueling banjos and the tenor banjos, and other tips that can help the beginners.

You will also find proper guides to help you buy your first banjo either online or from a physical shop. The guides highlight the features that should be noted before purchase and discusses issues such as pricing and the proper care of banjos.

There are online banjo lessons that offer bundles which include banjos for beginners, and other learning materials that can help the student study and start practicing the tips and ideas described in the materials.

Overall, the online banjo lessons have proven to be very helpful because they make it possible for people from all over the world to learn how to play the banjo.

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