Ragtime version of Game of Thrones theme

The pianist Jonathan May has recorded this ragtime piano rendition of the Game of Thrones theme, and it’s a nice change from the original. He has also made the sheet music available, if you feel like trying it out yourself.

May is a professional pianist from California and runs his own website. He specialises in a variety of different styles, including classical, jazz and ragtime. He performs at Disneyland, where he plays his own versions of popular tunes, and also leads a local jazz group. He composes original music, including pieces for two musicals, while trying to pass on his piano talents by offering online lessons over Skype.

An album compilation of his work entitled Cousins: The Songs of Beck and May, can be downloaded from ITunes.

There must be something about the Game of Thrones theme that makes it extremely well suited to different music styles. Among the other interesting creations are a western-style cover, one paying homage to the pop music of the 80s, and even a samba version. And just when I thought I’d found them all, I came across this Indian interpretation.

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