Piano Prodigy Solves Earworm Dilemma

harmony zhu piano prodigy
I wrote about some scientific and psychological research done to discover the causes of earworms, otherwise known as the effect of getting a song stuck in your head. It turns out that even child music prodigies suffer from this occurrence too. While their solution to the dilemma might not work out the same for the rest of us, it’s inspirational to hear what she does.

I’m referring to Harmony Zhu, the 9-year old child prodigy who has performed at Carnegie Hall multiple times and is the youngest student at Juilliard. She’s performed on a national TV stage twice as a guest on Ellen.

She told the CBC Toronto that music gets stuck in her head all the time, and can play at all hours. The only course of action for her is to play out the music she’s hearing in her mind on piano. If she likes it, she writes it down.

Chalk that up as a 9-year old prodigy composer and you have just a glimpse of the impressive qualities of the young Zhu.

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