Korg LP-380 Digital Piano Review 2022

Korg LP-380 Digital Piano Review

Korg LP-380 Digital Piano Review

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Korg LP-380 Digital Piano

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There are several names in the music industry that are known well for their years of contribution and provision of out-class instruments. Among these well-known companies, Korg is not a new name.

It was established in 1963 and since then, it has been providing top class music instruments of a wide variety. It is reputed well for its innovative approach, unique design, and uncompromising quality. Their long history, rich experience, and expertise of top professional are exhibited well in all their products and they are known for delivering professional level instruments.

Their musical instruments are praised and appreciated well by the famous musicians and top artists. They offer a wide variety of musical instruments for all levels of musicians. Among its beautiful range of instruments, the digital pianos are gaining much popularity.

Their demand is increasing day by day and people are giving very positive responses. Those who want to have a close experience of grand acoustic piano at an affordable price prefer to go for Korg as it is one of the most appropriate choices.

Particularly, the LP series is amazing. This is made to give even better quality and improved performance. This is more popular among the learning players and the students. The pianos under this series are designed by keeping in mind the needs of developing students to enable them to learn more effectively.

Among the entire LP line, the Korg LP-380 digital piano is particularly very famous. This is a great step-up from its previous models and delivers better results and a more wonderful playing experience.

Korg LP-380 Digital Piano Review

If you are also planning to try your hands on this wondrous digital piano, you should first look at its specifications and characteristic features. To make it more convenient for you and to save your time, we have come up with a detailed analysis of its features, specifications and structural design. Have a look so that you can make the right choice for yourself.


The Korg LP-380 digital piano is a must try. It is an exquisite instrument that is carefully engineered to deliver a flawless performance with great quality of sound. Built with the top quality material, it has a strong and robust construction that makes it very durable and one can keep this lovely piano for long.

It is equipped with countless advanced features and made by using state of the art technology to give seamless output and commendable playing experience. This is fairly an improved and better model than its predecessor the LP180.


You will definitely like the appearance and style of this beautiful yet simple digital piano. It truly reflects the skills of highly professional artists that have worked their level best to give it an appreciable craftsmanship.

If you are one of those who admires appealing outlook, this slender and sleek machine is your pick. It can easily match your home decor and add to the attractiveness of your place. It comes with different finishing options. The attractive icy finish adds to its decency and makes it more elegant.

The Top Down folding cover for the keys adds more beauty and style to its design and is also a great protective measure for the keys. Covering the keys keep them clean and prevent the dirt and dust. The cover simply looks aesthetic.

Physical Traits

The size dimensions include 13.8 x 30.4 x 53.4 inches and the total weight is about 81.57 pounds with the stand. Considering the size, it is a bit heavy. This makes it not much suitable for traveling. But those who are not looking for portability, it is a great choice. Additionally, assembling it is not a problem, you can easily do that in a short time.

To provide the players with a more realistic grand piano experience, this one also includes three pedal system. The sostenuto, soft and damper pedals are there at the base of the piano and provide you amazing grand piano feel in the digital setting. Thus, you won’t have to buy additional pedals. It would save you some money as well. The players can also use the half paddling option either on the soft pedal or damper pedal.


The keyboard of this piano is very much similar to the grand acoustic piano and is designed with great attention to detail to provide high-level satisfaction and a phenomenal playing experience. Like other high-end models, it features the real weighted hammer action with lower keys with the heavier response and higher keys with a lighter response. This addition makes it better than the previous model.

The RH3 system is a very significant feature and those who are professional players know its importance well. Try hands on it and you will have an amazing feel for each key having perfect weight handled. This third generation graded hammer action design gives the best ever results and helps the players to give a seamless performance.

This is built to give enhanced and much better responding time for numerously repeated keystrokes. Thus, quick passages of music are not a problem for this piano and you can play them with greater ease and comfort.

The playability is further improved by adding a touch control function for the keys. It features three different levels for customization and adjustment of piano responses for your playing dynamics. These levels include light, heavy and normal mode. It allows you to try out different settings and enjoy playing as per your choice.

The LP 380 features layer and partner mode. Using the layer mode, you can enjoy playing a combination of any two sounds together by layering them above one another. The partner mode, as the name indicates, divides the keyboard into two identical zones (left and right). It enables the student and teacher to play at the same time in the same range of notes. This makes the whole learning procedure more interesting and way more effective.

Tones and Voices

It offers a commendable selection of tones and voices to choose from. Total 30 built-in voices are offered in three distinctive banks with three button choices. The Korg LP-380 digital piano includes five mesmerizing acoustic piano sounds, six pleasing electric piano sounds, one strong electric grand sound, pipe organs, jazz organs, strings, clavichord, harpsichord and a choir. This is a stunning collection as you hardly get so many options in this price range.


Unique engineering features make this strong piano a preferable choice. What makes it more desirable is the addition of Korg’s Stereo Piano system.

This comes with a full 88-key range and gives a stunning performance.

The stereo sampling system is used and the sound generated is very wonderful. The sound quality is amazing and it is one the most desirable features that people consider while buying digital pianos.

It generates the captivating feel of the grand acoustic piano and special attention is paid to design it in the way that provides you with the best possible experience. For a more authentic feel, the players are allowed to select from the nice distinctive temperaments.

The damper pedal, damper resonance, and real weighted hammer action 3 keyboards are all built to make your play more realistic and to deliver an authentic feel. The out produced is very responsive and pleasing and a very detailed and rich sound is generated.

The three types of effects including chorus, reverb, and brilliance further add to the beauty of the sound and deliver an incredible performance. Using the effects, players can have a more versatile and joyous experience. They can use these effects to make adjustments and customize the sound as per their choice.

Additionally, it can be simply connected to the external speaker system to amplify the sound. For this purpose, a well-engineered stereo mini jack added which makes the connectivity easier. This jack can also be used to link any studio recording setting.

It features 120 notes of polyphony and such a diverse range allows the player to have a more fun-filled and joyous experience.

The weight is although not less if you compare it with the previous model LP350, it is reduced. The engineers have designed it in such a way that it has about 12 pounds less weight that makes is comparatively easy to move.

Some other connectivity options are also added by keeping in mind the needs of the advanced age. This latest technology digital piano features MIDI connectivity options through which players can easily link their piano to several other devices and transfer their data.

The dual jacks for headphone connection are also available. This addition is highly useful particularly for the training sessions as it greatly assists the student-teacher sessions and improves the learning process. Thus, if you are in the learning phase, this one would do great for you.

Other than that, it allows the players to enjoy the duet sessions and add more fun to their practice. The headphone connectivity helps the players to practice privately. Thus you can keep practising for as long as you want without disturbing others at home.

Korg LP-380 digital piano is very efficient in terms of power consumption. Majority of the digital pianos require almost 40W power to function but when it comes to LP 380, it takes only 15Watts. Amazingly, it requires less than half of power used by other pianos and this does not affect the quality of its output. This piano successfully delivers a very crisp, sharp, and top-notch sound.

Another useful feature is the addition of built-in Metronome. This is a significant character that raises the worth of this piano. It enables the players to customize the tempo, volume, and time signature and provide improved control over your performance.

Thus, the metronome can easily adapt any form of music that you select. This function is very helpful for the piano students and they can try out with different alterations. To assist the players more, this piano as an accented metronome in which the sound of the crisp bell is used to identify an accent.

Thus, it has all that is required for a phenomenal experience. The enhanced playability, easy to use features, student-friendly characteristics, high-class effects, appreciable sound bank, top-class sound quality and incredible performance makes it among the best sellers in the market.

Videos about Korg LP-380 Digital Piano

But it is rightly said that nothing is perfect and there is always a room for improvement. The LP-380 is an improved version that is a clear upgrade of its predecessor, still, there are some drawbacks to it. Let’s have a look at some prominent plus points of buying this instrument along with the negative aspects.

Pros of the Korg LP-380 Digital Piano

  • Outlook: The first and most obvious plus point is its sleek and stylish appearance. It is undoubtedly a beautiful instrument that will enhance the look of your living room as well. There are players who consider the look first and then look for other features. It is the best combination of attractive appearance and fantastic features. The design, style,and size are all perfect for using it in any setting including the home, church,and school.
  • 3 Pedal System: The fact that it comes complete with 3 pedals makes it a more favorable choice. This is particularly advantageous for the serious students and players who want a more realistic feel. The presence of 3 pedals not only helps to replicate the genuine feel, it also makes your buying experience more economical as you don’t need to get extra pedals.
  • Sound and Recording: Another benefit of buying this piano is that you will have access to some really amazing and impressive sounds. The sound quality is probably the most significant factor that decides the quality of the piano. The professional players often check the sound quality first. In this regard, it is a very smart option. The soundbank included comprises remarkable sounds and you are going to love thee for sure. Additionally, recording a song is made very simple and easy via the line out jack.
  • Student Friendly: The students who are keen to perform well are going to have a wonderful time with this one. It offers numerous easily usable features that a student can take advantage of and learn in a more comfortable and effective manner. Try this and you will have an incomparable playing experience.
  • Enhanced Playability: The touch control system and sensitive response of keys take the performance to another level. You would realize the importance of this feature once you sit down to play the piano. It aids the players to generate excellent performance with superb responsive and crisp sound.
  • Energy Efficient: As mentioned, it consumes way less energy than other digital pianos and this makes it more energy efficient and a preferable option.

Cons of the Korg LP-380 Digital Piano

  • No Line In Jack: One major drawback of this Piano is the absence of Line in jack. It does have a line out jack but the line in jack is missing. Because of its absence, the players cannot connect the audio player with the piano, listen to it via speakers and play along.
  • Not Easily Portable: This heavy digital piano is not easy to move and it can consume much of your time. Therefore, some take it as a negative point.

Is Korg LP-380 Digital Piano Good?

This is truly a masterpiece and is worth a try. Considering the appearance, functional capability, advanced features, integration of latest technology and user-friendly features, it is undoubtedly the best one of all the Korg LP series. The features it presents are usually found in high-end models and are rare to be found in this price range.

Especially, if you are a student, it is the best that you can have. Using the split mode, dual headphone features and other user-friendly aspects of this piano, you can learn quicker, better and in a more convenient manner. Playing it would boost up your confidence as well, as you would be able to perform well in a very short period of time.

As you can clearly see, there are no major disadvantages that you would have to face using this piano. Instead, there is a long list of its benefits. Therefore, it would be a wise decision to give it a try.

Korg LP-380 Digital Piano