Are Mendini’s Violins Good?

Is Mendini A Good Brand For Violins
Is Mendini A Good Brand For Violins

Mendini’s violins are considered beginner instruments and have become very popular in the United States.

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The affordable prices of these Chinese instruments attract students who have just fallen in love with music and want to pursue their dream of learning their first melodies on the violin.

They are imported, tested and revised by Cecilio, a distributor of musical instruments based in California. If you want to know if they are the best investment for you, keep reading this article.

Is Mendini A Good Brand For Violins

An overview of Mendini violins

With a solid spruce top and maple back and sides, Mendini violins are entirely hand-carved. A maple fingerboard, pegs, chin rest, and alloy tailpiece with four built-in fine tuners are included.

This violin comes with a lightweight hard case, a Brazilwood bow made of genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair, an adjustable shoulder rest with soft foam padding and soft rubber feet, rosin, a bridge (an extra bridge may be included), and an extra set of violin strings by Cecilio, making it the perfect starter violin.

Models available 

Cecilio has currently five different models under the Mendini label, which have very similar characteristics and specifications, with some small differences regarding color or finish. Prices vary accordingly. The models are as follows:

  • Mendini MV-200
  • Mendini MV-300
  • Mendini MV-400
  • Mendini MV-500
  • Mendini MV-Black

Rating on Cecilio’s online store

Each model has been reviewed and rated by a number of customers and the data is available once this number reaches at least a hundred customers.

These reviews are genuine and can sure testify about the quality and problems found in each model, and you can find if certain kind of flaws are common to each model.

As of today, the rating given by users on each model are as follows (we remind that 1 is the lowest rating, and 5 is the maximum rating):

  • Mendini MV-200: no rating available
  • Mendini MV-300: 3.8
  • Mendini MV-400: 4.1
  • Mendini MV-500: 4.2
  • Mendini MV-Black: no rating available

The best-seller

According to Cecilio’s online store, the model which is the most sought by far is the Mendini MV-500, despite being the most expensive in the list. As we mentioned before, it is also the model with the most positive reviews. What the customers like about the MV-500 model:

  • Sound quality
  • Deep and rich tone
  • Beautiful appearance

Mendini MV500

About the MV-500

The MV500 model is regarded as an upgrade from all Mendini models for beginners because of its deep, rich, and powerful tone.

The violin is recommended by music teachers to both aspiring beginners and students with a little more experience who require an instrument that will survive for years to come as their potential develops.

Included in the kit are an additional set of strings, two bows, an adjustable padded shoulder rest, a chromatic tuner, and quality rosin.

The least sold models

As we can infer from the Cecilio’s online store, the least sold models are the MV-200 and the MV-300. They are considered entry-level instruments for beginners and are the cheapest among the Mendini’s violins.

It is better to avoid them as they receive many complaints, although there are a considerable number of satisfied customers.

The most common issues are:

  • Poor quality
  • Slippery pegs
  • Hard to keep in tune

About the MV-200

This is a very reasonable alternative for those who have never played the violin before and wish to give it a try.

The MV200 comes with an outfit that gives students everything they need to get started: instrument, case, bow, shoulder rest, rosin, and strings. This violin offers a bright and vivid sound.

About the MV-300

The MV-300 is an option for beginners and very similar to the MV-200 model, but it comes with some extra features: a first lesson book and a Cecilio clip-on tuner.


As of January 2023, each model is sold by the Cecilio’s online store from:

  • Mendini MV-200: US$79.99
  • Mendini MV-300: US$119.99
  • Mendini MV-400: US$139.99
  • Mendini MV-500: US$199.99
  • Mendini MV-Black: US$129.99

Cecilio also offers the possibility of payment in four interest-free installments by credit or debit card. However, these are not monthly payments, but are charged every two weeks.

We also remind you that shipping and taxes are excluded and are only calculated at checkout.

The mid-level MV-400

The Mendini MV-400 is definitely the way to go if you want a better quality instrument without paying too much and staying away from lower quality models.

The Mendini MV400 violin has a bright and vibrant tone — both acoustically and visually — that delivers a crisp and energetic sound. Its attractive design goes hand in hand with its quality materials, which guarantee a long-lasting and enjoyable playing experience.

A good and affordable solution for any student who wishes to attempt the violin for the first time. This outfit also comes with a first lesson book and a clip-on tuner.

The Mendini Black model

For those who seek a more unique instrument that is still affordable, Cecilio offers the MV-Black model. It can be compared to the MV-400 and comes with all the accessories as well.

The only difference that can be noticed is the black varnish covering the whole instrument. It is indeed an alternative to the MV-400 model, and the price is slightly cheaper.

Because it is a beginner’s Chinese instrument, you should not expect it to be flawless or perfect-looking. If you want the best experience, we still advise you to purchase the MV-500 model.

Mendini Black

Where to buy

Cecilio has two main online stores: their own website and also through There are also dealers in the United States and abroad. For the Cecilio’s online store, please check:

Our final decision

Mendini’s violins are affordable instruments, but the best value-for-money options are the Mendini MV-400 and MV-500.

We do not advise anyone to purchase the cheapest models due to the high number of complaints received from unsatisfied customers.

Even if you are an absolute beginner, you should be aware that the cheapest instruments may become practically unplayable under certain conditions: poor adjustment, difficult for tuning, etc.

The costs of repair may also be very high. If money is not a problem, we definitely vote for the Mendini MV-500.

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