Indie Folk­Rock’s Mandolin Orange Makes Brilliant Bob Dylan Cover

mandolin orange
I’ve long been a fan of Mandolin Orange, with the duo of singers Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz under a bed of guitar, fiddle and occasional electro­-synthed instrumentation. Swooning back and forth between Americana­-themed storylines, Boots Of Spanish Leather walk a new path from the original model laid out by Bob Dylan.

The beauty of the storytelling is amplified by the dynamic of their voices harmonizing beautifully together. Frantz’ violin accompaniment transform the once­-folk song into something that incorporates the road of history with the journey of the folk artist. Cover versions of this song usually play in a common style more akin to the acoustic fair of Dylan. Yet the male-­female duet of vocals with the Americana instrumentation keep the original ingredients pure, and add a little spice not previously presented.

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