You will be (Thunder) Struck with Astonishment over this Cover

Lawsuits and “stealing” aside, covers are a wonderful to way to both flex your skills as a musician as well as showing your appreciation for other artists. Using recent hits or old classics as templates; fans everywhere can either try to recreate the masterpiece or take their own unique spin on the track.

When you hear the words “ACDC cover” , the first image that probably comes to mind is some buddies jamming out in their garage, maybe a tribute band performing a local gig, even a rap remake wouldn’t be too out of the box. But how about a Bluegrass group from Finland?

Yeah me neither.

But thats exactly what Steve ‘N’ Seagulls did with the help of an anvil*,  Accordion, and a Bass fiddle. the group possesses an orthodox look and incredible musicianship. With the Banjo providing a shockingly adequate replacement for the Electric Guitar and the inclusion of a tractor in the back ground this is about as country as ACDC has ever gotten.

*a blacksmith workspace not a member from the band Anvil


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