How to Learn Flute? 5 Easy Methods to Learn Flute Quickly

How to Learn Flute

How to Learn Flute

For many years if a person wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument they would have to locate someone in their hometown who was willing to teach them how to play their chosen instrument.

Unfortunately, this was not also the most convenient way for them to be able to learn how to play a musical instrument, such as the flute. In the past, you were at mercy of the instructor and their busy schedule to be able to find time to learn how to play the flute. Along with being inconvenient, it was also very expensive to have to pay someone to teach you how to play the flute.

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Today, thanks to a whole host of new technologies there a number of different methods that a person can learn how to play the flute. In this article, we put together a list of the top methods and a brief description of each.

5 Methods on How to Learn Flute Easily

1) Online Flute Courses and Lessons

Online flute courses and lessons on video have become extremely popular these days. There are a number of different websites that were created to bring teachers who specialize in a specific musical instrument like the flute. is a really good example of an online site that lists a number of flute instructors.


artistworks Learn Flute Online

Each of the instructors has created their collection of videos that are designed to help the student learn how to play the flute at their own pace. is a membership site that features an extensive library filled with lessons on video that all members have instant access to as soon as you become a paid member of the website.

Jeffrey Khaner is one of the expert flutists who are part of the extensive library of musical instrument lessons on video that you will find on the website. Each of the instructors creates their unique collection of videos in hopes to help as many people learn about the flute.


udemy Learn Flute Online

Another kind of online training course for learning to play the flute is a website called This website is more like an online university where you sign up to take a class on a wide range of topics including how to play the flute. As paying student you sign up for the class and you are given instant access to all of the course material.

All of the course material consists of prerecorded video clips that are fully accessible on any device that has access to the Internet. Each of the lessons that are part of the collection is easy to watch and follow on your computer or mobile device that has Internet access.

Each of the instructors that are part of the faculty at can be considered to be subject matter experts and were selected by based on the amount of experience they have with the specific musical instrument.

2) Flute Book

Another way for a person to learn how to play the flute is to go to the public library where you can find books that are written as training courses for learning how to play the flute. They are similar in set up to the online video courses, except that they use pictures, diagrams, and charts to help explain the information about the flute.

There are a number of advantages of learning to play the flute from a book versus online training courses. One of the biggest advantages is that you don’t have to have an Internet connection in order to have access to all of the training material.

3) Find the right Flute Tutor online

Flute tutoring is another very popular way to learn how to play the flute. This method involves one on one sessions mainly using a technology called Skype. Using your computer, a webcam, and microphone you are able to schedule an individual training session live with the instructor. Using a website like LessonFace, you would be able to scroll through pages of flute instructors.

At you choose a list of 20 or more flute instructors who have a wide range of experience levels. The instructor’s profile also mentions things like teaching and playing style that may help you to determine which one is the right one for you.

The profile also lists the most important piece of information, how much they charge per 30-60 minute lesson. You can find any available deals that they might be offering to set them apart from the other tutors.

4) Find the right Flute Tutor at your location is a unique online resource for finding a musical instrument instructor. While most of the websites you find offer strictly online learning, Musikalessons is much different.

It offers the option of online lessons, but you can also use its powerful search feature to locate local instructors that have their own studio or are willing to come to your home. So, you are given the ultimate choice of what you are willing to pay for and what is the best way for you to learn.

The websites search feature is very powerful and by using one or more of the search filters like your zip code, you will be able to find if there are any local flute instructors in your area. The search feature will return a number of different tutors profiles and you are able to sift through all of them in order to find the ones that you are willing to work with.

5) Use YouTube to learn Flute by yourself

The fifth and final method is probably the best way for the person who wants to learn to play the flute but their budget is tapped out and does not have two nickels to rub together to pay for lessons.

You highly likely to find a video for absolutely everything that you have ever want to know how to do. With literally billions of uploaded videos in its extensive online library, all you have to do is go to the website and type in flute lessons and you are likely to find hundreds if not thousands of video clips of people showing you how to get started to advanced lessons on playing the flute.

The best part is that they are absolutely free and are available 24/7 as long as you have an Internet connection where you are at.

Easy Methods to Learn Flute

In conclusion, if you are desiring to learn how to play the flute, there is a whole lot of different methods that you can use in order to find the best way possible for your given situation.

In this article, we gave you five of them that we believe touch on the most important factors that you should be considering when deciding on the best way for you to go about learning. We hope that this article has given you what you need to make an informed decision.

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