How Much Do Jazz Guitar Lessons Cost (Average & Private Jazz Guitar Lessons Cost)

How Much Do Jazz Guitar Lessons Cost
How Much Do Jazz Guitar Lessons Cost

Jazz guitar is one of the most contemporarily played and liked the style. While many people might think that it is only about the guitar playing style for Jazz music, the story is a bit different and you need to know it before you can start learning the Jazz guitar. As the name might suggest, it is played for Jazz music but the guitar is not essentially the same.

Over the course of time, many changes have been made to guitar, and Jazz guitar is a type of electric guitar that is not only tuned to match the jazz music perfectly but there are also minor changes in the shapes and dynamics to make it the right choice for anyone who would like to play jazz.

Due to the fast nature of jazz music, jazz guitar is electric only and you wouldn’t be able to find it in the acoustic form of a guitar. So, the first course that you will have to bear and if you don’t already have one is to buy a Jazz guitar that will not come in cheap. Moving forward, a few learning methods and costs involved with them that you have to bear would be as below.

How Much Do Jazz Guitar Lessons Cost

1. Online Jazz Guitar Lessons

Online Jazz guitar courses and lessons are rightly priced as you will not only be saving a lot in terms of commute and other additional expenses but you will also be able to learn at your own place and your comfortable schedule. So, this should be the first choice for you while you are looking for ways to learn Jazz Guitar. A few lessons online that you can choose to learn Jazz Guitar.

Jazz Guitar with Dave Stryker

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Dave Stryker is one true sensation in the world of Jazz music and the way he holds and plays Jazz Guitar is simply legendary. He has done some magical performances and created magnificent tunes so this might be the only chance that you can get to learn from him. With that being said, it wouldn’t be much price to pay for the chance of a lifetime that you can get by getting your hands on this great course.

The course plan includes extensive online learning resources on Jazz Guitar Styles, Breakdown of Jazz Standards, and some of the great exercises that are unmatched in terms of quality and practicing techniques.

Furthermore, the course is fairly listed at the price of $105 for a 3 months plan that includes unlimited access to the lessons online and you can enjoy a seamless learning journey. With the 3 months plan, you get to have 5 video submissions to the teacher that are not much but work for those who are not at the beginning level and just want to learn how they can shift to Jazz Guitar from other genres of guitar or electric guitar. 6 months plan is priced at $179 and the annual plan at $279 for and that has unlimited video submission to the teacher along with bonus lessons.

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Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar with Martin Taylor

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Martin Taylor has done a commendable job with his renowned fingerstyle Jazz Guitar and it is sort of becoming his signature style. So, if you want to learn Jazz Guitar With fingerstyle, there is no better way than to get this lesson with him and learn firsthand from the very legend. The course includes tons and tons of interesting stuff and course material including some play-along tracks for you to practice and basic lessons like holding the Jazz guitar and maintaining the right posture on it.

The course is being offered with 3 different learning plans. The 3 months being at $105, 6 months plan at $179, and the annual plan at $279. While the course material is the same for each learning plan. You get to enjoy a better learning experience with more numbers of video submissions to the teacher, more access portals, and some bonus lessons to add up the right flame to your learning. So, you can choose among these plans to ensure a smoother learning experience based on the skillset that you already have with Jazz guitar.

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Jazz Improv Guitar with Chuck Loeb

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As you can get the idea from the name of this lesson, this is not for absolute beginners who are just stepping into the world of Jazz Guitar but suitable for those who have learned Jazz guitar previously and want to improve their playing techniques and other stuff like that.

The course is priced at a one-month plan for $29 and there are no video exchange libraries or submissions to the teacher included. The lessons however are plenty to get you the right edge of learning and you can enjoy a seamless transition from any other genre of electric guitar to improvised techniques of playing the jazz guitar.

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2. Music Degree (Start From $400 – $3000/semester)

Jazz guitar is not something that you can take lightly and a music degree from any well-reputed music school or university is one of the best ways to not only learn all that you need to know about Jazz Guitar but also to get the right skills needed for any sort of performance that you might need to prepare for. Since guitar is one of the most famous musical instruments out there, this degree should not cost you much as compared to other degrees in the field of music.

You can expect a price range of $400-$3000 per semester from a well-reputed university but these numbers can always vary based on the program you want to take, what specialization you have, and campuses. So, it would be a great idea to go for such degree programs if you are willing to invest that amount and are planning on having a professional career in the field of music. This investment will simply be worth it as you will not only be able to play the Jazz Guitar but also have a deeper and better understanding of the dynamics and basics of guitars.

3. Studios (Start From $100 – $400/month)

Studios are also one of the best ways to learn but they also have certain costs that will increase the burden on your account and you should consider the decision thoroughly based on what goals you have set for your learning journey. You will have to face expenses like commute and getting the right gear, on top of the fees for your studio membership that can be anything between $100 a month to $400 a month for learning the Jazz guitar.

This fee will be worth being paid for as you will learn from the right teacher firsthand who can help you with not only the posture, handling guitar, some picking techniques specialized for the Jazz Guitar but a lot more. You will also be learning in a friendly environment with other students around your place that will help you playing along with them and practicing the right way. You will also be learning from other students by sharing your experiences and taking guidance from them while you practice.

4. Online Private Tutors (Start From $30 – $50/hour)

There are plenty of good websites out there on the internet, that can help you find private tutors online. These online tutors are simply the best way to learn any skill of your choice that you might want with the Jazz Guitar because you can get the right learning edge and the luxury of having a personalized curriculum that is focused on your goals.

Online tutors range from $30-$50 an hour on average but you can find some of the most famous jazz guitar players giving out online guidance as well and their time might cost you a bit more than that.

Other than this, you don’t have to spend anything but to get a Jazz guitar for practicing and some internet expenses. The best thing is that you will only pay for the time that you will spend learning so it might be the most cost-efficient method for you if you are looking to make the switch to jazz guitar from any other genre and you are confident that you can easily do it in a few hours.

The Bottom Line

While Jazz Guitar is a highly skilled thing to be learning and requires great precision, you can expect a bit high costs than the other musical instruments and genres. All these methods are equally good with the learning and it all depends on your choice and needs, as which method you can choose.


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