4 Best Ways To Learn Jazz Guitar

Best Ways To Learn Jazz Guitar
Best Ways To Learn Jazz Guitar

Guitar is probably the most famous instrument around the world and you can see it being played in most major cultures around the globe. There are multiple genres that include guitar as their main component and it is not easy for you to understand on your own to play guitar for a different genre.

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Jazz guitar is basically an electric guitar that is used for multiple genres of music including jazz. The jazz guitar allows you to have the right crisp sounds that you need to play over an electric guitar for EDM or any other jazz genre like tracks, solo performances, or band music.

There are multiple factors involved with playing a jazz guitar such as chord shapes, scales, and standard tunes that might make it hard for you to learn and understand jazz guitar. Although, if you are looking to have the right skillset developed by playing the jazz guitar and are looking for ways to learn it, the following can help you greatly.

Best Ways To Learn Jazz Guitar

1. Online Jazz Guitar Lessons

We are living in a dynamic world where everything is online and learning has gained the right advantages from this technical advancement, making the process more convenient, simpler, and easy to follow for students. There are hundreds of jazz guitar lessons online for you to choose from, but a few best options that you would simply love are as below.

Jazz Guitar with Dave Stryker

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Dave Stryker is the legend who started his journey with acoustic guitars but moved to the electric guitar to pursue his passion for EDM and jazz Guitar. In this definitive jazz guitar course by him, you get to enjoy the perfect learning experience with having in-depth reviews and insight on guitar instructions, tablature, backing tracks, play-along tracks, and a lot more. You can learn all the skills that you are ever going to need to master jazz guitar with great ease and that is simply the best thing you can get over the internet.

The narrative on this course is designed keeping a diverse range of skill levels and students in perspective and you will be enjoying the perfect learning edge, no matter what skill level you are at with the jazz Guitar.

Moreover, the course lets you get your hands around Gritty jazz styles, breakdown of jazz standards, and some ultimate lessons on all these topics that can change your perspective about playing jazz guitar and you can learn it in a whole new and effective manner with all the latest techniques that he has refined over his years of jazz guitar playing experience.

You will also be learning some of the best jazz comping lessons with the help of guitar warm-up exercises that might be just the thing that you need to play jazz guitar confidently in front of any sort of audience and make your way to the top.

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Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar with Martin Taylor

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Now, fingerstyle jazz guitar is different than learning the regular jazz guitar and those courses focused on EDM might not be the right thing for you to learn if you are looking for something extra to get your hands on the right fingerstyle playback style on an electric guitar.

This course by Martin Taylor allows you to combine the electric guitar playing skills with the melodic approach to play jazz guitar in just the perfect way that would allow you to learn and perform with any sort of melodic performance that you might need. The course has several jazz standard lessons on it that allow you to dive deep into the world of fingerstyle jazz guitar and learn how you can maintain the right posture, finger position, and all the necessary, basic aspects that you need to know.

With the help of this great course, you will get the right insight on tips for accompanying singers and become the lead guitarist for any band. You will also get access to hundreds of play-along tracks in the course resources, allowing you to have the right practice experience and you will be able to sync along with any sort of jazz song that is being played around you without having any sort of issues or hesitance at all. This would be the perfect choice for you to learn from the legend of the modern guitar world and unlock the key to your playing.

Obviously, you get those convenient installment options to pay for the course, allowing you to not put too much strain on your account either and not break your bank. You can also get unlimited access to the course videos and all the lessons to ensure that you can study at your own convenient schedule and also have the chance to revise anytime you feel like it.

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Jazz Improv Guitar with Chuck Loeb

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Jazz improv guitar lessons might not be the right choice for you if you are an absolute beginner but for all those who have the skills for playing an electric guitar and want to improvise their techniques with jazz guitar, this is the best thing that they can get online. This is basically a course taught by Chuck Loeb, specially designed for intermediate level electric guitar players to take their playing game to the next level and for them to have the right confidence to step into the world of advanced level jazz guitar playing and play in front of any audience they intend to.

The course has some great lessons that allow you to learn using multiple music modes for your own convenience and a better level of understanding. You will also get to enjoy the learning edge of the 6 best positions for your hand placement to get the full advantage of an electric guitar and play it to the best of your abilities.

Moving forward, Chuck Loeb gave great help for ear-training exercises, allowing you to learn and understand how you can play by ear and sync with any sort of music or melody that is being played with a band or solo.

Since the course is for a higher level of audience and students, the course duration is relatively short and allows you access to video lessons, and music theory workshops where you will not only get the right skills with playing the jazz guitar but also how you can master the theory for music and enhance your overall guitar playing experience.

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Other Learning Methods

Besides online learning and courses, there are also some other methods that are equally efficient depending on the learning style you may prefer and what your needs and intentions are to learn jazz guitar. A few of those options that you might like to consider if you are looking to learn jazz guitar would be shown below.

2. Music Degree

Music is recognized officially as a subject all over the world and there are different music schools and universities that allow you to pursue your career in the field that you passionate about and not only learn music but earn a degree in music as well. So, if you would like to pursue your professional career with music and not want to learn it for just some extra hobby, it would be the perfect choice for you.

You can get enrolled with their online programs or you can choose in-campus classes according to your convenience, but you must know that you will need to be tight on their schedule and it is similar to attending any other regular degree program

On the brighter side, you will be studying the deeper theory of music and learn what it takes to be playing jazz guitar. You can also have a specialization with jazz guitar allowing you to learn how you can play it like a pro without any issues or hesitations with your playing experience at all.

3. Music Studios

If you don’t care about having a degree much and want to learn whatever it takes to be playing jazz guitar and a music studio would be the most perfect option for you. While a degree would be focusing on both the theory and practical knowledge with diversification on the subject, you can join any music studio that is convenient for you to learn the right practical skills and knowledge required to be playing the jazz guitar without having any sort of issues with that.

You will be surrounded by a number of other students who are learning the same instrument so you can share your experiences with each other and grow together. Having the right contacts, environment, and access to all those resources would be a great thing for you to learn to play the jazz guitar conveniently and you can ensure that you are moving towards your goal rapidly.

4. Private Tutors

Private tutors are another great way for you to learn the jazz guitar if you are feeling like you need a dedicated approach with the goals you have set for your learning journey and you are falling behind with any other sort of learning method. Also, if you are not comfortable with the schedule of a music school or studio, then having a private tutor is your best bet at learning the jazz guitar.

You will not only be enjoying the perfectly balanced and dedicated attention and guidance from the teacher but having a private tutor will also ensure that you don’t have to face any hurdles as you can ask any questions that might be popping into your mind right away and have them answered by the tutor right away.

Having a private tutor means that you will have a companion with you for practicing, playing jazz guitar, and pointing your mistakes in real-time if you make any. So, if you can afford to have a private tutor, it would be the second-best method for you to learn jazz guitar.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the best methods that you can get to learn how to play jazz guitar with the right skillset and proficiency. You just have to make an effective decision based on the needs and goals you might have and choose the learning method that would fit your schedule perfectly. Nothing is achievable in one go, so stick to the learning process and you will eventually be playing jazz guitar like a pro.

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