How Much Do French Horn Lessons Cost (Average & Private French Horn Lessons Cost)

How Much Do French Horn Lessons Cost
How Much Do French Horn Lessons Cost

French Horn is a brass instrument that originated from eastern Europe during the reign of the Roman Empire but the exact date is still unsure even in the modern days. The instrument goes a long way beyond modern history or anything that we know of today. That’s what makes it something primal and luxurious. It is basically made of tubing wrapped into a coil with a flared bell.

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There are multiple patterns on the horn that make those tunes when you blow into the mouthpiece on your French horn. Moving forward, there are also some buttons attached to compress and release the air inside the French horn so you can control those tones and make it worth your while.

If you are concerned about the costs, then you must understand this factor first that it is not cheap to get the French Horn in the first place. A French horn usually starts from $1500 to $3500 at the beginner level and the advanced level bagpipes go all the way up to $4500 and more.

So, if you are looking to buy one, you will have to keep this price bracket in mind. That would make it something that not all the students can afford and you should be choosing the learning methods according to that.

How Much Do French Horn Lessons Cost

1. Online French Horn Lessons

Online French horn lessons are a great way to learn the French horn as they will be highly affordable for you and since you have to bear the cost of buying a French horn as well, this should suit you perfectly. Moreover, you don’t have to move the French horn back and forth as you will be learning it online and you can practice it in your free time at your home as well.

French Horn with William Caballero

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Well, Artistworks is one of the most authentic platforms in the world of e-learning especially when it comes to music.

This course on the French horn with William Caballero is a quick guide that will help you learn to play the French horn in no time at all. This can be an excellent choice for those fast learners who want to get the best learning edge for themselves. It can also be a great supplementing choice for French horn players who want to polish their skills. The course mainly focuses on French horn Aptitude and techniques, while allowing you to learn solo repertoire and orchestral excerpts along with it.

Keeping it in perspective that you must have already spent a fortune on buying a French horn for practicing. The cost for this one-month plan is comparatively lower than any other course or plan that you might be able to find on the internet. You will only have to pay $29 for this course and you can get the learning experience of a lifetime on this website.

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2. Join a Music Studio (Start From $150 – $300/month)

Keeping in mind the cost of having to buy a French horn, it might be absurd and too pricey for anyone to learn it alone. Well, for most students, the cost of a French horn is too high and that allows you to have an opportunity with the music studios. These music studios will be having French horns that students can share and that will make the best of your experience. With all that in the perspective, you just have to start learning from a music studio if you can find one and that will help you greatly.

With the costs for buying a French Horn out of the equation, you will only be paying the monthly fee for the music studio that can range anywhere between $150-$300. The cost for the French horn might be higher than other instruments as the studios have to bear expenses and those tutors that have proficiency over the French Horn might not be as common as you can find a guitarist.

3. Orchestra (Start From $200 – $350/fee)

This might not be the perfect thing for an absolute beginner who is starting from very scratch but anyone who has the basic knowledge of French Horn and playing skills can join an Orchestra around them to enhance the skills and polish them up.

With an orchestra, you will be able to take your skills all the way up to perfection, making them precise and you will be practicing how to play all these tunes with some of the top musicians. You will be learning to play along with orchestra as well as solo and that will be simply the best learning edge one can get.

Coming to the costs, you will have to bear the transportation costs to any orchestra as that is something inevitable. Rest is unsure and sometimes you might be able to join them for free. Or at times, their fees can range from anywhere between $200-$350 a month depending on the location you are at, and what orchestra you are joining. You might be able to cut down the cost of buying a French horn as an orchestra must have one, but you can never be sure about it.

4. Online Private Tutor (Start From $40 – $80/hour)

Well, if you can bear the cost of buying a French horn for learning and you are truly enthusiastic about learning how to play it. Then you should definitely go for an online private tutor. The reason for preferring a tutor online to learn French horn is that there are not many French horn players around the world and only a handful of them have the perfection over it that one might be looking for in their mentor.

So, you should be definitely consider getting an online private tutor of your choice to learn the French horn. You must understand that a private online tutor for French horn can charge you between $40-$80 an hour, but that will all be worth each penny being paid for.

The Bottom Line

French horn is an instrument that is not commonly seen and that makes these skills that are required to play the French horn highly specific. There are very few artists across the globe who can help you with the learning process and the right people will obviously cost you a bit more. So, make the decision after due consideration and that will help you get it sorted out.

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