How Hard Is It to Learn Drum? (Beginners’ Challenges and Useful Tips)

How Hard Is It To Learn Drum

How Hard Is It To Learn Drum

While guitar players seem to get most of the attention in a band, but it is the drummer that is actually the anchor when it comes to the music being played. Nothing compares to thrill of a driving, thumping sound of a drum solo. If this excites you, then you should consider learning how to play the drums for yourself.

The purpose of this article is to provide useful information to help beginners those interested in learning how to play the drum. We start out by describing the more common challenges that a newbie drummer would likely be faced with. Then we add some helpful tips on ways that a beginner can get started on their way to learning how to play the drums.

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How Hard Is It to Learn Drum?

Beginners’ Challenges and Useful Tips

  • Not able to move fast enough

One of the keys to be a really good drummer is the speed and coordination of your wrists and ankles. As a beginner, it may seem a daunting thing to learn, but with a lot of practice, it will become easier. One of the reasons why speed and coordination are so important is because transitions are a big part of being a successful drummer, and both speed and great coordination are needed for good transitions.

  • Hard to get the hang of reading sheet music

Just like with any other musical instrument, it is important to be able to read sheet music when you are learning to play the drums. One of the best ways to overcome any shortcomings when it comes to reading sheet music is to find a way to make it easier. One way that we discovered that you could try is to highlight every other line of sheet music. This can train your eyes to focus more quickly on the important lines of music.

  • Hard to be consistent with the speed of play

In the beginning, it is really hard for most people who are new to the drums to be consistent with how fast they have to be. While with practice, anyone should be able to get better with their consistency. However, there is a device that is designed to help you improve your pace and that is called a metronome.

  • Cannot find time for the necessary lessons

One of the truly difficult challenges a new person who is trying to learn that drums can face is not being able to find the time for learning. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to learn to play the drums if you are unable to set aside the necessary time it will take to do all of the lessons. Once you realize that you truly need to figure out how to make the time if you really want to learn to play the drums.

4 Methods For Learning How To Play The Drum For Beginners

Jazz Drum with Peter Erskine

When it comes to methods for learning how to play a musical instrument like the drums, one of the best ways is to emulate someone who is a successful drummer in his one right. Fortunately, there is an Internet website that is dedicated to making that possible. A website called, on this website, a member is able to search the massive library of video-based music lessons from hundreds of the top musicians in the music industry.

One of those professional musicians is jazz drummer Peter Erskine that a person who can find hundreds of helps drum lessons that he has created. Some lessons cover everything having to do with learning how to play the drums, including stuff for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. All the lessons are really easy to watch. The only requirements are you have to be a paid member and have a reliable Internet connection.

2) Udemy Drum Online Lesson


Another very popular way to learn how to play a musical instrument like drum is a website called What makes has to offer is that the video-based training courses are set up similar to what you would find at an adult education center. The website has a massive library filled with courses that covers a wide range of topics.

By typing the words “learning how to play the drums” in the search box, you will be shown hundreds of different courses that match your search parameters. Each of the courses features dozens of video-based lessons that cover everything you will need to know about getting started with the drums. As a student, you have full access to all the course material 24/7 as long as you have a reliable Internet connection. The courses are all taught by well-respected instructors that are considered subject matter experts with the instrument of their choice.

3) How-To videos on YouTube

The absolute most popular way for people all over the world to learn how to do anything that they are interested in wanting to do is by watching How-To videos online. One of the most popular websites where people go to find these videos in a site called

The website is a completely free resource that anyone can go to as long as they have reliable Internet access and a computer or mobile device. The massive database has billions of videos, and it continues to grow every day. It is really easy to find the videos that you are looking for by typing “learn to play the drum” in the search box, and you get search results with thumbnail pictures of the hundreds of videos that fit your keywords since the website is totally free and likely to be the least expensive of the methods used to learn how to play the guitar.

4) One on One Tutor online

One on one tutoring is one of the oldest methods for learning how to play a musical instrument like drums. People have been using tutors for learning since it is one of the easiest ways to get help playing. Having a professional drummer to show you how to get started with the drums is a great way to get started.

Today’s one on one online tutors take advantage of today’s digital technology harnesses the power of the Internet and video chat technology called Skype and cellphone technology on an Apple smartphone called Facetime. These video chat technologies make it really easy for a person to be virtually sitting next to a professional drummer and learning how to play.

The Difficulty and Hardness of Learning Drum

The drums are one of the most unique of all the musical instruments in that a drum kit is made up of several different parts, and each one is played independently. However, the sum of all the parts is far more superior to anyone of individual parts. We hope that all the information that we have included in this article makes it really easy for you to get the most out of it. We included somethings that can be a challenge for a newbie. We also have information about how to go about learning how to get started.

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