ArtistWorks Peter Erskine Jazz Drum Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks Peter Erskine Drum Lesson Review

ArtistWorks Peter Erskine Drum Lesson Review

Looking for the best jazz drum lessons online? Well, you are not alone. In a pool of so many jazz drum lessons promising to deliver the best results, finding an online lesson that both suits you and is affordable is easier said than done. Thankfully, Grammy award-winning drummer Peter Erskine has compiled a comprehensive library of videos for students willing to learn jazz drum lessons online.

These online jazz drum lesson with Peter are even better than private ones. Not only do students get to learn at a pace that is preferable and suitable to them, but Peter and the entire ArtistWorks Platform have gone to great lengths to make it easy for students to sign up and receive constructive criticism from Peter himself through the Video Exchange Learning feature.

These lessons with Peter are easy to navigate and the videos are constantly being updated with new learning materials and techniques for students to pick up. The intention of these lessons is to provide interested students with a foundational background so that their jazz drum playing can not only progress but also become more fun.

These online lessons with Peter are ideal for students of all levels whether they are looking to advance their skillset or simply interested in reigniting a lost or shelved passion.

ArtistWorks Jazz Drums Lesson Online with Peter Erskine Review

ArtistWorks Peter Erskine

Peter Erskine joins the ranks of many great instructors on the ArtistWorks program. This critically acclaimed jazz drummer has been voted the best drummer of the year for more than 10 years by fans and readers of the Modern Drummer Magazine. With more than 600 recordings under his belt, Erskine has worked alongside some of the best musicians in the business including Joni Mitchell, Stan Kenton, Steely Dan, and a host of other globally recognized talents.

As well as being a paid performer and musician, Erskine is also a well-respected teacher and instructor. He has been teaching for more than 10 years and has even authored a number of books. Anyone that signs up for jazz drums lessons online with Peter Erskine will benefit from his professional and teaching experience as he is one of the most highly sought-after jazz drummers there is today.

Student Experience

Music technology has come a very long way and this is evident with Peter Erskine’s online jazz drum lessons. These lessons have been designed with all players of all levels in mind from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Through the video presentations and the video exchange features, anyone that signs up can elevate their game to become a respected drummer and an authority in their chosen genre.

The lessons are very comprehensive and varied and students will attain value from them as soon as they sign up. Aside from the unique Video exchange feature that enables students to submit videos for review by Erskine, those that have signed up also get the rare opportunity to enjoy video submissions by other students. The active community of jazz drummers in Peter Erskine student network is also a perk of signing up for the online lessons.

The Curriculum

As you already may already know by now, these online lessons will be delivered by an award-winning instructor. The online course itself has been divided into three categories namely the three-month, 6 month and 12-month plans. Each of the plans has different features but you can be guaranteed that they will deliver value for your money.

Beginners will benefit from signing up because the initial lessons are all about covering the basics from learning how to rise the cymbal to learning how to create your personalized and unique sound. Peter goes into great details when he covers the concepts and the techniques but he does so in an approach that is easy to follow and understand.

For players in the intermediate levels, students will be taken through components of learning such as independence, coordination, and composition. There is also something for advanced players that are interested in elevating their soloing potential or learning how to play behind a vocalist.

As a matter of fact, Peter Erskine really digs into the lessons and gives it his all when it comes to the advanced lessons. Any professional that has lost sight of his or her objective should sign up and revisit various techniques like odd time signatures. By doing so, they can then start to become better drummers.



  1. Students will be introduced to slow motion isolations as well as looping techniques that make it easy to learn how to play
  2. The Video Exchange platform allows students to submit practice videos so that Peter can offer expert assistance and critique
  3. Students can access a community that is made up of thousands of students that are also learning from Peter Erskine


  • Hundreds of video lessons are available for anyone that signs up
  • The lessons cover all levels of drumming which is ideal for anyone interested in freshening up their skills
  • The pleasure of learning from one of the best drummers in the world
  • Great value for your investment especially if you are considering signing up for the 12-month subscription course


  • The various plans come with limited submissions for the video exchange feature
  • You can only get real value if you sign up for the longer courses

All in all

All in all, these online jazz drum lessons with Peter Erskine will offer students a lifetime of professional knowledge that will save both time and money. Everything that is delivered by Peter is done so in a logical manner and the steps are progressive so that your skills improve with each stage. Definitely worth signing up!


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