3 Best Ways To Learn Cello

Best Ways To Learn Cello
Best Ways To Learn Cello

Cello is one of the most ancient instruments that go well beyond the 16th century and is loved widely in the East European region particularly Italy.

Italy being the hub of fashion, art, and music in the era of the roman empire has some great marvels to thank for and the cello is one such option that allows you to have the perfect nostalgic feeling of the era. It is basically a bowed string instrument that is originated from the violin itself and is know as Violencello.

Since this instrument comes with four strings tuned in perfect fifths, it is not an easy task to play the instrument perfectly and you need to have certain skills and a better command overall that it has to offer. Hence, you need to get the right guidance by playing the cello.

Best Ways To Learn Cello

1. Online Cello Lessons

Online learning has stepped a great deal and this is one of the perfect ways to learn any musical instrument at the comfort of your own home with the right schedule that you might be feasible with. So, if you are looking to learn cello lessons online, the best course for you to get on would be as below.

Cello with Mike Block

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Mike Block has decades of experience playing cello and he has used all the refined techniques that he has mastered over the years to create this highly immersive course that will allow you to dive deep into the world of cello and you can get the right advantage of learning from an experienced teacher. Mike has not only experience playing the cello, but he is known to be one of the very best teachers that can help you learn how to play the cello with perfection.

The factor that truly sets these lessons apart from any other online option is that there are tons of different styles that you can learn from a true virtuoso and take your learning journey to the next level. If you are seeking perfection and settle for nothing less than these lessons are just the thing that you need to achieve that level of proficiency over cello.

In addition, you get unlimited access to the video library and lessons so you can come back anytime to revise whatever you think you might have missed or need to revise. You can also access these lessons anytime you want so you can create your own convenient schedule for learning the instrument.

The course also contains artistworks.com features that are a part of every video lesson like slow motion and looping option on the video so you will not have any trouble following the instructions and making it work for you. Mike Block will also be reviewing 5 video submissions from you and give you his feedback for you to improvise any part that you might be lacking at.

This course is a good choice for anyone who is looking to start from the beginner level and move all the way to be an expert and proficient over all the skills required to play the cello and perform anywhere, in front of all sorts of audience such as your friends or family over a party or even some other event.

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Some Other Learning Methods

There are some other learning methods as well that might not be as efficient as online learning, but they can help you learn playing the cello if you think they suit you better. A few other learning methods that you can choose from are shown below.

2. Books

Since the cello is an instrument that has seen several centuries of evolution and has outlived all those years, you can get your hands on literature to ensure that you are getting the right, authentic sense of cello if you have a thing for it. While there are some teachers and online courses that follow authentic and ancient techniques, but that might not be the perfect choice for you since every course might have a personalized touch of the trainer on it.

You can find hundreds of books written on the cello that will allow you to understand the deeper perspective and more detailed information on the instrument. You can get the history, how it has changed, different playing styles of cello, and a lot more with the help of these books. The books also have playing instructions for you to practice along with them and learn to achieve perfection with the instrument.

So, if you have a thing for self-teaching and you think that you have the basic concepts and knowledge of music that can help you understanding and learning how to play the cello with books, you can choose that. The method is perfectly practical and a great choice but a bit advanced and not recommended for beginners with music or cello.

3. Private Tutor

Cello is an instrument with one of the most unique playing styles. It is not played like a violin at your shoulder but needs to be placed by your torso and you need to maintain the perfect posture there to achieve the right skills with the cello. So, a personal tutor is the best thing that you can have to learn cello if you are not tight on the budget as it might cost you a bit more than other learning methods that you can choose.

Well, nothing that is good comes without its own price, and if you don’t mind spending a bit more, having a private tutor is the right thing that you need to go with if you feel like online learning is not working out for you and you need a bit of personalized guidance.

A private tutor cannot only help you learn the right posture with the cello, but you can have undiverted attention during your learning sessions and you can learn all the skills that you need with precision to play the cello like a pro. You also can schedule the place and time that suits you both best and that way, you can learn all the skills with your comfort and convenience.

Another significant perk that learning cello from a private teacher allows you to have is that you can learn whatever you want to. You don’t have to skim through the lessons to get to your required skill level or waste time with unnecessary chapters and you can get to the part where you need to be. Most importantly, you can have a more goal-oriented approach towards learning and you can focus on the goals that you have set for your online learning journey and achieve every milestone with precision.

The Bottom Line

Cello learning is one of the most complicated things to achieve since the instrument requires great learning skills and precision so it will not be an easy task to do justice with the instrument given its historical importance over the cultural heritage.

But these learning methods can help you achieve your goals and you can start playing Cello in no time at all with these learning methods. All you need to do is choose a learning method that suits you perfectly and start learning through small steps and you will eventually be playing the cello like a pro.


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