16 Websites to Learn Cello Lesson Online (Free and Paid Cello Courses)

Learn Cello Lesson Online, Free and Paid Cello Courses

Learn Cello Lesson Online, Free and Paid Cello Courses

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Music has been a huge part of the culture in every part of the world for centuries. While the musical instruments that have been used to create the music have evolved over the years. The desire to learn how to play them has only gotten stronger. Though most people who are interested in learning how to play a cello figure out that they really need to get started early in life.

Fortunately, there is a convenient way for anyone, regardless of their age to be able to pick up the cello and master this amazing musical instrument without having to have any previous musical training. This method is called online learning and it is a growing trend among older people. Like any other form of online learning, cello lessons on the Internet seems so natural.

The online learning is a self-paced format that is taught via a series of downloadable or streaming video directly from an online library. Each of the lessons mimics the way that a music teacher would teach a class full of students the same lesson. The big difference is that because it is a video you can stop, pause and restart the video just in case there is a part that you need a bit of time to get the hang up it.

16 Websites to Learn Cello Lesson Online Reviews

1) Artistworks - Cello Lessons Online with Mike Block

artistworks learn cello online

ArtistWorks.com is a website dedicated to teaching people how to play the cello. The website featured Mike Block who is a classically taught cellist who was holding a master’s degree from Julliard School of Music.

Along with playing the cello, he is an experienced composer as well. His unique style of standing while playing cello has earned him a lot of recognition and many accolades.

Mike’s training consists of a well-stocked library of hundreds of lessons on video. Each lesson is broken down into specific topics and the video is the perfect way to learn how to play cello at your own pace.

The way it is set up you do not have to have any experience to get started and regardless of your training level, you will easily find some helpful information that will help you get the most out of each lesson.

Cello Lessons Online with Mike Block offers a unique opportunity in that he allows his students to make their own videos of their playing and he offers to critique the video and give them tips and recommendations based on what he sees on the video. The website shows three different membership plans that a person can sign up for; 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month memberships.

2) Cello Academy

cello-academy learn cello online

The Cello Academy with Hans Zentgraf is a totally online concept that was established to offer people the ability to learn how to play the cello without having to leave your own living room. The cello is a unique string instrument that can be found in a wide range of music genres beyond your typical classical orchestra. The unique sound of the cello is one of the biggest draws and that is why so many people have decided to take it later in life.

The Cello Academy is a membership only website and all paid members have full access to all of the lessons on video which are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Each of the videos is approximately 15-minutes in length. The system is designed to be a good fit no matter what level you are, beginner, intermediate or even advanced will likely find the videos extremely helpful.

The Cello Academy is perfect for the person who is looking to take up the cello but does not have the money to pay for expensive lessons from a professional teacher. Everything that is on the Cello Academy website is totally free and all members can download the content and use it without having to pay a dime.

3) Olga Redkina Online Cello Lessons

olgaredkina learn cello online

The Olga Redkina Online Cello Lessons is a website dedicated to teaching people how to play the cello. Regardless of what your skill level, the online system that was established by Olga Redkina was designed to have something offer you. It was designed to help teach people who want to take up playing the cello but who do not have the time to find a professional instructor to teach them in their studio or home.

The Olga Redkina Online Cello Lessons system is designed to be a self-paced, lessons of video membership site. An online teaching system sets itself apart from a traditional teaching in that each of the lessons is pre-recorded on video so that you can watch the video instead of being lectured to for hours at a time. The online training course is broken down into four different parts to make it easier to learn.

All paid members have full access to each and every lesson on video in the extensive training course. All of the courses are prepared by the world-renowned Olga Redkina and you can definitely get a sense of her dedication to her craft and to those who are interested in learning how to play the cello.

4) String Lessons Online

stringslessons learn cello online

The cello is part of the string family of instruments and with more and more people discovering the cello since it is a unique experience and also a very fast growing instrument of choice.

While most people usually prefer to find a traditional, local musician that would be interested in teaching them how to get started. However, an online training resource is the perfect way for people who lead a very busy lifestyle.

The String Lessons Online is an amazing resource that has an extensive amount of lessons on video. Each of the videos is pre-recorded lessons and cover a wide range of topics that cover a wide of useful knowledge.

The site is set up as a directory-style website that offers a number of different links to both chats about the cello and cello lesson plans. Everything on the website is totally free and it offers the visitor a wide range of different pre-recorded videos that can be watched at any time.

5) Cello Online

celloonline learn cello online

Celloonline.com is a website that was created to offer the visitor free to use information on the cello. It contains dozens of “How to” links to pages filled with plenty of useful information that anyone can use to learn everything there is to know about the cello. All pages are easy to read with clear, concise step by step instructions with illustrations when necessary.

The website is broken down into 6 different categories that make it really easy to find all of the information that you are looking for. Each of the 6 categories has a number of topics that fit in with the category and are listed under each of the corresponding categories. Each of the categories contains several links to individual pages that contain the content for the specific topics.

The categories cover things like, how to position the cello to finger the string which is perfect for the beginner. It also covers things like using the bow correctly, to how to rosin, tuning your cello. There is a page on finding a teacher if you so choose to still want to learn from a live teacher. There is an extensive section on learning music theory. This covers things like learning how to read sheet music, measures, and rhythm as they all pertain to the cello.

6) Natasha Jaffe – Private Lessons

natashajaffe learn cello online

Natashajaffe.com is a website designed to offer the visitor private online lessons on how to play the cello. The instructor is based in Berlin, Germany and she offers classical cello lessons over Skype to each of her online students. She teaches primarily in English and German, but she does offer to hold lessons in French, Spanish, as well as Portuguese.

The online lessons are available to anyone that has access to a webcam, headset with microphone and reliable Internet access, as all lessons are held using Skype. Natasha Jaffe offers three different packages that can be purchased directly from the website; Trial (only can order once), Single Online Lesson and Online Lesson 4 Pack. Each of the three packages is available for a nominal charge depending on which one you choose.

During the online sessions, Natasha Jaffe teaches classical cello, as she feels that it helps the student to get a feel for the deep history of the cello. With the mastery of the cello following the classical style, any student should be able to then transition over to the specific genre of music they wish to ultimately play using the cello. She is able to help students on all skill levels from beginners, to intermediate and advanced students as well.

7) Cello Dreaming

cellodreaming learn cello online

Cellodreaming.com.au is a website created by cellist Louise King and she offers a wide range of online classes and workshops for students of all skill levels and age groups. The online classes are all held via Skype and require you to have a webcam, headset with microphone and access to a reliable Internet to be able to take part in any of the online classes.

Louise King is an internationally trained cellist and while she is based in Australia, she has a worldwide reputation for her skills as a cellist. Through her many classes, she shares her love for music and especially the instrument that she loves and cherishes, the cello. While one on one teaching is ultimately preferred, sometimes that is not possible, but thanks to the Internet, Louise is able to share her knowledge with the world.

She offers three different Skype session which varies in length from 30-60 minutes for a nominal charge. Regardless of your skill level, whether you are a beginner or even an advanced cellist, you will be able to gain some valuable experience spending time with Louise King. She even offers professional development sessions for teachers who are looking for some ideas when it comes to teaching their own students.

8) Cellobello

cellobello learn cello online

Cellobello.com is a unique website that brings together a collection of several cellists who has a singular goal of helping anyone looking to either learn how to play the cello or improve on their playing skills. It is a totally free resource that anyone with a computer and Internet access has full access to all of what the website has to offer. There is no limit to what you can use the resources for and it is all totally free.

Each of the lessons is taught via embedded videos on each page and each of the instructors on the videos are all accomplished cellists who give of themselves to help everyone gain the enjoyment that they experience from playing the cello. Regardless of your skill level, you are likely to find lessons that will help you with whatever you feel that you are lacking.

Cellobello.com was founded by Paul Katz and he has put together a unique concept in that everyone has full access without having spent a dime to get access to such a collection of valuable lessons on playing the cello. You do not need any special computer skills since all of the videos are on the site and do not require you to download anything.

9) Master the Cello

masterthecello learn cello online

Masterthecello.com is a website that is dedicated to teaching the cello to the masses. The website was founded by a man named Byron Duckwall and he is an accomplished cellist with more than 30 years of experience. His teachings focus on the Dounis method, which was developed by D.C. Dounis many years ago.

The website features more than 50 video streams that do require you to sign up for a separate Vimeo account in order to get the player for the video streams. This is not part of your website subscription and you must have the Vimeo account set up first. You can also sign up for one on one Skype lessons with Byron Duckwall on the website. Each online lesson will be 60 minutes in length for a nominal charge.

The one on one lessons are set up at three different level’s; New Students, Professional Cellist or Teachers and Masterclass. Each one level has its own unique offering and pricing. You are likely to find whatever you are needing when it comes to learning how to play the cello at Masterthecello.com.

10) LessonFace

lessonface learn cello online

The lessonface.com is a place where anyone can go to when looking for an online teacher for learning how to play the cello. Each of the teachers who are listed on the site has been fully vetted and background checked before they are added to the directory. The website lists how much each session will cost you and you are able to book your online sessions directly from the website.

Each of the listed cello teachers set up a profile page so that you can get to know them a little bit before you are ready to make your choice. There are some reviews of the teachers that were left by previous students that happen to use themselves. Depending on the rating of the teachers by the students a teacher could receive a special button like “Student Favorite” or “Popular”.

The cost of each online lesson will depend on how much each individual teacher chooses to charge for their individual time. When you go to the website there is a picture and profile for each of the teachers and you have the option to try any of them that you want to.

11) Take lessons

takelessons learn cello online

Takelessons.com is an online resource that lists all of the local cello teachers in your local area that are part of their service. From the website, you can select and book your online video call lesson with the teaching of your choice.

Depending on the area you live there could be hundreds of cello teachers who are available to teach you to play the cello wherever you have access to the Internet. Depending on your budget, you are sure to find one of the teachers that fit in with what you can afford.

Each of the teachers listed includes a picture of the teacher, star rating based on reviews left by previous students who used them. Each listing displays how much they charge for each 30-min session. All payments are handled by the website and are required at the time of your booking of the session time.

Each of the teachers brings their own unique skill set and style of teaching the cello and this creates an interesting dynamic for the student to be able to get a varied learning environment as compared to only learning from a single instructor in a studio or their own home. Online lessons can be considerably cheaper than a life lesson.

12) Preply

preply learn cello online

Preply.com is an online tutor resource that offers online cello lessons by an experienced cellist. The website features two highly qualified cellist who offers their teaching services for a nominal charge for each lesson. The website is set up that you can read a brief profile of each of the teachers that are listed under the cello listing. There are pictures of each of the tutors and profile includes a listing of their experience.

You are free to set up a trial lesson with the cello teacher that you feel most comfortable with. The list also includes any reviews that would have been left by previous users of the lessons provided by the teachers listed on the website. Each of the two cello instructors listed on Preply.com has at least 10 years of experience and training on the cello.

The Preply.com website is set up in the way that you can search by a number of different filters in order to find the best cello instructor for your needs. You can even send a message to any of the tutors in order to get any answers to questions that you might have prior to scheduling your first online lesson.

13) Play with Pro – Cello

playwithapro learn cello online

The playwithpro.com website is an online resource that has listings for cello teachers who offer their services online. The service is set up where you can search for an online cello instructor by selecting different filter options in order to find the best possible selections. Once you have narrowed down your search parameters, you are left with a list of all of the teachers on their service that fit in with your criteria.

Each of the listings features a profile page that has a brief biography of their experience and teaching skills. You will also find a list of any reviews that were left by previous students who bought lessons from them in the past. You can book your lesson directly from the profile page if you feel it is acceptable and is ready to go.

The website is set up in a way that makes it really easy to use and the filtering system helps to narrow down the selections to help make the process much quicker. Each of the instructors brings their own unique style of playing and teaching style so you are likely to find one of them that you can work well with.

14) Musika lessons

musikalessons learn cello online

Musikalessons.com is a unique website that offers online cello lessons with instructors that you can learn how to play cello anywhere that you have access to the Internet. The service makes it very easy to get started and it even offers free trial lessons that will not cost you anything if you are not satisfied with the instructor. You would simply find another instructor and request another free trial until you are happy with the instructor.

Once you find a suitable instructor your credit card or debit card will be charged for any future lessons that you book directly with the teacher of your choice. You can find the rates that are charged depending on the area that you live in on the website by putting in your zip code. Musika Lessons was founded by Edward Scott Bradley in New York City, NY back in 2001.

The Musika teaching network features instructors from all over the country and the world. They include people who have been taught in some of the most prestigious schools like Juilliard and Yale just to name a few. Many of the current instructors also are performing as part of the New York and Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestras.

15) Superprof

superprof learn cello online

Superprof.co.uk is an online site that is designed to offer the cello student in the UK with a number of options for finding a suitable online cello teacher. The system is pretty simple to use in that all it needs is the instrument and your zip code and quickly puts together a list of the registered instructors that fit your criteria.

The results page is really easy to read and consists of a picture of each instructor along with a brief biography and the hourly rate that they charge for each lesson.

The way the website is set up a person is able to shop around to find the right cello instructor that appears to fit in with what they are looking for. By clicking on the thumbnail image of the instructor on the search result page you are immediately taken to the full biography page where you can see much more details about the instructor. This includes information about their teaching style an specific genre of music they teach.

The site allows you to book and pay for the lessons with the instructor of your choice directly from the page and it also lists any special packages that might be available at purchase time.

16) Tutorful

tutorful learn cello online

Tutorful.co.uk is an online resource for people in the UK to be able to find cello instructors that can help teach them how to play the cello online. While the traditional method of teaching is one on one in person is highly recommended and preferred by most individuals, there are circumstances that could make that a bit difficult. The online method has been used successfully by thousands of people every day.

Tutorful is a powerful system that allows the visitor to the site to create custom criteria for the search feature to match them with a number of high-quality choices of cello instructors. The search result page brings them a number of thumbnail links on the page and the user can sift through all of the pages until they come across a match.

By clicking on the thumbnail image of the person you are selecting you are brought to the page where you can find out more additional information about the teaching. Once you decide on the user you can simply book a session or more directly from their page. You are able to take advantage of any special discount packages that they may offer.

Choosing the Best Cello Lesson Online

Many people are far too busy to find and go to an instructors studio in order to learn how to play the cello. If you are one of those people who just cannot set aside the time you are in luck.

There is an alternative and it really can be extremely convenient. If you are interested, the online musical tutor websites offer a number of high-quality instructors that are waiting to hear from you.

The website makes it even more convenient for you to find a tutor that fits perfectly with your needs. Each of the websites has powerful search functions that allow you to tailor the search criteria to ensure that you only get the best quality results to choose from.

Once you have the list of tutors you can check out their profile page for a deeper look at their biography. This lists information on their skill level, formal and informal cello training and performing experience. You can keep looking until you feel comfortable with your choice and then make a purchase

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