16 Best Cello Book Reviews 2022 (Best Books to Learn Cello)

Best Cello Book & Best Book to Learn Cello

Best Cello Book & Best Book to Learn Cello

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The cello is a four-stringed musical instrument which belongs to the bass violin family. It is commonly featured in the orchestra where the melodious sounds compliment the music. Cellos are played by creatively bowing the strings to produce the desired tunes. They are tuned in the fifths, but have a lower octave than other musical instruments in the violin family.

Cellos have been used as far back as the Baroque period. Over the years, the versatile use of cellos has made them very popular in the music scene. Experts who have mastered how to play the cello have written simple guides as books. These books are sold online to people who want to learn how to play the cellos at their own pace.

What are the Best Cello Books to Buy?

2) Essential Elements for Strings

  • Interactive Learning
  • Popular Choice
  • Cross-Curriculum
  • Easy for Users To Start

1) Suzuki Cello School

  • Comprehensive
  • Music Theory
  • Fun and Excitement to Cello Training Process
  • Focus and Master

3) Cello Playing for Music Lovers

  • Creatively Written
  • Cover Fundamental Techniques
  • Many Illustrations
  • Many Illustrations

Interested to Learn Cello Online? Check These Websites!

Understanding how to create engaging music with the cello can be attained by studying the instructions in these books. The authors particularly focus on key areas that must be learned by people who need to improve their techniques with the cello.

Some of the online cello books have been packaged with DVDs which contain videos to guide users. After studying the theoretical lessons in the books, students can practice using the play-along songs and instructional guides on the DVDs.

It is also helpful to buy cello books that offer a wide range of orchestra music library. This will give the user a vast exposure to understand the different ways cellos are infused in the orchestra. Many cello books sold online have been developed to help people who want to learn how the musical instrument is played independently.

In this regard, buying cello books for beginners is a good idea. The instructions for beginners can always be referenced at any time during the course. These cello books are usually described as level one, or beginners guide for easy identification.

16 Best Cello Book Reviews

1) Suzuki Cello School

These cello books include a seven series package that covers all you need to know about playing and mastering the cello. The package will be beneficial to cello players at all skill levels. The lessons start from the basics to introduce the beginners. The book covers an extensive part of the related music theory for the cello.

After understanding the music theory, students can proceed to start applying their knowledge and playing songs. The learning materials cover a wide range of songs. There are songs for beginners and more complex songs for the advance cellists. The books have been written in English; the instructional guidelines are also easy to follow.

It is easier to use the CD while practicing songs. Learners will find it easier to practice songs after listening to the demo. The music theory in the book is also a constant reference that can help students while they practice with the songs from the CD.

The simple approach used to explain the notes will help users of this book to focus and master the notes rather than reading the finger numbers while practicing with their cellos. Overall, the lessons are simple, following the instructions and constant practice will help all users improve their techniques.

2) Essential Elements for Strings

The Essential Elements for strings is one of the cello books sold online that incorporates essential elements interactive learning procedures. The content is a mix of music theory and practical exercises which are useful to people who want to teach themselves how to play the cello. The lessons are divided into book one and book two. They start at a beginner’s level which covers essential areas you should know about the cello.

In particular, this book features a cross-curriculum which includes theory, history, and performance monitoring tips. In addition, a CDROM has been included in the package. It contains a vast music library to aid practical training sessions with the cello.

Each practical exercise in this cello book is tagged with an MP3 file. This allows the user to listen to the orchestra that matches the particular exercise they are studying. After purchasing this book, students have access to the EE library via the internet.

There is an extensive archive of learning materials to guide and support the learning process. The instructions in this cello book are written in the English language. They are simple, and easy to follow.

3) Cello Playing for Music Lovers

The cello playing instructions in this book have been creatively written to be easily comprehensible. The author attempts to make it very easy for everyone to learn and become expert cello players. There are specific instructions and examples to ease comprehension while studying the lessons.

The practical aspect has also been enhanced with exercises that help users practice the theoretical information they have gathered from the course. The lessons cover areas such as music theory, postural guidance while playing the cello (how to hold the bow and hand position), learning the notes, how to tune the musical instrument, and playing orchestra. The instructions have been developed based on a beginner’s orientation.

In addition to the book, this learning package for cello players also features a CD which contains ninety-seven tracks. With these tracks, learners can play along while practicing their exercises.

The book also features so many illustrations to give the user a clearer picture of how a cello is played. The lessons are divided into segments to make it easier for users to advance in their lessons and practice.

After understanding the basics for beginners, users can proceed to the more advanced lessons. This book has useful information, and covers a vast area of music; it is suitable for users at all skill levels.

4) The ABC of Cello

The cello lessons presented in this book start from the basics to help beginners understand all about the musical instrument. It is a suitable teaching guide for young children and adults.

The first lessons cover basic areas such as instructions to learn the finger graphs, understanding the scales, practicing simple duets, and learning the notes with the use of worksheets.

Readers can also learn the commonly used cello terms in the music glossary and how to improve practice sessions using the charts. The package includes a CD which contains MP3 and PDF files. There are twenty-nine tracks on the CD to help users develop their ensembles.

The guidelines in the book help beginners to progress from the basic lessons to learn intermediate techniques. The use of accompaniments is a good idea because it encourages users to practice their skills consistently.

The simple guidelines related to playing the cello include precise instructions that help users understand how to perform and master the best hand positions. They can also learn how to increase endurance while bowing.

Overall, the lessons are simple and engaging. The CD is also of a high quality. Hence the content adds value to the users’ experience.

5) Position Pieces for Cellos

This book is specially written for intermediate cello players who need to understand the cello fingerboard better. The lessons follow a simple logical pattern that is easy to understand. The simple lessons featured in this book make it easy for users to have fun while improving their cello playing techniques.

One of the main areas covered include the hand position methods. Everyone who reads this book can learn the best hand positions through special exercises. These exercises are aimed to help users achieve different strategic targets while learning. The lessons also cover areas such as understanding the strings, and notes to produce the best sounds. Users can also find relevant information to help them play the cello in duets.

For the advanced exercises, the instructions in the book provide tips and hints to help users understand how to apply the higher notes. Intermediate cello players who also need to master the ability to sight read the clefs will find the necessary information in the book.

Overall, the exercises are focused on teaching the best hand positions and how users can sustain extensive practice sessions while playing the cello. It is a good guide for everyone who desires to learn how to change positions after mastering the first position. The lessons are easy to understand, and they make the exercises fun.

6) All for Strings

This book has been written for beginners and intermediate learners who wish to improve their cello techniques. The structure of the book follows the pattern of a standard textbook that can also be used by music teachers in the classroom. The content covers all the important areas of related to mastering and playing the cello.

Students who use this book will learn technical cello skills, understanding the rhythm and how to produce quality music while playing the cello. There are tips to guide students in areas such as hand positioning, learning the notes, Posture guidance while using the left-hand techniques, how to read sheet music and playing cello by ear.

The lessons are designed for beginners and intermediate learners. Using the book is quite easy, the author has included pictures and helpful illustrations which make it easier for the users to understand the lessons. The exercises and theory in the book have been developed to be fun and engaging.

Students can also learn how to perform duets, trios, and develop their ensembles while playing the cello. The lessons in the book make it easy for students to master how to play the cello at their own pace.

7) Big Book Disney Songs

This book is for beginners and intermediate cello players who need a vast music library of popular and exciting songs for practice. The content includes a wide range of popular Disney songs that can give you longer hours of practice with the cello.

Parents looking for a music instructional book for children will find this book quite suitable. There are over seventy different Disney songs that many children already know and sing-along.

The familiarity with the songs could encourage younger children to practice more and improve their cello playing skills. The songs also include longer and more complex compositions that advanced cello players will find interesting.

Beginners can start practicing with the simpler songs that feature fewer notes and strings. Over time, through consistent practice, they can improve their skills and start practicing the more complex Disney songs.

An advantage of this book is the wide range of songs that offer the users a variety to practice. It is easier to improve cello skills by playing songs which require different string numbers. The book adds fun and excitement to the cello training process. And everyone can use it satisfactorily.

8) Star Wars Instrumental Solos

This package contains a paper cello training book and a CD that offers the instrumental solos. The outlines of the instrumentals have been clearly defined according to the different star wars movies.

For cello players, the instrumentals for cello feature the scales, and strings as well as other instructions to guide the users. Users will find the accompaniments helpful because the tracks have real sounds similar to the experience in a live theatre. There are also instructions to guide users who would like to play cello duets with other musicians who play different musical instruments.

After studying the book, the musical accompaniment on the CD makes it easy for users to start enjoyable practice sessions. The demo versions of the tracks provide an easy way for the users to practice their favourite songs.

For everyone who wants to teach themselves the star wars instrumental solos, following the instructions and playing along with the CD tracks makes it easier to achieve their goals.

9) Easy Classical Cello Solos

This book contains an amazing collection of classical cello solos. Readers have an opportunity to study the works of some of the world’s best composers such as Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Handel, among others. Cellists who wish to develop their solo repertoires will find the content of this book very helpful.

The instructions are presented as simple lessons that are fun and easy to understand. Everyone who wants to learn how the prolific composers were able to change positions mostly without using sheet music can find tips to achieve this in the book. The lessons also help readers understand how to improve articulation, rhythm and the correct intonation during practice sessions.

Everyone who uses this book can learn at their pace. The songs can be selected one after the other and carefully practiced until they have been mastered. The variety also provides a chance to select their favourite songs.

The author has been able to adopt an approach that encourages the readers to continue practicing without becoming frustrated. It is a good book for cellists at all skill levels.

10) Orchestra Expressions

This book can be described as an organized collection of lessons that can be used for private or group lessons. Teachers will find the resources and content of this book helpful during their classes. The lessons cover the basic aspects of playing the cello. This makes the book a good choice as learning resources for beginners. It also contains many tips and instructions that intermediate cello players will find useful.

The lessons have been created according to the national music standards. Students can learn how to read notes, using the best bowing techniques, and hand positions. The lessons also cover playing from first position and how to switch positions.

Users of this book will read about the history of the orchestra, and learn a significant amount of musical terms used by cellists. In the package, there is a CD which contains audio files to aid users. These audio files can be used during practice sessions to improve play and practice.

Many readers interested in learning more about music theory regarding the cello will find a vast number of helpful materials in this book. The music theory part makes the book a useful reference book for the advanced cellists.

11) The Big Book of Cello Songs

People who need a book that contains a large collection of cello songs will find this book helpful. The songs have been categorised to enable beginners to find simple songs to start their lessons. There are also more complex songs which require more expertise. These songs are for the intermediate and advanced players.

The book also features clearly stated cello playing instructions and guidelines. These instructions cover a wide range of topics such as learning the notes and scales, understanding how to use the bow, hand position, and simple tips to enjoy practice sessions.

The learning instructions in this book follow a friendly approach to give users a good experience. It will also be helpful to users who need a wide range of rhythms to practice and improve their cello playing techniques. Many people will also enjoy using this book because it contains popular songs that they may already know and enjoy.

Some of the songs have been written in the first position. While many of the exercises can be played on the A and D strings. It is a good book for beginners and intermediate cello players.

12) New Directions for String Cello

Cello players at all skill levels who need to learn professional ways of developing better ensembles will find this book helpful. It features instructions, tips, and techniques described by a team of professional music teachers who are knowledgeable of string instruments. The package also includes CDs which contain tracks to aid practical training sessions.

The lessons in this book include instructions to improve left-hand techniques, hand position guides, and how to develop and explore different opportunities to create the best ensembles like a professional. Using the book is easy, the lessons are supported by colourful pictures and illustrations that help readers understand the lessons.

This book will also be helpful to teachers. It contains instructional resources about the cello that can introduce beginners to the musical instrument. The collection of songs in the CDs is also engaging and easy to practice with the cello. The book also presents a simple guide to help beginners start bowing.

The bowing lessons follow a structure that helps students continue a constant practice and eventually master the professional bowing techniques. The lessons are simple and easy to follow. It is also a good book for people who want to learn how to play the cello independently.

13) String Basics

This paperback book is a musical instructional guide for everyone who wishes to learn the best cello techniques. It is a collection of exercises and techniques from professional cello players globally. The diverse content in the book offers learning resources to students who wish to study different techniques and how to apply them during practical sessions effectively.

The first lessons cover crucial areas for beginners. This includes how to position and use the bow, hand positions, counting the rhythms, learning notes, and how to read sheet music. The simple approach to understanding sheet music helps the learners to avoid the stressful act of cramming songs.

The author of this book introduces cello lessons for beginners with the use of simple and colourful pictures. The visual content makes it easier for the readers to understand important aspects such as the correct posture while playing the cello and the right finger patterns.

Also, learners can study and practice the tips in this book. There are hundreds of tips to guide readers in areas such as playing duets, playing by ear, understanding rounds and trios to create the best orchestra arrangement.

The package includes DVDs which contain video lessons that offer more visual guidance to help students improve their cello techniques. Beginners and intermediate players will find this book helpful.

14) The Irish Cello Book

There are thousands of traditional Irish songs that can be played by using the cello. In this book, learners at all skill levels will find a vast collection of Irish songs. The lessons in this book teach readers the best approach to playing amazing Irish tunes on the cello.

This includes understanding the notes, and rhythms while playing Irish melodies and also learning about the traditional articulations that are common with Irish melodies. Users of this book are also introduced to different traditional Irish ensembles to improve practice sessions.

The instructions in this book can be described as quite simple and well-described. They provide an insight on how cello players can adapt their techniques to suit the traditional Irish songs.

Each skill and technique has been individually described to make it easy for the readers to comprehend the lessons. There are also many tips and tricks in the book that can be used by readers to make their music sound more traditional.

The structure of this book has been divided into different chapters. This makes it easy for independent learners to easily read and finish the entire book, in the end, they have the necessary information to apply the lessons and improve their cello skills.

15) Learning the Cello

The lessons in this book have been created to help beginners begin their journey to becoming expert cello players. The lessons start with simple string exercises and songs that require basic finger numbers. Readers will also find tips related to hand positions, and how to use the bow. There are also short courses to teach beginners how to read the notes and the relationship between notes and the four cello strings.

This book is a good learning option for children as young as ten years who wish to become expert cello players. Older adults will also find the resources in this book very helpful while teaching themselves how to play the cello.

The simple instructions in this book make it a good choice for music teachers who need an easy method to introduce cello playing techniques to their students. The exercises include sessions to train students in areas such as hand positions, the right posture for bowing while reading the sheet music, changing notes, and maintain rhythm. Students can also find tips on how to tune the cello and practice songs that require different finger numbers.

Overall, the book offers a friendly and effective way to learn and improve cello techniques.

16) Knowing The Notes for Cello

This is a good book for beginners who are just learning the notes that apply to first positions for the cello. The exercises in this book include activities and tips to help the readers remember the notes in the first position. The entire book has been written with a practical orientation.

It includes short exercises that encourage readers to understand and practice the lessons. Cello players who need tips and guidance for warm-up sessions, this book will be very helpful. The lessons cover a step by step process to understanding sheet music and how to successfully apply the notes after each study session.

The book also features useful tips needed to understand how the notes apply to the four strings of the cello. The tips are helpful, and the lessons are fun for all users. The book offers a practical approach to independently learning how to play the cello remotely.

However, it is important to have the ability to read sheet music before you can get the most benefits from this book. Beginners can use this book to cover and master everything about cello notes before proceeding to practice songs and other intermediate level cello lessons.

Choosing the Best Cello Books

The best cello books have been written in simple and easy to understand English. Also, they should feature a segment that contains a comprehensive glossary to help the user understand complex terms they will frequently encounter while reading the book. Before purchase, it is advisable to read the reviews from past users to know if they were able to understand the lessons.

2) Essential Elements for Strings

  • Interactive Learning
  • Popular Choice
  • Cross-Curriculum
  • Easy for Users To Start

1) Suzuki Cello School

  • Comprehensive
  • Music Theory
  • Fun and Excitement to Cello Training Process
  • Focus and Master

3) Cello Playing for Music Lovers

  • Creatively Written
  • Cover Fundamental Techniques
  • Many Illustrations
  • Many Illustrations

Many cello books also come with CDs and DVDs which contain videos, and audio files. These files go a long way to improve the practice sessions with the cello. For a better experience, these packages can also be considered when searching for cello books to buy online.

Overall, it is best to buy cello books that feature music theory, tips on how to practically use the cello, and access to a vast music library that can improve practice sessions.