20 Best Pocket Saxophone Reviews 2022 – Best Xaphoon

Best Pocket Saxophone, Best Xaphoon, Best Pocket Saxophone Brands

Best Pocket Saxophone, Best Xaphoon, Best Pocket Saxophone Brands

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Pocket saxophones come in different colors and various designs, you have a number of options to choose from. Because of its demand all around the world, some of the prices are often revised to suit global requirements. But the costs always remain competitive for all of them.

The pocket saxophone sound is somewhere between a clarinet and a saxophone. It has quite a rich and deep sound and was designed to be played at any time, irrespective of the place or time of day. An experienced player will find the pocket saxophone to be a handy instrument to carry about, and beginners will find it easy to play, and fun to practice without difficulty.

When buying a pocket saxophone, you have to carefully pay attention to detail so you won’t miss anything as this musical instrument is much smaller than a regular saxophone. That is what this buying guide is here for – to enable you to understand more about the pocket saxophone better so you can choose what is best for you.

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What are the Best Pocket Saxophones to Buy?

The Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax
HiXing Simple sax,Mini Saxophone, Pocket Sax for C Key,Adult students and beginner professional performance
The Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax
HiXing Simple sax,Mini Saxophone, Pocket Sax for C Key,Adult students and beginner professional performance
The Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax
The Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax
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HiXing Simple sax,Mini Saxophone, Pocket Sax for C Key,Adult students and beginner professional performance
HiXing Simple sax,Mini Saxophone, Pocket Sax for C Key,Adult students and beginner professional performance
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Pocket Saxophone Description

Also known as Xaphoon, the pocket saxophone doesn’t have a lot in common with prominent saxophones. The fingering on this musical instrument is more like that of a recorder (two-octave span), and the mouthpieces are marked differently as well. But, the pocket saxophone uses tenor reeds, so, they have a couple of similarities.

The first pocket saxophones were made from bamboo, but in order to make sure they are durable, they’re now made from plastic material. It remains a good woodwind instrument to buy without spending so much money. It is also a good choice for a woodwind instrument for the sax or clarinet player who wants to play something during the holidays.

The pocket saxophone doesn’t have a key work to maintain and its simple enough for anyone to play, even though you have never played the saxophone or a clarinet before.

Plastic or Bamboo

The bamboo pocket saxophone and plastic pocket saxophone sound nearly identical, but they do have their individual variation, given the material nature of bamboo. However, it is possible to listen to someone play and still be able to distinguish if the instrument being played is made from plastic or bamboo.

As a general expectation, pocket saxophone made from bamboos are handmade by master craftsmen and has a “cool factor” attached to it.

Playability and Portability

Some musical instruments like the saxophone are usually only enjoyed by people who can conveniently wield them and play them at all. As it turns out, people without big hands might feel cheated that they are missing out on playing an excellent instrument. But that is not the case with pocket saxophones. Although it doesn’t sound anything like a real saxophone, its unique sound can still be produced by everyone. Children and adults alike can play this instrument without any difficulty. And considering its small size and weight, you won’t have any trouble moving from place to place with this instrument.

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20 Best Pocket Saxophone Reviews and the Best Pocket Saxophone Brands

1) Xaphoon Maui Pocket Saxophone

Beginners to new musical instruments often fear that they will have to spend months or years practicing before they get better at playing that new instrument. However, the Xaphoon Maui Pocket Saxophone makes this easy for beginners and experienced players or clarinets and regular saxophones.

The sound of this instrument falls between a clarinet and a saxophone but producer vibrant and powerful sounds than it’s size may suggest to the common eye. Experienced woodwind players will find the Xaphoon pocket saxophone capable of the vibrant power shadings of a saxophone with its two octaves.

The instrument is not a tunable musical instrument. But it is very fun to play. The pocket saxophone remains one of the best travel musical instruments you can afford to go far distances with. Fingering on this instrument is more like that of a clarinet, so clarinet players won’t find it difficult to adjust to it and make beautiful melodies with it.

If you have a reason to buy a musical instrument for a friend or someone in your family, consider buying this, and you will be glad you did. If you are buying it for yourself, it will make a great addition to your treasured belongings.

2) Ammoon Mini Pocket Bb Saxophone

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The Ammoon Mini Pocket Bb Saxophone is small enough to fit in your pocket but powerful enough to produce rich and vibrant sounds like that of a clarinet or a big saxophone. Although it is made from resin unlike the original bamboo pocket saxophone, this plastic pocket saxophone which is able to last for a very long time produces very similar sound that matches the unique sound created with the handmade bamboo original in vibrant power and deep sound quality.

As part of its unique design, the Ammoon Mini Pocket Bb Saxophone is embossed with patterns on the frosted surface. This musical instrument is lightweight and easy to carry around or travel with. If you have concerns about leaving your sax or clarinet at home when travelling, the Ammoon Mini Pocket Bb Saxophone can be your companion for the duration of time you are away from home. Its sound is like that of a real sax, so you won’t miss that lovely sound you like so much.

As with every other musical instrument, the Ammoon Mini Pocket Bb Saxophone requires time to practice and get better. The instrument comes with an alto mouthpiece, two carrying bags, and four pieces of reeds.

3) HiXing Simple Pocket Saxophone

HiXing distributes extremely professional instruments, which is why it is no wonder this mini saxophone was created for both amateurs and professional players. It stands out from other products on the market because it comes equipped with a standard alto saxophone mouthpiece. This means that if you manage to master this mini saxophone, you will be able to perform on a common saxophone without issues.

This pocket saxophone comes in Key C, along with two octaves. The eight holes included in its design allows you to learn with simple fingering and comfortable to hold grip. Besides being a professional portable saxophone, this product comes with several video tutorials free of charge. As such, you can access the advice of professional performers, so that you can master the art of this wind instrument.

It was created from top-notch materials that allow proper airflow and sound production when used. This product is shipped with ten reeds, one fingering chart, one carrying back, and e-version files of courses and tutorials on how to play a mini saxophone. Thus, if you are looking for the best (and most professional) beginner mini saxophone, this is the best choice for you!

4) Yuevan Pocket Saxophone Kit

This is another pocket saxophone kit we pleasantly discovered in Yuevan’s catalog. This pocket saxophone has an interesting design that is fashionable, appealing, and rather serious. It was created from performance and solid ABS plastic, which allows the performer to produce qualitative music without any hassle. Overall, it is an extremely durable mini saxophone, which we can say it represents a lifetime investment.

This pocket saxophone is the perfect practice tool, no matter your level of experience, as it comes with an alto mouthpiece. This kit offers you top-notch products, being one of the best instruments you can find on the market. This means that if you can manage to perform on this instrument, you can play a full-sized saxophone, too!

We recommend this pocket saxophone kit to anyone that wants to explore the world of woodwind instruments. It is simple to master, and it can produce a tone remarkably similar to a full-sized saxophone. Besides, its portable design allows you to carry it around without issues.

The best part about this kit is that it comes with a useful after-sales warranty. This means you have 12-months in which you can benefit from free service and guidance from the manufacturer. Yuevan pocket saxophone kit comes with a portable saxophone, along with one reed, one carrying bag, and one fingering chart. The mini saxophone’s length is 35 cm, while its weight is 130g.

5) Bumlon Mini Saxophone C

The Bumlon mini saxophone is a sweet and less costly alternative to the handmade bamboo original. It is made of solid ABS and is strong, built to last for a long period of time without breaking easily. All you have to do is to put on the cap on and put it in your bag.

Unlike a regular saxophone, it is small enough to carry about without the hassle of placing it in a big case or fitting it in small spaces. This makes it an ideal instrument to travel with if you enjoy playing woodwind instruments.

This instrument will serve students well especially if they are on a budget. It sounds similar to the original handmade bamboo pocket saxophone. The sound from the Bumlon mini saxophone is somewhere between the clarinet and the regular saxophone. That unique sound it makes is what makes it special and different from other woodwind musical instruments.

This mini saxophone also ideal for any amateur saxophonist and professional player. It is easy to operate with its alto mouthpiece. The moderate volume produced by this instrument is its unique feature as it won't disturb the other people. New players who have no prior saxophone playing experience might need some time to get used to the nature of the pocket saxophones’ mouthpiece.

6) Youngstore Simple Pocket Saxophone

The quality of the musical instrument you buy will be significantly reflected in the way you play it and how it sounds. Whether you are an experienced player or just a beginner learning how to coordinate your fingers around a woodwind instrument, it will be a lot easier if the instrument itself was designed to fit whoever is playing it. That amount of careful thought, consideration, and devotion has been put in the entire structure of the Youngstore Simple Pocket Saxophone.

You will no longer have to struggle to play that tune you want with a musical instrument. You’ll no longer have to worry about carrying that musical instrument from one place to another. The playability and portability of this instrument make it easy to learn, play, and move around at your convenience.

The mouthpiece and the tube body of this instrument can be adjusted and disassembled to a new pitch so as to offer a convenient accompaniment music. Enhancements can be performed on this instrument to get more control. All it takes is a little practice, and you’ll start playing all those tunes you like so much. And as an added bonus, you can make a few people jealous by showing it off wherever you deem fit.

7) Timiy Mini Pocket Saxophone

If you’re exploring opportunities for beginner woodwind performers, this mini pocket saxophone sold by Jinhui Direct might suit your needs. Created from EB plastic, this is a reliable and durable product that can withstand any learning approach. So, it is ideal for beginners as it won’t damage easily, and it won’t compromise the quality of the sounds produced. This Bb mini saxophone comes with a frosted surface, which offers a rather stylish finish.

Overall, this mini pocket saxophone is great for anyone with some experience of playing a reed musical instrument. It can produce a sound that goes somewhere between a saxophone, and a clarinet, which we can say can be helpful for a beginner or intermediate performers. It is lightweight, easy to understand and carry around, making it the perfect mini pocket instrument.

The package you will receive includes the stylish mini pocket saxophone, a cleaning cloth, a set of reeds, and a carrying bag. Mainly, you get everything you might need to get you started with learning a saxophone. This pocket saxophone has a length of 40cm, making it an extremely versatile product. Hence, it is a useful instrument to carry around, easy, and fun to play, which will let you practice without difficulty.

8) Maui Xaphoon “The Pocket Sax” Antique Gold

If you have done any research about woodwind musical instruments to buy, you may have observed that there are pros and cons to picking some of the bigger ones like a saxophone. Most people are hindered from picking saxophones because they are intimidated by the weight of the instrument they will have to carry about from place to place. This is a normal reaction but taking the time consider how much pocket saxophones can make up for this helps a lot.

The Maui Xaphoon pocket saxophone’s size is like that of a standard recorder. It plays two-octave scales with similar intonation as tenor saxophones. It is designed by experienced artisans that have handcrafted the instrument from bamboo stalks. The round mouthpiece is fitted with a ligature of solid brass. The Maui pocket saxophone is tuned to C.

With a size measuring approximately 13 inches in length, the small build and design of this instrument make it easy to fit into your purse pocket or backpack, and it is made to represent durability and style in one ABS resin molded musical instrument. This is not one of those musical instruments that bring regret to the buyers. It makes a good instrument to show off to friends.

9) Centeraly Mini Pocket Saxophone

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional performer or just starting to learn the saxophone. Practicing on the product sold by Centeraly can help you in your quest. Centeraly is a distributor that encourages you to use a versatile mini pocket saxophone created from qualitative plastic. And besides this, it is much lighter than a saxophone, allowing you to discover this instrument gradually.

This mini pocket saxophone is great for practicing without difficulty, but at the same time, it can enable you to offer top-notch performance. If played in an acoustic space, it will definitely reproduce sounds similar to a full-sized saxophone. Thus, it is an efficient, lightweight, and user-friendly instrument that can bring you a lot of joy and fun.

The product sold by Centeraly is handmade and designed with a lot of attention to detail. It can be an interesting gift idea for a passionate musician, or it can be an addition to your musical instruments collection. No matter why you want to purchase a pocket saxophone, you should know that this product is shipped with a storage bag and a reed. Moreover, it is available in green, white, purple, ted, black, and blue. The length of this mini pocket saxophone is around 33 cm.

10) Muslady Pocket Saxophone - Black

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Even though a portable saxophone is one of the smallest members of the saxophone family, it can turn out to be extremely helpful for performers. And the product sold by Muslady promises precisely that. This is a top-notch, professional, and durable mini portable saxophone, which you can use for any gig.

Many users recommend the portable saxophone sold by this distributor due to it can produce sounds of the same intensity a full-sized saxophone would. It is versatile and effortless to use. Besides, it represents one of the few portable instruments you can carry everywhere to produce exquisite music.

And what is even more interesting about this product is that it was handmade from qualitative plastic materials. You can use it anywhere, and some say it has the power to attract people next to you. This pocket saxophone has a total length of 400mm, along with a weight of 110g. Muslady ships this mini portable saxophone along with a useful bag for storing or transportation purposes.

11) Andoer Pocket Saxophone

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For those looking for a reliable distributor of professional musical instruments, Andoer might be the best recommendation. Take as an example; this pocket saxophone designed from the best materials on the market. Even though it is created from plastic, it comes with a durable, stylish, and extremely professional outlook.

This pocket saxophone is portable and compact, being a great solution for those that seek something much lighter than a saxophone or clarinet. The best part of this pocket saxophone able to produce a sound that ranges between the ones provided by a saxophone and a clarinet.

Andoer pocket saxophone is shipped fully equipped so that you can enjoy your instrument right away. You will find in its package the mini sax, a cleaning cloth, ligature, a reed, and a music score. So, it is safe to assume this is the most professional mini saxophone you can purchase today.

You will also receive a zipped bag, created from durable materials that can shield your instrument from bumps or scratch during transportation. Also, this bag has a useful carrying handle, allowing easy maneuverability. The approximative length for this mini saxophone is 34 cm, while its weight goes around 126g.

12) Muslady Mini Pocket Saxophone

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Muslady is one of our favorite distributors for musical instruments, as all their products have something exquisite while remaining extremely professional. And this mini pocket saxophone is no exception! It was created from sturdy and qualitative plastic, allowing you to transport it with ease. It is lightweight, reliable, and it is the best choice for any level of experience.

If you use it in an acoustic space, you will discover that this pocket saxophone can produce sounds similar to a full-sized instrument. Of course, you can always consider offering this product as a gift for a friend or a loved one. It is a beautiful small instrument that can be a part of any music lover’s collection.

Besides, its melodious tone can fill you up with joy in a matter of seconds. This mini pocket saxophone is shipped with fingering charts, a cleaning cloth, and a carrying bag. And you can even select between black or white finishes. The approximative length for this mini saxophone is 33 cm, while its weight is 100g.

13) FarBoat Pocket Saxophone Kit

If you’re looking for a complete pocket saxophone kit, this is our recommendation for you. FarBoat sells this portable instrument kit that comes with a pocket saxophone, a mouthpiece, a ligature, two reeds, and a carrying bag. Simply put: you will have everything you need to either learn or practice on a small-scale saxophone.

This pocket saxophone was designed from premium materials, including high performance and solid plastic. As such, you can create impressive sounds with the aid of this durable and reliable pocket saxophone. It can be a great gift idea, too, as it comes with all the accessories required to master this woodwind instrument.

Overall, we like this product because it is lightweight, portable, user-friendly, and simple to learn. And it can even allow you to produce a performance similar to the one of a full-sized saxophone. It comes in a lovely shade of black, offering a professional look and stylish approach. The total length of this pocket saxophone is 330mm, while its weight slightly exceeds 133g.

14) Muslady Pocket Saxophone - White

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No matter if you’re looking for an exciting gift for a dear friend or solely for an excellent addition to your pocket saxophone collection, we guarantee you will love this product. Muslady proposes to all performers this intriguing pocket saxophone in white colors. It was designed from durable, qualitative, and versatile plastic materials. It is excellent for playing in an acoustic space, as it has the power to reproduce sounds similar to the ones of a full-sized saxophone.

Besides its exciting design, this pocket saxophone is exceptionally lightweight. It is simple to master while storing and transporting it is not a hassle. Overall, we can say for sure this is an authentic portable instrument, which you can use at any gig you might have.

Further, the best part about it is that it is an exquisite handmade pocket saxophone that will get you a lot of admiration due to its stylish approach. The overall length of this mini portable saxophone is 330mm, while its weight doesn’t exceed 90g. The package includes a carrying cloth that protects your instrument against dust or similar debris.

15) Tiakino Key C Pocket Saxophone

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This is our primary recommendation for professional players or aspiring performers. The product sold by Tiakino stands out from others on the market, as it is an extremely qualitative pocket saxophone designed with the help of musicians. This mini sax was created from sturdy ABS, which offers an impressive lifespan, along with a lot of resistance against scratches.

It also has a compact size that is both lightweight and user-friendly. But the thing we love the most about this pocket saxophone is its ability to produce sounds in simple Key C. This allows you to offer a performance almost identical with the one of a full-sized saxophone. Moreover, its volume is moderate, meaning you can practice at home without disturbing your neighbors. The pitch can be adjusted with the help of the separation design of the mouthpiece and pipe.

Mainly, we believe Tiakino sells the best pocket saxophone on the market, as it comes with impressive features similar to a full-sized saxophone. It can even play bass notes 3 and 7 thanks to the 11 sound holes featured in its design. Still, you can play any musical note, including the whole tone or semitone in range.

The product is shipped with a carrying bag to protect the instrument during storing or transportation. The length of this pocket saxophone ranges from 391 to 460mm due to the distance between the mouthpiece, and the pipe is adjustable.

16) Ammoon Mini Pocket Saxophone

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Various factors determine whether a musical instrument bought is actually worth it. For some people, they look out for the style and the design and judge it from how it suits them, for some other set of people, they want to keep the musical instrument and play it for as long as they possibly can. So, they look out for the durability of the instrument. But there are some who just want to find a new favorite musical instrument to play with. For all of these concerns, the Ammoon pocket saxophone best fits what they are looking out for.

For durability, the Ammoon pocket saxophone is made of plastic which doesn’t break easily. For design, the pocket saxophone is much lighter, compact com portable than regular clarinets and saxophones. This product comes in different colors which are good for people looking to have a little variety when getting one.

This pocket saxophone measures about 13.4 inches long and weighs less than what most people expect. But it’s sound is powerful despite being made with just two octaves. Attached to this musical instrument are a ligature, a cleaning cloth, a reed and a music score to help you get started with it.

17) Pyage Mini Pocket Saxophone

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A lot of people looking to buy a new instrument are left to choose between what they fancy and what is ideal for them. This leads to a conflict which they find difficult to resolve, and sometimes, they get discouraged altogether and end up not buying it at all. But this is not the case with The Pyage mini pocket saxophone. You can be assured of durability and style when you purchase this musical instrument.

Like other pocket saxophones, this instrument is compact and portable. It is much lighter than your regular sax and clarinet with its own unique sound it produces. For anyone who is looking for a good reed musical instrument to buy, practice and get experience, this is a fantastic choice to add to the list of options.

The Pyage mini saxophone comes in different colors for anyone looking for variety in its look and design. Being made of plastic, the pocket saxophone measures about 13.4 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches and weighs about 4.4 ounces. Buying this instrument is a good investment if you are looking to keep playing and practice with it consistently for as long as possible because of the durability of the material used to make it.

18) MagiDeal Mini Pocket Saxophone

There is a learning curve tied to every musical instrument. Some people quickly understand new instruments than others, but with time, they will all be able to play the same instrument with great ease. This is what it is like even with the MagiDeal saxophone. Even parents or guardians who buy the mini pocket saxophone for kids eventually end up buying another one just for themselves. If you are already a saxophone or clarinet player, this instrument will be straightforward for you to get used to.

If you want to try something new, and you can appreciate a really unique musical instrument, the mini pocket saxophone will be a good choice for a woodwind instrument for you. It is a small variation of the regular saxophone, but with the bonus feature of being a small and lightweight instrument you can conveniently carry about in your purse bag or backpack.

Don’t be tricked by its small size. The mini pocket saxophone packs rich sound quality that is like that of a regular saxophone or a clarinet. In a situation where you have to travel to a place where your clarinet or saxophone can’t come along, this pocket saxophone is enough to make up for that sound you enjoy.

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19) Gracefulvara 8 Holes Key Pocket Saxophone

Have you ever seen a musical instrument that looks like a toy but performs beautifully for its specifications? The Gracefulvara 8 Holes Key Mini Pocket Saxophone is a wonder for persons who haven’t tried an instrument like it. A lot of people who often play the saxophone or the clarinet will find this instrument a great addition to their list of woodwind instrument they like to play.

The pros of the Gracefulvara 8 Holes Key Mini Pocket Saxophone include its small portable size and weight. It is made from resin to reinforce the durability the makers want to give you. Alongside the musical instrument itself, the package comes with a portable back for your convenience when you want to carry it around. The Gracefulvara 8 Holes Key Mini Pocket Saxophone also comes with a manual to enable you to start playing with it as soon as you get it.

The design of the Gracefulvara 8 Holes Key Mini Pocket Saxophone was made to allow newbies and professionals play it with ease. Common discomforts arising from switching between musical instruments is less for this pocket saxophone. It only takes a short time to play it very well, with enough practice, you will always be able to enjoy the rich sound whenever you want to.

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20) MagiDeal Mini Pocket Saxophone

Looking for that small musical surprise to buy for a kid or student? The MagiDeal mini pocket saxophone might just be the right gift item for that person, especially if that person travels around a lot and enjoys playing woodwind instruments. The rich sound of this pocket saxophone can be enjoyed on trips to far destinations where a regular saxophone cannot be brought.

The sound of this musical instrument falls between that of a clarinet and a saxophone. The MagiDeal is made from ABS resin, giving it a stylish look as it produces high-quality music for any player using it. It’s appropriate for people of different ages and doesn’t cause any discomfort for the players because of its size and weight.

For an ABS resin mini saxophone, its stylish look is colored purple. For a musical instrument that has two octaves, it is surprisingly easy to play and master. Its size makes it easy for anyone to play since players can easily access the holes they need to produce any music of their choice on the two octaves. The fingering of this instrument is similar than that of a recorder, but they are not identical. Getting used to the design of this instrument is all that stands in the way of making sweet melodies with it.

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Choosing the Best Pocket Saxophone from the Best Pocket Saxophone Brands

All musical instruments have their different learning curve. Some take longer than others to get total control of. Even picking up a new woodwind instrument when you already play a different one can be a bit challenging at first.

You may need some time to adjust to the nature of the mouthpiece of the new one or teach your fingers to move differently than they usually do. It mostly requires practice, and the more practice you get, the faster you become better at it.

The playability and portability of the pocket saxophone make it easy for kids and adults to get better with it. Being able to carry the musical instrument conveniently is one of several perks of adding this quality instrument to your belongings.

What happens most times when buying a new musical instrument is that buyers have a lot of contemplating to do. They weigh their options, carefully look at the factors that affect their buying choices and go through different personal rituals before making a final decision. With a pocket saxophone, you have fewer factors to worry about before picking one for yourself or for whoever you are buying for. Most of the time, buying a pocket saxophone boils down to the maker or the seller you are getting the musical instrument from.