14 Best Cheap Saxophone Reviews 2022 (Best Budget Saxophone)

Best Cheap Saxophone & Best Budget Saxophone

Best Cheap Saxophone & Best Budget Saxophone

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The saxophone is one of the most promising woodwind instruments and it has been in use for a long time. It is more commonly known as Sax. Considering the playability and structure, it closely resembles the clarinet. Speaking of the structure, it comprises brass and you need a single reed mouthpiece to play this musical instrument.

If you also think that it is a great option to learn this instrument, now is the right time. A good quality musical instrument and dedicated practice are all that you need. We are here to help you with the first thing.

If you are confused about what and how to choose, we have got you covered. We understand that if it is your very first time, you might have a lot of questions in your mind. The first thing that you need to understand is that it would be good for you to begin with a cheap sax.

Don’t worry, it won’t affect the quality of your experience, instead, it would be helpful for you and provide greater ease in learning. An expensive one with additional features won’t be good for the newbies. If you want to learn quicker and more comfortable, you should choose a beginner’s level low price Saxophone.

Following are a few reasons why you should go for cheap sax at the start.

What are the Best Cheap Saxophones to Buy?

2) Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone

  • Effective Price
  • Hand-engraved Bell Decoration
  • Great Sound
  • Compact Design

1) Mendini by Cecilio Gold Lacquer E Flat Alto Saxophone

  • High Quality
  • Gold Lacquered
  • Popular Choice
  • Elegant Design

3) ammoon Antique Finish Bend Eb E-flat Alto Saxophone

  • Antique Finish
  • Durable
  • Highly Rated
  • Comfortable Playing

Enhanced convenience

It is always fun to learn any musical instrument and when it comes to learning the playing techniques of sax, you should always select a low rate one. It would be a lot more ease for the players to learn on the basic entry-level model. So when you buy a simple saxophone at a cheap price, you would be able to learn in a better way.

Improved learning

Besides, it would be easier for you to handle low rate sax. knowing that you are trying with an inexpensive Instrument gives you more freedom to play as you want. You can freely enjoy experimenting with your new tool.

High durability

There are many that are built specifically for the new players and therefore they offer long lasting life. Although these are low on rates buy these are constructed using a solid material to ensure their high durability.

Suitable for both the new learners and young players

The entry-level models presented at a low budget are built by keeping in mind the needs of budding players. These are not only built to last long but also offer easy playability. Due to these reasons, these are very appropriate for the students and children.

There are many such models that are easily available online. However, being new, you would find it difficult to select the appropriate model for yourself. Additionally, there are many that professional players can also use and these are available at very low rates. In short, not only the beginners, the intermediate and pro players can also buy the cheap yet good quality saxophone.

For your ease, we have brought you a list of highly recommend and widely used models of saxophone that are available at very affordable rates. Playing any of these would give you an amazing playing experience with ease and comfort.

Take a look at their functional features and decide, which one suits you the best.

14 Best Cheap Saxophone Reviews and the Best Budget Saxophones

1) Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L+92D+PB Gold Lacquer E Flat Alto Saxophone

If you also want to get an Alto sax that can offer easy playability in addition to high structural quality, simple yet elegant design and longevity, at reasonable rates, here is what you should buy. This gold lacquered alto sax has the keys Eb and high key F#. This is built with special attention to quality and comfort.

Besides, its high aesthetic value makes it more favorable. It is light in weight and carries only 9.85 pounds which makes it easier for the children and new players to carry it around and handle easily. The exact size of this excellent alto sax is 26 x 7 x 13 inches.

Its desirable features include a generous bore and quick action keys. Due to these, it becomes easier for all the players to deliver an appreciable performance in an effortless manner. Try this for richer and deep tone and even intonation across the entire range.

Like most of the other good quality saxophones, it also provides a number of complementary accessories including a cleaning rod, a pair of gloves, polishing cloth, a box containing 10 reeds, neck strap, a mouthpiece with cap and a sturdy carry case.

2) Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone

Here is a wonderful option for all the players. Are you looking for a sturdy option for your learning period? Want to purchase a more. Economical one? Here it is. Take a look at this amazing combination of quality and affordability.

Not only this is available at a low rate, players will have a comfier experience with it. Built with special attention to aesthetics, it gives an appealing outlook. Moreover, this sax carries 10.25 pounds of weight. Its size measurement are 19.2 x 12.2 x 6.1 inches.

Speaking of the specifications, it includes a metal thumb rest, customizable key height screws top quality leather pads, metal resonators, and attractive hand-engraved bell decoration. Besides, perfect positioning of sound holes offers more convenience to the players for the play.

This saxophone has a very compact design and the easy key holes layout makes it a highly suitable le option for both the kids and grown-ups. It comes complete with a great mouthpiece, a spacious hard carry case, neck strap, screwdriver, a pair of gloves, grease, a cleaning cloth and 11 pc reed.

3) ammoon Antique Finish Bend Eb E-flat Alto Saxophone

Ammoon musical instruments are known well for high quality, beautiful designs, and affordable rates. Here is a remarkable option for the students for easier learning. What you would love the most about it is its outlook.

The antique finish and beautiful design make it look more attractive. The elegantly designed crave pattern make it unique and considering the structure, this is very strong. It is made using bronze which adds to its durability. This alto sax carries only 5.78 of pounds which is not much for the students and they can easily carry it. Moreover, the size measurements are 24.4 x 5.9 x 9.8 inches.

The premium leather pads added are water-resistant and it features steel needle. Besides, the addition of abalone shell key inlays adds to easy playability. A number of accessories are also included with this one and this whole kit comes at a very low rate.

The package includes sax strap, gloves, grease, mouthpiece, a brush and a cleaning cloth for better cleaning. In addition to all these, a good quality carrying case is also provided which makes its transport way easier.

4) Legacy AS750 Student/Intermediate Alto Saxophone

For the serious learners and intermediate level players, here comes a very reliable Alto sax that offers great functionality, easy learning, and commendable intonation. If you want to enjoy a vibrant and full sound, try your hands on Legacy AS750.

Speaking of the outlook, this is a very striking model with clear lacquer finish. It is a bit heavier and carries 15 pounds of weight. Those who have passed the initial phase of learning can manage to handle it. The physical dimensions of AS750 are 30 X 10 X 12 inches.

It is designed to offer enhanced quality performance with improved ease for encouraging the growing learners. The quality this sax offers is comparable to a number of expensive options. Additionally, this Alto sax is known well for providing quality musical experience in a more economical way.

The number of accessories that you will get with it is a cap ligature, reed, neck strap, and a mouthpiece. Moreover, it comes complete with a case for easy portability. Th case not only has backpack straps, there is also a shoulder strap and handle for your ease.

5) Lazarro Professional Black-Gold Keys Eb E Flat Alto Saxophone

Lazarro Professional Black-Gold Keys Eb E Flat Alto Saxophone

Looking for an alto sax? Want to get one with a more appealing look? Check this out from a known USA brand. The black color makes it look more decent and the structure and workmanship are also excellent.

Speaking of intonation and tuning, this is a great choice. If you want a professional level instrument at a reasonable price, this won’t regret you. Interestingly, Lazarro’s Alto sax is suitable for multiple occasions. Whether you want to play in a band, or you need one for the concert, it works best for both.

Students can also try this as it is very easy to handle and easy to play. Considering the weight, it carries about 10.2 pounds which is very reasonable. Moreover, the size dimensions include 25 x 6 x 12 inches.

Like most of the high-quality saxophones, it also has a hand-engraved bell and this instrument is made of Brass which is a preferred choice. Some other features include metal thumb rest in addition to changeable key height screws.

It also has exceptional quality leather pads along with metal resonators. Last but not the least, you will get a complementary carry case with it for more comfortable hauling.

6) Glory Black/Gold B Flat Tenor Saxophone

Looking for a Tenor Sax? Want to get a classier one with more stylish appearance? Don’t worry, here is a perfect pick for you. Besides, the color combination of black and gold adds to its aesthetic appeal and it gives a stunning feel as well.

The tuning and intonation are just remarkable and you are going to love it. Whether you are an intermediate player or a professional one, it serves the playing needs of both and helps you to deliver a mesmerizing performance.

It operates on the key BB and has high F. Pro players can easily handle this heavy sax but beginners may find it difficult to carry. The total weight is about 16.2 pounds. Moreover, the size dimensions include 32.9 x 14.7 x 8.9 inches.

This striking sax has hand engraved bell. Besides, the addition of metal sound enhancers with supreme quality leather pads makes it a more favorable option. The sound hole positions are so accurately designed that it offers a very comforting playing experience.

The additional accessories provided with the sax are gloves, grease, screwdriver, cleaning rod and cloth, neck strap and a sturdy mouthpiece. In addition, a highly durable hard-shell case is also included to help you carry your instrument safely.

7) Windsor MI-1005 Alto Horn Bag

This is a reliable option in terms of quality, structure, playing efficiency, and strength. It offers great value for your money and provides a very pleasant and comfortable playing experience. If you are a student, this is a perfect option as it is designed by keeping in mind the needs of growing students. The exceptional craftsmanship and wonderful design add more the ease of playability. Besides, you will like its attractive outlook for sure.

Windsor MI-1005 is an alto sax that has a well-crafted brass body. Solid structure, premium quality pads and beautifully engraved bell are some of its prominent features. Further, it has pearloid keycaps and lacquered finish. This is made to produce a full and vibrant sound which is backed with great tuning and flawless intonation.

You will get a well-made and molded case with it that ensures a perfect fit for better security and ultimate portability of this elegant musical instrument. In addition to the case, a number of accessories are also offered which include a cleaning cloth, a pair of white gloves, grease for your mouthpiece and a brush for cleaning your sax completely.

Thus, it offers everything that a player can need for keeping the instrument clean and maintaining its good condition in addition to having a joyous playing experience.

8) LyxJam Alto Saxophone

Here is another incredible option for those who want to grab an excellent alto sax at a very affordable rate. Whether you want to purchase one with high functional quality and more durability or you wish to get a more beautiful and reasonable one, this is an apt choice.

This is designed for the professionals and delivers a bright and loud sound. The weight is just 9.2 pounds and hence students can easily carry it as well. As far as the size is concerned, it measures 26.1 x 12.2 x 6.4 inches.

This full-sized instrument has a solid brass body and it comes in Gold Lacquer finish. It features E flat pitch and comes with everything needed to start your musical journey. The included accessories are 10 bamboo reeds, grease, cleaning brush and cloth, a pair of gloves, neck strap for better support, and a maintenance guide.

Moreover, the added carry case is designed to provide more comfort for carrying the sax. Interestingly, it comes with a one-year warranty and you can choose it without any hesitation.

9) Merano GWD500GD B Flat Gold Soprano Saxophone

This is a very gorgeously styled soprano saxophone that you can use to showcase your playing skills in the bands and orchestras. It is equally good for players of all skill levels. Whether you are a fresh player or an intermediate one, this would help you to deliver an appreciable performance.

Moreover, the structural quality and superb craftsmanship make it an excellent option for the professionals as well. Its weight is very appropriate for new players as it only carries 6.65 pounds of weight which is easily manageable by the young players as well. The size dimensions are 20 x 10 x 6 inches.

The generous bore gives a loud and full sound. The sax functions in the key of Bb. It comes in a gold lacquer finish and exhibits marvelous workmanship. Grab this to play an astonishing loud and clear sound at a very reasonable price.

The complete package includes a number of helpful accessories such as a cleaning cloth, nipper, a gloves pair, and screwdriver. Lastly, a very well-structured case is also added.

10) Nuvo N510JBBK Soprano Saxophone

Here is a remarkable soprano saxophone for all the beginner level players. If you are looking for a suitable choice for your child, try this one out. Its high structural quality, water-proof material, classy outlook and very low weight makes it preferable for kids.

Furthermore, it is made to have a very robust construction and new learners can freely play without the fear of damaging the sax. This is light in weight and this adds more comfort for the beginners. Carrying only two pounds, it allows the children and young students to learn more easily. The size specifications include 15 x 6 x 3 inches.

It features C pitch and gives a very mellow sound. This is simply designed and assists in easy and effortless learning. Having traditional patterns of fingering, it helps the new players to learn the playing techniques in a more effective manner. It comes with a set of plugs that you can use in the early learning stages for sealing the tone holes. Some other things added are a fingering chard, molded carry case, and strap.

11) E Flat Blue Alto Saxophone with Case

Do you want to purchase a good quality and great sounding sax at a low budget? Looking for something unique? Interested in buying a more beautiful one? What makes it different is the catchy blue color that makes it more attention-grabbing.

This lacquer plated alto sax is a very suitable choice for both the beginners and efficient learners. The quality and playing features are also good and intonation is remarkable in addition to wonderful tuning.

Try this for a loud, clear and bright sound. The weight is also favorable for both the intermediate players and beginners and it has just 11 pounds weight. Its size dimensions are 27 x 13 x 6 inches.

It operates in the key of E flat. The easy playability makes it favorite of many students. It comes with a cleaning cloth for keeping the instrument dust free, a pair of gloves for the player, a screwdriver for your assistance in tuning and a nipper. Moreover, a music stand (not saxophone stand) and easy to operate metro tuner are also added to the package.

12) LAGRIMA Blue Lacquer Brass Eb 2 Tone Alto Saxophone

Some people want to choose a sax that has a unique outlook. If you are looking for something like this, this shiny blue color alto sax is for you. This is a commendable instrument with excellent construction and beautiful design and the best thing is, it is available at a very reasonable price.

The body has a brass construction which makes it a more durable option. Size measurements include 25.5 inches of length, a mouthpiece of 0.63 inches and a bell of 4.7 inches.

There are beautifully curved patterns on the outer surface and the glowing appearance makes you fall for it. Considering the design, that is applaudable. This is made to offer enhanced resonance, better intonation and strengthened firmness.

Furthermore, the sound hole positioning is so accurate and helps in clearer and easier touch of fingers. There are a number of accessories that are also included in the package. These include one cleaning swab, one polishing cloth, grease for cork, a mouthpiece, a strap, a pair of gloves and a very easy to carry saxophone case.

13) ammoon Soprano Saxophone SAX Bb Brass Lacquered Body

Ammoon presents brass made, strongly structured soprano saxophone that is matchless in regard to quality, comfort and playing efficiency. Along with the exquisite looks and shiny gold color, the functional capabilities and easy affordability are also some of the major advantages of choosing this one.

The weight is also not much and students can conveniently carry it around. This model carries only 6.9 pounds of weight and its size is 25.5 x 9.2 x 6.2 inches.

It functions in the key of bb and all the keys feature inlays of faux mother of pearls. The bell decoration is hand-engraved and includes top quality leather pads. The instrument has a large bore and it is designed to give a full sound.

Additionally, it comes with a care-kit that has a cleaning swab, polishing cloth, gloves, a user manual, neck strap, cork grease, a mouthpiece brush, mouthpiece including reed and cap and a well-made carry case lined with velvet for enhanced protection. This is a complete package and offers a pleasant playing experience to the players of all skill levels.

14) Click N’ Play Saxophone with 8 Colored Keys, Metallic Silver

For young kids who want to enjoy a fun-filled musical experience, here is a cute toy sax. The smooth tonality and easy playing features add more excitement to your performance. Try this for an effortless and praiseworthy performance in a more cost-effective manner.

Not only this is excellent in quality and playability, the price is very reasonable as well. Being made for children, the weight is very low and it carries only 6.1 ounces. The size is also very easy to handle for kids and measures 3 x 18 x 7.5 inches.

There are 8 highly durable color-coded keys added to provide a better experience. Using these keys, the little players can play different songs. This toy sax gives sound like a real one and each of the keys give distinctive sound.

Speaking of the structure, it comprises heavy-duty metallic plastic in silver and it has a shiny silver finish that makes it look more attractive. It is very suitable for the kids above the age of three years. Get this for them and make early music learning more interesting for them.

Choosing the Best Cheap Saxophone from the Best Budget Saxophone Brands

These are some of the top and most appropriate options for those who want to enjoy a good performance and comfortable playability at a very reasonable rate. We have mentioned some of the renowned brands and presented a diverse range for your assistance. 

For all the beginners and passionate learners, if you want to have an effective and more beneficial learning experience, then you should select any of the above-mention models of sax. All these a superb sounding instruments that everyone can easily afford to buy. Their low rates don’t affect their quality and functional efficiency. All are exceptionally well in terms of comfort and playability. Select any of these depending on your personal choice.

2) Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone

  • Effective Price
  • Hand-engraved Bell Decoration
  • Great Sound
  • Compact Design

1) Mendini by Cecilio Gold Lacquer E Flat Alto Saxophone

  • High Quality
  • Gold Lacquered
  • Popular Choice
  • Elegant Design

3) ammoon Antique Finish Bend Eb E-flat Alto Saxophone

  • Antique Finish
  • Durable
  • Highly Rated
  • Comfortable Playing

For instance, many of these come with a carry case. For those who travel much, selection of such model would be good. It would help them to carry their sax safely with more convenience. Similarly, there are some saxophones that offer. Additional strength and durability. These are less prone to damage.

You should get these for your kids as they can enjoy them freely without the fear of damaging them. Speaking of the budget and construction quality, all of these are very favorable and made to provide a pleasurable musical adventure. These are among the preferred choices of many and you would definitely love trying any of these.

Thus, you should first identify your playing needs and then grab a suitable one from here which best meets your needs.