20 Best Piccolo Reviews 2022 – Best Piccolo Brands

Best Piccolo & Best Piccolo Brands

Best Piccolo & Best Piccolo Brands

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If you have made up your mind to purchase a piccolo, who will discover to your utter amazement there are so many types and brands in the market. It can be difficult to make the right selection. Although piccolos may appear as a difficult instrument to master, the reward and joy that comes from them at the end are great for those who will bear till the end.

Accessory: Piccolo Case

What are the Best Piccolos to Buy?

Pearl PFP105E Piccolo Flute
Mendini MPO-S Silver Plated Key of C Piccolo with Case, Joint Grease, Cleaning Cloth and Rod, and Gloves
Pearl PFP105E Piccolo Flute
Mendini MPO-S Silver Plated Key of C Piccolo with Case, Joint Grease, Cleaning Cloth and Rod, and Gloves
Pearl PFP105E Piccolo Flute
Pearl PFP105E Piccolo Flute
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Mendini MPO-S Silver Plated Key of C Piccolo with Case, Joint Grease, Cleaning Cloth and Rod, and Gloves
Mendini MPO-S Silver Plated Key of C Piccolo with Case, Joint Grease, Cleaning Cloth and Rod, and Gloves
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Knowing The Fact

One thing we must have at the back of our mind is that all piccolos are similar in appearance except for the material by which each is designed and the shape of the bore (the interior of the instrument) as well.

Piccolos are the natural transition for a lot of flute players, or whoever is interested in learning the art of woodwind instruments. If you are interested in becoming a piccolo player, it is imperative that you conduct your research before making a purchase.

What Types Are There?

In other to make the right selection, it’s good you know the model that would be best suited for you because it’s not every model that will rhyme with your pattern of play. Therefore, to ensure you purchase the right one, here are some tips you can follow:

Cylindrical or Conical Bore

All piccolos come with cylindrical or conical bore, a feature that can significantly determine the level of sound, tone, and playing experience. Normally, a piccolo with a cylindrical bore will have a conical headjoint, while a conical bore piccolo will usually carry a cylindrical head.

Metal, Wood, or Composite Material

Lastly, composite piccolos usually consist of hard plastic designs. While conical bore piccolos offer more options, design for cylindrical bore piccolos always consists of silver.
Whichever you choose, make sure you know your taste, style and do proper research.

20 Best Piccolo Reviews and the Best Piccolo Brands

1) Pearl PFP105E Piccolo Flute

Now, here is a piccolo that will turn out to be more than you ever hope for—Pearl PFP15E is a revolution in the Piccolo world of sound. The Pearl PFP15E Piccolo Flute is a top quality instrument designed to suit not just the student player, but also the intermediates and returning professionals.

The material design of the PFP15E is a remarkable one, in the sense that, its entire body is made of Grenadilla—a design that resists all forms of fluctuations in temperature and humidity while maintaining precise pitch and tonal center.

The Pearl PFP15E Piccolo has a split E key mechanism (alongside the Pearls Pinless mechanism) which allows the player to switch between two independent keys. The sound effect proceeding from the PFP15E consist of high notes that literally pop out, and are so easy to play.

The piccolo features a case that also has room for the conical head joint and the wave head joint as well. There is no loss of sound while playing this beautiful design either.

Pearl PFP415E is regarded as the best piccolo for the money. From our research, the PFP15E is the equal in response and beauty of sound to all the pro-line piccolos. The Pearl PFP415E piccolo itself is completely worth the value of the purchase. The Pear PFP415E is the Piccolo you can use outdoor without any concern and you will be glad you purchased it.

Mendini is a household name when it comes to musical instruments. The Cecilio-type piccolos offer by Mendini are one of the best and most recommended teachers approved and selling piccolos in the market.

The Mendini MPO-S Silver Plated Key of C Piccolo showcases flawless and exquisite finish, which has always been a top priority of the Mendini brand. This piccolo also features an undercut bevelled embouchure that resonates alongside the high-quality double bladder pads, enhancing control and effectiveness of use.

The Mendini MPO is a superb piccolo. The note is always fairly in tune whenever you pull the head piece out a bit in the highest register. The Mendini MPO lower register resonates extremely well, having a nice warm feeling attached to it. Although the notes in the middle registers are slightly airy, they are good and comfortable to play, including the highest register.

The ergonomic finger brace that comes with the Medini MPO Silver Plated Piccolo makes it easier for the player to find and flow with keys. This piccolo is extremely good for marching band and for pep band.

It comes with the necessary accessories like the storage case with a zipper, the cleaning rod and cloth, strap, and joint grease for timely and effortless maintenance of the instrument.

Who doesn’t know about Yamaha brand in the musical instrument market? The brand is well known for producing some of the best musical instrument to date, and this 62R Professional Piccolo is a continuation of Yamaha’s culture of producing quality products for students, intermediates and professionals alike.

The Yamaha YPC 62R professional Piccolo is designed to meet the need of the professional, intermediate and beginner’s musician. It is a popular instrument that is seen in many orchestra occasions across the world, confirming Yamaha as a top class producer.

The YPC 62 R features a solid wood body made of granadilla composite, including the head joint. This means that the instrument will last and remain unaffected by variations in temperature and humidity.

The YPC Professional Piccolo features a new design known as “wave cut headjoint,” which is an option that offers extreme gratifying response and a broader dynamic range in sound and tone generation. This particular piccolo is similar in style to Yamaha’s handcrafted premium series, making the YPC to boast excellent intonation and playability. The presence of the split E mechanism means your ability to alternate between two different keys is unlimited.

If what you are looking for is one of the best selling flute or piccolo in the market, you have found it! The Glory Key of C Piccolo is one of the few outstanding piccolos approved and recommended by teachers for students in the marching band.

The Glory Key of C Piccolo features an undercut beveled embouchure, with the flawless finish. It has a top quality design with double bladder pads and ergonomic finger brace that enhances perfect and comfortable playability.

Glory Key of C Piccolo is a well polished piccolo with every part in good condition. The ease of play offer by the instrument makes the transition from flute playing to piccolo playing a comfortable and easy one that looks like a walk in the park.

The sound quality is great and sharp for a C key instrument. The silver plated body and the enclosed key hole generate solid sound and stylish playing for the marching band.

In addition, the Glory Key of C Piccolo comes with a deluxe plush line and durable hard case or easy storage and transport, a cleaning rod, soft cleaning cloth, joint grease for key-hole lubrication, and a pair of white gloves for maximum comfort in maintenance.

At the mention of the name “Gemeinhardt,” all band teachers smile in approval even as students rush to get a hold of an instrument made by one of the very best in the market. Gemeinhardt is a famous brand in the musical instrument market, and with the release of the Gemeinhardt 4PMH Piccolo, the company continues to set the pace as manufacturer of top quality products.

The Gemeinhardt 4PMH Piccolo is manufactured strictly as a student or beginner instrument. It features a silver plated head that showcases the glory of a high impact plastic, making it a light weighted piccolo that provides comfort and ease of play. The Gemeinhardt 4PMH piccolo is the perfect choice for the beginner student who is concern with durability and outdoor performance.

It is common knowledge that plastic piccolos are particularly appropriate for such situations as they perform unusually well in conditions of extreme humidity and temperature, requiring the barest minimum of care and maintenance.

Designed with conical bore and high-impact plastic, the Gemeinhardt 4PMH Piccolo also features beryllium copper springs that makes it much easier for the player while accessing the silver plated keys. The quality of this piccolo also makes it an option for the intermediate player.

The Jupiter JPC1010 Piccolo is the type of piccolo that features a body construction consisting of heavy resin which is created to mimic the sound quality and feel of the top class real wood piccolo. Although the Jupiter JPC1010 is constructed with the primary intent of performing on the stage, the heavy resin body enables this wonderful instrument to be played and enjoyed outdoor without any need of worrying about cracks.

Jupiter JPC1010 piccolo is designed as a C key piccolo, and it has silver-plated nickel silver keys that allow free flowing play. The ABS resin body has a double advantage to the player.

First, it provides great sound because of the high pitch nature of the resin. This sound quality is good for the stage and it encourage the player, whether intermediate or beginner, in playing better and continuously.

Secondly, the ABS resin body secures the durability of the Piccolo itself, regardless of where the performance is being held. It eliminates the fear of cracks and early damage to the instrument.

The ABS head joint of the Jupiter JPC1010 Piccolo also helps in producing great sound output by making the instrument easier to tune. It also ensures the durability of the instrument since the head joint made of ABS resin has the potential to last for a long time.

Another unique part of the Jupiter JPC1010 is the conical bore, which is highly responsive to touches, offering excellent intonation across the entire length of the instrument. It comes with a molded case for easy storage.

Paititi Band Approved Gold Plated Piccolo is one of the best teachers approved piccolo that features a flawless finish and undercut bevelled embouchure having solid key pads. This piccolo package comes with high-quality hard case for proper storage.

Designed as a C Key piccolo, the Paititi Band Approved Gold Plated with Gold Keys Piccolo features a unique C foot joint and precision drawn tone holes that make it easier and comfortable to play while generating quality sound. The piccolo is capable of easy high notes with powerful, in-depth and rich penetrating sound.

The unique C foot joint allows the player to regulate playing along the padded gold plated keys. The sound effect of the Paititi Band Approved Piccolo is perfect for the beginner student and intermediate player.

The Paititi Band Approved Gold Plated Piccolo comes with a cleaning rod and cloth for adequate maintenance. The Paititi Piccolo is highly recommended and approved by most band teachers and is suitable for orchestra and all outdoor performance. Sound and ease of play is what actually set this piccolo from a host of others. Paititi Band Approved is the perfect choice to play three gigs a week.

8) Armstrong Student Model 307 Piccolo

Armstrong Student model 307 Piccolo

Armstrong is a renowned manufacturer of musical instrument, and the 307 piccolo didn’t disappoint in terms of performance, quality and durability. If you are looking for a piccolo to grace the community orchestra, Armstrong Student Model 307 is your punter’s cup of tea.

The Armstrong Student Model 307 Piccolo comes with a composite body that gives the player the great and warmer sound of wood without any worry about cracking and warping from humidity and temperature changes. This piccolo features a conical bore that excels in providing more tonal character than a standard cylindrical bore.

The Armstrong Student Model has a silver plated head that allows for a smooth transition between flute and piccolo through the lip plate of the head, without changing embouchure.

The Armstrong Student Model 307 Piccolo is built in Virginia, USA, and it conforms to all standards and certified testing as a reliable and quality performing instrument. The piccolo features a metal head joint, a composite body and an all-round silver plated mechanism.

This is one outstanding product made from the renewable crop of bamboo. The OPUS USA Ktone Piccolo traces its origin to Peru where it is patterned after highly treasured ancestral Inca sounds. The likes of the OPUS are core instruments played and enjoyed for many years in the Andes. The pan flute, which is also called panpipes, have been incorporated into this modern design of the OPUS USA Ktone Professional piccolo C Key.

The OPUS Ktone features a super French style Bb keys with high-quality F# key that yields a solid sound output resembling those of premium piccolos. It also features a durable body made of silver plated design, including long lasting USA key pads for added comfort to the overall playing style. This piccolo is a pretty instrument which offers great sound and is suitable for the marching band and for the orchestra show at the junior level.

Designed as a C key piccolo, the OPUS USA Ktone Professional Piccolo comes with a made-in-USA mouth piece, with factory setup accessories like the hard shell case, cleaning cloth, pairs of gloves, all forming a complete package that will make the playing experience and maintenance a comfortable one.

For something that easily replaces the flute, this piccolo from Sky Band is one of the best in the market in terms of quality, price, and durability. For every entry level student or those in the marching band, the Sky Band Approval Silver Plated Gold Keys Piccolo is the real deal to acquire.

The Sky Band is a top quality piccolo that offers good tone quality for the student player in the marching band. The body is made of silver plated design while the keys features gold colored patterns. The Sky Band itself is a C key piccolo, which is designed in such a way that, if it comes out with “fuzzy air,” the player just need to blow faster since it’s more of a smaller instrument.

The tone holes of the Sky Band Piccolo can be drawn with precision which generates easy high notes couple with strong deep, rich penetrating sound. To protect the piccolo for early damage, it comes with a quality hard case that has leather-like cover with in-built velvet liner.

It also features a cleaning rod and a cleaning cloth for easy maintenance, and it’s approved and recommended by majority of school and band teachers. The Sky Band is a perfect choice for the beginner and the intermediate player.

11) Merano GWD800BK Key of C Piccolo with Zippered Case and Cleaning Cloth

For something that comprises affordable price and fair quality, the Merano GWD800BK Piccolo is one of the best in the Piccolo musical instrument market. The Merano GWD800BK Piccolo is designed as a C key piccolo that renders a rich sound that most people argue it’s worthy of the price tag.

The body makes of the Merano GWD800BK is Black ABS design; with nickel plated keys that provide quality control and playability. The Merano GWD800BK overall key design allows the player to high the notes with ease, although some players may find it hard in playing the lower octave note, the Merano GWD800BK is great for pep and college marching band where you are only required to play the high notes. This is perfect for the student player.

The Merano GWD800 is strictly designed for the beginner, especially those in the marching band. This piccolo comes with well-placed keypads that further enable good sound quality and overall play.

It is accompanied by a zipper carrying case having adjustable straps for easy carriage. It also has polishing cloth, cleaning rod, a pair of gloves and joint grease for easy maintenance of the instrument.

If you are the type that desire taste, fashion, and elegance, you can look to the Andoer Piccolo Ottavino—something unique that will forever remind you of those good, old marching days.

The construction of this piccolo is something your child won’t find difficulty in playing. The overall design of the Andoer Ottavino is one that defines comfort and ease. The Andoer Piccolo Ottavino is made of cupronickel and designed as a C key, offering high quality tone, with stylish and exquisite body design to satisfy your taste.

The Andoer is a great instrument for student in the marching band. However, it must be noted that some people are allergic to cupronickel, so be sure to know your allergies before making the decision to buy.

Andoer Piccolo Ottavino comes with some useful accessories like a little cork grease for lubricating and protecting the instrument. It features a padded box for holding and carrying the instrument to and from, including a cleaning rod, a screw driver and a cleaning cloth to ensure maximum maintenance of the instrument. From black to purple, the choice of color in choosing the Andoer is breathtaking in style and design.

13) Glarry Professional Cupronickel key of C Piccolo with Golden Case

If quality is to be determined by style and comfort, then the Glarry Professional Cupronickel Piccolo should be the king of the Piccolo’s musical instrument jungle. To say that this piccolo is beautiful would be a disservice to the designers. This piccolo combines elegance with quality and durability to thrive on behalf of the beginner student for many years to come.

Made of the unique brass body with keys coated in brass, the Glarry Professional stands out as an attractive piccolo for the marching band and practice class. The under layer of the key pads is coated with black to match the exterior golden color that defines this wonderful piece of instrument. The material made is cupronickel and is designed like most other piccolos as a C key.

The Glarry professional offers great sound quality with the superb balancing of the Bb fingering. Although there have been some complaints about the head-joint connection coming off on some orders, the Glarry Professional Piccolo posses all the attribute of a beautiful instrument that would surely get others in your child’s class to become jealous.

It features a cleaning rod, cleaning cloth, a joint grease and a screw driver for easy maintenance and storage of the instrument. You can’t get it better for such price.

14) Cecilio – PO 280N Key of C Resin Piccolo with Nickel Plated keys

No doubt, Cecilio piccolos and such other instruments offered by them constitute the highest selling, and among the most teachers’ approved instrument in the musical market. This design from Cecilio features a black ebonite ABS resin of high quality which makes up the entire body of the instrument.

The nickel silver plated keys and the head joint that is also compose of silver-plated nickel, provides a glorious feel and wonderful after-play experience. The Cecilio PO280N is a piccolo designed for the C Key, which features closed holes for a better sound generation. This piccolo provides excellent tone quality, and the overall design makes it feels effortless to hit the highest notes.

The undercut bevelled and well-structured embouchure make the playing process look like a breeze, while the ergonomic finger brace and the double bladder padding further make the experience comfortable for the player in the marching band.

The Cecilio PO28N also features all relevant accessories that seek to keep the instrument in perfect condition at all times. These include; the strong case for storage and protection, cleaning rod and cloth, grease for lubrication the joint head, and a pair of gloves to ensure easy maintenance work. It has 1-year warranty to secure all customers interest against manufacturer’s defects.

15) Selmer Prelude Student Model PC711 Piccolo

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This is a certified and tested refurbished piccolo that has undergone a vigorous redesign to look new and appear efficient. This piccolo consists of the best refurbishing processing which includes basic cleaning, functionality testing, complete repackaging, and inspection to ensure all-round workability.

Despite being a refurbished product, the Selmer Prelude Student Model PC711 Piccolo is a unique design that has lots of first-grade quality features like premium piccolos. The Selmer Prelude features a composite body that carries a silver plated head, together with silver plated keys that render authentic high-quality sound.

It has a conical bore body that enhances flexibility, along with a split E mechanism that defines the overall output in playability and tone control.

The Selmer Prelude is a perfect beginner’s instrument whose body is impervious to changes in temperature and moisture, which makes the Selmer great for both indoor and outdoor performances.

Apart from being cheap, this product has high value in terms of high sound generation and performance suitable for the marching band and highly recommended by teachers. It also includes all relevant accessories such as a case for holding it, rod for cleaning, cleaning cloth and screw driver for proper maintenance.

Here is a very beautiful piccolo with exquisite features and designs that stand out from the crowd. The Roy Benson RBPC502 Advanced Piccolo is produced out of a strong and durable material called Rosewood. This wood is a synthetic wood type material used to avoid cracking and is known for producing a warm, round tone, similar to a premium or expensive wood piccolo.

The Roy Benson RBPC502 Advanced Piccolo is designed to produce quality sound and performance, and from the numerous reviews it has gotten from the real time users, it hasn’t disappoint. The workmanship of this Rosewood piccolo with silver plated nickel-silver head joint is excellent. The instrument is sturdy, and above all, the sound that emanates from it is great.

The Roy Benson RBPC502 Advanced Piccolo features silver plated nickel-silver keys that lined the exterior, sounding not too airy but bold, pretty and clear. Many students and intermediate players will like the head joint that makes the Advanced Piccolo easier to tune.

The piccolo comes in a solid hard case that you can further put inside a soft carrying case with a strap and zipper. As much as comfort is concerned, this piccolo is a must get!

17) Tempest Piccolo – Bulb Style High wave Headjoint

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Believe it or not: this is a two headed piccolo—the first of its kind in the market. The Tempest piccolo is a game changer in the sense that it features unique characteristics known to some of the highly rated and premium piccolos in the market. As an agility wind piccolo, the Tempest features two remarkable head joints wherein the primary head joint is the Bulb Model that contains a high-rise embouchure.

By virtue of its unique design, the Tempest Piccolo enables tremendous air focus which in turn provides great projection in sound quality and pitch creation. The second head joint is the Blade or Baroque Model, which possesses a free and comfortable blowing embouchure.

The overall result is the output of a sound that’s both pleasing and warm. Both the body and the head joints of the Tempest are made from nylon resin and composites of grenadilla—materials that are impervious to humidity and temperature—meaning you don’t have to worry about body damage or cracks to the instruments.

The Tempest also features French pointed keys adjusted on the piccolo to perfectly secure every notes thereof. This instrument is suitable for indoor and outdoor play, and the French style case has room for both head joints.

18) Windsor LPIO Piccolo Outfit

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Windsor brand as a manufacturer of musical instrument is a relatively new entrant into the online market, but its product has been making waves elsewhere. The Windsor LPIO Piccolo outfit confirms the success story of the Windsor line of band instrument, which offers a complete line of cheap and affordable high-quality instruments.

The Windsor LPIO Piccolo Outfit features a silver plated design that characterizes the overall finish of this piccolo. Designed as C Key, the Windsor LPIO Piccolo Outfit is strictly designed for the student or beginner musician to perfect his or her practices. The silver plated keys each resonates when played without being too airy. The sound is clear, precise, and easy to generate by virtue of the precision milled embouchure of the instrument.

The Windsor LPIO Piccolo Outfit comes with good maintenance accessories like cleaning rod and cloth to keep the piccolo in good and top condition. It comes with a line case for adequate storage and protection. The silver plated finish of the instrument makes it a standout from the crowd.

19) Kaerntner Piccolo KPC — 320 (Semi hard case) International Version

Although it appears that very little is known about this Piccolo brand, Kaerntner is no new comers to the musical instrument market. The Kaerntner Piccolo KPC—320 is designed out of a strong and durable ABS plastic resin material, which has the ability to resist early cracks and damages from temperature changes. 

Weighing 721g, the instrument is lightweight enough that the student player and the intermediate for which it was designed won’t have any problem in playing with it.

The Kaerntner Piccolo KPC—320 International Version is designed to generate a high quality tone, with enhanced performance through its unique E mechanism features that enable the player to choose or alternate between two independent keys—Offset G and the C key note for better sound quality control and output. The KPC—320 International Version is the perfect piccolo for the beginner student. The silver plated nickel-silver head joint is ideal for the overall body design, which is exquisite, lightweight and solid.

The Kaerntner Piccolo KPC—320 International Version pipe body is durable, and the sound resonance is noteworthy for its sharp and clear background. The instrument is suitable for the marching band and for practices in orchestra classes. The piccolo comes in a solid hard case, together with a cleaning rod and cloth for proper maintenance of the product.

20) RS Berkeley P101 Elite Series Silver Plated Piccolo with Case and Accessories

This instrument gives all players equal ground to test their skills and benefit massively regardless of whatever playing level each and every one of them may be. This piccolo from Berkeley is trusted and reliable because the brand is known for producing a quality instrument that maximizes player’s ability while improving clarity and intonation.

The RS Berkeley P101 is an instrument that features extremely beautiful silver plated keys installed on the head and body of the piccolo. It has a set of stainless steel springs that keep the keys firmly in place and guarantee steady flow and control while playing and moving within the keys.

The drawn tone holes that match the stainless springs further provide precision sound generation and clear intonation. While the ripped key post allows for consistency in sound production, overall design of the instrument as a C key yield top quality sound and comfort-ability during playing.

Although popular listing says the RS Berkeley P101 is listed as a beginner instrument, the keys resonance and overall sound output suggest intermediates and elite players in the marching band, pep band, and in the orchestra can use it. The P101 piccolo comes in a portable and durable storage case with relevant accessories such as cleaning rod and cleaning cloth.

Choosing the Best Piccolo from the Best Piccolo Brands

As stated earlier in our introduction, all piccolos look alike and the only way to ascertain what is needed is to know your style of play and what you really want to get. The best piccolos are those that offer quality sound, not too airy, but clear and precise during play.

It must be understood that there are three main classes of piccolos which are:

First or Starter Piccolos

Lots of students play these piccolos immediately they have completed their flute playing experience, usually after a year. Most of these piccolos offer a combination of materials like composite and nickel silver, as the case may be. They are known as beginners’ piccolos and are usually cheaper. Some are durable, depending on the material make, weather resistant and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Step-up Piccolos

This refers to set of piccolos played by people who excelled in playing and have graduated from beginners class/training sections. They are called intermediate piccolos and they feature improved quality in craftsmanship, material, intonation and overall sound quality. It must be noted that almost all step-up piccolos come with a strong silver head joint.

Professional or Top Class Piccolos

These are piccolos known for their accurate key action, sound resonation, and exceptional tone. Professional musicians play them a lot, and they are used widely in orchestras and stages. When they are made of Grenadilla, they are always the first choice of selection. They are the best and most expensive in the piccolo market.