3 Best Jupiter Piccolo Reviews 2022

Best Jupiter Piccolo

Best Jupiter Piccolo

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Piccolos are a nice class of instruments. They are very popular among the different classes of wind instruments. But as good as they are, there might be a problem in selecting the right one for you. This is because all piccolos have a similar resemblance, making it difficult for people to know which one to choose. The thing that differentiates them from one another is the material from which they were made.

If you are looking forward to buying your piccolo for the first time, here is what to consider before parting with your money.

Things To Consider When Buying Your Piccolo

Your playing level

If you are a beginner or a student player just starting out on the piccolo, you have to know the ones that are fit for you. For instance, the Jupiter JPC700 Piccolo is a typical student piccolo. A professional player might not find that model very helpful because it will certainly lack the qualities that define the best of a professional piccolo model.

Student piccolos are the types most students play after undergoing a year of flute lessons. Typically, most student piccolos come with composite or nickel silver designs. This design provides you with a decent price and nice sound. But you have to wash out if you are allergic to nickel. In that case, go for those that are silver plated so they can protect you against nickel allergy.

On the other hand, intermediate piccolos refer to the ones that have better quality craftsmanship and materials compare to their student counterparts. Generally, they come in high-class headjoint with silver sterling design while some even have Grenadilla wood design at the headjoint.

The last group is the professional piccolos. These piccolos offer exceptional clarity in tone and level of sound. They have perfect accuracy in key action and are more expensive to purchase. The best of them are made of Grenadilla wood headjoint construction. Most of such piccolos also come with ribbed key post and gold springs of excellent quality.


Another thing you will have to consider is how easy it is to maintain the instrument. If the instrument is going to last and deliver according to expectations, it should be able to withstand against some of piccolos public enemy like moisture. When moisture is left unattended to, it creates an avenue for germs and bacteria to excel and damage your instrument and yourself.

Wooden piccolos also need special attention in the area of humidity and temperature. Think critically about these aspects and consider if you will have the time to carter for them or not. This will enable you to know which piccolo instrument to buy.

3 Best Jupiter Piccolo Reviews

1) Jupiter JPC700 Student Piccolo Review

After many years of rolling out excellent strings and pipes musical instruments, KHS Jupiter piccolo returns with this resounding student flute-like/wind instrument. The Jupiter JPC700 is regarded as one of the most famous student piccolos in the world.

The body of the JPC700 features a silver-plated nickel design that radiates with excellence. Even from afar, one can’t help falling in love with this instrument. At the head-joint, the material that was used is also silver nickel design. As for the bore, it features a conical style construction, which is always remarkable for perfect intonation and wind control.

Intonation is one of the most important things that make a piccolo great, and this student model from Jupiter didn’t disappoint at all. The tone is very impressive and doesn’t come out too shrill. Reaching the upper registers is fairly easy, and your ability to switch between piccolo and flute is even easier than you may have thought.

Another great aspect of the JPC700 is its ability to withstand regular and rigorous use. The make is just the perfect piccolo for a student looking forward to upgrading to another level.

At 1.3 pounds in weight, you know this is one light and portable piccolo you’ll be handling anytime. Finger controls and breathing techniques are made even easier as a result of the fabulous length of the piccolo which measures 10.4 x 4.3 x 2.6 inches in dimensions.

Whatever reservation one might have about this piccolo, one thing is however certain; it is the best piccolo a student (your daughter or son) can rely on.

2) Jupiter JPC1010 Piccolo Review

The JPC1010 piccolo is another excellent beginner piccolo. But one thing that makes it stand out from a host of others in its category is the body construction. In spite of its quite affordable price, the JPC1010 features a body made of ABS resin. The reason why this type of design is very excellent is that it can be played outside and just about anywhere without worrying much about it cracking up.

With such a nice resin design, the JPC1010 is at least, if not perfectly, able to mimic the rich and excellent quality sound derived only from a wood class piccolo. This piccolo will give you the very best in C-key and the sound that emanates from it is very great and high—thanks for the silver-plated nickel body construction and resin design.

The piccolo is just the perfect one for the stage due to its high sound. The head is also made of ABS resin, which further contributes to the rich and high sound that comes from it.

Lastly, there is also the conical bore – a design that renders high response and perfect intonation distribution across the whole length of the instrument. And with its enduring ABS case and parts, this is one Taiwanese best-crafted piccolos of all time.

There is hardly a thing wrong with this beginners’ piccolo.

3) Jupiter ABS Body Piccolo Review

The Jupiter ABS Body Piccolo is exactly like the qualities and design paraded by the JPC1010 Piccolo. For instance, the body of this piccolo model also features an ABS resin body construction, just like the JPC1010 piccolo. By incorporating this design, it means you can play this piccolo under any weather condition without damaging it.

An ABS resin body design also gives the player a huge advantage that others with different piccolos might not have. The advantage lies in the area of having a great and reliable sound while enjoying a durable product that enhances performance under any condition.

Another similarity shared with the JPC1010 is in the head-joint construction. This model also features a silver-plated nickel design which excels in rich and quality tone. Irrespective where you choose to play your instrument, the performance and sound are always going to be one of excellence.

Just like the JPC1010, this piccolo model also carries a conical bore that is very much responsive and articulate perfectly as much as sound is a concern. The conical bore provides the player with an amazing degree of intonation spread across every inch and range of the piccolo.

Considering that this piccolo was made to also play the C-key, you won’t b wrong if you’re to conclude that this is just a replica of the Jupiter JPC1010 piccolo for students. The only real difference is that while the mouthpiece end of this model features purely silver color design, the key areas carries a black-like touch design.

Choosing the Best Jupiter Piccolo

Piccolos are unique instruments that have a similar resemblance. The only way to get the best for you is to know your playing level and what you feel is comfortable for you to play. A reliable piccolo is one that delivers in terms of sound quality, intonation and versatility across any venue.

You also need to bear in mind that there are three classes of piccolos and each has their own style and components designs. The key to selecting the best from these three is knowing exactly what you are good at and where you are currently as a player.

While choosing which piccolo to buy, bear in mind that price is not always a major determinant. A piccolo with a heavy price tag may end up not being a reliable one or one that’s better than a student or step-up piccolo. So, what you should be interested in is the reviews put forward before you, especially what real-time users of the product are saying. This will surely enable you to buy the right and appropriate piccolo.