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Best Beginner Melodica

Best Beginner Melodica

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Have you ever wondered if you could pack an entire piano in a little case and carry it around in your bag? Well, there is such a thing and it’s called the Melodica, which isn’t exactly a piano rather quite distinct from it, but you get the point.

The melodica is a musical free-reed instrument that closely resembles a harmonica. Its appearance is like a keyboard on which keys are pressed to play the notes, and when the keys are pressed, a hole opens allowing air to flow through a reed and this is what produces the notes.

We have selected several beginner melodicas that we believe are great for beginner musicians. With the necessary details being given for each of the melodicas, you’ll surely find something to your liking.

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What are the Best Beginner Melodicas to Buy?

2) Eastar
37 Keys Melodica

  • Durable ABS Non-Toxic Engineering Resin
  • Premium Quality Tone
  • Phosphor Bronze Reed & Copper Base

1) CAHAYA 32 Keys Melodica CY0050-1

  • Musical Alphabet & Sol-Fa Syllables
  • 2 Playing & 2 Carrying Ways
  • Responsive & Smooth Sound
  • Compact Design

3) Pyle Black Melodica PMLD12BK

  • Free Reed Instrument
  • Outstanding Sound
  • Anti-Fatigue Internal Machining

This guide is meant to help melodica entry levers select the beginner melodicas that best suits their needs while also providing economical alternatives. All beginner melodicas' designs, features, accessories coming by, and etc will be discussed and compared as per their level of comfort. Let’s start reviewing the 20 best beginner melodicas, shall we?

20 Best Beginner Melodica Reviews

1. CAHAYA 32 Keys Melodica CY0050-1

This unique melodica by Cahaya comes with 2 double mouthpieces tube set. Its plain, burnished surface provides a very stylish and attractive look. A very important thing which is very essential for any musical instrument is its response and how much it is responsive to the one who plays it.

Well, the Cahaya has a quality that it provides very good and responsive feedback and satisfies the musician. Though it resembles a piano, it comes in small size and a limited range. One can play chords, single notes which can be flat or sharp, with which it produces a melodious sound.

It has 32 keys and is made from a non-toxic, non-corrosive resin called ABS, which produces no harm and is 100% safe for the environment and the user. It has straps, which one can easily hold and carry anywhere one wants. This level of comfort coming at this price is pretty awesome.

2. Eastar 37 Keys Melodica

Here we have a melodica with 37 keys that comes with a mouthpiece air piano that resembles a piano. One of the key features is its playing modes, which are divided into standing and sitting mode. This is possible due to its size which is small yet complicated allowing musicians to perform by sitting and standing as per their wish.

Due to its lightweight and small size, one can easily hold it with one hand and play with the keys with the other hand. A standing performance is done with the mouthpiece while a sitting performance is done by using an extension hose. These features are specifically designed for beginners for their comfortable use.

Eastar melodica is very easy to learn and very simple to play for teaching purposes to teach someone how to play with it. That’s why its design specifications are produced for the kids to learn quickly.

A very high-quality material is used in its manufacturing; for reed, phosphor bronze is used while for the manufacturing of base, copper is used. This is the reason why it produces a high-quality sound and intrigues the beginners to learn with enthusiasm and with great interest.

3. Pyle Black Melodica PMLD12BK

Here we have a premium quality melodica with quite some unique features. It is known by its different names such as Keyboard Harmonica, Melody Horn, Blow Organ, and also Pianica. It differs from others in the sense that it produces sound by exhaling the air not by inhaling. It comes in black color. It is a free-reed instrument that has a mouthpiece along with an air chamber and keyboard.

Pyle melodica is very suitable for beginners due to its winding piano and other accessories which come in a package. This thing makes it user friendly and people of all ages enjoy playing this melodica.

One of the premium features is that its internal slots are adjusted in a way that air chambers are them to maximize airflow through it. Talking about its technical features, it can be played in two ways. One with the keyboard and the other one is the flute.

For the keyboard, one has to place it on a plane space, and sit and then play with the keys. For flute, you can play it while standing. The sound produces by this melodica is very close to accordion and harmonica. It’s a great deal at that price.

4. ammoon 32 Piano Keys Melodica (Green)

This beautiful melodica comes in different colors of Green, Black, Pink, Blue, and a Red which comes as optional. Here, we are discussing green color with the white shades melodica which has a shiny surface making it look exquisite and splendid.

Talking about ammoon melodica's technical specifications, it has 32 keys. It's designed specifically for kids who have just started their learning journey. ammoon melodica is lightweight of about 523g and one can easily hold it while performing. It has two playing modes. One can either play with keys or a long mouthpiece, depends on the musicians whatever they are comfortable with.

The thing which makes ammoon melodica unique is its long and short mouthpiece. The short mouthpiece has a bendy tube, so one can play with two hands on the keys and produce a melodious sound.

5. Glarry 32 Keys Melodica (Green)

This premium quality branded, Glarry melodica is known for its splendid craftsmanship and cozy design. High-quality PVC material is used in its manufacturing which makes it look classy. This material is 100% safe and eco-friendly.

Talking about Glarry melodica's style, it is specially designed for easy learning. It has 32 keys and when they are pressed, the air filled in them comes out making a melodious sound. It comes with a keyboard and two mouthpieces, a short one and a long one.

Due to its compact size and design, it is very easy to hold with one hand and play it with the other. One can also hold it with strap support that comes in its package. These premium qualities combine and make this melodica great in both playing and looks. That’s why it’s a norm for music lovers to give this as a gift to beginners. Because it has all the qualities a beginner can easily learn and develop an interest in with time.

6. ammoon 37 Keys Melodica for Beginners

This melodica is from the brand ‘Ammoon’. Ammoon’s fine collection of melodicas always win the hearts of their customers. The reason behind this is a very popular brand known for its fine designs and music lovers love their fine collection. We are discussing here 37 key Melodica which comes in black color.

The best thing about this has 3 octaves which produce a melodious sound. Also, its comfy design provides comfort to its users. Students of music who just start their learning journey quickly learns from it. That’s why it is easy for playing.

Talking about its design, it has black and white keys combination on its keyboard. On which, you can play single notes, chords, sharps, and flats just you play on the piano. Only the difference is in its range which is smaller than the piano.

Its material is made up of ABS plastic which is 100% harmless and safe for the environment. Another best thing about this is, it is lightweight and compact and you can carry it wherever you want. One can play this melodica in two ways because of its two mouthpieces, one is short and the other one is a long mouthpiece.

With a short mouthpiece, you can hold it with your hand provided by the strap support while standing. For a long mouthpiece, you have to adjust melodica and sit with it and then play. It comes in a hard protective case for carrying and storage purposes. A guidebook is also provided with it.

7. Rise by Sawtooth Melodica ST-RISE-MEL-32-BLUE

This lightweight blue color melodica is specially designed for kids and its premium quality is brought to you by the ‘Rise by Sawtooth’ brand. They are well known for their stylish melodicas. This melodica has 32 keys that resemble piano keys which makes it easier to play and learn. This makes it ideal for beginners. Professionals can also use it because of its premium quality.

Its package includes a bag which you can carry anywhere you want and also for storing purposes. When it comes to skill levels, this branded melodica is suitable for all skill levels from beginners to professionals. It is because it is made of premium quality ABS material and every aspect is taken care of during the manufacturing process to ensure its quality.

Talking about its size and weight, its size is compact, and it only weighs 1.35 pounds. It means anyone can hold it very easily and that’s why it is very easy to play even while standing. These features make this product by the ‘Rise by Sawtooth’ one of the top sellers in this industry.

8. Vangoa 32 Keys Melodica for Beginners

This Vangoa melodica with its premium feature comes at a very handy price. It is perfect for beginners who just step into the music learning journey. It is very easy to learn and easy to play. Two modes of playing are included in it and come with two mouthpieces, a short and a long one.

With its comfortable design, one can play with the mouthpiece very easily while holding it in the hand. A short mouthpiece gives an advantage in the sense that one can easily hold the melodica with one hand and play with the other. The long mouthpiece is bendy. For this, you have to set your melodica because it needs your support, and this support can be a table or anything you can sit on and play comfortably.

In this way, one can also play it like a keyboard to produce a beautiful sound. There’s a strap in the package for the support one can find with it while holding in the hand. High-quality ABS material ensures its durability which is harmless and eco-friendly. Its package also includes a zipper bag for traveling and easy to carry purposes.

9. Vangoa 32 Keys Black Portable Melodica

Another beautiful Vangoa melodica is known for its design and workmanship. Premium quality ABS resin is used in its manufacturing process. The work done on it is exquisite. That’s why it is long-lasting and has a sturdy design. 2 mouthpieces with 2 tubes come with it. It has 32 keys and that’s why it’s easy to learn and play.

For the convenience of beginners, it comes with stickers for black and white keys so that learner learns quickly and swiftly. Also, it has a comfortable strap for carrying purposes. Stickers and strap are the luxuries they are providing with this package. It’s perfect for the teachers to learn their kids. The melodious sound produce plays an important role in developing musical interest in students of music.

Additionally, it comes with two mouthpieces of exquisite long flexible plastic long pipes. It has two short mouthpieces. Along with it, it has a carrying bag. You can easily travel with it. The manufacturing material ensures its reliability. The C-key standard is used for 32 keys which are widely used in both kids and adults.

Not only this, it is equally famous among professionals for stage performances. Vangoa always cares for their customers and provide every customer care they needed. If one doesn’t satisfy with the product, they make sure the quality and provide customers their contact and take all issues regarding quality and solve them.

10. Pyle Melodica for Beginner PMLD12BK.5

This Pyle melodica with the special mouth piano is very famous among professionals. It comes with premium features, a mouth keyboard with a resemblance to a piano organ that one can set easily with a mouthpiece. It also has tube accessories.

Pyle melodica is made of high-quality materials. Like for smooth surfaces, they use the copper plate. The sound production as a result is melodic and resembles harmonica. When more than one tones are played by the musician, it sounds like an accordion. It is a perfect start for beginners because it has all the features one can find in the melodica.

Further, the air chambers are there get max airflow between it and as a result, it produces a melodious sound. This melodica is also known as keyboard harmonica because it sounds very close to it and it also has a shape like a harmonica. This free-reed instrument comes with mouthpieces, air chambers, and a keyboard.

11. CASCHA Black Melodica HH 2061

This amazing melodica is brought to you by CASCHA brand. This particular black melodica comes with 32 keys and is perfect for the starters who begin their music learning journey. This lightweight product by CASCHA, is made up of high-quality plastic material called ABS. the special thing about ABS plastic is that it is 100% harmless in the sense that it is eco-friendly and is reusable.

Also, this plastic is known for its durability. These manufacturing features make this product a very high and premium quality. Looking at its package that comes along the melodica, also includes the carrying bag for traveling and storing purposes.

It has a mouthpiece with a flexible tube and one can easily hold the melodica along with it with the help of a strap. That’s why it is easy to use and one can play anywhere they want.

It also comes in a range which is F to C’’’. This is not included in every melodica and that range feature is included in this brand product. These all features added up to make this product a classic one if one has to buy and start learning. This comes at a very good price with these kinds of features.

12. YueYueZou 32 Keys Melodica

YueYueZou melodica is perfect for little kids due to its small size and light-weightiness. It is very easy to learn and one can play sound just after a little practice. It has two mouthpieces for the convenience of the musicians. You can play it by standing while holding melodica with one hand.

The other mouthpiece is a long one and can play with the sitting and play on a smooth surface. You don’t need batteries for YueYueZou melodica, electricity is enough to power it on. The accessories come with it as a bag for carrying purposes. Professional guidance is also coming with it.

Indeed, YueYueZou melodica is a great gift for children. The company always cares for the customers and they will be glad to help you with any problem related to their product.

13. EastRock 37 Keys Melodica (Soprano Piano Style)

EastRock always believes in quality and professionalism. This work ethic reflects in their products. They always come up with premium quality musical instruments. Here, we are talking about the Melodica instrument keyboard known for its Soprano Piano style. That’s why they are the best sellers in the market for their premium quality.

EastRock portable melodicas are best suitable for teaching purposes for those who are new to this field. That’s the reason it is popular with beginners. Even the smaller kids can learn it from and develop their music skills.

If we talk about its material, it is made up of phosphor bronze, and copper. Its reed is made up of phosphorus bronze and the base is of copper. Overall manufacturing is done using ABS resin material which is non-corrosive and harmless as well as environmentally friendly.

The design is sturdy and comfortable, and one can easily learn and play and enjoy the melodious sound produced by the keys. EastRock is known for the care they provide to the customers. A 1-year warranty is given on the purchase of this product.

14. ammoon 37 Piano Keys Melodica

The ammoon branded melodica has 37 keys and comes with a carrying bag. One can easily travel with it due to its lightweight. It’s easy to play because a number of features come with it. The beautiful looks and designs show the workmanship, and this shows the quality of sound.

The splendid work done on the melodica shows how much the brand is committed to providing the musicians with a very unique experience. It has 2 mouthpieces. Long and the short one. In this way, one can play with more than two ways. You can either play while sitting placing melodica on a plane surface.

Also, you can play it while you are standing. It has a strap for holding it with a hand and this way, one can feel comfortable while playing. Comes with a carrying bag, one can travel with it also, one can store anything you want. It also comes in different colors like red, blue, green.

This melodica is perfect for beginner students as it is easy to play. Kids find it too easy to learn. They offer a reasonable price with these features. It’s the best deal for the beginner and they have a satisfactory rating on online stores. This shows they care for their customers and they maintain their quality.

15. QMG 32 Keys Melodica

Here we have another melodica that has 32 keys and comes in a carrying case. This QMG melodica's reed is made up of copper which ensures to give a high-quality tone. But in cheaper ones, this reed is made up of aluminum which doesn’t give this level of sound. But one has to compromise with the price and quality.

QMG melodica has 32 keys which makes it easy to play and copper plates make it surface smooth. Talking about its keyboard, it is very responsive, and this feature makes it popular among musicians. It is a great learning instrument that has all the premium qualities. One can practice it by adjusting chords and produce classical melodies using this melodica.

It comes with a hard-carrying case, which is for safety purposes on long-distance and long-term usage. Its package also includes other accessories including an extension hose, mouthpiece for bumps, and shock absorber for traveling.

Stickers also come along with it if, by any chance, stickers remove from the original one. A user guide also comes in a package. One can easily learn and play using a guidebook. Keys have a black and white combination with a blue outline of the melodica makes it exquisite.

16. Flexzion 37 Keys Black Melodica

This beautiful and premium branded melodica with 37 keys is brought to you by Flexzion. The black and white keys combination layout on the keyboard makes it splendid. It comes in a versatile range, and it has 3 full octaves. This feature helps in playing the song very quickly and one can learn in a very short span. Even one has no previous knowledge or experience, with this melodica, anyone can play with keys and produce beautiful sounds.

Music lovers always find themselves in the world of music. This premium melodica provides a user with a unique experience that they will love it and find themselves in the love of their tunes. The perfection lies in the size of its keys which are perfectly aligned with the size of melodica.

The base is made of copper which is anti-corrosive and the reed is made of bronze. Water key is also there to increase the life of melodica by releasing moisture combines with air. It is very light weighted and easily carried from one place to another without any hesitation. That’s why it is very accessible and flexible. All it required a powerful human lung to produce a beautiful sound.

It is specially designed for kids. But professionals are also using and they are completely satisfied with the performance of this melodica.

17. Vilihy 32 Keys Melodica for Beginners

Vilihy melodica’s body is made up of food-grade ABS resin material which is safe for the environment and 100% harmless. That’s why it is safe for anyone who is playing with it. You can tune this melodica according to your choice and conveniently use it for learning purposes.

In addition, it is very easy to use. Kids use this for learning as it develops a sense of music and interest. It also has two mouthpieces, one short and one long mouthpiece. So, a musician can play with both standing and sitting positions.

Vilihy melodica has a standard 32 C-key being used in it. It is used by both adults as well as kids. Vilihy always gives its best to support its customers and listens to them and solves their issues. It is very popular among beginners and professionals alike.

18. Baisidai 32 Keys Piano Style Melodica

This beautiful red colored melodica is from another great brand Baisidai. It has a piano style 32 keys with a Box organ accordion. It has a keyboard that’s why it has a resemblance to a piano. This is ideal for beginners who are new to this field. It comes in different colors, and it depends on the user whatever they want to buy. In its package, it has a carrying bag in which you can find a mouthpiece, and a guidebook is also included in it.

The zipper bag is for moving purposes. Its size is normal so you can travel with it easily without any hesitation. It is also light weighed and kids can easily hold it for playing purposes. The extension hose is also present with a mouthpiece. It is a perfect deal for beginners, and one can’t regret after buying it. It is one most selling brand melodica.

19. Kuyal 32 Keys Melodica for Beginners

Here we have the Kuyal melodica with its premium features. This 32-key piano style melodica is for little kids and is also used for teaching practices. As it has 32 keys, it is very easy to learn, and one can play and start generating tunes in a very short time. It has two mouthpieces for two different ways of playing. The short one is a bendy tube and one can play it with one hand while the longer one is played with two hands.

As is the trend, it is made up of premium PVS quality on which craftmanship works reflect its artistry. Premium quality material is used to make sure of its durability. In its packaging, it has a bag for the convenience of carrying around during playing and practicing tours. It is also light weighted and one can easily hold it and play melodious sounds on it. This mid-size melodica comes at a very reasonable price.

20. Mugig 32 Keys Melodica (C-Key)

The Mugig melodica has 32 keys with a C-key standard. This makes it unique in the sense that it becomes very easy for beginners to play and learn. Musical instruments always play an important role in children’s creativity. This enhances their focus level and their IQ level also develops with it as they delve themselves into this field with time. It has two mouthpieces with the addition of an extension hose. One is a short mouthpiece and the other one is a long one. It also has two and a half octaves which are a perfect blend for beginners.

To ensure its durability, it is made of food-grade high-quality ABS material. This is eco-friendly and harmless. Reed is made of phosphor bronze and brass is the base plate. With this level of material used in its manufacturing, it produces a high-quality sound. Mugig always cares for the customers. If someone has a problem, they help the customer with the priority.

Choosing The Best Beginner Melodicas From The Beginner Melodica Brands

This is the end of the list and we surely believe that you might have liked it. We have discussed different beginner melodicas and have talked about their different features, For the music lovers, this list will help them to select their own choice of the beginner melodicas by considering the value of money for each.

2) Eastar
37 Keys Melodica

  • Durable ABS Non-Toxic Engineering Resin
  • Premium Quality Tone
  • Phosphor Bronze Reed & Copper Base

1) CAHAYA 32 Keys Melodica CY0050-1

  • Musical Alphabet & Sol-Fa Syllables
  • 2 Playing & 2 Carrying Ways
  • Responsive & Smooth Sound
  • Compact Design

3) Pyle Black Melodica PMLD12BK

  • Free Reed Instrument
  • Outstanding Sound
  • Anti-Fatigue Internal Machining

We have given an overall detailing of different beginner melodicas of different ranges and brands. We hope, this will help every melodica entry learners and eventually find the best melodica for themselves. This unique learning experience opens up a new horizon for beginners as well as professionals.

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