30 Best Melodica Reviews 2021 – Best Melodica Brands

Best Melodica & Best Melodica Brands

Best Melodica & Best Melodica Brands

If you are looking forward to purchase a melodica, especially for the first time, you will find it as a difficult task to figure out where you should start. Melodica also known as Pianica. In this article, we will use "Melodica" in referring to the musical instrument.

Many different types of melodicas are available in the market and selecting a one out of them would be an overwhelming task. Here is a set of important tips, which you can keep in mind when shopping for a melodica in order to stay away from frustration.

What are the Best Melodicas to Buy?

2) Yamaha P37D

  • Free Reed Instrument
  • Clear & Full Tone
  • Anti Corrosive Reeds
  • Stable Intonation

32 Keys Melodica

  • Smooth & Responsive Tone
  • Portable
  • 32 Keys
  • ABS Non-Toxic
  • Convenient To Carry

3) Hammond 44 Acoustic-Electric Melodica

  • Classic Design
  • Built In Dynamic Microphone
  • Quick Fingering
  • Clear Sound

Purpose of Purchasing a Melodica

First of all, you need to take a look at the reason behind why you purchase a melodica. Most of the people prefer to get hold of a melodica just to learn it as a hobby. However, there are some individuals who try to get hold of a melodica to play in a bad. The type of melodica you purchase should match perfectly well with your requirements. Otherwise, money you spend on it would be in vain.

If you are looking forward to buy a melodica to learn it as a hobby, you are encouraged to start off from an entry level model. However, you shouldn’t shop for the cheapest melodica available in the market. You need to get hold of a quality product, which can keep you away from hassle while playing.

You need to take a look at few important things such as the keyboard action while you are purchasing a melodica. This is how the keys would respond when you press down the melodica. Most of the cheaper melodicas would deliver an inconsistent and a lighter feeling to you across the board. But if you get hold of an expensive model, you will be able to receive a weightier feel.

Moreover, the cheapest melodicas available in the market can deliver a difficult time to you when tuning. However, all the cheaper melodicas are not like that and it is better to go through the reviews and get hold of the best one out of options available to you in the market.

Types of Melodica

Many different types of melodicas are also available in the market. You need to consider what exactly the type of melodica you are going to purchase out of them. The melodicas can be generally classified into five types. They include accordina, bass, tenor, alto and soprano.

Out of these types, soprano is the most common melodica type. Tenor and alto melodicas are also popular among people who live out there in the world. The highest pitched melodicas are sopranos. In most of the cases, an alto melodica has the ability to play in the same range as a soprano. However, tenor is a low pitched melodica.

Notes are a rare type of melodicas. They have the lowest pitch out of all. Moreover, these melodicas are extremely expensive when compared to others. You cannot hold these on your hand and you will have to place it on a table. When it comes to accordina melodicas, you will need to use the buttons to play notes instead of keyboard.

If your objective of purchasing a melodica is to play in a band or to engage with solo performances, you are encouraged to go for an intermediate level instrument. These instruments are in a position to last for a long period of time as well.

In other words, they are capable of handling the rigors of roads, when you are carrying from one place to another. Moreover, it would be a good idea to invest your money on a good carrying case so that you can provide enhanced protection to your melodica while transporting.

30 Best Melodicas and the Best Melodica Brands

Here are 30 of the best melodicas available in the market for you to consider buying.

1) CAHAYA 32 Keys Melodica

CAHAYA Melodica has received much attention due to the availability of a responsive and a smooth piano keyboard. It is possible for you to use this melodica in order to play single notes and chords along with flats and sharps, just like you play them in your piano.

However, you will not be able to get hold of an extensive range like in the piano. CAHAYA Melodica comes along with compact dimensions. Therefore, you will not find it as a difficult task to carry this melodica from one place to another. To make your life easy, this melodica comes along with a zipper carrying case as well.

The body of CAHAYA Melodica is made out of a non-toxic engineering resin. It is safe and healthy for anyone. Due to the presence of a short mouthpiece, you are provided with the ability to slide the hand under the strap while playing as well.

2) Yamaha P37D 37-Key Melodica

This is a 37 key melodica manufactured by Yamaha. A great feeling would be offered to your hands by this melodica. It has the ability to function perfectly well as a substitute to an accordina. Not only the melodica looks beautiful, but also its case.

A beautiful texture has been introduced in order to enhance the look and feel offered by this product. This is more of a professional level melodica available in the market. However, it is not a bulky product and you can easily carry it. This melodica has the ability to play beautiful and smooth sounds as well.

If you are looking forward to upgrade your existing melodica into a professional level one, look no further because Yamaha P37D 37-Key Pianica is one of the best options available in the market.

3) Hammond 44 Acoustic-Electric Melodica

Hammond 44 Acoustic-Electric Melodion has become a popular option among individuals who are looking forward to purchase an electric melodica that offers 44 tones. It is also a popular option among professional players.

The overall design of the melodica is decent and most of the people would agree to the fact that it’s a nice instrument. The ability to produce rich and clear sounds is one of the most highlighted features that you can see in this product. There is a metal strip right next to the keyboard of this melodica. It has been attached near the top and bottom.

Even though this metal strip has been introduced to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the melodica, it doesn’t match perfectly well with the overall design. Moreover, there is a possibility to slide the fingers across this metal strip accidentally while playing. It is the only con associated with Hammond 44 Acoustic-Electric Melodion.

4) Eastar 37 Keys Melodica

The Eastar melodica is available in 2 different models, 32 and 37 keys. The 32 piano keys one tends to be more suitable for younger users, even little kids who are just getting started in piano lessons or simply expand their interests and motor skills. That is because it’s compact and it is easy to handle thanks to its ergonomic design, while the 37 keys one is recommended for adults or more experienced piano players due to the number of extra keys.

Made with high-quality materials like phosphor bronze reed as well as a copper mixture for the base of the melodica and non-toxic resin. This combination of top tier materials helps for a better overall sound and to make it as durable and resistant as possible.

Included in your purchase you’ll find a padded carrying bag to store your melodica and any accessories you may need. You can use it in two different ways depending on your experience, if you are new it is recommended to use the long mouthpiece which is made of strong plastic that won’t break regardless of how much you bend it. It is available in three different colors: pink, blue, and black.

5) ammoon 32 Keys Melodica

In the current day and age, it is really important that we are conscious about our environment, that’s why the company Ammoon decided to use only eco-friendly and recycled materials to craft this amazing melodica instrument.

Integrated with 32 different piano keys, making it easy to handle and play, perfect for beginner musicians who are just getting started. Crafted with a long mouthpiece fully bendable so it’s suitable for people with all types of body and height or if you prefer using the short mouthpiece and handle the melodica with both of your hands.

This ammoon melodica was carefully designed to show a compact yet efficient construction. It measures 16.3 inches long, 4.1 inches wide and 1.8 inches thick, and weighs 18.5 ounces.

Included in your package you will find some extra goodies, like a carrying bag where you can store your new instrument and keep it protected, as well as a strap so you don’t have to worry about carrying it the whole time. It is available in five different vibrant colors such as baby blue, pink, red, green, and black if you want a more discrete color.

6) Hohner 32B Piano-Style Melodica

Hohner 32B Piano-Style Melodica offers a range of one half and two octaves, which makes it an alto or a soprano. It is possible for you to find 32 key tones in this melodica. They range from F below to middle C. Hence, it can be considered as a decent product available for the beginners to purchase.

This melodica can also be used for professional purposes under some restrictions. One of the most impressive features about Hohner 32B Piano-Style Melodica is that it comes along with a deluxe carrying case. You will also be able to receive a separate mouthpiece along with the melodica.

All the instructions on how to use Hohner 32B Piano-Style Melodica are provided along with the package as well. This is a nice looking melodica, which has a back colored body and white colored keys.

7) Stagg- Melosta32Rd 32 Note Melodica

This is a beautiful red colored melodica available in the market for you to purchase. It has 32 keys and can be considered as an ideal product available for the individuals who are looking forward to get their first lesson.

This is one of the most basic melodicas and it cannot be recommended for the professional players. However, it offers all the features that a first timer should have. Stagg- Melosta32Rd 32 Note Melodica comes along in a beautiful red color. The designers have paid special attention towards the aesthetic appeal of this product.

However, it is also possible for you to purchase this melodica in blue color as well. A soft carrying case is provided to you along withStagg- Melosta32Rd 32 Note Melodica. In addition, you will be able to receive a flexible tube and a mouthpiece.

8) Glarry 32 Keys Melodica

Another versatile melodica, this time presented by Glarry, a company that is known for offering great instruments at a great value, and this instrument is no exception. Offered in 4 different beautiful colors, including two subtle pastel tones like teal and pink as well as blue, red, and black.

All of them are offered in two different sizes depending on your musical skills and preferences, 32 and 37 keys, the latter is often recommended for experienced musicians.

Crafted with imported premium PVC materials completely non-toxic and safe. On the other hand, the 32 keys are a great option for small children and beginner players, even as a present for inexperienced adults who are looking for a new hobby to get involved with.

Each melodica is carefully and individually checked during the manufacturing process to make sure it is in perfect state, both in its construction and in its sound. Along with it, you will also receive a starter kit that includes a nice canvas bag so you can transport your new instrument wherever you go as well as the mouthpieces, both short and long and a strap that goes on the back of it to easily hold it when you play it.

9) RockJam 32 Keys Melodica

Depending on your playing style, RockJam offers the option of playing it in different ways. If you need to look at the keys, you can use its long mouthpiece hose to place it on top of a table or your lap and play it from a distance.

For more advanced players you can simply play it with its short mouthpiece which will make the musician hold the melodica near them and play them like a wind instrument and use constantly both hands, one to hold it and one to play it.

Built with durable plastic materials that are 100% eco-friendly that will make it durable for many years to come. Included in your kit, you will find a padded bag that will protect your melodica from hitting any solid surfaces, both mouthpieces and a cleaning cloth to maintain each component as clean as possible to keep hygiene a priority.

It is available in black color with a glossy finish that feels really soft on the touch. Measuring 16.1 inches long, 3.9 inches wide, and 2 inches thick, it makes a great option to choose from due to its small size and low weight.

10) Hohner 37 Keys Melodica

If you think you are prepared for an upgrade and consider yourself an experienced piano player this Hohner 37 key melodica by Hohner is the best option for you. Considered a high-end melodica due to its deluxe and professional design, meant suitable to be used during musical performances. It provides a steady, vibrant and rich sound that thanks to the high-quality materials, like bronze reeds, used to by its experienced craftsmen.

With a semi-glossy finish and black color that is suitable for everyone. It has a tone range of F which passes through a middle C and through F. Making it sound similar to an accordion because of its three-octave tune and it won’t lose its pitch no matter for how long you play it, making it the perfect companion for advanced players.

Allowing them to express themselves through its beautiful sound. You will also receive a deluxe case that is fully padded on the inside to ensure nothing happens to your instrument as well as the mouthpiece and the extension hose. The package measures 22 inches long, 6 inches wide and 3 inches thick and weighs 3.4 pounds.

11) ammoon 37 Keys Melodica

Another amazing melodica by ammoon, but this time it’s a 37 keys melodica, designed for those musicians who have more experience or are simply ready for an upgrade and take their melodica skills to the next levels.

Ammoon is committed to make honor to its known reputation of being one of the best musical instrument brands in the United States and Europe. They are delivering only the best quality in its products and making sure it’s 100% eco-friendly.

This melodica has three different types of sounds so there is a variety to choose from depending on what style you prefer. It is available in both black and navy blue with a semi-glossy finish. The detailed workmanship can be admired on each model making it easy to play and guaranteeing a long-lasting life.

Thanks to the 2 different types of mouthpieces included, you will be able to play it the way you prefer, either from a distance with its long flex tube or close to the melodica. Also, you will find a semi-hard padded gig case that can take it with you to your lessons or any leisure activities where you would like to practice or perform. Further, a cleaning cloth, a strap and a manual to get started are all included in this melodica kit.

12) Vangoa 32 Keys Melodica

Known for crafting high-quality instruments, Vangoa makes no exception with this melodica which is aimed for beginner players who are getting started into playing key instruments like the piano. If this is the case, the long and bendable mouthpiece is perfect for you. You can place the melodica on top of a table and use it like a small keyboard and play it anywhere without the need of carrying a heavy and big keyboard.

You will always be on the go, and be able to play it comfortably from your room, a party, or family gathering. Vangoa melodica crafted with passion using only top-notch materials like durable and safe plastic. Also, it is designed in the best ergonomic way possible to easily hold it with the help of the built-in strap on the back of it, so you never struggle with it.

Further, it comes in a vibrant baby blue color that resembles the beautiful sky. A traveling canvas gig bag included for you to store your new melodica, any attachments like different mouthpieces, musical sheets, and a cleaning cloth. You can remove any dust or residue left after playing it by using the cleaning cloth.

The melodica measures 17.6 inches long, 5.4 inches wide and 2.6 inches thick and weighs 1.65 pounds making it very lightweight.

13) D’Luca M37-BK 37 Key Melodica

D’Luca M37-BK is a popular option available for the people who prefer to get hold of a 37 key melodica from the market. This is an entry level melodica and it is recommended for the school children.

However, professional artists can also think about spending their money to purchase this melodica because of its versatility. Since this is a basic non-electric melodica, it would be possible for you to use the product in any environment.

The ability to play this melodica as a piano has contributed a lot towards its popularity. It is extremely easy to learn how to play this melodica as well. In addition, it can be defined as a powerfully expressive product available in the market.

The melodica comes along with a carrying case that has a zipper. In addition, you will be able to get hold of an extension hose and a mouthpiece along with the melodica.

14) 32 Key Melodica

Many melodicas are offered in a classic black color, but this model has a unique green apple shade that will stand out from the rest. This melodica made with resistant non-toxic PVC materials with an ergonomic design and easy grasp thanks to the already built-in hand strap.

With a flexible and long tube that able attached to the mouthpiece, you can play it from your desired distance and an air release button to make it even easier to play. Thus, it is recommended for both young and adult players that are just getting started in their musical journey, especially if they are just learning a key instrument.

Included in your package you will receive a hard case that won’t bend or take any kind of damage thanks to the thick plastic it is made of with a matte finish and a beautiful pastel green color.

Measuring 10 inches long, 3 inches wide and 2.1 inches thick and it only weighs 2.2 pounds so it’s easy to carry around and take it with you anywhere you go and show your friends your newly developed skills.

15) Yamaha P32D 32 Keys Melodica

This is another melodica that comes under the Pianica series of Yamaha. Yamaha P32D has received much attention because of its ability to produce solid projections and stable intonation. It can be considered as one of the most popular 32 key melodicas available in the market.

It is an upgraded version of P-32E where some slight changes have been introduced. For example, the rounds in Yamaha P32D 32-Note Pianica Keyboard Wind Instrument ae a bit cornered and there is a significant reduction in the overall weight as well.

However, there is no significant change in the sound. Only the look and feel of this melodica has been changed and people who don’t prefer the looks of P-32E can go for this melodica. It can also be considered as one of the most popular melodicas among school children out there in the world.

16) Hohner 32F 32-Key Fire Melodica

Hohner 32F 32-Key Piano-Style Fire Melodica is another basic melodica model available for the people to purchase. It can also be recommended for the students who want to get hold of their very first lessons in playing the instrument.

This is an entry level melodica and it has not got the most durable construction. Therefore, people who are using this melodica need to be careful when using. However, the experience offered by the musical instrument is outstanding. You would never feel like you are playing an entry level melodica.

The chromatic scale that you can find in Hohner 32F 32-Key Piano-Style Fire Melodica is decent and you will be satisfied with the overall experience delivered to you. However, some of the chords would not sound clear as in high end melodicas.

17) Hohner AIRBOARD37 37 Key Airboard

Hohner AIRBOARD37 37 Key Airboard is a portable keyboard instrument. This is one of the best air powered melodicas that you can purchase at a lower price tag. The overall design of the melodica has been enhanced along with a cool looking appearance.

You don’t need to use any cables or connect this musical instrument to a computer in order to get the best out of it. To start playing, you just need to blow into the flexible mouthpiece. Hohner AIRBOARD37 37 Key Airboard has the ability to provide you with the opportunity to explore yourself. You can also think about mixing the sound produced by this melodica with other musical instruments such as ukuleles.

Due to the availability of an Airboard, you will be able to provide a unique sound into the overall performance. The ambient accents offered by Hohner AIRBOARD37 37 Key Airboard would take your musical experience into a whole new level.

18) QMG Sticke32key Melodica

Like we mentioned before, stickers on a melodica are extremely useful for new players. It will be helping them to identify each note by their name and the position on the musical pentagram. So if you already own a melodica but want a little extra help, these stickers will help you to improve your musical skills by a lot.

Made with transparent and durable vinyl materials and also coated with a thick layer adhesive, will make them last with any wear over time usage or damage the keys of your melodica.

It doesn’t matter if you melodica has 32 or 37 keys, QMG has you covered and their kit has enough sticker for both of them. For your convenience, they also include a tutorial on how to properly place the stickers on the keys, a thing you can achieve in simply a couple of minutes. You will not only receive the stickers but also a free piano electronic book that you can have access to from the comfort of your computer or phone at home.

19) HAMMOND PRO-44HP Melodica

Hammond is a reputable brand, it has been able to maintain a solid reputation by giving life to some of the best melodicas. HAMMOND PRO-44HP is a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this melodica doesn’t come at the cheap price tag and it would be possible for you to purchase melodicas with same specifications at much lower prices from the market. Due to the price tag and the high quality, this melodica has become popular among professional players.

The tune offered by the product is perfect and it has the ability to cater all the expectations of the professional players. The HAMMOND PRO-44HP comes along with a beautiful case as well. This case has the ability to prevent damage caused by shock when you are carrying the melodica from one place to another on a regular basis.

20) Hohner Inc AB37-RASTA 37 Key Melodica

This is another non-electric melodica available for the individuals who prefer to get hold of their first few lessons in learning the instrument. This melodica also contains 37 different key notes. Even though this is a basic melodica, it has been provided along with a cool new appearance.

You will also be able to receive a striking padded travel bad along with your purchase. The mouthpiece of this musical instrument has also been redesigned in order to offer a unique experience to you. Therefore, Hohner Inc., USA AB37-RASTA 37 Key Melodica would give life to a new generation of musicians.

You don’t need to use any cables or connect this instrument to play. As a result, you will be able to play the melodica at any preferred instance. It gives life to perfect notes and you can think about jamming this with other instruments without thinking twice.

21) SUZUKI M-37C Melodica

SUZUKI M-37C is another popular melodica that is being produced in Japan. This is a reasonably priced melodica and it offers value for the people who purchase. You don’t need to be a trained musician to play SUZUKI M-37C. As a result, it has become a popular option among school children in all parts of the world.

It also comes in a beautiful package, which transforms the melodica into an excellent item to be gifted. Any person who is familiar with playing the keyboard will not find it as a difficult task to get used to this melodica by Suzuki. Even though this melodica doesn’t come along with hard sized cases, enhanced protection is offered.

Therefore, people who use SUZUKI M-37C will not have to go through much hassle when carrying it from one place to another. The quality offered by this melodica is impressive as well.

22) Rise by Sawtooth ST-RISE-MEL-32-BLK Melodica

People who are looking to get hold of a compact, 32 key melodica can think about spending their money on Rise by Sawtooth ST-RISE-MEL-32-BLK Piano Style Melodica. It is extremely easy to learn and play this melodica. Therefore, it can be considered as a good product available for the beginners.

However, Rise by Sawtooth ST-RISE-MEL-32-BLK Piano Style Melodica is not just limited to beginners and even professional artists can think about getting hold of it due to the versatility offered. It comes along with a bag, which can provide an excellent assistance to you with carrying.

One of the most outstanding features that you can see in Rise by Sawtooth ST-RISE-MEL-32-BLK Piano Style Melodica is its durable and sturdy constructions. This guarantees the fact that you will be able to use this melodica for a longer period of time.

23) Vangoa 32 Keys Pianica Black Melodica

If you thought you had seen everything from Vangoa, you were wrong. This new variation of their 32 keys melodica takes it to the next level to help beginner players or people who are just learning music in general.

Thanks to the stickers placed on top of each key, learning the notes and following music sheets will be way easier for every player using this model. The stickers show both the name of the note and a picture of its position in the music pentagram so it’s easy to follow. Also, a song presented in front of them without the need of looking it up.

This useful and efficient feature will help them learn way faster than usual, making it ideal for small children or people with zero experience in music.

This model is available in 2 different colors, baby blue and black, the paint has a glossy finish to help the hand slide smoother. Included in your kit, you will receive a canvas gig bag, a strap to place it behind the melodica, 2 short mouthpieces, and 2 long tube mouthpieces.

24) SUZUKI M-32C Melodica

SUZUKI M-32C is a melodica that is produced in Japan. It is being exported to all parts of the world. This is a nicely crafted melodica, which has the ability to offer a solid feel to the users. Like most of the high end Suzuki melodicas, it is possible to find the keyboard enclosed inside a metal tray.

This metal tray adds additional weight to the musical instrument, but it has contributed a lot towards the overall solid feel offered. In addition, this metal tray offers a brassy quality into the produced sound as well. SUZUKI M-32C comes tuned and you will be able to start playing it right out of the box.

Another impressive feature that can be found in SUZUKI M-32C is its spit valve mechanism. This mechanism allows air to come freely into the melodica, which provides an excellent assistance in expelling moisture.

25) Suzuki PRO-37V2 Melodica

If you are looking forward to get hold of a 37 key melodica, this would be one of the best options available to purchase. It is an alto melodica. The designers of this melodica have paid special attention towards its overall look and feel. As a result, a walnut effect has been provided to enhance the looks.

All the keys of the melodica are covered with beautiful ivory. The colored keys contrast perfectly well with the red colored key felt and the black colored body coated with vinyl. Therefore, people who are planning to buy a premium looking melodica can think about spending their money on this product.

Apart from the look and feel, a variety of tones have been made available by this melodica. Players can easily go from soft woodwind into powerful brass with spending minimum effort. It comes along with a leather carrying case as well.

26) Yamaha P25F 25 Keys Melodica

This is a melodica that comes under the recently introduced Pianica keyboard series of Yamaha. It is a versatile melodica and it is ideal for both individuals who are looking for a melodica to learn and to take part in professional performances.

Yamaha P25F 25-Note Pianica Keyboard Wind Instrument also has the ability to give life to full and clear tones along with a solid projection. The anti-corrosive reeds would ensure the durability of the melodica and people who purchase this will get the opportunity to use it for a long period of time.

Along with the melodica, it would be possible for you to get a blow molded, shock resistant case. You can use this case to carry the melodica wherever you go with enhanced safety.

27) D’Luca M37-EVA-BL 37 Key Jungle Melodica

D’Luca M37-EVA-RD Red 37 Key Jungle Melodica has 37 keys and it features a complete range, which goes from F below all the way up to F through middle C. It is possible for you to play this melodica as a handheld musical instrument. Or else, you can attach the strap and play it as well.

Moreover, you are also provided with the ability to play this musical instrument as a piano after keeping on a flat surface. To help you with that, an extension hose is also provided along with the package. Unlike other pianos, D’Luca M37-EVA-RD Red 37 Key Jungle Melodica comes along with a high quality RVA case.

The D’Luca logo has been printed on it. In this case, you will be able to find dedicated sleeves, which can be used to hold the mouthpiece. You can also hold the extension base in a one single base.

28) IRIN 37 Keys Melodica

IRIN 37 Keys Melodica is a smooth and a responsive melodica available for you to purchase from the market. The sound quality produced by this musical instrument is impressive.

It has the ability to deliver much air into the lower notes when compared to higher notes. However, it is important to note that IRIN 37 Keys Melodica is not capable of performing melodies that have a higher note. Hence, it cannot be recommended as the best product available for professional use. But still, you can use the IRIN 37 Keys Melodica to learn the first few lessons.

Exquisite workmanship can clearly be seen from this melodica. Unlike other melodicas available in the market, IRIN 37 Keys Melodica comes along with two different mouthpieces.

They include a short mouthpiece and a long mouthpiece, which is ideal for playing in many different ways. IRIN 37 Keys Melodica comes with a convenient carrying case as well.

29) Hohner S32R Red Melodica

Hohner S32R is another popular melodica among students. In fact, this melodica has specifically been designed for the use of students. It is extremely easy to learn how to play this melodica. As a result, students who are looking to get hold of their first lessons can think about using this product.

It is also fun to play this melodica. Even though Hohner S32R is marked at a lower price tag, it doesn’t produce sound as in a cheap toy. A quality sound is offered by the melodica and the features offered by it are totally worth when compared to the amount you spend.

It is a good product available for a student in grade 6 to learn how to play the melodica. This melodica also comes along with a soft carrying case.

30) Woodnote Piano Style 37 Key Melodica

Woodnote melodicas have been able to maintain a solid reputation throughout the past for their unmatched quality. Woodnote Brand – Black Piano Style 37 Key Melodica can be considered as a perfect example for one of their latest melodicas.

This melodica comes in an elegant black color. This is a 37 note piano style melodica. In this melodica, it would be possible for you to find plastic shell keys, which offer an outstanding response to the players. You will also be able to find three octaves, which range the 37 different keys.

A unique mouthpiece, which has specifically been designed for Woodnote Brand – Black Piano Style 37 Key Melodica has been included in the package. It comes along with a flexi-tube as well. In addition, you will be able to receive a deluxe black colored carrying case along with this melodica.

Choosing the Best Melodica from the Best Melodica Brands

Satiating the lugs with sweet melodies, melodica, an extravagant musical instrument arising from the family of free reeds. In the world where accordion uses bellows for airflow and harmonica requires the musician to blow in air, the melodica is cranking up the notch with its piano-like white and black keys.

This arrangement utilizes free reeds to make sounds while blowing air into the mouthpiece and pressing the keys on the board. With this fusion, fleapit opens up, letting the airflow through a reed.

2) Yamaha P37D

  • Free Reed Instrument
  • Clear & Full Tone
  • Anti Corrosive Reeds
  • Stable Intonation

32 Keys Melodica

  • Smooth & Responsive Tone
  • Portable
  • 32 Keys
  • ABS Non-Toxic
  • Convenient To Carry

3) Hammond 44 Acoustic-Electric Melodica

  • Classic Design
  • Built In Dynamic Microphone
  • Quick Fingering
  • Clear Sound

Melodious Facts About Melodica

The spiking of millennial’s knack for music, Hohner launched melodica back in the 1950s. However, the family of free reeds originates from the Stone Age. Some interesting facts about this free-reed instrument are listed below;

  • If you have mastered the art of piano, learning melodica will be a piece of cake for you. Topping that, it is implied with the polyphonic features enabling it to make multitudes of tunes at once. The best part is the player’s empowerment as he/she can control the instrument merely by varying the intensity of airflow or blow.
  • The melodica is often named as key-flute or blow-organ as you can blow in the air and control the pitch with the keys.
  • There are salient types of melodica inclusive of the following;
  • Accordina – Derived from the metal, it is built on a similar approach as that of a traditional melodica and the only difference is keyboard replacement with the buttons
  • Alto melodica or soprano are used to make thin and high-pitched sounds (yes, like women) These melodicas usually use two hands; the right hand is used for the white keys, while the left-hand plays the black keys
  • The tenor is used to make low-pitch sounds and can be transformed into a two-hand instrument by adding the tube to a mouthpiece and setting is straight on the horizontal surface
  • Last but not the least, there is bass melodica which is rare but exists along with alto, tenor, and soprano
  • The melodica is often called different names such as Melodion, Melodika, Pia nica, Triola, Clavietta, Melodihorn, and Pianetta
  • Melodicas are famous in Asian curriculum of arts as it’s easy to learn and engaging appearance that attracts the students
  • Steve Reich used melodica in 1966 for a four-note motif
  • The melodica is the actively used instrument in Reggae bands as Pablo used it in one of his performances in the 1970s

What To Consider When Buying A Melodica

Melodicas might look another musical instrument, but the pros know its importance. To make the right pitched sounds, it is essential to consider different aspects. In this section, we have mentioned them all and helping you make the perfect tunes even if you are a beginner because let’s accept it, the quality and features matter. Have a look!

  • Quality of Keys – You don’t want to sit on the stage with an audience waiting for you to press the keys right because you compromised on the key quality. For a full experience, keys need to be pressed efficiently and full-spectrum. The biggest mistake is opting for the light-weighted keys as they can become inconsistent. So, while you are on the lookout, choose the weighted keys that are quickly pressing
  • Key Count – The variety of octaves and notes is depicted by the number of keys on the board. If you are a beginner, 32 keys is an apt choice as it will be easy to handle for long periods and is compact. However, 37 keys are better for professionals who need to swan listeners with a range of tunes and notes.
  • Weight – This might be the most confusing consider as a lightweight melodica might be easy to handle and play for an extended period. The lightweight melodica usually has a plastic tray that doesn’t make the right notes. On the other hand, the weighted melodica might not be portable. Still, its metal tray will stud up the sound quality and longevity of the instrument as well.
  • Seal – Melodica makes tunes utilizing the airflow, and if there is a leakage, you better know what happens. So, ensure to choose the melodica with a tight seal to reduce the chances of air leakage. Some people opt for the loose ones and spend the rest of their performance days sealing it with silicone, so why not have the tightly sealed melodica in the cart, right?
  • Tuning – This is the time to take advantage of the internet because no matter how tuned melodica comes in a box, you will need to tune it for aligning it with your notes’ prerequisites
  • Case – Always choose an instrument that comes in a case because you don’t want dust spoiling the keys and blow-organs
  • Mouthpiece – Well, this can never go right in the first try because, with time, you will know the mouthpiece that fits your mouth and needs. It is better to test some before buying as it gives a sharp idea of what you need
  • Hand Straps – Only opt for the hand straps if you are going to sit in one position because if you want to rock the floor, it might disturb the playing angles

Popular Melodica Brands

Leading the world of music and melodies with Melodicas, these brands have topped the charts of performance and notes. If you want to get your hands on a Melodica, choose one of the following brands;

  • Hohner

Dating back in 1857, the company was launched by Mathias Hohner and has become the leader of musical instrument manufacturing of the modern world. The company was started with Mathias and his wife along with only one employee,. Within a year, they built the largest factory. They have built basses, mandolins, accordions, resonators, and much more while melodica has taken a constant place.

  • Suzuki

Dated to the year 1953, Mr. Manji Suzuki launched the Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation setting its foot in the world of manufacturing with harmonicas. By 1956, they were manufacturing melodicas that were implicated in schools as per the orders of the Japanese Ministry of Education.

  • Yamaha

Going into the black and white years of the 1880s, the company was launched by Torakusu Yamaha in 1887. They began as the reed organ and piano manufacturing business. Still, after World War II, they set foot in motorbike manufacturing, and today, they hold the highest rank with a diverse manufacturing podium, offering robots, sporting goods, computers, semiconductors, and home appliances topped with musical instruments.