15 Best Beginner Clarinet Reviews 2022 – Best Student Clarinets

Best Beginner Clarinet, Best Student Clarinet, Best Beginner & Student Clarinet Brands

Best Beginner Clarinet, Best Student Clarinet, Best Beginner & Student Clarinet Brands

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The use of clarinets is becoming widespread in schools, musical groups and among professionals. This is because they offer a simple design, easy to handle, remarkable in improving the player’s techniques and skills of playing harping instruments. Every school today wants their student to have the best beginner clarinet that will help the student to achieve practical playing lessons.

There are many brands of Student clarinets for sale in the musical market today, and this has made it challenging when it comes to selecting the best one. Although the best clarinet largely depends on what you are looking for and the style and type of music you are playing, there are certain things to look out for when shopping for a beginner or student clarinet model.

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What are the Best Beginner Clarinet/Student Clarinet To Buy?

2) Jean Paul USA CL-300 Clarinet

  • Highly Rated
  • Made of Ebonite
  • Reputable
  • Good Sound

1) Mendini Sky Blue ABS B Flat Clarinet

  • Beautiful Design
  • Lightweight
  • ABS Resin
  • Highly Graded

3) Glory B Flat Clarinet

  • Beautiful Sound
  • Easy To play
  • Made of Ebonite
  • Affordable

Go for your class

Since you are a student or a beginner, you already can picture what you need. Think twice before go for an intermediate level or professional clarinet, not because they are more expensive but they will simply make the practice process difficult for you to master in time. If you are just starting out as a clarinettist, get advice from your music director who will help in recommending the appropriate instrument that will match your playing level.

What are you playing?

Depending on what style and type of music you want to play, your choice of clarinet will always be based on a particular key design. There are clarinets made for B Flat keys, Bb keys, C keys, and so on. So before purchasing your clarinet, make sure you understand what you are playing and what you are buying. If you don’t, you may not be able to get the right tone and sound you seek to project.

What type to buy?

You may want to consider the material used in constructing of the clarinet you are looking forward to buy. Student clarinets come in plastic or wood construction, each having their own peculiarities and taste. While wooden clarinets are more expensive and give richer warmer sounds, plastic clarinets are more low-price at this level and provide good, quality and high pitch sound.

15 Best Beginner Clarinet and the Best Student Clarinet Reviews

1) Mendini MCT-SB+PB SKY Blue ABS B Flat Clarinet

For long, Mendini has a famous and reliable manufacturer of musical instruments. So when this version of student/beginners clarinet came out, expectations were high and from our findings, beginners and students will not be disappointed.

This clarinet features a high-quality sky-blue ABS body construction that is very appealing to the eye. It features durable nickel plated keys drilled around six, well-crafted holes. The design is primarily geared towards achieving the Bb key playing function, which includes inner trill keys and adjustable thump rest. By this design, the beginner and student are guaranteed good hand placement, stylish control, and comfortable playability.

This model comes with a box of 10 reeds, a pair of gloves, cleaning cloth and cork grease for proper maintenance of the instrument. The clarinet also comes with a stand that can easily be folded and stored away in the bell and together inside the durable, shelled-case that comes with the instrument. Another huge bonus is the clarinet pocketbook that comes with this model, plus the one year warranty that accompanies it.

2) Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet

For those in the beginner’s or intermediate level, this clarinet from Jean Paul offers the best playing field of practicality and versatility for excellence lessons, band or orchestra classes. Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet combines an elegant ebonite body with silver nickel plated keys to produce an elegant design and sound while encouraging affordable price level. Such combinations make this clarinet a perfect choice for student and beginners.

The Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet Features a Boehm 17 key playing system which is very versatile for different types of music. Beginners and students are guaranteed the excellent response and smooth playability, especially with the high-quality cylindrical bore that produces great sound projection and unique range of wide tones. For anyone who seeks to learn and master the clarinet, this is the perfect piece to have.

Furthermore, the Jean Paul CL-300 features a robust and solid carrying case that you can use to convey the instrument to school, concert hall or travel. The case makes it even easier to get on with playing.

The strong bore and wide range of tones offers easy playing and accessibility for the beginner/student. This instrument also comes with its own mouthpiece, rico reeds, cap, ligature, cork grease for maintenance and a neck strap for comfort during playing.

3) Glory B Flat Clarinet

This clarinet from a reliable brand—Glory—is a standard and perfect choice for beginners and students. The Glory B Flat Clarinet is the type of clarinet lots of teachers would love to recommend for their students. It features a beautiful and flawless finish, with superb features that produce the best sound and level of intonation across this playing level. One great aspect of this instrument is that it comes pre-fine-tuned to suit the taste of the student or beginner who doesn’t need to fine-tune them again.

The Glory B Flat Clarinet features a high-grade back ebonite ABS plastic body construction that beat the competition from other models. Design to be in the key of Bb, this clarinet features durable nickel plated keys alongside inline trill keys that get the job done in terms of sound melody and playability. It comes with adjustable thump rest which allows the beginner or student to have a good hand placement while enjoying the comfortable play.

The clarinet comes with a second barrel for additional action when the need arises, a hard and durable shell-case for adequate storage and conveying of the instrument to school, the band section or concert hall. The reeds, mouthpiece, and cap also complete a set of accessories that make this clarinet unique. We also like that it came with the screwdriver for opening up the instrument, reed holders, soft cleaning cloths and a pair of gloves.

4) Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet Nickel Plated

This is one of the best and most reliable student clarinets, especially for those in the marching band. If you want less squeaking and a happy and child at home, the Jupiter JCL-700N is the best thing you can get. So what really makes this thick?

This clarinet features 583 inches in bore construction, which entails unrivaled sound projection across this range of clarinets. It also comes with offset keys and a 65mm barrel that elongates the sound generation for better quality output. The body construction features ABS resin with the matte finish.

The nickel silver bell ring coupled with the silver plated key designs, adds glamour and taste to the overall melody. When you consider the C/G riser undercut tone holes with their special design and their forged nickel plated keys, you would agree that this is a reliable clarinet.

The Jupiter JCL-700N also comes with adjustable thump rest that gives you the ability to adjust your angle of play and get the best of the action in a more suitable and comfortable style. This clarinet is a rugged design specially tailored to fit the need of the beginner and student player.

It features an ABS molded plastic case with adjustable straps that you can use to carry the instrument. The adjustability and flexibility are some features you can find only with the expensive models. This is why this clarinet is highly recommended.

5) Germeinhardt 2CN1 Student Bb Clarinet

We remember this brand for its classic designs and quality output in terms of playability and sound projection. Germeinhardt 2CN1 Student Bb Clarinet is the perfect choice for a beginner student in the band. It has great value and the price appears cheap for such quality.

As the name implies, Germeinhardt 2CN1 Student Bb Clarinet is the type designed to function as a Bb clarinet. It features a black, ebonite ABS plastic body construction as the sole exterior design. It has undercut tones which are smartly crafted to achieve good hand balanced and adequate comfort while moving through keys. The keys that define the undercut holes are forged from nickel plated designs, making them a viable option against corrosion and rust.

The Germeinhardt 2CN1 Student Bb Clarinet also comes with blue steel strings which are highly reliable for better and reflective sound projection, along with the bell and key systems. The sound is responsive, rich and warm to fit any style of play.

Although doesn’t feature an adjustable thump rest, fine-tuning the clarinet is like a breeze and the level of sound projection and tone output is very encouraging for the student level player.

6) Windsor MI-1003 Student Bb Clarinet with Hard Case

Featuring a black Bakelite body construction, the Windsor MI-1003 Student Bb Clarinet is one of the best student and beginner’s clarinet. Designed as a Bb key clarinet, the Windsor MJ-1003 has nickel plated keys which ensure their durability and anti-corrosion capacity. The design that this clarinet incorporates enhances a comfortable learning experience for the beginner or student player, enthusiasts and hobbyist alike.

The Windsor MI-1003 Student Bb Clarinet features a lightweight design which fits well with the beginner’s taste. The lightweight body construction is well balanced with keys that don’t just give the feel of an expensive instrument but offering the player with much confidence to improve his/her playing skills and techniques.

Overall, the instrument works fine and it has very little to complain about. Although we didn’t expect much perfection for the price, it is surprisingly effective and seems to achieve good resonance and intonation. What we like most is the stylish Bakelite body construction which offers novice a superb introduction to woodwind instruments.

The clarinet comes with everything necessary for you to start playing fright from the box—reed, cork grease, mouthpiece and cover, cleaning kit and a plush durable case for storage.

7) Kaiser Clarinet B Flat Bb Green CLE-1000GR

Here is a fully loaded and reliable package for the beginner or student level player. This clarinet from Kaiser is a top quality version of the student family line of clarinets. The clarinet features an elegant green body color design that makes it appealing and notable from the crowd.

Designed as a Bb clarinet and to achieve the B Flat key, the Kaiser Clarinet B Flat Bb Green CLE-1000GR comes with remarkable features that are only found in expensive models. The clarinet is constructed to attain versatility, practicality, quality, and longevity. The clarinet features an undercut tone holes which enhances easy flow in playing. It has adjustable thump rest which offers balance hand placement and comfortable key assessment.

The Kaiser B Flat clarinet also features steel springs and solid leatherette pads that produce better and richer sound quality. This model comes with the full mouthpiece having ligature and dust cap. The various features carried by this clarinet are enough to get the beginner/student player to familiarize with what it takes to achieve the transmission into a professional playing category.

8) Lazarro 150-BK-L B—Flat Bb Clarinet

If you are a beginner or a student looking for a clarinet to kick-start your career, Lazarro 150-BK-L B—Flat Bb Clarinet offers you a good choice. Clarinets offered by this popular brand ‘Lazarro’ are excellent for practical lessons, occasional concerts, bands, and orchestra. Most teachers and music instructors across the USA often recommend this brand because of its quality and ease of play it offers the student player.

This clarinet is stylish and durable. It features a black color and ebonite resin material body construction. The quality of this design imitates that of a wooden instrument. The bell ring along with the silver plated keys enhances the rich and warm sound associated with this instrument. This clarinet comes with high-quality pads that also contribute in generating rich sound.

Furthermore, the Lazarro B-Flat Clarinet features an adjustable thump rest that gives you the maneuverability to have a perfect hand placement.Of course, you will not get the same quality and sound like that of a $1000 clarinet, but this is great for a marching band. It is cheap but perfect for a beginner.

The tone is warm and smooth, it comes with everything that a beginner needs to get started. The case is sturdy and it has a strap that you can use to sling the instrument over your shoulder. The reed, cork grease and cleaning cloth provide more impetus for your ward to get started right away.

9) Etude Student Clarinet Model ECL-100 Standard

Featuring an ABS plastic construction, Etude Student Clarinet Model ECL-100 Standard brings an affordable option to students and beginners alike. This is a good quality student clarinet, one that’s perfect for the money.

For instance, the natural B in the third line sounds very good, and although that may sound opaque in some case due to the pads being too close over, every finger placed properly on the keyholes and the embouchure works fine across the rest of the keys.

The instrument features nickel plated keys and to see how great they perform, just play the C key and slightly over the Bb key, you will discover how unique it is.

However, some users have complained of air escaping from that hole. Notwithstanding, the ease at which this instrument is being played is encouraging for the beginner and student and the inclusion of reed on the instrument is excellent.

Overall, this clarinet is appealing, works great and perfect for players at the beginning level. It has the fabulous strong projection, responsive and smooth playability that sounds and feels just like being expensive model.

10) Mendini White ABS B Flat Clarinet

For the price, this is one of the best clarinets in the market. Your child no longer needs to play a refurbished piece in the school band, as the Medini White ABS B Flat Clarinet brings the best in simplicity, quality, and affordability. This clarinet doesn’t squeak in the highest register of notes. Rather, it has a wonderful, rich and mellow quality that simply beat expectations for a low-priced instrument. So what is it all about?

The Mendini White ABS B Flat Clarinet is the type that features an ABS plastic body construction. The keys are durable and are nickel-plated, meaning their longevity and anti-corrosion quality is guaranteed. Mendini by Cecilio is regarded as one of the best and most reliable brands in the musical instrument market. This particular model is perfect for a beginner or student.

Setting up this instrument at first may appear a bit difficult due to the tight fit, but the reality is that it is a simple thing to do. Using some good amount of cork grease will work well for the initial assembling. Apart from coming with two barrels, a mouthpiece, with ligature and cap, a cleaning cloth and 10 reeds, this clarinet is available in cool colours to choose from.

11) Allora Student Series Bb Clarinet Model AACL-336

Here is a clarinet that fits well with a student player’s needs for the marching band, orchestra group or for practical lessons. Allora Student Series Bb Clarinet is one of the best models in the company’s line student clarinet series.

This AACL-336 model features a 0.577 cylindrical bore that renders high-quality projection similar to the ones found in costly models. The clarinet offers an easy blowing process and is dynamic with the different style of music.

The projection is perfectly centered, producing a strong and reliable characteristic sound. This particular model incorporates the Boehm key system, which is famous for its remarkable intonation and high-quality sound generation. The body features a durable ABS plastic construction which will not easily be cracked or affected by temperature change.

Overall, this clarinet comes with the best accessories and components that a beginner or student requires to start playing right away. It comes with a mouthpiece, ligature and cap, all carefully placed in the molded plastic case. This instrument is designed to satisfy the taste and skills of student musicians who are looking forward to getting the best clarinet for practical lessons improvement on their skills.

12) ANTOINESONNET CL1 Bb Clarinet Bb Student Clarinets

The best beginner or student instruments are expected to feature key variables and craftsmanship that will enhance good performance for the budding player. The ANTOINE SONNET CL1 Bb ClarinetBb Student Clarinets has all the features of a beginner’s instrument. The design is not only superb for a young player, but also quite affordable.

This clarinet features good quality body construction, which is ABS Plastic, resin-like design. The instrument composes a 1 range selection and is selected for its great playability. The resin body construction is lightweight, making it very easy to handle.

It is designed to be in the Bb key clarinet model and it carries 17 keys with silver plated designs, which greatly enhances balance hand placement. The silver plated key work also ensures that the instrument will not rust nor corrode easily.

Overall, we found that this clarinet by its features has a good degree of responsiveness in terms of sound and level of intonation. The six rings that underline the key areas provide good playability in a comfortable and balanced process. It also comes with the durable case that you can use to store and transport the clarinet wherever you wish.

13) SDWL Synthetic Wood Down B Flat Student Child Adult Beginner Grade Playing Clarinet

It is rare to come across a beginner’s clarinet that features a wooden construction. Notwithstanding, the SDWL is not just a beginner’s instrument, but also for the adult as well. The clarinet features a synthetic wood construction that produces warm, rich and melodious sound under the influence of an excellent level of intonation. The instrument also features a robust mouthpiece with silver plated keys that effectively render the best of melody in the Down B Tune.

To ensure that this clarinet offers top quality sound projection, the manufacturer incorporates solid leather pads with waterproof moisture tightness for all-around durability and reliability. The head of the instrument which is designed like that of a simple flute has a beautiful appearance and the playing effort is minimal. The sound is great and the treble is loud and clear. You can even achieve a great and vigorous bass performance from this clarinet.

The SDWL Clarinet features an adjustable thump rest, which allows you to have good hand placement while positioning yourself to achieve the best in comfort and playability.

Overall; this instrument is button-accessible, very flexible and will easily not succumb to deformity. The adjustable thump rest further provide the student, child or adult the ability to adjust the angle and eliminate fatigue while enjoying excellent playability.

14) RS Berkeley Student Clarinet

RS Berkeley Student Clarinet

RS Berkeley line of clarinets has been making quite a wave across the instrument market for decades. So when this student version came out of the woodwork (not to be mistaken for a wooden clarinet,) we thought it fit to review and have a look at what it’s offering.

This clarinet from Berkeley is known as the University – UCL12 series clarinet which represents the company’s remarkable penchant for producing reliable and quality based clarinets. Apart from being quite affordable for the beginner or student to purchase, the clarinet offers free blowing ability and quality features for the student and music director to enjoy. The body construction of this student clarinet features a hard and durable body, which effectively resist cracking no matter the weather situation.

The RS Berkeley Student Clarinet comes with two barrel with good and varying sizes, one long and the other short. The keys are nickel plated like with most other clarinets in this category. It also comes with blue steel springs for more sound projection and tone impact. This student clarinet produces full-bodied and strong, open tone.

The package includes a mouthpiece, ligature, cap, and a hard-shell case. A full manufacturer warranty completes this excellent package.

15) YHG Bb Clarinet Student Beginner Professional School Band

Our review found that this clarinet is of decent quality, especially for a beginner’s instrument. This one comes with superb reed construction and body design that resembles that of an expensive model. Very little is known about LAGRIMA, the manufacturer, but this particular student model showcases their skills as reliable producers.

The YHF Bb Clarinet is a classic style clarinet that comes in black color. The material used in constructing this clarinet is Bakelite, which is durable and lightweight. The clarinet measures 67cm or 26.4 inches in length, which is good for the beginner to practice on and feel comfortable. It features a bell construction that measures 3.1 inches in size, a design that further enhances the sound quality and level of playability of the instrument.

Overall, we found out that although this may not be the best in the market, it nevertheless has a high standard of craftsmanship which will enhance your performance in various music styles. The clarinet is very easy to blow, achieving a full range that showcases various tones and reliability. It comes with a good case for storage, a cleaning cloth, and gloves for maintenance.

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Choosing the Best Beginner/Student Clarinet from the Best Beginner/Student Clarinet Brands

When choosing the right and finest clarinets, you might be guided by certain rules which may largely depend on what you are looking for. To some players, the most important rule is the quality offered by the instrument, while to some others; the rule revolves around the price level of instrument. But if you want our advice, we suggest that you should go for something that can give you value for the price, not price over value.

2) Jean Paul USA CL-300 Clarinet

  • Highly Rated
  • Made of Ebonite
  • Reputable
  • Good Sound

1) Mendini Sky Blue ABS B Flat Clarinet

  • Beautiful Design
  • Lightweight
  • ABS Resin
  • Highly Graded

3) Glory B Flat Clarinet

  • Beautiful Sound
  • Easy To play
  • Made of Ebonite
  • Affordable

Remember that we are talking about choosing a clarinet for a beginner or student level. Therefore, don’t expect to get the best quality in the market. The reason is, beginner or student clarinets are mostly made of plastic design, which is inferior to those that feature wooden construction regarding intonation and sound projection.

Notwithstanding, plastic clarinets are more easy to maintain and requires very little maintenance, unlike their wooden counterparts which are susceptible to damages from temperatures changes.

So, what you are likely going to get is a plastic design, because they are more common in this category. But if you are lucky enough, you may get wooden student/beginner clarinet which will definitely render more quality sound, tone, and playability.